Political Scott’s Twitter Crisis Circus… Currently performing The Latest Lies Live In Liarville… Mr Mankini, The MeoCons, Lord McGasLight, ‘The_Legendary _Oddbodz’ and more… This isnae the Indy we want peeps and try as you all might this is not going to be unseen… truth wins… every time… only those that know all will know what it actually is… even if it is only one small truth…funny that eh? but totally brilliant at the same time… don’t you just love the truth… lot’s of little bits can give you an idea of the bigger picture…jings…it’s just like a jigsaw… they. are. brilliant!!! let’s see you backitup Lord or should it be Lady? McHaggis… prove your supposed nobility … shimple shoorly… naw? ;o)

on behalf of the court of the public opinion a jury member would like to ask a simple question… evidence of what is only a claim but stated as truth… prove it to be truth… this ‘nasty_stuff’ you speak of
PolScottPosse pump up the narrative to include homophobia to their ever growing list of derogatory names in their attempts to bully a woman into silence...
Let’s see the evidence of your accusation that the account is ‘homophobic’ … Graeme has said it is… that’s not quite enough to persuade me it’s true if I/m being honest… we know there is a vendetta… we don’t need to be told that Graeme but you’ve admitted that much at least… anyways… won’t hold my breath for your evidence but will apologise profusely if you are indeed correct… wexworth

talking of people backing things up… Another Scottish rechurner and posse affiliate Graeme Berry has jumped aboard the battlebus for LIARSVILLE and made some pretty serious allegations on open Twitter about a woman on his TL and this wee chimp from the jury of the court of public opinion would like to know what and where is the evidence for this claim of his? and please don’t say “Mark told me she was” Lets see the evidence Mr Berry…It’s a serious and nasty allegation which I believe to be a great big whopper of a lie you are promoting in an attempt to help ‘dig_out’ David Hooks and the PolScotPosse, to which you are affilliated through previous shenanagins, from the self dug pit of ever increasing shameful reputation that all concerned find themselves in. As provision for the toxic byproducts of their various amatuerish attempts at ‘brigadery’ was not provided or thought about by the salty brigands, that pit they are in is overflowing with shit… will the fan be switched on? who knows… in the meantime Michelle Graham…aye that’s the one… made allegations of paedophilia without a shred of evidence about another woman on Twitter and then just carried on as though nothing had happened… no evidence…no apology…no retraction [that I saw]… aye her… anyways… her biggest concern  seems to be how hard it is getting to have a  woman banned from Twitter…suggesting that it’s not the first time they’ve done it and that it was ‘much easier last time’… what weird behaviour! And David from last year … what an insight into a personality… whether it was just blowing stoor up a twittpalzass or he genuinely meant it… getting off on the bullying of a woman… by proxy and encouraging it? yikes! ;o(

Paul Wright spreading muck
Pauls rides out to slur and lie on behalf of ‘himself’ and well obviously himself also… the rest of the posse he could not give a jot about…

You  Need A Good Motto [& Scott has got one]...
mess wi’ me and I’ll bite yi’r twitter legs aff [with a little help from my friends]
fourbyfour [this isnae oany Indy maist aye want tae see]
‘himself’ has just whistled and a new clutch of accounts grinds the narrative into action… all aboard the battlebus for LIETOWN…


wizards of odd [hunny/bobo/hooksy & boom_boom]

Plenty of quark & strangeness but lacking in any charm… The Flying Turtles & Ground_Force_One
Hunny/Bobo/Hooksy & Boom Boom…The Wizards of [the very] Odd

After tea everyone retired to the bridge where Paul once again demonstrated the *invisible_towel* to ‘Captain Dav’ who seemed to be more interested in the Yoon Detector Unit he was sent by HTHQ than the Mekons routine evening ego_yoga and wellbeing/mindfullness session.
Having the right vehicle for the right job is very important for the high flyer
I really don’t get why you are involving yourself in this @kjm1468???

simple_procedure [for liars]

c’mon honeez… be sweet when you tweet https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/about-the-scottish-court-service/scs-news/2016/11/29/new-simple-procedure …a lie is a lie… [this is particularly vicious] have the lie corrected… a simple_procedure… can they prove their claim? you seek no monetary gain… this is a claim of a statement of fact is it not? it is now deleted but never_the_less a public apology and retraction could be asked for? only my humble opinion… keep it simple…namaste

“Simple Procedure replaces summary cause procedure only where it relates to actions for payment, delivery or for recovery of possession of movable property ….

…or actions which order someone to do something specific.”

A lie has been told publicly about you…

You want a public retraction and apology…

You can ‘swear’ it is untrue.

They will have no evidence

A Simple Procedure.


the angry judges [?]

Scottish Ambulance Hero & Wife Claims Of Bullying & Insults By Kidney Research Staff & Forcibly Removed From Shop Against Their Will?

Scottish Ambulance Hero & Wife Bullied & Insulted By Kidney Research Staff & Forcibly Removed From Shop Against Their Will???

It seems that there’s a lot of anger ragin’ under the camouflage of ‘fierceness’ in the heart of East Lothian.

After the Paterson of Dalkeith ‘Reading minds through glass from a great distance’ episode and accompanying ‘Youtube’ video one of the Indy ‘Angry Judges’ has blasted both @SepsisUK and @Kidney_Research Dalkeith in the same week!

What poor Ron from @SepsisUK did is anyones guess but the latest case to be brought to the attention of followers is an implication that staff @Kidney_Research made a grave mistake while serving her and her husband @kjm1468 and refused to apologise. The staff apparently then proceded to bully both of them [about a speech impediment?] and then seemingly removed the pair physically from the shop against their will?

Bypassing the normal threats of the legal department of the @GMBUnion and the Scottish Ambulance Services it seems this complaint going right to the top?

It’s being ‘taken’ as far as it can be…YIKES ;o(

Tthe Angry Judge got it wrong on this one too… Oooooppppss… Never mind…On to the ‘next case’…
Never ever did hear from the GMB Union lawyers or the Scottish Ambulance Service ones either. Think the judge might have been ‘loaded’ at the time?
Is this what is known as “back_watching”?


Just when you think that there is nothing left in the bottom of the barrel to be scraped The King & MasCafeCortado Of The Honky Tonks and their Fan_Guys [&Gels] of the Indy_Twitteratti FUBAR_BRIGADE spring into action after a ‘coincidental’ [pre_warning] “A bit of Saturday fun” tweet from Mrs Hooks and ‘Hey_Presto’…a few days later the SSPCA visit someones house. You lot are wierd. Off the scale wierd.

I have never witnessed so much desire to inflict pain and apparent pleasure and childish glee gained by people from doing so. Never. A completely pointless lust for winning. Drinking tiger_blood.

You were all seriously off the comedy radar with the Kirstene Hair photo set piece. Absolutely correct of course. But it was a very ‘ahaa’ thread with him_self playing a blinding partridge. Coad n Hiddock/ Hyndland n Hooks. FASH!

So the relative of someone who has taken their own life accuses Wex of ‘intimidating’ them while posting and photoshopping makeup on a picture of a woman who committed suicide by way of ‘saddlin_up’ and riding out to mock/torment and intimidate a woman in the ‘defence’ and ‘service’ of his ‘friend’ [and apparent master?] @PoliticsScot alongside two leading lights of the Paul_Scott_Posse cabal @LadyOfAlba @siouxiezoo amongst others.

This is not right. It’s not Indy and it’s not normal behaviour. Seriously. Use your parachutes [those that can] cos’ this planes runnin’ out of altitude.


cheers min… [oh how i laughed ;o)]

Having escaped the poison of twitter as ‘wex’ it was great to see Mr Finkin’s post of ‘the_first’… jings min… no laughed as much since leather erse died… deeelishuuusss

too funny!

My particular favourite line after all the tooings and froings… and I paraphrase…’weel… fon a first come oan the line and I asked you hoo business was going…’ Laters min… cheers… a bit of a lift in the STILL ongoing shitfest… fash aye ;o)


mind the time… [the birth of a lie/example_one]

@stupid_serif “FRIENDS” Tracee/Simon/David/Mark[Claire] and all the rest of the @PoliticsScot Twitter family spread “everyday” lies about someone they consider in need of some “Tough_Love_Posse_Style”

Mind the time Helen coyle & Alba Mellon lied through their teeth and made up a story about someone and then another twenty accounts just ‘believed it’ and helped spread the completely false statement as a true narrative throughout the rest of the Indy_Twitter_Community which many believed as it was not the first lie that had been promulgated about this person.

A sad group of despicably delusional desperadoes led by the King_O_The_Honky_Tonks/ “every_ones_a_liar_man_baby” David Hooks. A manipulating little stoner that’s apparently triggered wi’ the para’s. That’s apparently. ;o)

Stroll on with the corrections from a jurisdiction other than Twitter.

The person accused was not even there. She was hundreds of miles away. Wiz the mellon_fellee oan musheez or is he jist an auld lying bearded reprobate hoping to get a salute via meme and a mention in dispatches from ‘him_self’. You are a LIAR Alba Mellon. Be very ashamed o’ yirsel’ min. Another mock celtic supporter who is not a true Celtic man. Retract yir lie in the name o’ the club min. Yi’r a disgrace tae th’ HOOPS!

The above accounts go from the scum_bag_barrel_scraper_level through to thick_as_mince and medians out with the ones ‘makin_moves_4_Indy_obvs_lolz’

Coming shortly… birth of a lie two [ the charity scam ‘whoppa’ courtesy of Mark Robertson/ legal case pending obvs] and possibly the ‘feerce_wahn’ v ‘J’ C’mon the Nabb fellee! Laters all… Wex ;o)

I dare you @stupid_serif to post who you think i am/ Full Name. Photo. Address. The works. You don’t have a clue who I am. You & your incredible_shrinking_ninja_skidmarks are done. Laters. Wex ;o

Karma Trains a cummin’ baby… git aff th’ tracks… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E8bHdJ9_4k


don’t shade the light of the memory palace [billy would’a deefee’d ya serif]

Billy hated bullies. We talked about it often when we walked the dugs along Great King Street and the neighbours moaned about him not clearing up the shit [different times]

“Eh’ll gett’it oan th’ wy’ back dolly…” Beat… Wave and smile. Cue giggles.

He was workin’ wi’ The Jockey on_and_off at the time. Gogsy fae The Botany Five was also hookin_up but Bills heart wisnae innit. Even the hills and the whippets were toiling to fill his ever widening emotional crevasse.

He loved me, tellin’ him, the story of when his old man and ‘the laddie’ [who musta been sixty and was covered in stoor but had a bunnet, suit and tie on….old skool labourer ;o)] picked me up in the ‘Escort_Van’ when I was hitchhiking back home pre. StageCoach. I jumped in the back with all the tools and bags of plaster/ cement etc. etc. and after a wee bit chat the man wi the sovvy rings and the biggest hands and best brylcreemed hair I had ever seen up to that point in my life told me… “Meh ledz in a band… Eh.. The Associates…Billy… Billy MacKenzie”

You’re setting a bad example with you and the PolScotPosse’s behaviour and you are a disgrace to the legacy of the man who’s picture you have displayed on your TL ;o((((

You can chose your friends an’ aw’ that…

Hate is a draining and tedious vortex_hobby that needs constantly fed. Gorge away. It’s a diet not to my liking.

All this from a factual statement as to the business vehicle used by AUOBScotland. The churnalist [self?]_chosen tae churn for the AUOB [at the time] didnae likee.

Title amended 3rd April due to my complete and utter lack of thought. ;o(((


and it’s back to business as usual

Mistah ‘Man_Baby’ Hooks has played true to character, chucked his toys out of the pram [again] and used his weight to do some ‘shifting’ for the PolScotPosse and shut down my pal Scott [he’s into politics] who was highlighting the twitter_thlug_trails linking this wee cabal of indy_snipers while I supposedly kicked back under a tree in the shade for a bit.

However. Feet were stamped and warnings issued via the honky_tonk_bongo_network in aid of the hard done to, greetin’ faced wee lickspittle and walking contradiction that is @stupid_serif. 10.9K to 1. Funny. Very Sir Philip Green.

It appears that David was none_too_chuffed when political_scott posted up the fawning_ones welcome back message to ‘himself’ to his at the time ZERO followers and the false narrative of ‘harassment’ and being ‘scared’ of wex and “not knowing what he’s capable of” nonsense was agian written into the script.

David and his posse may have some twitter_reach & leverage but as far as his ridiculous claims as to harassment and ‘having me arrested if he knew my name’ they are just that. Ridiculous!

And thankfully that is backed up by the countless times David has wasted PoliceScotland time and been repeatedly told to go away. “No crime committed here sir” although in his own little stoner_dramas and on his own twitter TL ‘it’s all real.’

If mister_drama_llama_ding_dong [ thanks/I like that wee description ;o)] hooks claims of bullying/harassment/ being in a state of fear & alarm [outwith ‘recreational’ time obvs!] had any ‘substance’ [feelin’ all Basil Brush today!] whatsoever then @PoliceScotland would have reacted immediately and not needed a vituperous drama queen indy blogger and his posse to provide a name in order for them to ‘arrest’ me.

“If I knew who it was they be arrested” For what? For asking questions and posting mocking cartoons and a wee blog with my truth and my narrative about you and your wee gangs activities under the guise of Indy? Hilarious. And thankfully many others are finding your and the posses ever more ridiculous and blatant shenanaginising a font of comedy in these depressing times.

The ‘Karma_Train’ is headed down the tracks man_baby_man. And it ain’t stoppin’. I’m away to lie under a tree in the sun and use my new device thingy I got for my birthday to write another wee story that no_one reads.

The Truth does not need to be seen or heard. It’s always the truth. No matter how many people don’t get the opportunity to hear it. Cheers for now. Wex ;o)


[real] posse_reports/profiles [going…still]

‘him_self’…lying through his teeth & weaponising such a personal tragedy to what? score points on twitter? WTAF? A measure of the man? And I’m expected to lie down and take my kickin’? Naw… No Thanks… I survived doonstairs in The Marine in 1975… I can handle this wee collision at the bar… You’re lying… aw’ o’ yiz…liars…
sue me ;o)

they ‘line_up’ when the Honky_Tonk whistle blows… some of the players are already well known and have ‘made the pippers’… for various reasons… all have their own wee individual twitter hatefests going on but they come together as a ‘family’ when ‘him_self’ or any of the brothers/ sisters/ cousins/ assorted sp’aver_connections [or mates of] need a hand doing any ‘heavy lifting’/ removal work or maybe just a bit of simple ‘shifting’ they’re looking to get a shottee with… more hands make light work an’ aw’ that… the story goes back_aways and it’s a long one with a large cast so it might take a while… I’ll mime it! [jack_tattie_stylee]

still trying to confirm if this is part of a ‘mocking_strategy’ or not… is this really serifs brother????????????
Kinda went ‘underground’ after this post?

@Lukeluciously [a since suspended Paul Wright account] asking @Onelumportwo_WW [misses hooks?] if they want to be in a ‘mocking Julie group’ [whatever that mioght be? Paul?] that a chap called David [mister hooks?] is already a member of…apparently! Radio_FRANK_ALPHA

so @stupid_serif cried POLIS…played the ‘crip_vic_card’ and locked down somewhere in the Twitter equivalent of Glen Moy and the ‘storm_troopers’ moved in… Tracee/ Simon and assorted erse_lickers…

a quick scraping of the dirty twitter bedroom floors of the messy children quickly uncovered a collection festering mouldy coffee cups under the bed and dirty laundry from weeks before… old food containers and dirty hankies lurked in every dark hiding place….

no sooner than I became aware of the posses despicable treatment of one woman it was immediately obvious this was a not an isolated incident and I scraped the above tweet off a timeline and asked ‘him_self’ a couple of questions… immediately blocked and the ‘groove’ ramped up a few BPM

King_O_The_Honky_Tonks hit the posse_bongos and everyone mounted up. @LadyOfAlba @TiaMariaWilson1 @AlbaNationSimon @mrnosey??/ HoratioKitten/Dame Paula Rose/ @robbycameron1 @PoliticsBlog2/ TenaciousV/ HelenCoyle/ LouiseStewart/ DoMck/ HairyAngus/ jdman and a host of other sock_puppet and kleecolyte ‘attack’ accounts ready to do the bidding of his masters voice in return for a digital salute and if actions have gone beyond the call of duty a possible recommend and a follow!

has Mark the little extra ‘reach’ into twitt_support that he’s been bumpin’ his gums about? he possibly might… we possibly might even find out ;o)

a new marketing strategy to get ‘the_word_on_the_street_baby’… it’s pop_art_man… #tens_o_thoosands_o_aye_flyers_at_the_nextmarch
jings… that’s fair cheap… ‘WANXY’…outsider_artist… hits_the_streets [anyone_want_to_contribute_a B_side?] #freeofchatge;o)

account suspended… posse_power rools?

Sometimes the script needs a pace ‘injection’ … And sometimes folks need no encouragin’… And some folks thinks they’re doin the playin’… Where’s Vambo when you need him eh ;o)

A supporter does not a man make… David and ‘men’ such as ‘shallow’ graeme berry, paul wright & mark robertson can hh or saor alba until they’re hoarse but when you take the ‘Lichties’ legacy and lend it to such actions as you are doing you are blackening the memory of those who battled for a better Scotland with your outpourings of hate and petty personal vendetta’s…. The Battle Of Arbroath… google it…

You ‘mister’ @PoliticsScot have sold yi’r soul for personal riches and are no better than the Tory lickspittles you criticise. Do us all a favour and remove your expensive copy of our precious ‘Declaration’ fae yi’r wa’ min. You do it a massive disservice.

You are a skidmark on the gusset o’ yi’r indy_longjohns. The smell has started to be noticeable to many around you and your personal hygiene has become a topic of discussion with many of the indy_twitterati. Change yi’r pants and have a good wash yi’ clerty minger! Truthfully Yours… Unsworth Wexler

Delete ‘kleecolytes’ gloating replies… Deflect and Repeat? Shurely not Shur? ;o)

The natural law of the twitter_jungle prevails as the might of the tribe strikes with multi reporting and Honky_Tonk_HQ employing all it’s resources in it’s ongoing struggle for truth and democracy and an Independent Scotland!

An Independent Scotland where the mocking of someone as a way of challenging their lies would be a criminal offence.

An independent Scotland where challenging the popular narrative would result in the individual being charged with harassment and bullying by the Polis!

An Independent Scotland where anyone with an over_inflated ego, a big bag o’ weed and 10K+ followers say, can carry their own delusions across the border into real life and drip poisonous lies into the real world of others purely to fuel their fires of burning desire.

For what? Power? Followers? Face? To satisfy a raging hard_on of hatred? Because of a psychological condition [temporary or ongoing]? Who knows? Is this real life or just the skitterings of a morally incontinent twitter_addict? Fa’ kins eh?

quite a collection of lies from the proxies of politicscot and from ‘him_self’
full cast minus a few sock_puppets and minions such as tenaciousV/ siouxiezoo/ stupid_serif etc. [must do a full team_sheet shortly…it’s quite a squad]
@PoliticsScot with his two favourite ‘right_hands’… A Trio of Scammers…Aye…The Family that scams to_gether has to stick to_gether
the slimy twitter_thlug trails all lead back to Honk_Tonk_Towers
two new ‘cast’ members are recruited to front the latest ‘campaign’… kevvo n’ debs… lying for the family…

salty_brigandry on your indy sir?

naw…jist a tickie truth oan th’ chips ta ;o)

Three of indy_scotland’s ‘esteemed’ twitter bloggers in action, ‘spreading their influence’ & personal opinions to their combined potential audience of 47,180 accounts under cover of independence? Think about that for a minute. YOU waken up to find that every man, woman and child in a town the size of Perth or Inverness say, have had a ‘liar_flyer’ handed to them, dis_informing them that YOU have “defamed” Nicola Sturgeon? Just like that! [TC] The latest in a long line of twitt_attacks against you and others. How would YOU feel? How WOULD you feel do you think?

It will come as no surprise to many that the point of earthing for this latest lightning strike in what is now a nine month long cloud_seeded thunderstorm of lies and hate, comes courtesy of that self_confessed con_man and alleged advantage_taker of vulnerable young online gamers. Mark Robertson. A self_taught blaggard, amatuer dramatist and psuedologist of great renown, Mark is remembered very un_fondly by many kind hearted yessers who supplemented his diet and lifestyle while he posed online as Claire, a 24 year old poverty_stricken woman, in order to obtain free food deliveries and the occasional naked pictures of young men. Apparently. According to a story in The National. https://www.thenational.scot/news/14900567.angry-twitter-users-claim-to-be-duped-by-fake-account-for-claire-said-to-be-man-aged-40/ To date the ignorancer has made one post by way of an obtuse apology that his bloated hubris seems satisfied with and has seemingly allowed him to move on from ‘his_horror’. His pals are also very forgiving and luckily for him forgetfull also. Phew.

A close family member to many_a_twisted_twitter_clucker and sock_puppet_sister he is the go_to muppet for some that like to pull strings & influence. “For independence likes!” Tracee Wilson and Geri McBot are another two cast in a similar mould and having had contact with them from an early stage, when I first broke ranks, I speak knowledgeably when I tell you for sure that they are both as deluded as their bestie Mark.

They all seem to have the luxury of copious amounts of time in which to do nothing but ‘dream/scheme & lounge’ under the digital duvet on their Dunning_Kruger lazy_boys as regular spoonful’s of sugar seemingly assist the medicine to slide down. They appear to actually believe whatever it is they believe in their void. Whether they know what they believe or believe what they know, it doesn’t really matter. They just believe *lolz*

What does matter is that each individual decide for themselves how they talk_it & walk_ it. Rockit or Rocket? As individuals we collectively will shape our independence. Eventually. That is a fact. But I don’t want to see this type of poison shape my indy. That’s a fact also. For me anyways. Hence the “tuppenceworth_fae_unsworth” [Permission to take the piss…it’s on me]

The appropriately monickered ‘Stoker’ tags in the possible callers of the play? @PoliticsScot/@jeggit and @MrMalky, although not contributing directly to the conversation seem happy to let their accounts be used as a conduit to promulgate such vicious and abusive slurs and lies, against someone who they consider ‘the enemy’? Why? Because they are telling their story? Their side of the narrative. A side perhaps that the two ‘boys’ would understandably prefer few heard and are apparently seemingly willing to go to ridiculous lengths to supress, as it would perhaps alter the online image that they have managed to fabricate for themselves? If none of this was true then why react to it so vociferously?

A short while later… the wriggling is familiar in both it’s content and it’s clumsy style…

Twitter thuggery from three poisonous slugs of the Scottish commentariat? A stain on Indyref2 that shames us all? Heads are turned, deefeez are slung and the cries of the truth ignored as it takes a stiff kicking in the carpark, in full view of many, supping thi’r after work drinks on the terrace of The Independence Hotel. Either indifferent. oblivious or simply conditioned to the regular muggings they witness. Exception that I have seen? Guffers. Yi’r a ‘hiddin’ th’ bar at danger point kinda dude’. Een o’ the few. Well stood Sir!

Aye. Caring, sharing Scotland. Where it seems we really do know how to take care of our own eh? ;o(

Wed 6th… the boss swung by the carpark on his way home from Honk_Tonk_HQ last night to get in a last couple o’ kicks [just for kicks like] and rack up a few fat eens for the troops. Think he might possibly have had a few already but hey… it had no doubt been a long day at the office. I imagine it’s not easy workin in IT. As Alan Partridge might rap.

Seems that mister & misses have handed over the keys to @TheJokeIsOnYouJ. The account/ defender of their name. After a short/sharp shutdown the day after a polite and lawful letter/ request was sent to David Hooks’ work, TheJokeIs back with the usual suspects posting their single topic bile. All in support of the King of the Honky_Tonks.

Who knows who is at the helm of this particularly poisonous puppet account currently? SemTexBill/ BoomBoomBrady? Simon ‘ONE_T’ Pattersun? TraceeWilson? MarkRobertson? PaulWright? ‘Himself again? The prolific proxies @siouxiezoo @LadyOfAlba @DickTiz94 @TiaMariaWilson etc. etc. continue to harass and hate in a twisted world that is a real part of their lives. Jings. Oh for the gift…

If you would like to inform yourself or to at least hear the other side of the story then pop over to this account https://twitter.com/egracieb?lang=en If not no worries. Yi cannae kid a kidder but yi can apparently try tae shove folks under yi’r movin’ bus and apparently get away wi’ it? In the name o’ indy? ;o(

For updates on the latest posse_ride out [for balance *obvs*] https://twitter.com/PoliticsScot/status/1103262683607064576 “They got all the moves” Hope yi’r well Mr. F ;o)

Whooossshhhh! Straight From The Heart Bro! Dodinsky or Charliesez?

10 March: due to current [wildcat?] ‘industrial action’ by @PoliticsScot the above link is not working… I believe it will be back online Monday morning where anyone interested can get some balance to my narrative…


salty_brigands [everyones a liar baby] that’s the truth!

Honky_Tonk_Mechanic_Required…the wheels on this indy_bus need re_balanced/ re_alligned and checked if they’re running true
the reply trails glisten…twitter_thlug2twitter_thlug…Honky_Tonk_HQ[copyriteFINKIN] at the centre of them all

Feel free to copy/paste/post…no worries if you would rather not though… I’ll understand ;o) am on a mass_reported lockdown for apparently ‘stealing’ private media and posting photos of a baby!!!! [I did not in case you were wondering] The character assassination continues… we’ll see what happens… it’s a ‘cartoon’ FFS… copied from a photo…it’s called a likeness… namaste to those that deserve it… yi’ kin fa’ yi’z are ;o) The rest can take a right royal ‘twitter’ fung up their nasty wee ‘twitter’ erses… See how my ‘appeal’ turns out.

Whatever issues I am having with David Hooks presently is to do with his vicious and nasty lie to @IanBlackfordMP earlier this month. End of. Any other opinions on the way @PoliticsScot has treated other people historically I will respectfully leave for them to deal with from here on in as requested. I have never met any of the people I have been accused of being but I trust that they know that they have my support and that karma and truth eventually will overcome.

‘HIM_SELF’…THE_BARE_FACED_LIAR & HONKY_TONK_KING/the weapon of choice was vicious in the unprovoked attack on the sleeping account… unsurprisingly I’m trying to set the record straight…more mocking to follow maybe? take it to the ‘court of public opinion’?

Apart from not having a name, this account is me. It’s the only one I have. I want the truth told about it. Not lies. So I am not putting up wi’ any shite said about me by David Hooks and his posse or anyone else for that matter. The more you lie and dig, the more I will lampoon and take the piss and hopefully show you up for the bullies that you are. You don’t expect people to try and counter your slurs and lies? Really? Sorry. No. Can. Do. You always got to do what you think is right. Just got to learn the ‘right way’ to do it. It can take a life_time.

A WHOPPER from @JPooleSmith… A salute will no doubt be winging it’s way from Honky_Tonk_HQ as we speak.. His comment soars over the self_awareness_crossbar as another lick_spittle pays homage to ‘the boss’ ;o)
‘The Boss’ @Honky_Tonk_HQ
Another dog_whistled_kleecolyte


The princess of poison spouts forth assisted by her trusted eejit [wah_n_teeh]
truth is the first escapee of the narrative from the beak_fed cluckers who gladly accept their regurgitated fodder as fact_food…

Contacting an employer, who happens to be paid by us taxpayers after all, to question whether comments made publicly by their employee [regarding a strangers MH and the manner and style in which it was done in a large group ‘discussion’ or a twitter_pile_on as it’s better known] is appropriate behaviour is not against this law or any others @IND3pendent7. No matter how much you might like it to be so.

You have no idea the reason why this message was deleted and I have no intention of telling an angry wee lick_spittle such as yourself. Kevvo’s behaviour was un_professional in my opinion. Whether he’s in working time or not. Certain values must prevail.

And all this smearing from Kevvo and nursiedeb. Stop digging. You’re either being played by the posse or you’re just as bad as the fleez that yi’r buzzin wi.

Using your grandson to score Twitter points? Saying I posted a photo of a baby? All because I personally criticised you [as an older and hopefully more reasonable member of a ‘pack’ which lets remember consisted of 40/50/60 accounts] over comments you were making regarding a complete stranger. All in the service o’ that pultroon David Hooks?

That’s why this should be drawn to attention of employers. Kevvo said himself that his MH training before qualification was a couple of hours reading a folder. Tick box. Done. Perhaps his work could help with this? Perhaps they will? Perhaps they have already? Perhaps there are no ‘Codes Of Conduct’ for SNHS workers?

wait…could it be the legal_beagle… the faithfull servant of the priness of poison and queen of the mean meme …simon ‘ONE_T’ pattersun? maybe just a tribute artist? Eejit anyways ;o)

It seems to be lost on the ‘psychic_medic’ and his assistant that Twitter is a commercial platform where anyone can look at someones TL and view their tweets without being ‘signed_in’. It’s how Twitter works. If you read the label on the side. Since you and others have me blocked & I DO NOT BLOCK YOU and you tell absolute whoppers of lies about me I feel that I am within my rights to counter them. They are lies after all. You are not blocked from my TL Kevvo but I am from yours.

So I’ll serve out my mass_reported/ lack_of_access to_my_account and await the outcome of my appeal. Whatevers. Supping brose as I type. Laters ;o)

misogyny…towards Kevvo? you learning your moves from the tracee&robbo school of black_ops? in my opinion you bein played sister… the tunes no great but it is familiar…
Truth from @dark_shark… they do indeed

You are where you get to…

Things can change at a_pace. So quickly sometimes you don’t even know it’s happened. Misconceptions & misunderstandings can form in a nano_second and before you know it. You are where you are.

Both the pace and amount of change is usually tiny. But all those wee events can pass you by, and if not observed, can seem like a wollop when you eventually catch up to them having happened. You end up being wiser after the event hopefully or you learn a lesson. You take something positive from it.

Twitter and the indy_twitt_scene both fascinates and repulses me. Both sides of the independence debate on twitter have their ‘nasties’ but I have never witnessed so much bile and hatred or the pure enjoyment and thrill displayed by those in the pack when practicing their twisted ‘blue_on_blue’ attrocities. A bloody sport indeed and disturbing to witness.

I have to admit to getting angry about this at times but I will only be dealing with my own ‘issues’ from here on in. Things change and one must adapt to the changes in situation/ circumstances and respect any requests made reasonably. Time must be limited also as this particular type of poison is the kind that has the ability to jump across the internet and infect anyone.

I was ‘made an offer’ just the other day. By mister @PoliticsScot. I use the phrase as I have no doubt that that was what it was genuinely felt to be. By the ‘offerer’.

Didn’t quite feel that way on the other end of the ‘negotiation’ though. What might be described as a rather authoratative style. To be fair to the man he’s every right to be arrogant. He’s got 10K+ followers and a political tv monologue channel. He’s someone allright!

The latest am_dram being drummed up about me being a danger and that people are “living in fear of their lives” of me is absolutely ridiculous and is typical of the unsophisticated slurs often deployed by members of cabals to undermine, those they see as the enemy. To be destroyed by any means. Foul or foul. *The Real* Tracee Wilson, one of the indy_twitt_mean_queen_twins annouced that I was on a Domestic Violence register and that I also beat_up women, so mister hooks latest bout of vivid imaginings he proclaims as facts and accepted as such by some of his beak_fed kleecolytes, has not come as too much of a surprise. It’s how they roll. As a fellow sandy_forky lover says “they got all the moves!”

I have only been served a sample platter of what is on offer, compared to others, and having the safety of anonymity is settling but you still get a small taste of what this treatment could feel like.

Remember. These ‘innacuracies’ are posted by people with sometimes 10K+ followers. And their sock_puppet and kleecolyte follower accounts can have as many as 5K so the shit hits the fan and is spread around pretty quickly. It’s got a lotta_reach. It can also do a lotta_damage to peoples real lives which is cruel & nasty.

I have merely fought back against this. In a slighly unorthodox way maybe that has perhaps at times not had great moments [twitt_square_go_gate and the requesting of information] that although were not illegal, I should have handled better. If only for the fact it left open the opportunity for the pack to pounce on a doxxing accusation opportunity too good to miss and for @JPooleSmith to hatch the ‘wex is going to post Davids details online’ whopper! As I said. An out_and_out_liar @JPooleSmith. Complete fabrication of the post. Drama queen & shit_stirrer, another lick_spittle re_churner on a mission to earn his spurs, a few more followers and the much longed for salute by way of a funny gif, sent personally to his TL as an acknowledgement of his service from ‘Honky_Tonk_HQ’ [used with assumed permission from Mr. Finkin?] Proudly pinned. Possibly for eternity?

My latest hair brained chimp scheme is to take some incremental dynamic evolution dust and find a suitable place to sprinkle it.

An anonymous account can be held to account by a real life account in the Scottish Courts and yet, the anonymous account cannot hold the realife account to account in the same way, in the same court.

Could an anonymous account be considered a brand in the same way as an individual can be.

I might possibly spend some time finding out. Wouldn’t it be funny if a weird chimp account managed to effect a change to that situation and be able to do it anonymously. Maybe just have to put a stocking over my face in court. I don’t think I’d be allowed to wear a chimp mask. Maybe that’s taking things a bit tooo far. But if you don’t ask…

The most threatening thing I am posting is the truth. The jurisdiction is Twitter. It can be taken elsewhere but not by @unsworthwexler #at_the_moment… laters… wex ;o)

As I type a new pol_scot_posse slug has slithered on to my timeline and tagged in a few fellow family members. I wonder why that would be? Seems they’ve mounted up and are ready to ride_out on a mission. Interesting crew.

@ProctorLewis1 is a new one. Out front leading the charge. Paul Wright the ‘Wizard o’ Brechin’ in his latest guise after his ‘latest_red_card’ along with the ‘PrincesOfPoison’ the real Tracee Wilsun both close family members of mister & misses ‘Paul wouldn’t hurt a fly/catch a cold’ hooks. Auds & Indy are anonymous as I am and a couple o’ the other kick_ass_grannies have louped onto their steeds also. Quite a sight. Wonder where they’re off to? Wonder why they tagged me in? Are they out for tiger_blood? Time will tell I suppose. *lolz*. Cheery ;o)

A big thanks to the some_one who provided the time this time and the others that humour this wierd chimp in real_wurld.

Update : Funnily enough i’ve just been locked down for the tweet below. Seems the mass_reporting_ride_out went as planned. Spurs and salute from Honky_Tonk_HQ awaits. Some time off and supping of brose I think could be in the offing. I bid you good biddings ;o)

…and this is where I’m at… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqbk9cDX0l0

laters ;o)


this boil needs lanced [the pus could get a’wye]

It should not should have come as a surprise to return [again] to the twitter midden to find the despicable abuse of fellow indy supporters still ongoing but as a practicing perhapsamist one is always obliged to give what_iffery a chance. Alas, my hopetimism was shown not to be justified.

No matter how accustomed one may get to being disappointed by peoples behaviour & actions and of the human race generally some things still manage to get to you.

A recent disturbing post from AllSkipsAbout AKA Paul Wright stating how easily and quickly a home address and [thankfully out of date] telephone number could be sourced was both creepy and not_so subtly threatening.

If you were a woman, living on your own lets say, then I imagine that this could be quite terrifying, especially considering the past record of the appropriately monickered ‘Semtex Bill’ Brady who’s protected account @LeaksTwitt is a close associate of both Paul Wright and Mark Robertson AKA Claire & others of the PolScotPosse.

It was threat made by Bill Brady during one of his infamous batshitcrazy missions to uncover the real_wurld identity & location of an online account that led to his nick_name and like Paul has also been spoken to by Police Scotland in their often dark & not too distant pasts.

@AllSkipsAbout’s dealings with one female yes campaigner online https://twitter.com/politicaIicious/status/965180753796530177 contributed to Twitter suspending three accounts that he operated. I must make it clear that I have no idea if the police were called regarding that particular incident but they did talk to him concerning a very odd tale of ‘bear traps & nazis’ if I am not mistaken. Google it. It was in The Courier.

If the Pol_Scot_Posse were to be looked on as a cast of sick pantomime reality show players then Mark [Claire/ Robby/ Robertvar] & AllSkipsAbout would make a perfect pair of twisted ‘ugly sisters’. It seems that they truly live and love their roles and appear to thrive on the worry, alarm and distress they create for their victims both on and off_line.

The threats from Mark Robertson regarding contacting peoples friends and family members on other social media platforms only exposes the heights of emotional vandalism that him and his ilk are prepared to go to. Would you like your sister/mother or any other family member, whatever their gender, treated like this? Why in the name of the wee man would you do that? I don’t expect any explanations on a postcard thanks. There are none.

The most recent lie posted by Mark really scraped the bottom of every morality & humanity barrel going when he tweeted that money raised for a charity to honour and pay tribute to the memory of a beloved family member was spent on a trip to a music festival on the Isle of Wight.

My ‘why the fuck would you feel the need to lie about someone in the first place’ feelings aside, the decision by Mark to weaponise the celebration of a dead relative goes some way to emphasise the points and concerns all too infrequently raised about the level of pathalogical viciousness that this indy_twitter_thug operates at.

Sock_puppet accounts are set up and operated solely to demean and help spread lies, gossip and innuendo about ‘critics’ and anyone with the temerity to support them.

@TheJokeIsOnYouJ has recently come out of a short hibernation to continue it’s ‘mission’ to ‘defend’ the name of it’s operators.

With almost pathalogical poker_faced brass_neckettness @PoliticsScot highlighted his ability to lie through his teeth and force me to break my silence by prodding my snoozing account with a hot poker when he tweeted Ian Blackford MP that I had posted ‘derogatory tweets’ knowing that his wife had just had a miscarriage. His examples were posted two to three weeks before any news of their tragic loss reached me by way of his 3rd of Feb blog as @PoliticsScot knew fine well but this has not stopped him repeating it for a second time [as of this up_date to post] so I guess he’s absolutely positive that I did know and can back_up his ‘claim’. Fascinating.

One would have thought that they might have taken a step_back from their extra_curricular twitter shenanigans but it appears not.

The hounding of my own and other accounts after public statements by David to his 10k+ followers following any criticism of him [or his wife] become pile_ons. @PoliticsScot would make it very clear that anyone who continued to follow the accounts would be persona non grata and considered complicit in the imaginary ‘hate campaign’ against him [and his wife] who have both either operated or supported a string of revenge sock_puppet accounts in the short few months since I myself stumbled over the PolScotPosse.

The seemingly endless cycle of hate continues, fuelled by accounts such as @BeanzMeanzlies & @TheJokeIsOnYouJ that exist solely & expressly to hound, harass and dish out ‘twitt_kickings’ to those deemed to be in need of some tough love. PolScotPosse style.

A clear path now exists to enable at least one, if not more of the muck_spreaders to face consequences.

“he done messed up big_time” as the leader of the pack said only recently.

Any ‘victory’ would perhaps be a hollow one, in the greater scheme of things, but depending on the terms set out in a successful ‘ad factum praestandum’ it just might make others think twice before considering heading down such a path.

This suppurating boil needs lanced.

An Indy Dr Pimplepopper must be found but stand well back when this plook eventually bursts, the pus could get a’wye!


keep it simple [stupid]… indypendence

after a wee bit reflection and real_wurld energy needed for other things wex is being given a twitter sabbatical. twitter can be toxic. i’ve seen enough and my part_time_real_wurld is about to become full_on again.

also when you yourself start to show similar aspects of behaviour  that you are criticising it’s time to take stock. there are aspects to wex i’m starting to not like. reminds me of someone i once knew and with whom i have had no connection with for the last 15 years.

i was horrified at the online abuse directed at Pauline & her mum, marvelled at the brass neck shown by some in their denials of their actions and been astonished at the lengths gone too in order to find out peoples real_world identities, most of them fellow independence supporters and the speed & efficiency at which lies/rumours/narrative and gossip are quickly spread. the mass reporting of accounts and personal attacks and accusations made with respect to Paulines MH was despicable. others have had similar treatment. nothing to do with independence and hopefully not representative of the various indytwitter factions and their followers?

with only a little knowledge of much of what has gone on i apologise for any confusion or misrepresention of specifics i may have inadvertantly taken part in. if indeed i have? there has been a lot of shit gone on. that’s for sure. some of which i experienced for myself. petty yet vicious but it has gone on.  i do not wish to do more harm than good and currently feel that is starting to happen. i can see why some might think that has been the case for some time already but i stand by my actions and what i have done. despite what some may think i am not part of any posse or group. stupid_serif dragged me into this initially. that led me to witnessing the pack rounding on Pauline and her mum over a couple of weeks until i could stand it no more.

i admire Paulines energy and spirit and also her ability to not lie down to her attackers. a lot of you folks know what is going on.  wish you all the best and trust truth and awareness will prevail.

the accounts stirring it up and taking things real world. have a word.

that’s you @PoliticsScot @robbycameron1 @LadyOfAlba @albanationsimon @AllSkipsAbout @LeaksTwitt and quite a few of the beakfed followers and kleecolytes of those accounts. you know who you are.

keep it simple stupid. indypendence.

cheery fir noo ;o)


emailgate? “…i shouldn’t have to do this” [neither should i & might i humbly suh_jest that you ask yourself why you find yourself having to?]

Seeing as i’ve got a bit of time on my hands due to my latest time_out break from twitter due to what I suspect is a dogwhistled outbreak of mass reporting for the post below, I thought I would ‘write some shite’. WHY NOT? Everyone else is.

A powerplay by the PolScotPosse for the above tweet? For why? Does organised mass reporting of accounts take place? Makes you wonder eh. It’s like a jungle sometimes. huh.huh.huh.huh.huh.

so anyways… emailgate… the latest in a series of ‘indytwitter am_dram sub_plots’. This particular little doozee was self_penned by Mark Robertson and Tracee Wilson & features @PoliticsScot.

I’d just like to remind @PoliticsScot that the only people that are lying “about @weegingerdug…” and talking about the ‘ranting emails’ happen to be two ‘members’ of HIS close twitter ‘family’ and in the screengrab below are discussing it in connection with the progress of batshitcrazy Bill Brady’s latest exercise in dangerous futility over @LeaksTwitt to uncover the real_wurld identity and location of a [J/P] Donaldson [22]

The result of the salty brigands investigations often, as in the case above, ends in the mis_identification/ ‘doxxing’ of an innocent person. Photos of houses may be posted online, workplaces contacted & details of family members and children are also sometimes thrown into the mix. Some pretty awful threats have been made by Bill Brady at TwittLeaks and are well documented elsewhere but regardless of what side of the political fence you sit on no_one should have to endure this type of treatment. Yoons or fellow Yessers!

You gotta laugh at Trace, trying to convince herself more than others I feel, that she’s not on the screenshot and still tries to imply, much like @PoliticsScot that I did indeed send the email or have some knowledge of it. I know. Erm. You’re there Trace with Mark. Discussing David, WGD, TwittLeaks, Wex & email. As much as you wish you didn’t tweet that you did. And no. I did not send any of the five emails and have no knowledge of who did.

So please spare us the ‘poor meee’ squeaks if you don’t mind @PoliticsScot. @LadyOfAlba tweets that she is aware that an email was sent to “WGD about David”. She is asking Mark Robertson if he can confirm if it was Wanx [who i am assuming to be me cos i’m sharp that way ken] who had sent the email. @robbycameron1 tells her she is correct and urges her have a look over @LeaksTwitt for herself. Or maybe they’re talking in code? Or tongues? Or maybe I have gone completely insane? Or maybe you all have?

So “just to be absolutely clear”… it is only @PoliticsScot @robbycameron1 @LadyOfAlba & @LeaksTwitt I have an issue with here so whatever has been said about anyone trying to ‘push anyone off’ twitter is ridiculous @liz6153. Seriously? I have no issue with WGD and I would trust he has none with me. He has no interest in my real world identity unlike the rest of the posse and has been dragged into this as unwillingly as I have due to the twitt_gossipping and twisted_sistering of two indy fishwives. And you are contributing also by talking rubbish and attempting to stir things up in my opinion.

Too right I’m remaining a wee nonny_no_mouse on twitter. I’ve watched them set about folk with great gusto & glee. Pauline and her mum for example. Julie. ScotsNat & more.

There was a campaign launched a few weeks back called #TwittStalk or something similar regarding a ‘new law’ to cover such things ‘liz’ and if I am not mistaken Davee did say that he had contacted the police multiple times and has gone as far as to imply he was in contact with the PF directly. I would imagine that if @PoliticsScots claims were even half true I would have been visited by the police. Ask yourself why I have not been?

I was not present but an alternative scenario perhaps could be that the police officers and PF representative explained to @PoliticsScot that asking questions of other people or having opinions regarding their actions and then posting them on ones own twitter account, embarrassing or awkward though it might be for him, is not actually against the law. They might also have suggested that it could be viewed by many as free speech.

They possibly might even have asked him whether or not that was indeed what he did on his own twitter account? Did they ask him if any of it was true? Jings. I don’t know. The police were contacted. I have not been contacted by the police. End of. Pauline was though. Reported initially by @jammach to @policescotland which was a low, low blow!

Anyways the only two people that are lying with regard to this whole particular emailgate fiasco of a sidethread are your two besties Davee. @robbycameron1 and @LadyOfAlba. They were the ones who mentioned you and WGD/emails and tried to tie them to me. FFS. Listen to yourself. Your not going to accuse me of photoshopping that conversation or misinterpreting it are you? Here are the pair of you playing out quite an amusing little ‘improv’ scene. Powerfulll stuff? True? Aye. Right. Again. Listen to yourselves.

So leaving your unquestionable “unashamedly pro-independence” stance aside for a minute you will perhaps excuse me for proposing that you have not quite achieved your ” aim to always be fair, open and honest” regarding what I am assuming to be the first of five emails that @PoliticsScot says that he is aware of [but of course has not seen] which were sent to WGD? While still trying to snidely implicate me as to being the sender with no proof whatsoever.

And you wonder why I am ‘mocking’ you? Do you think I sailed up the Tay in a fish box? You’ve got this Robert the Bruce spiders web story mixed up a little maybe Davee? Your spinning is of a different kind. A surfeit of Game Of Thrones on 4K perhaps? What next I wonder before the EastEnders drum roll brings this current episode of the long running indy_soap to a dramatic hiatus?

@robbycameron1 was notably absent during this wee exchange [under orders?] which as much of a car crash as it was, avoided being the multicar_pileup it had the potential to be thanks to his wise decision not to attend, although @PoliticsScot could be talking on behalf of Mark. I don’t know. @PoliticsBlog2 has come to an abrupt halt it appears. Pop over. It’s deliciously delusional in a very special way. He has a gift so he has.

Now perhaps @LadyOfAlba did not visit @LeaksTwitt to look at the email that does not exist [are you making it up then Tracee?]. Must have been hard for you not to pop over and have a wee peak? Hilarious. Comedy gold down at the D_K Palais.

For those that are familiar with this account it would be impossible to imagine her not looking. C’mon. It’s laughable. Tracee being able to resist having a nosey. For those of you not familiar. Just believe me. She could not help herself. One minute she’s admitting to be studying my timeline and gossipping as to who I am real_wurld but in the next convo with Davee above she’s apparently not interested in Wex? Laurel & Hardy of the scottish indytwittscene. Robbo ‘N Trace. Like all great comedy double_acts, such as Cannon & Ball/ Rod Hull & Emu etc. the name just rolls off your tongue. Robbo & Trace.

Theres a whole lotta wrigglin goin on. The tangled webs we weave eh?

@LadyOfAlba must have been making it up then Davee. Yes? You said yourself that people were lying about this.

Until I was mentioned by @robbycameron1 I had no issue or interest in this whole “J Donaldson 22” “you done screwed up bigtime” “we have a winner!!” nonsense which coincides neatly with the TwittLeaks/ Donaldson/Scotsnat/Wex mission to “nail it” and the tweets/ convo’s mentioning it. Linking my identity to various accounts from @Johnny_Nabb [who has a business FFS] to Mister Finkin’ /Pauline/Julie.

I was even Guffers for a brief moment in @PoliticsScot’s twitter_mind? Back in the earlydays. Remember that Davee? Takes me back so it does. Seems tame in comparison to my current twitter_rep as a DV offender that I have been repeatedly labelled with with by your besty @LadyOfAlba. So excuse my attempts at a little self_defence.

And the latest is ‘Irene from Friockhiem’ according to @AllSkipsAbout and @robbycameron1. Paul seemed ‘fair chuffed wi himsel’ and even went to the effort of signing up to s[edition] art to follow me. Did you pop into the co_op Paul?

This whole bizarre world you folks inhabit is a very odd place indeed. What in the name o’ the wee man is all this about? More Dad’s Army than 77th Brigade that’s for sure and again. Nothing whatsoever to do with indy.

@AllSkipsAbout and @robbycameron1 have gained a few column inches between them in the SMSM over the years so have a track record for oddballery and as Mr Finkin said a while back… “the lion, the witch & the wardrobe stuff.” https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/angus-mearns/404794/brechin-and-edzell-council-election-branded-confusing-and-unfair-after-twitter-row-fiasco/ https://www.thenational.scot/news/14900567.angry-twitter-users-claim-to-be-duped-by-fake-account-for-claire-said-to-be-man-aged-40/. @AllSkipsAbout ‘sleepover’ behaviour is something else that has raised eyebrows in the past.

And the @TheJokeIsOnYouJ account [now apparently run by @OneLumpOr_Two/ Misses Hooks if rumours are not to be ignored] is far out! I’m sure she won’t mind me giving it a free plug.

So the latest e_mailgate drama was a complete fiction? It’s completely bonkers. Like something out of a movie. A scottish ‘indy_noir twistfest’ where all the actors improvise Von Trier dogma stylee through a constant mist of alcohol and drugs. Locked away in seperate rooms in one indy big brother twitterhoose & catching snippets of edited film that they think is live playback and only talking to each other on the phone for short periods. Sounds a mindfuck of a reality show does it not? No prize_money either. They do it for fun.

Truly what is all this about? It certainly has nothing to do with independence. Nor truth. Nor freedom. Of expression or otherwise. You can stick as many Independence of Arbroath replicas on your wall as you like and Alba gu brath til yir hoarse. But you gotta walk the talk.

Is it about face? Followers? Reputation? Enjoyment of the ‘chase’? The taste of twitter tigerblood? Who knows.

Go and google the ‘shipyard work_ins’ of seventy one & two and Jimmy Reid when he gave the ‘no drinkin’ speech for a wee hint at what I’m getting at.

The other odd thing is the way one is expected to just take your kicking then be expected to shut the fuck_up and go back to rechurning the retweets and be ready at the next whistle or you will suffer the potential horror of being unfollowed/ blocked and reported.

Go back to the herd to be be managed Paul?

Doxxing attempts/ Domestic Violence allegations/ Bully/ Abuser/ Harasser/ Stalker and you don’t expect me to defend myself?

You do as much damage as good to the indy cause. Your tactics are crude, distasteful, often cruel and immature with ‘civilians’ often ending up as ‘casualties’. Collateral damage caught in the crossfire. Nothing to do with independence whatsoever.

I was a multi offender since 2012 when I first joined twitter as a rechurner but ceased with my toxic abuse six months or so ago. I know how it works. I have been guilty of a minor [compared to other folks anyways] offence of incorrect behaviour very recently. I was made to pay for it by the pack though and had my first close_up encounter of the hounds in action. All faceless. The kleecolytes. The beakfed of the clutch learning the ‘moves’. A great example of obedience when the dogwhistle blew for the gaslighting to commence. A well practiced and slick manouvre.

Most folks just stick to the rechurning. A wee funny meme now and again. Some screaming at your local inept Tory MP perhaps. But as soon as you cross that line into what in essence is childish playground bullying or vicious teenage pile ins, whatever you want to call it… it is wrong and once again…

…nothing to do with indy. wex ;o(

Am not going to delete the tweets immediately so will be enjoying a wee break from posting on twitter again for a while methinks. All the best to pauline/egracie & mr finkin in the meantime. Laters & namaste to aw’…wex ;o)


post scripts…

…the twitter appeal gods were reasonably kind. thank you ;o) 14th Jan

…nice to see some indy_love/contrition/reaching_out/ spirit [whatever it is being shown]…positivity! Hats off to all concerned…An apology does indeed go along way ;o) Others could take note of this perhaps?


a spouting idiot [kleecolyte profile one] traysee wilson [with two e’s]

thought i would make a few of my own observations and comments on those making there own observations and comments. an opinion piece obvs.lols.

hopefully @LadyOfAlba doesn’t mind me giving her ‘blog’ a plug & recommend folks drop by for some insight into this committed independence activist & kickass ‘cyber-granny’. counsel to & supporter of some ‘high profile’ scottish indy ‘influencers’ such as PoliticsScot & Grousebeater, a role model & ‘bestie’ to a number of up and coming and established stars on the indy bitchtwitt churning scene she is conflicted on so many levels it would be hilarious if the results were not so damaging. not only to the persons on the receiving end but the independence movement itself.

if tracee’s a bitch to you? it’s your fault apparently and the short extract below only highlights the levels of committment shown by @LadyOfAlba at being the best she can be at her quirky hobby of collecting trite internet phrases that she ‘lives her life by’ and adapts into vicious real world pantomimes and personal revenge amdrams that are acted out on twitter with often cruel and nasty consequences by her & her fellow ensemble in the ‘theatre of hate players’ under the pretence of striving for scottish inependence.

the idea that a thousand tweets/screenshotted/copied & pasted from someone elses twitter timeline and reposted on wordpress as a ‘blog’ might be viewed as an unhealthy fixation by others is lost on this queen of the mean meme as any sense of hypocrisy wooofs it’s way over LadyOfAlba’s irony crossbar.

blogs are brilliant aren’t they? you can get things off your chest without the constraints of the limited number of characters on twitter, while  various aspects of the truth are also able to be put on hold or attributed to artistic license which thankfully tracee does not own the copyright to, but the boundaries of which she stretches to well past the point of truth on many occassion. my ‘banning for seven days’ for using a license i did not own is an example of such a colossal stretch too far.

the 12 hour suspension revenge reporting for posting a photo of mark robertson @robbiecameron1 & @albanationsimon ‘one t’ patterson at an auob rally/march was spent by me watching netflix [innocent man based on the only non fiction grisham book] and the following ‘7 day ban’ was tortuously endured visiting friends/xmas shopping/sleeping in and enjoying real life away from the poison/lies and obfuscation of Dunning Kruger Land [DKL]

grudgingly deleting the photo when i got back home, in order to enable myself access to the still steaming turd pile that twitter had become, i forgot that i had posted the licensed photo more than once & promply suffered another 12 hour suspension almost immediately which seemed to make the residents of DKL extremely gleefull. [i would have sniggered also to be fair]

the great thing about wannabe churner apprenticeships is there is seemingly no age limit or necessary experience/ qualifications required although the constant rechurning of rechurned tweets gets you down at times and can seem pointless. the excitement and damp gussetts when pile ons and mass reporting & blocking of accounts are not so subtley encouraged are palpable & as juniors in the ranks you are expected to obey orders, turning up the volume on the current twitter narrative being fed in order to work your way up the chain of command and maybe even have your own little botnet one day. sweet dreams are made of this?

kleecolytes will show their allegiance by blocking for such henious crimes as mocking up a picture of their leader as bruce willis in die hard or calling out a complete stranger as crazy or mad but despite being an experienced employee of the SNHS i do not feel that the role of ambulance driver/ medic entitles you Kevvo or anyone else to make a judgement on someones mental health and state it as fact or back up others that are doing so on social media without ever having had a real life consultation.

@jammach is another apparent would be minime fanboy that feels the need to backup PoliticsScot and contact police scotland and report an account to twitter for harassment and stalking, despite not knowing or ever having contact with the account, wasting valuable police time and resources with bullyboy mob tactics that the police sensibly gave short thrift to, sending them on their way with a “sorry sir. no crime committed here” while standing up for such questionable characters such as @robbycameron1 who, like ‘one t’, is currently in rehab for his rumoured addiction to multi account trolling and is equally as rubbish at it although, as far as i know, gavin has not yet got into the doxxing scene but he is on the classic slippery slope to ruin in my opinion and it wont be long before he progresses on to nastier things having moved on from the twitter gateway drug of choice.

by way of an apology for the above tweet tracy could only bring herself to say “So your mum’s cancer didn’t need treatment. Cool good” Nice of her eh? but that won’t bother ‘oor trace’. she “couldn’t give a monkies[sic] fuck” what anyone thinks of her. that’s “the greatest mental freedom” there is apparently. Dodinsky said so. mental indeed!

an idiot spouts right enough.

updates on the ‘lady’ of alba profile along with other twitter @PoliticsScot kleecolytes such as @do_mck @jammach @albanationsimon & kevvo the ambulancedriver, moonlighting as a psychiatric expert, to follow. the kluckeratti. don’t you just luvvem?

The friends you keep reflect on you…

David’s great mate and Twitter defender @stupid_serif who insisted that he be able to saddle up and ride out in service of his master who could put his feet up and concentrate on videos and writing and politics stuff and he and others would deal with the folks who asked questions he didn’t like or piss him off… David was chuffed and said “shucks”… honestly… they were daft enough to not do it in DM!?   The Friends You Keep
Davids annointed twitter defender and apparent mate @stupid_serif who attacks on whistle for his master, is not very nice and calls himself  ‘Rob’serifhookscantbelievetomcat1‘rob’ @stupid_serif started out as a simple AUOB churner and supporter before offering their services to @PoliticsScot…

I’ll give it to you that you performing seals are persistant, well_drilled and great at gobbling down the fish thrown by Mr Mankini… I am supporting Paulines right to defend herself and believe her if i’m honest… having experienced only a small fraction of what she, her mother and others have endured I can only admire her energy, endurance and fearlessness… as she said quite truthfully… i [me… wexworth] got some things wrong and opinions differed on approach… i am not easy… but she was always honest with me, as was her mother… as i was with them… i’m staying away from the poison as much as is possible but no doubt accusations of stirring things up will fly my way but WhoGAFFAF… i was lichtie’d [ thanks Pepe///who does a mean Elvis btw] to the fact that a previous whopper of a lie [ intimating that i photoshopped someones grandchild into a picture and then posted it on Twitter!?!? ] had resurfaced again in a post regarding some extremely serious, violent and twisted threats being made to a young female journalist… truly horrifying thread… stuff that no_one should have to endure… ever… i sincerely hope she gets help and assistance from the Police THE actual truth… you know … the series of events that took place [ and not in any way ‘similar’ as was intimated by the fierce_one ] was that “i photoshopped a mans head onto a photo of a famous fountain where a wee naked man is riding bareback on a turtle [could be a tortoise] and suggested that the man in question might possibly rethink his comments made in a double_digit + account thread pile_on commenting on a womans mental health… due to his profession likes… or i would make up more daft cartoons with him in them and perhaps contact his employer which, as a member of the public and a taxpayer i am entitled to do if i have concerns” the histrionical lies that replaced the truth as to what actually happened were then TRUMPED out to followers… that’s what you get for hanging around with Mark Robertson AKA Clare [from The ScotNational article…aye…him] and has no place on that thread [if it is referring to me] and if it is then it is still as much a lie now as it was then…remove it please… for the last time… i did not use a photo of your Grandson as you keep insisting… Kevvo knows it… you know it… PoliceScotland know it…Twitter know it… in the name o’ the wee man… why you would bring that lie up all over again? it is certainly worth asking yourself… especially on a thread of such seriousness… like PoliticsScot with his lie to IanBlackFordMP about me abusing him when he insisted i knew his wife had just miscarried? like Tracee Wilson stating that i was on a Domestic Violence register and beat up women … shameless twisted lying and then weaponisation of the lie… a lie is a lie is a lie… always will be… and the truth on these two occassions belongs to me…as you both know… remember… you are basing your facts on information received by a bunch of manipulating horrorshows… cheats… liars and in Mark Robertson a proven scam artist… Mark told you i was Jonny Nabb for goodness sake… PoliceScotland were involved… you got a warning and suspension from Twitter for hateful behaviour [as i have admittedly]… best left alone… don’t let them suck you in anymore than you are… stick to your own drama_llama_ding_dongs… we’ve all got enough of our own do we not? why o why would you get involved with those of others? Nobody has mates on Twitter as i think you know from the last time you were left hung out to dry by the PolScotPosse…so… whatever… please remove that reference to me in that thread… it was not similar in any way whatsoever and you know it…thank you

Let’s remember what Pauline is fighting back against here. it has been posted and RT’d and liked that she

1.Stole money from  a charity event that she organised and held in the memory of a beloved family member.      LIE and disproven

2. Refused to pay money for a bus journey to an AUOB march and created trouble on the bus.  LIE and disproven… she was 500 miles away!?

3. The SSPCA was called by someone who said she was mistreating her cats. MALICIOUS  a cartoon was ‘coincidentally’ posted shortly before this…

4. She has had unwanted ‘free samples’ sent to her address MALICIOUS

5. She has people threatening to post her address online THREATENING

6. Been diagnosed with mutiple MH issues and conditions and ‘sectioned’ on Twitter by huge numbers of people in threads. CRUEL

And there is so much more. This merely skims the surface. I am serious. So much more

No_one has apologised for their part in what can only be described as an organised brutalising of her and her mother. A pack attack. On two women.

Regardless of how this all started and what has gone on, and there is a lot that i don’t know about i admit, no_one deserves this kind of treatment. David has a whole posse to spread his narrative. To report and RT and amplify any message.

And your all still at it. How would any of you like one of your kids or your mum to be subjected to a tenth of what you know you are responsible for. I watched all this go on for two months while I was screaming at Kirstene Hair and Ross Thompson before I said anything. Even then it was only because that AUOB Twitter Representative @stupid_serif came in swingin’ his guns at me and I ‘was in’ … it was him that introduced me to the rest of the PolScotPosse ;o(

I was also lied about but that’s for another day David. Still waiting for an apology for that whopper.

You might not have the balls to stand on the corner calling out everything thats happened to you but don’t criticise anyone elses methods unless you know the true story and have walked a few miles in their shoes.

Laters Wexworth