Tough Decisions for @PoliticsScot? [ Doctor Who’s Trousers? ;o{ ]

…194 days and counting…as you said yirsels… “it could be a long 2019”

Wonder if Mr Hooks will beat Ruth Davidson’s record for not answering or even commenting? Burying ones head in sand it used to be known as… round these parts anyways…You lied vicously and nastily about me Davee and helped whip up the orchestrated mass reporting that got my account suspended…

I don’t give a shit about the Twitter account to be honest, but my wee chimp character did not deserve the lies and scandalous accusations dumped upon it by yourself and your twisted twitter sister… @LadyOfAlba … Princess of the Poison Pen…

Domestic Violence Registers, assaulting women, accused falsely of abuse by you to a potential audience of 70K people about something so nasty and vicious and snidely inferring that somehow I could be partly responsible…   you indeed are that “disgusting shitstain” you accuse others of being Mr David Hooks and you are in regular contact with many of the other  shitstainers who shame our Indy Movement

concise list have a look at this twenty person convo where a lie,.. probably conceived in a seedy wee late night DM hate_in, is given birth and spread 

Jings min… the examples we set eh… and of course it’s only a coincidence that those who question @PoliticsScot about any of his or the PolScotPosse’s behaviour they coincidentally are set upon by faceless sock_puppet accounts like @stupid_serif who is thankfully no more of this parish and currently it’s @Purityrefined dishing the threats, lies and abuse… it does not matter which ‘individual’ is at the controls… they all are part of the same wee cabal with the same ends it seems… defend their hookmeister!  ;o(((

Looks like you are incapable of any kind of honest reflection David… shame… hubris eh? Great on toast… eating a wee bit every day does you the world of good… a bit like een o’ they probiotic yoghurt drink things… but for the soul… anyways…

I’ll just keep plodding on… looks like you will too?


DECISIONS [ Doctor Who's Pyjamas?  ;o{]
After a relaxing shower there are always crucial decisions to be made before settling down to some Sunday breakfast and a bit telly…
quaver dust
a combination of  rogue quaver dust, a leather settee, four hours of tele and a broken central heating thermostat sees our Political Scott suffer from an acute yet unsurprising attack of Yokey Holey… [or has someone been up to a little bit of practical joking? *lolz*] #ayewonderboywonder
#PolSCotPosse Full dress rehearsal weekend,,, it’s the BIG ONE in October and the TigerFeetShuffle is gonna get nailed! Just as well they got a few dozen ‘mooltipax’ in… Quavers On Toast or Quavers With Toast? #fahkenzeh #huevosquaveros #PolScotPosse #quavers

It’s the first time that any of the Posse has flown up to Davee’s new uptown pad so it could be interesting to see how Trace and Wahun_T get on with their landings… it’s not a big balcony, the winds up a bit, that K_Glass can give off a hellishly momentarily blinding reflection at certain angles and they’re  both piloting new turtles due to the recent mishap that occurred only recently while coming back from a holiday in Ipswich, the county town of Suffolk, where, according to Oor Trace, she was called a “Scottish ****” … so… not much can go wrong there then eh? [am saying nothing and you know that!]

Thankfully no_one was seriously injured [taking a bit to get into the security camera network at the new place but rest assured you’ll have the foteez as soon as we get them folks] but it has put @HarleyCollie off travelling beyond the boundaries of Dunning_Kruger for a while… he quite likes it because he gets to do his own Twittering #whendadzaway  #wayheyy

I’m sure they’ll decide on a great name for the new band and get songs sorted out and Rob will come up with some killer choreography and costumes, although he’ll have his hands full trying to keep Gareth’s recent found exhuberance in check…  he’s dropped the headspins [a combination of H&SE and Insurance concerns according to Mr X] but his Moonwalk has been honed to perfection thanks to a chance encounter with the crew of what will remain a nameless RNLI station in the North East and some clever out of the box thinking on the lubrication side of things… [what goes on onboard stays onboard] #carryoncruising ;o{

Mrs Hooks will keep them all supplied with tasty Quavers based snacks and pots of piping hot mas cortados …I would imagine so anyways… her Huevos quaveros are ammmaaazzzing… #sostupidserifsez #truckeeriver[ayeluvu]

Apparently the new ‘manager’ and financial backer of all this guff is making an appearance, at some point today to discuss the management strategy, direction and potential monetisation opportunities of what is unofficially not known as ‘Old Bloggers On The Make’…

Hope they got plenty Quavers in… that Robbo is a right greedy so_and_so… can’t wait to see his outfit… ;o{


p.s.  See Paul[a] Ambrose Wright has gathered the usual coven back together again over on his latest deluded attempt to convince himself he is in anyway relevant or helpful to the YES Movement   @ThornyStem… begging to be followed so he is… I like to imagine Paul Ambrose Wright  is currently feeling a little like  Klaus Kinski in the documentary about the making of Fitzcarraldo… Burden Of Dreams…worth a watch… certain visual similarities also which I might play a bit fast and loose with once I get new compuchter… the auld eens haddit… CPU and graphics card have fused together due to fan failure which is probably the result of nicotine…ah well… that’s that fucked for a wee bit as ‘old leather_erse’ used to say…

Guess the new sound stage at HonkyTonk HQ micht jist hae tae wait…

p.p.s    Heads up to @PurityRefined for the plug which sent stats ballistic apparently and for pointing out that broken link… fixed that… Cheers Capt’n… Keep scribbling your dreary,  dribblings of delusional delinquency Mr Leonard Sachs from the Good Old Days… enjoy yir cruise with the lads?Gareth was ever so, lucky lucky, lucky winning that tombola prize eh? Wait til you see what they got up to…

p.p.p.s   I reckon someone wi’ a bit mare talent tan mi’sel in the vihjo depertment [and a working graphics program obviously] could stick Paul’s or ‘someone elses’  head on Klaus Kinski’s and replace the subtitles below with a few choice made up snippets of their own… The Indy ‘Downfall’? Potential to go viral? beyond my capabilities… Mr Finkin? Namaste to those that deserve it! #feeltheforce   ;o[

Has David Hooks @PoliticsScot ‘brand’ reached ‘peak_toxic’?… Being Abusive On Twitter & Getting Paid To Do It as Senior Infrastructure Engineer/Service desk manager @FNZ_Group? ;o(

All you who follow wealth and power with unremitting ardour, O,
The more in this you look for bliss, you leave your view the farther, O:
Had you the wealth Potosi boasts, or nations to adore you, O,
A cheerful honest-hearted clown I will prefer before you, O….

FAO Press – Alasdair Munro @FNZ_Group

Is @PoliticsScot tweeting abuse from work premises and in worktime… was The Pishy Pants song ‘written’ @FNZ_Group in Edinburgh? #TwittStalk #truthchimp

FNZAlasdairMonroan imaginary complaint posted  on a no_one with nothings website… is there any truth to the rumour that Robbo has dickpics_o_davee as *********** sez  asking for a friend ;o{

@HumzaYousaf @PoliticsScot
@PoliticsScot continues tp spread his false narrative about tbeing the victim when he is indeed one of the perpetrators of abuse along with his online twitter family members @robbycameron1 mark/claire robertson @BrechinDiocese Paul Wright ex SNP candidate and according to The Courier a poster of animal porn on twitter as ‘revenge’????? YIKES… google them both … they are both part of ‘Daveez_Twitter_Family’ ;o(((( #TwittStalk #truthchimp #PoliticsScot #PolScotPosse #zooming4indy

Here’s freedom to him that wad read,
Here’s freedom to him that wad write,
There’s nane ever fear’d that the truth should be heard,
But they whom the truth wad indite.


Friday Postcard#9 #arseplatehanded

THE FORSYTH [not so much a] SAGA
@Grouse_Beater ‘s choreography suggestion for the upcoming ‘Bloggers_Dance_Off’ at the AUOBEdinburgh rally…doesn’t go down too well with @jeggit @MrMalky and @PoliticsScot …. They have honed their ‘Tiger Feet Shuffle’ to perfection [Davee has agonising thigh chaff down to the crimpolene element in his authentic safari slacks and jeggits corns are giving him gip ;o]… they’re exhausted but rockin’ on #zooming4indy #tigerfeetshuffle #truthchimp
match set and point to @SiobhanSynnot … #touche … I worked for @JaniceForsyth and thanks to the sypathetic application of her discretionary powers, good sense of humour and an understanding that the effect two pints and an aftershow sesh with Amampondo can have on a young man after a fourteen hour day and very little food …. I kept my job …a good egg is Janice!  mammadeeyay… wex ;o{

Who was it Gareth was crowdfunding to sue for ‘defahmashunn’ again? Methinks he’s needing a bit mare practice on that ‘double_ersed trumpet’ o’ his and could be doin’ with learnin’ some noo choons if I’m being completely honest… ;o{   #truthchimp

#whatdavidsaid  ;o{

#whatdavidsaid #mel&dave

Moving on from ‘Grumpy Gareth @Blouse_Pleater’ … Mel&Dave seem to have been keeping all their dead hair for making up underwear… why else would they be so unhappy with the way we’re being handed #indyref2 on a plate?

Our FM has played a pretty good hand with the shitty cards remaining after 2014 and has kept a cool head… in my himble chump opinion…

The salespersons dealing with the Real Politik need  patience and guile… you can swing as many punches as you like… but it only takes one to ‘deck’ you Raging Bull… as many of your ilk within the china shop of Indy have found to their cost…

Nicola’s nimble on her feet… a nifty dancer… many of you are looking more like the drunk aunty and uncle crashing into tables at a family wedding… yi’r no sellin Avon min! #whatdavidsaid

Some members past and present of @PoliticsScot ‘twitter_familia’ #PolScotPosse #zooming4indy

Indyref2 via a NoDealBrexit? The easiest and surest route to winning over the soft naws? Brutal but effective short, sharp, shock treatment? No doubt! There’s a price for everything… it’s an aw’ in game this een min… but the prize is worth it!  #backothenet ;o{






Friday Postcard#7 [ Honky_Tonk_HQ Undergoes A Shabby Chic Transformation]

Honky_Tonk HQ
it seems they have run out of quavers at honky_tonk_towers so things have been a “wee bit tense”… understandably…it’s ok though… “@hazzstephens197  will get some…. she’s gonna pop into the SPAR to get photocopies of the screenshots from @PurityRefined that will prove Pauline called Miriam a prostitute and should also back up the racist accusations … shall ah text her and tell her to getta couple of Arctic Rolls as well Davee?” [look forward to that one flying if the pilot decides to take off]  all you numpties are in the wrong dimension, jurisdiction, airspace… am away to lie under a tree and sup some brose… [piece_on_jam ;o] to Pauline and her mum/ Rumple, Julie, Jonny and his family…. the rest… whhhooossshhhht… merry xmas

Aye Davee… something else we can agree on… #doitagain … you are indeed bringing yourself down to ‘their level’ …. YIKES… please tell me the last time I spoke like that about either you, you’re lovely wife or even the amatuer dramatists, main actors or walk_ons, in The PolScotPlayers? Please … #imwaiting

YIKES @PurityRefined
@PurityRefined … @PoliticsScot … #gofigure

Thursday 15th August Postcard#8 Elvis Stole My SpaceHopper! SuperBubble [thankyou…tbc]

The nasty clownery of @stupid_serif continues ;o(((( with yet another attempt at intimidation or whatever Rob thinks he’s doing in showing off his ‘twenty years experience of Adobe CC’ with another of what he calls ‘memes’… pop over and see what you could get for between five and fifteen quid …

Intimidation, lies, threats, nasty sexual jokes and slurs towards woman, bodyshaming, posting pictures of their houses? Fuck Me! What an advert eh?????

Life changing events are just that… especially the joy of children… no matter how old someone is, they are or have been someones child… treat everyone as you would like your own child to be treated… namaste

PART3?RESTORATION? #fahkenzeh? #ElvisStoleMySpaceHopper [tbcaatomc;o{]
Jings… #thedregsofindy? …the enablers, socks and vampires are still @it unaware seemingly of the low altitude and the flames from the engine of #polscotairlines single narrative executive jet…

 There is one last chance to jump from this inevitable planecrash to stand any chance of landing with even the tiniest sliver of a possibility of it being viewed as a ‘modicum of dignity’ ….

Only The Truth [sets you truly free] … honestly ;o{  #ayekinthatyinyikin

The Times They Are A Changin’? #fahkenzeh

@stupid_ serif    NO EXIST
for how long? was he pushed or did he jump? so many questions… good riddance to a pretty nasty account followed by @PoliticsScot and another forty odd others ;o(((

#flyeythingsexterminate !??

As @HyndlandHigh said on the famous 13th Dec ‘IndyTweetersSummit’ thread… and I paraphrase… it could be a long 2019 folks!

I make no bones about it… I will step up my own wee #truthchimp campaign… the mocking in search of the restoration due to more than myself will up a gear… the world of sound and vision?… unless? nah!…it’ll never happen[?] #nowisthetimemin #fessup #truthtrumpsall #iceberg #lowaltitudewarning #indyref2iscomingfolks  ;o)

Bungalow Suzee
@siouxiezoo … #bungalowsuzee

wex is a  coward...again?
@siouxiezoo PosterGirl for the #PolScotPosse [March]
@MrMalky joins @PoliticsScot for a blaw on the ‘Double Headed Arse Trumpet’ announcing the impending Cease and Desist letter that was apparently sent by @FNZ_Group  ???? [according to Mr Hooks anyways] on behalf of ‘himself’, their employee?that strangely never arrived? #tigerfeetshuffle anyone? #comedygold #truthchimp #zoomers4indy

highland dancer crowdfunder?
@PoliticsScot @robbycameron1 #PaulAmbroseWright ‘Highland-Flinging4Indy?  YIKES!!!! ;o((((


“one can only truly be judged by oneself…”  Don Tnowski-Dunning-Kruger [Late of This Parish] ;o{


Thursday Postcard#6 [ZEN and the Art of Deploying the Double Headed Arse Trumpet ;o]

Couple more sleeps til Xmas… Can’t wait… Once again to Jonny and his family and to Mr Finkin [goddam I luvved that chimp!] and all the others that are blamed for being everyone else by the ‘news’  that seeps from the deepest recesses of deluded and disturbed minds way down in darkest  Dunning_Kruger… the truth will win… a cheeky wee laugh into the bargain is always a bonus in this cesspit… you gotta try eh?   namaste to those that deserve it ;o)

To all the scribbling children of the corn  that seem to have escaped their twisted_twit_shepherd and are shitting all over the Indy Movement as well as themselves… fill yir boots… you look ridiculous and the script is wooden with the delivery being similar…

“Get it right up ye [as they say… what say they? let them say!] ;o{ #truthchimp

Whoooossshhhh… Glad I was able to introduce both @jammach and the PolScotPosse to Dunning_Kruger_Land… Rob seems to love the place as does Paul Ambrose [so] Wright [he’s always Wrong] #PaulWrong ? … he;s still ‘skipping’ away over on @PurityRefined with Rob on one end of the rope… and possibly the other… he must be getting knackered… what was the expression back in the day when you were ‘defender’ of AUOBSCOT during #bucketgate ? #exhausted_but_rockin_on ?

Ron Trumpets The Dunning_Kruger_Land Weekend 'Trips'
Live from Dunning_Kruger_Land … #verystupidserif ‘presents’ … a weekend free of self_awareness and irony in the cesspit that is ‘their story’

Keep on Blawin’  … The ‘crowd’ are lapping it up are they not?…I’ll give you one thing though…

yiz kin yir ersez fae yir elbeez… niters :o{

Mr & Mrs @PoliticsScot and their FNN chanel are pretty quiet on the 13th December ‘Strategy Meeting’ to ‘banish someone from twitter… for their own good’? YIKES ;o((((

8 Aug 19 14:53  and @PoliticsScot is over trying to glean some news for the latest desperate attempts to ‘keep everyone on message’ … Well known for their reliability and non_partisan in their opinions is never a phrase that’s been used to describe @PurityRefined that’s for sure… whether it’s Rob/ Paul Ambrose Wright /MarkClaire Robertson… whoever… it’s een o’ the dregs ;o((((

… and it’s all that @PoliticsScot has left …

@hazzstephens197 and @PurityRefined … two faceless sock_puppet trolls …

Oh how the michty hae fallen … #DesperateDavid  




Wednesday Postcard#5 @stupid_serif

Sorry Rob, as you know I’m very old and as a result am a bit hard of hearing and at other times I sometimes just don’t get it… you have my permission to just be completely francis_alick with me…

You should well know by now… as the majority indeed do.. that I am neither Jonny, Mr. Finkin or anyone else on your ‘ouija_list’ … I have never met them and do not know them apart from their twitter persona… but we all have one thing in common…

We will not stand idly by and watch bullying, harrassment and behaviour such as that which has been perpetrated on women, men, kids and families by you, the ‘PolScotPosse’ or anyone else for that matter…

Just to be clear and to reiterate Mr. Finkin’s  stance… we are legion and you, self appointed graphic designer to the indy_twitt_allstars are apparently not only nasty but #verystupidserif  as are your cronies and am_dram bit players in this trashy wee scenario of hate and abuse…

As I said I’m a bit conrad beef so… could you shout a bit louder @stupid_serif , maybe stamp your wee feet and wave yi’r arms a bit [like you just don’t care? ;o] or just get to the point and stop beating about the bush… please… it’s like a game of wordsalad tennis or brain_salad_surgery… spit it out @stupid_serif   thanks wex ;o{

You or Paul could post this up on the @BarneyWalsh3 account to let David see it that would be great Rob… Cheers Wex ;o{

Politics Scot [The Chef]
@PoliticsScot presents his lovely wife with a gift made with love and passion [she likes her Quavers if rumours are to be believed] … I believe it was by way of an apology for being so stupid as to have posted the PishyPantsSong on the same thread of the 13th December 2018 where David , @HyndlandHigh @do_mck @IndependenceWS @robbycameron1 @AlbanationSimon @weegistani and @LadyOfAlba forme an IndyJudge&Jury and decided that a woman must be driven from twitter [“for her own good” …of course….YIKES ;o((((((

Wednesday [personal] Postcard#4 to Michael Wright @IndependenceWS

A wee NOTICE to Michael Wright  @IndependenceWS   independence.ws     Wriggler/ Liar or part of the #PolScotPosse #TwitStalking #truthchimp #wheesht4indy #indyref

Over to you @IndependenceWS   You were part of this convo whipped up by @PoliticsScot ‘s ‘PishyPantsSong’… written, if rumour is indeed true, at his work while…’he was bored’… mmmm

#ownit@IndependenceWS   ‘enabler and participant in planning to force a woman off twitter?’     Really  @IndependenceWS ? YIKES ;o(((((















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Monday Postcard #3

No publicity is bad publicity? Not always the case in my own humble wee, no_one with nothing’s opinion and  it’s possibly something that @PoliticsScot and I DO have in common? Roll me over in the clover… #doitagain?

Anyways ‘Barney’ seems keen to spread the word and help highlight the twitter_thlug trail that leads to a dicussion  in which Davee was central to helping others  decide to force a woman off twitter… because they had  deemed it should be so … how very fukkin fascist of you all… very fukkin fascist indeed ;o(((

Thanks for the plug ‘Barney’ but am gonna be quite francis_alick with you…“Oooo nooo please…don’t laugh at her, she might want payin”…wellllll…  you aint no friend of mine…

So… just to be clear… @BarneyWalsh3  is not wex and is no way connected to me as most have worked out by now… apart from those whose lux is limited and on a meter and alas, with limited funds…

Probably just a coincidence but here’s @stupid_serif bragging that he knows who ‘Barney” is… am sure Mr & Mr Hooks will be delighted?
BARNEY HAS AN AGENDA? whoooozbaaaarneeee
Barney has an agenda? Aye… the vipers are slithering around in their own nest… Quavers anyone… #PoliticsScot #truthchimp @PoliticsScot #indyrefhumour

Seems as though some tweets have been deleted from the 13th Dec ‘Lets Drive A Woman and Her Mother Off Twitter Strategy Meeting’ … Aye wonder why @PoliticsScot? *funny*  Got to do some prep for my upcoming trip so early morning for me… but before I bid you goodnite…

The Indy Judges, Jury and Sentencers
So every one was agreed ‘According2Do’?… much was said before this… and you’ll not be surprised to hear certain persons have deleted their ‘contribution/s’? fahkenzeh?

@PoliticsScot ‘s ‘PishyPantsSong’ seems to have disappeared from the thread also… but here it is in all it’s embarrassing glory

Sure helped get the troops in the mood though Davee eh? Of course you’ve “never abused that woman”… A man who opens doors for ladies and gives up his seat, on buses he never takes, would ‘nivver dae sich a thing’ eh?

@HyndlandHigh leads the eight tweeter IndyJury members of the previous conversation with the addition of @IndependenceWS @LeaksTwitt [BatshitCrazeeBillBrady] and [Later???] in coming to a judgement… To Be Driven Off Twitter… simple as that! YIKES ;o((((((

Davee must be struggling for ‘set_piece_players if the best he can do is this clown @IanMorrison67… checkout Ian???? Jings and crivvens in the name o’ the wee man… WHO WRITES THESE SCRIPTS…FAF #seriouslydavee

The only people threatening “to do anything” to anyone are your twitter_familia members Paul Ambrose Wright @PurityRefined , RobFaeDundee @stupid_serif , Mark/Claire Robertson @robbycameron1 so please save us the drama_llama_ding_dongs Davee… Like AUOB last year [remember serif?] you do not require any outside assistance in toxifying your brand.

Yi’r makkin’ a grand job o’ it yirsel min… carry on carryin’ on…

Yes folks… @PoliticsScot ‘s latest rider to his ‘enforce the false narrative party’ is @IanMorrison67 a man who seems to really have his selfawareness radar turned off… perhaps why he got the job… promised a salute and a pair of PosseSpurs Ian? He got quite a few more replies to this doozee of a post than you get these days Davee… this guys only got a few hunderr followurz…

Goodnite all… sleep well on yi’r pillows of truth… those that hae th’m … I’ve had mine a while now… even got a travelling version… packs away to nothing… actually nothing… literally… you can sleep anywhere!

it.is.brilliant! ;o{)


the puddle drinkers
On the way for brunch the boys need a drink and a wee run around… Paul always likes to get there first and have a good piss before Rob and Robbo take a drink… #whoatethequavers #puddledrinkers
20years Adobe 'experience'
@stupid_serif was #born2meme… Rob just loves the word… like a young person that has learned new phraseology he loves to use it… I thougt a ‘meme’ was a post that ‘went_viral’? Naw? Thats why I call my little efforts ‘cartoons’… Anyways your sticker work is excellent Rob and you manage to ‘do so much’ with such a ‘limited palate’… they are playing you Rob… You Will Take The Fall for them… Robbo’s a master at this… you are already being eaten for breakfast… a mere snack for the honey bobo monster… #born2meme #verystupidserif #truthchimp
anything you can do...
@stupid_serif and Paul Ambrose Wright play a nasty ‘knock_up’ game of abusive twitter tennis… hitting the ball over the net to each other for hours on end… the crowd left long ago but our intrepid heroes, high on a heady micture of and tramadol continue on oblivious… #born2meme #verystupidserif #truthchimp
Zombie Boi Rob @stupid_serif is ‘Designer To The Stars Of The Grassroots Movement’… COMEDY. GOLD. #verystupidserif  [imho] #born2meme #truthchimp

Weekend Postcard Aug#2

broken down? got insurance?
a small technical problem for the PolScotPosse? Nae latte’s or quavers? DISAAASTTTERRRR!!! Jings… it seems… if rumour is to be believed that Mr & Mrs @PoliticsScot might be regretting their friendships made over the internet? Have deals been done at the crossroads? Who’s that filling the HonkyTonkHiLux up with fuel? Someones fiddling with the wheel? Tightening up or loosening? Fahkenzeh? #truthchimp #PoliticsScot #TwittStalk #TwitStalking @stupid_serif @robbycameron1 Mark Robertson @AllSkipsAbout @BrechinRose @PaulaHoneyRose @PolMilsRos @LukeLuciously Paul [a] Ambrose Wright Brechin #Politics_PishyPants_Scot

The ‘real’ @PoliticsScot Mr David Hooks stands up…

The 'REAL' @PoliticsScot AKA Mr. David Hooks
@PoliticsScot calls a man who’s family have been doxxed and trolled by close members of his Twitter_Familia a SHITSTAIN???


…and decries a man who’s family are being hounded, accused of being other people and threatened not to attend future marches !!!!????

Their sons piano playing video on youtube weaponised as a ballistic missile of intimidation

A woman, who by her husbands own admission has MHI, manipulated into harrassing both the husband and wife with false accusations, drip fed to her by Mark Robertson @robbycameron1

Jonny did not accuse you of anything… read the tweet… he made the point that you thought that you, poor David is having a hard time, mainly due to the hysteria and cloud seeding that has taken place on your platform and spread to those of others, handclapping,  *giggling* and enabling ‘the filth’ with your silence…

This is your pal Rob ‘meming’ a man, his wife and family who he and others, including yourself by the looks of things, think are either Mr Finkin or me… None of this is true…

What is true is mark Robertson/ Rob and his sock_puppets are out of control…

Jings… have Mark&Rob decoupled?

Call them out or be seen to support them Davee?

You are the ‘shitstain’ on the baubled nylon y fronts that your @PoliticsScot ‘brand’ has become currently…

Jonny is fighting back against the intimidation by your sick pals Rob and Robbo Mr Hooks who are using his child and wife to target him…

Davees got a sair een an’ a bit o’ a heedache???


@PoliticsScot ‘s claims of ‘not knowing’ or having ‘hardly any contact’ with the likes of @robbycameron1 Mark/Claire Robertson, Rob @stupid_serif and Paul[a] Wright in  his @AllSkipsAbout persona is ridiculous…the convos are all still there.. David whipping up the ‘Lets Get Pauline Off Twitter’ campaign strategy meeting of the 13th December when Davee published his infamous Pishy Pants ‘song’… All the main culprits, abusers and anatagonisers aggreeing and arrogantly decididing that their target must “LEAVE TWITTER” and they are going to make her leave… so please wee daveee… save us the poor me … #ownitdavee

Have a wee search of all the accounts listed above to see the vast amount of ‘non contact’ between @PoliticsScot and these accounts

search    @PoliticsScot ‘AllSkipsAbout’

search    @PoliticsScot ‘robbycameron1’

search    @PoliticsScot ‘stupid_serif’

search    @PoliticsScot ‘LadyOfAlba’

search    @PoliticsScot ‘do_mck’   etc…

Aye… David ‘hardly knows’ any of them… comedy gold again from himself… except the lies, hysteria and hatred that @PoliticsScot has helped whip up and has promoted on his platform have ended up with some of his twitter_familia proving how absolutely psychotic they are by bringing peoples children into situations and thus bringing things offline.

They then seem surprised that names and addresses are being sought so that they may be given to Police Scotland and other agencies?

It has spiralled out of control and both you David Hooks and your wife are jointly and severally responsible for the current situation that has arisen after months of abuse, manipulation and harrassment by the hard core of Mark, Paul, Bill, Tracee, Simon and all the other mouth movers and shit shovellers  such as Helen, tenaciousV, grace brodie, meljomur, graeme berry @wordamentalist @Grouse_Beater and another 50  plus sock accounts that stirred and promoted it.

This post will be continued…

Mr Finkin asks some very relevant questions… on who’s behalf is ‘Rob’ acting… who is chukkin’th’fash to this performing seal?


Weekend Postcard / Aug#1

Jings… @stupid_serif didn’t hang about eh? A desperate desire for his daily fix of drama or a strategic return to help out ‘his twitter friends’ with his own particular brand of psychotic and delusional interpretation of events and the presentation of him showcasing his 20 years experience of Adobe CC and the obvious waste of time that it was?

Although @PoliticsScot does not seem to trumpet ROBfaeDUNDEE’s welcome back as much as one would have been led to believe after Davee’s apology and outpourings of obvious sorrow in defence of his twitter_defriender defender_friend [TDDF] earlier in the week? 

Behaviour which just keeps on the correct side of criminality, at the moment and that Rob attempts to justify, to himself more than anyone I imagine, by calling the ‘meming’ side of his “Shut The Fuck Up Pauline lolz@you Campaign”  or its hashtag #STFUPauline which one only can assume he is carrying out on behalf of his Twitter friends who we can also assume are more than happy to have him do it and indeed appear to encourage it?

Rob is not alone in attempting to justify his deranged, vicious and nasty postings towards two women inparticular as a ‘defensive strategy’ he is carrying out on behalf of David Hooks, initiated it seems by Mrs Miriam Hooks at the time @PoliticsScot was on his ‘weekend of industrial action’ the shortlived #TwitStalk campaign to draft a new law that Mr Hooks  seemed  unaware existed during which he was no doubt able to put together his ‘evidence’ that he had been sent via ‘random’ DM’s and emails regarding his imaginary ‘stalking and abuse’ that was causing him so much stress [from the embarrassment more likes] but at the same time gave him that ‘greetin’ cad’ feeling. Hugs are sent from Rob to Miriam [bless] and Mr David Hooks & Mrs Miriam Hooks are both assured that Rob and others “have got his back”. The royal ‘we’ wiz used wiz it no?

REFUTE ;o{    @PoliticsScot seems a little hesitant to welcome back his ‘defender of his reputation’ [and no that’s not a typo in red ;o] Much was said by many regarding and accusing persons of manipulating those with MHI for there own ends… only sayin’… It was not true in that case and it may well not be here… I cannot help but wonder if all this ‘voluntary service’ of Robs on behalf of Mr&Mrs Hooks is having an adverse effect on his health… both physical and mental…

The latest ‘Princess of Poison’ to appear in the defensive lineup of the PolScotPosse is the sock Hayley Stephens @hazzstephens197  who has jumped into the extremely large troll boots that have sat outside the backdoor to Honky Tonk Towers for a few weeks now since Tracee Wilson cut back on the visibility of her @LadyOfAlba and stopped tweeting on her @TiaMariaWilson1 at the end of May. Maybe she just decided that her LadyOfAlba and pet dogs account were enough? Aye me too… #PMSLATT ;o{

The hatred hazz has for those she hates is at a similar psychotic level and uses identical phraseology  to @robbycameron1 @stupid_serif @BrechinRose [late of this parish] @PurityRefined @BestAyrshireLass and to repeat @LadyOfAlba / @TiaMariaWilson1 to name but seven and whose ‘targets’ are exactly the same.

@PoliticsScot  ‘s links to them all are obvious despite his whining and quite frankly embarrassing protestations of innocence. Analytics say different.

You Wanted Screenshots To Prove It?
Be my guest @PoliticsScot and others… follow the links below to see how Davee and the PolScotPosse put together an IndyTwitter Judge and Jury and decide that a throwing off twitter is required… Davee is a liar… he would have me arrested for… wait for it… taking the piss oot o’ ‘im…??? Oh sorry… blogging about him and accusing him of things, hopefully in a humurous way… criticising him also… yip… I do all these things… the same as Davee does every day on his platform of 11K to all sorts of folks… kin far am cummin fae min?

Here and here and here and here and concluded with this on the 13th of Dec2018 when it was decided for Pauline…”That she must get off twitter” @PoliticsScot is both an enabler of and a contributor to this ‘strategy meeting’.

Paul Wright is telling ‘HIS EXTRAORDINARY STORY’ on @PurityRefined as he’s can’t even get a sock_account on Twitter these days… Pop over to ‘BatShitCrazyBill’s Theatre of Hate’… It’s a funny story not so much in the content but the lack of content… nothing about his posting photos of ‘the house next door’ to peoples homes or of his threats to post details of houses and phone numbers, threatening to visit with persons and break_in and roast them [who even jokes about that stuff FFS] … took them a bit to bite *giggles*

As I’ve said before this massive plook is set to burst and send a fountain of pus and infection over many an Indy supporter and blogger…

Burying their heads in the sand did AUOB a lot of good eh? Think on that all you enablers, both silent and those audibly clapping this pure filth within the Indy Movement.

Unable to even get a sock_account on Twitter these days [as he cant be trusted not to lose it when he’s pissed?] Paul Ambrose Wright has to blurt out ‘his side of the story’ in a low budget rag such as @PurityRefined to it’s 11 followers … the perspiration of desperation? Dame edna Everage? You wish… His eight suspended accounts stripped away, each time with a different but similar excuse, until he is exposed for the liar and abuser he is… he’s possibly got a pair of shredded and stained nylon y_fronts on at the moment but we’ll see how long they last eh? #wheesht4indy #TwittStalk #PoliticsScot Paul Ambrose Wright
PS Just to clear up something to those seemingly putting words into my mouth… that’s what it seemed like to me anyways… there is no way for anyone to contact my blog since the threats made to someone else who folks think are me and who also think are someone else at the same time…apparently…according to them anyways…Another great example of The Windmills Of The Posse Mind eh?

Only one person who I do not know personally on twitter has the ability to ‘contact wex’ and that’s Pauline… cos she’s a fellow Jedi [yi nivver kent that didyiz?;o] and along with Mr Finkin are the only folks who’s word I would trust around them here parts…Mr Finkin, like me keeps his identity to himself for very good reasons… we are both individuals and neither are Jonny Nabb, who along with his wife and seemingly now his son, is a target of abuse, threats and intimidation by this twisted minority of our Indy Movement who David doesn’t know or has no contact with but would speak with, even if he didn’t because he’s made apologies and restorations to the folks he conned?.

.. That’s news to many of his victims I’m sure…David sees it as winning? So does Mark Robertson funnily enough…He won’t be beaten either as he told David himself and @LadyOfAlba not long ago?

The Truth will not be beaten David…

The Truth has stamina and will triumph, over the distance, against lies every time [beat] every time!

Lets raise a glass to The Truth Daveeboy… Slainte Mhath! 

Wexworth Unsler Esq. ;o{



‘barrel_scraping_blogger’ defends ‘barrel_ scraping_troll’ … all roll about while you read all about it…

A hilarious twitter set piece played out on the @PoliticsScot platform earlier today apparently caused many of  the indy_twitterati to spit out their lunchtime soup and left them wondering if the latest rumour, and it is only a rumour mind, regarding ‘himself’ could perhaps after all be true and the real reason the Political Scott, for the second time in less than a fortnight *it’s a long time on twitter* has apparently “lost his mind”? This time over something a little more serious than a badly chosen jacket and slacks… oh aye… and the hat

“Unconscionable” …. “So it is Senga”

Ruth Davidson and Tory Central would be proud of this hilarious and completely desperate lie by @PoliticsScot to try and rewrite history and paint @stupid_serif as a “fine young gentleman” ???…. and the EIGHT ACCOUNTS LIKING THIS?  DO THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE CLAPPING AND ENABLING? AYE WONDER?  You Davee are quite a LIAR, fantasist, delusionist and distorter of facts regarding this horrible and nasty excuse for a man… but this could be a step too far for some folks… you and ‘your brand’ seem to be reaching…. #PEAKYIKES #shameonyouhooky #hooksfakenews

Do none of you people who liked this post look for yourselves or do you just blindly believe the narrative you are fed by the likes of @PoliticsScot @Grouse_Beater @MrMalky et all? Jings… beakfed followers of indy?

@CIChristine  @ScotlandsUnico1 @MagsR11 …. quite a few followers between you…. David has previous  for spinning a false narrative in order to defend the indefensible even over someone making completeley false paedophilia allegations….has he asked you to support him in this as a favour? Do you know or realise or have you asked about another side to the @stupid_serif story? You might be a little surprised to learn, or not, and it’s hardly a big secret, that everything is not quite how the Political Scott is ‘colouring_it’ as he is so deep in a hole dug basically by himself?

David Hooks is trying to hoodwink you into feeling sorry for is a grade A nasty piece of work  @rednoise56 ?   @bobofinch …. to be expected   @sulanaslament @hazzstephens197 …socks so you don’t matter … despite coming as a matching pair on this occassion…

Hot on the heels of @Grouse_Beater support for Paul[a] Honey @BrechinRose Wright a few days ago      [another abuser of women onlineand who @PoliticsScot also has defended  despite    evidence to the contrary]

31 July NEWSFLASH Paul[a] Honey @BrechinRose suspended again

Mister Hooks sounded none too convinced  by his own part in todays ‘indy twitter comedy set piece of the day’ in defense ‘Rob…fae Dundee’ … leaving many to wonder if the rumours were after all true and that  Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 might have “dick picks” [sic] of a few more folks than just someone “quite high up in the ???”?

A thought… imagine for a moment  that a few of the lads, who seem so defensive of what are at the very best complete zoomers and at worst twisted deviants, might be caught up in this and have had a drunken skype_thrill with ‘Claire’… hence the reason Robbo was not called out by them at the time? It’s a distinct possibility… Jings what a thought eh? Although the sinister side of this should not be made light of I cannot but help wonder?

Like I said…It’s only a rumour… not a dick pick as such… more a life drawing interpretation… a homage… done from memory by a skype_call from Ibiza on a rare day off when she was a podium dancer at Pacha that summer  ;o]

Life drawing Model Scenario
this current rumour would make a lot of sense as to why the likes of @PoliticsScot @wordamentalist  and a few other bloggers haven’t called out Mark Robertson/ Claire over his admitted “dick pick” [sic] and conning #yirsomeboydavee #wheesht4indy #PoliticsScot #truthchimp #TwittStalk

Would this be surprising given that Mark pretended to be Claire a 23yo women to con fellow YESSER’s out of cash and food?

Mark has stepped back from his frontline duties after his bizarre rantings about fridges on his own timeline a short while back before he reverted back to his more normal  vicious and threatening  behaviour  on one of his sock_accounts which was named… wait for it… @pishypants1 … which threatened visits to a womans house and posted pictures of where they stayed… the same woman who had tena lady sent to her flat and a song written about her by @PoliticsScot which he seems oh so very proud of as it still remains on his TL as some kind of cunning plan proof of his “I never abused her” statement…

Back to the heavy shit ;o((( There are no excuses for continually placing women in a state of fear and alarm, whether as some twisted joke masquerading as a retribution for an imaginary slight or bruising of your twitter hero’s digital ego?

There are certainly no excuses, unless your so far up to your neck in shite of your own making, that any decent person in their right mind could find  in order to defend Rob fae Dundee @stupid_serif who seems to think that because he suffers from cancer and MHI it allows him a free pass to harass, hound and abuse victims on behalf of his ‘master’ and enabler David Hooks @PoliticsScot. Liar and social engineer.

His twitter thlug trails reveal all…YIKES ;o(((

Rob has been at this a while… he came crashing through my twitter saloon doors  as a low level defender and re_churner for AUOBSCOT about the time that everyone was burying their heads in the sand regarding the sad #bucketgate revelations by @jeggit which I RT’d after looking at companies house documents, as did others and who like me were flamed by sock_puppet accounts four by fours such as @stupid_serif in an attempt to shut them up…

He ran off shortly afterwards after accusing me of bullying him… much as he is accusing the two women who he has viciously harassed and attempted to terrorise, there is no other word for it, on behalf of @PoliticsScot and his wife… and who David is ridiculously and chumpishly defending or attempting to defend…

My tinker blood and two pints of prosecco I tell me  there will be some kind of further addition to Daveez ludicrous set piece tomorrow where @PoliticsScot will perhaps be asking people to report an account to the Police and ‘save Rob’… aye… from himself… new scosshy flower indeed for the rednosed man with the silver glitter wig and outsized shooooozzz …     ha. ha.      ha.


Despite having no evidence whatsoever David lied and weaponised a tragic event such as a miscarriage to demonise and smear my wex account [with a massive 250 followers!] to an M flippin’ P no less…

The pair of them have 60K followers between them… man_baby and his fellow twitter_thlug_gang at the time knew exactly what they were doing… I did not abuse David or his wife… either before, during or after their miscarriage and he knows it… mocking cartoons, questions and accusations based on the despicable treatment I was  witnessing being meted out to a woman and later I discovered others…

David Hooks @PoliticalScot IS A LIAR… he does it qite often if the narrative requires it… this defence of @stupid_serif who is anything but “a fine young gentleman” is a prime example… ask around… you’re all adults… apparently…

Because I was  posting  mocking cartoons and asking questions of the abusive and bullying behaviour I was witnessing on his and a few of his followers timelines  and standing up for a woman who was being hounded… no other word for it… hounded…  it suited his narrative to shut me up because I was and am a #truthchimp  and he is not…  #istandwifinkin #TwittStalk #dontmakemelaughdavid

nice to see  @AUOneSaltire having the baws to call out some of the more extreme elements in the YES Movement ;o]  … of which @stupid_serif is definitely one… and @PoliticsScot is trying to defend him? ;o(((

The latest account to come riding to the reputational rescue of @PoliticsScot is @PurityRefined … same MO … same targets .. all the so called enemies of Mr UpToHisNeckInIt David Hooks twitter addict and King O’ The Honky Tonks … 

Aye.. #yirsomeboydavee

31st JULY @stupid_serif account has disappeared for the moment and Paul[a] Honey has just lost his NINTH account @BrechinRose for, you guessed it ABUSING A WOMAN… And @Grouse_Beater and such clap this man? YIKES ;o(((


The Family Fracturing?
The Family Fracturing… Or Just Another Desperate Play? #stupid_serif accuses or sets up a piece to camera?  Rob Fae Dundee  blames a ‘mystery friend‘ for ‘setting him up‘ or is he setting up a set up? #fahkenz in this absolutely bonkers wurld these slesterers inhabit… #Dunning_Kruger_Holiday_Fortnite ;o]

Now there have been times in my life where I have been overcome by what many will know as simply ‘TheDarkCloud’… In my case often self induced or certainly not helped by my own, always functioning,  prediliction to addiction and basically anything that I could get my hands on apart from hear_oh_ine… I learned from experts how to be functional and failing that a brass_necked liar who would stick to my story come what may and only on a few occassions went down with my ship… [percentages eh… bound to happen every now and again… een o’ the occupational hazards of being a liar and sociopath likes.. ;o]

Nasty, vindictive and scheming are all words that I am ashamed to say have described me at more than one point in my life… kindness, loyalty and naivety were close chums but were never usually invited to the same party and they hung around in seperate worlds.

One person I could never kid…ma gran…she was a kidder herself as she often let me know.

If I was a desperate schemer who’s strategy was going a bit tits up I might clutch at any straw offered and although I realised that I was not going to salvage any dignity from my predicament as far as the wider movement I would just say… fuck it… if I’m going down I’m not going down alone…

Will @stupid_serif reveal his so called treacherous friend?

Is this friend one of the gang or … DRAMATIC BEAT… someone else?


An ‘insider’ at Honky Tonk HQ has contacted me [not robbo this time… more on that later ] to say that ‘himself’ has been rather scathing as to the apparent lack of cranial illumination available to some of his close twitter familia and to qoute something he might have said if asked about his ‘special powers’ but never did because he was never was it gives a bit o’ artistic license…   

” My first lessons in hypnotism were back in the early days when I only had a few hundred followers… I devoured the first free online introduction and after secretly crowdfunding for my detatchable forehead enlargement I committed to the three hour seminar… The secret is to practice on actual people and not dummies… makes it far easier when it comes to the real world… simples”

“But remember that nobody listens to them”

To @Grouse_Beater and the other ‘enablers by following’ of abusive accounts and persons Paula Rose @BrechinRose Paul Wright / @robbycameron1 Mark Robertson / @stupid_serif ‘RobFaeDundee’ / @PurityRefined Bill Brady / @siouxiezoo Simon Patterson / @TiaMariaWilson1 Tracee Wilson


all you [mostly male] bloggers @wordamentalist @PoliticsScot @Grouse_Beater @jeggit and all the rest who openly support this toxic element in our movement by your silence are as bad as them if not worse… how does it feel ‘guyz&galz’ ? …asking for a friend… #truthchimp #TwittStalk #OHYESYOUARE #noexcuses4notknowing #wheesht4indy #noexcuse4notknowing #PolScotPosse , Paula Rose@BrechinRose #PaulaRose #PoliticsScot

That @PoliticsScot is hot! Is he not? #heseems2thinkso  #he_himself_him_hymn ?  ;o]

@PoliticsScot is hot is he not? He ‘himself’ seems to agree ;o] #TwittStalk  #wheesht4indy #truthchimp #heseems2thinkso #PolScotPosse  #noexcuse4notknowing #PolScotposse #PoliticsScot

And the results of your support and enabling by your silent encouragement, RT’s. DM’s, wee jokes and in @PoliticsScot ‘s case an alternatively lyricised cover of the 1934 Coots/ Gillespie xmas classic [don’ give up the day job Davee]…is evidenced right here… Bill Brady… CaptainBatshitCrazy abusing and threatening  a completely innocent man and his wife and telling them to stay away from rallies??? [a good man by all accounts although I hever never met him or his wife], who he is convinced, despite all the evidence,  is wex who in turn is Mr Finkin…????? Whatever Mr Brady imagines…he’s completely wrong…AGAIN!!!!

And heres @BrechinRose and twitter_bro’s  @stupid_serif  and @robbycameron1 terrorising a woman by posting details of her home and threats of violence???  How would you feel @Grouse_Beater if it was your sister, niece, friend or even yourself? They are a freak_show and you are clapping along and encouraging it… YIKES ;o(((

And here’s your mate Paul[a] @BrechinRose being discussed by two women … which you were clearly made aware of by Mr Finkin, who like you I do not know… but the one thing I’ve learned about him is he backs up his claims…so although if you’re not the first… you’re certainly not the last…to know that is…  “no serious character flaws” to see here… move along… really @Grouse_Beater  ????

Hope you dont mind me using the link Mr Finkin? No worries if you want removed ;o)

This false accusation of identity was well and truly disproved a couple of months ago… when @fiercedeb had her three day  @robbycameron1 ‘drip fed poison and lies induced drama_llama_ding_dong’ …which was without doubt cleared up when she ‘voluntarily’ visited a police station and was told that wex was not the person or couple she had been threatening or harassing for the previous few days although it was the same couple that both Batshitcrazy Bill  and Mark Robertson were harassing [Twitter seemingly agreed ;o] and that that there was nothing they wanted or could do about someone posting cartoons of them on the internet and calling them liars in order to attempt to have these lies and innacuracies corrected… it was a civil matter but… if she repeated her behaviour in the near future towards the persons involved she might well be facing a criminal charge herself? Or something along those lines… you get the drift… she was completely wrong and made an aggressive and persistent nuisance of herself… she was played bonnie.. by professionals admittedly… but played none the less… she did seem to enjoy it muchly though ;o((((

Mr Finkin and myself [and I am purely surmising here, so my apologies if I’m wrong in my assumptions Rumple] are both fellow travellers… but only in the sense that we recognise what utter nasty bawbags you are all being as we were once these self same vicious bawbags before encountering our own personal damascene moments and making a conscious decision to leave the path being followed by the flock and to forge our own in the direction we felt drawn? Truth, fairness, justice, kindness and ‘doing the right thing’ are always good byways to navigate by… A bit easier too…in some ways… harder in others though… Howzat?

I also wholeheartedly agree with his opinion that this all will all be brought  to a head exactly when it will do most damage to INDY… they are professionals… unlike yourselves… this is gift wrapped propaganda fodder for the NO side … i wish it were not so… ;o(((((

25 July  AUOB  have had nine months to  address and deal with the issues currently ongoing… matters were raised by many after Edinburgh last October and instead of dealing with things…heads were buried in the sand… sock_account four by four posses were ordered to saddle up, ride out and silence the naysayers… myself being ‘zoomed’ by Rob @stupid_serif … the seemingly appointed twitter_defender for both @AUOBSCOT and @PoliticsScot for DUNDEE&North East ….

Whatever the reasons for it not being dealt with… it was not… a classic result of a nothing to see here policy that was prevalent within AUOB at that time and remains within the wider movement regarding the questionable and downright awful behaviour of some of our own in the YES family… ;o(((

And we are where we are… the brand is toxic… the workforce is not… we don’t need stages and bands and speakers to preach to the converted… some home truths must be faced but I’ll never forget that October day in Edinburgh last year… thanks for that!

Whoever is left standing in the ‘reputation’ stakes from AUOB will still have the goodwill of many but the ‘brand’ has to go… move on… it’s only a name FFS… and a tainted one at that…

SWOT… ;o) 


#nicSLAMSboris …. Sturgeons Taisuke_Critical leaves PM gobsmacked [almost]

The latest ‘leader of the doomed’ is pictured moments before narrowly escaping a right good ‘boot in the pus’ during the First Minister’s signature ‘Taisuke_Critical’ in the closing sequence of a new routine [that she’s obviously been keeping under her political beebe hat for just such an occasion ;o] …Mr Johnson ignored advice “not to stand in the way” and stupidly attempted to talk, wave and walk at the same time… #closeone…Miss Sturgeon and the cabinet saw the funny side and in a surprise gesture of pity the press pack agreed to delete all the photos.. #nicSLAMSboris #truthchimp  #indyref #IndyRef2  #indyref2

Nicola Sturgeon taught new Prime Minister Boris Johnson a valuable lesson in how to make an instant impression when she rocked up unannounced to Downing Street yesterday  in a dramatic and very funny photobombing prank which a spokesman later explained as  “a bit of fun”.

After telling Boris “…not to stand in the way…” Oor Nicola proceded to bust a few moves and with her infectious enthusiasm and exquisitely executed Air_Flares it wasn’t long before a few members of the new cabinet were whooping it up, with Kit Malthouse surprising everyone with the quality of his beatboxxing and air_bongos.

Boris made a few funny faces and waved but all eyes were on OorNic and despite a personal offer from the FM that she would have Ian Blackford show him the secret to her signature Taisuke_Critical and assurances that the flat nature of the topography of his skull would       “…make Head_Slides a scoosh fur ye JOBBO..”   Mr Johnson refused to commit himself  to a date for a return dance_off at Bute House anytime in the near future, to the obvious disappointment of his new cabinet.

Miss Sturgeon said she understood… high fived his new cabinet and left a massive box of After Eights with the policeman at the front door, demonstrating to all those present  her good Scottish upbringing, generosity, humour and consummate professionalism before clicking her heels twice and vanishing into the ether,  leaving nothing but a pair of smoking, sparkly converse trainers and everyone wondering if it had all been a dream?

When later asked to confirm a Downing Street press officers explanation that “JAWBONE is a private joke going back many years between the pair, when the PM was editor at the Spectator” a Scottish Government representative laughed and said that “JOBBY was a  name that Miss Sturgeon used regularly, as dafty is no longer socially acceptable as a derogatory term for idiots in a 21st Century Scotland”


PS If The National want the photo taken down just ask… cheers… wex ;o)


Postcards From Hysteria [one] … Wish I wasn’t here… #wheesht4indy [stole it from @ellethejambo… that’s crossparty co-operation in operation for you… hope you don’t mind my appropriation of your oh_so_appropriate phrase? ;o{ ]

Couldn’t help but notice Michelle Graham of ‘supended for completely unfounded and untrue paedophile allegations fame’ or lying as its more commonly called…  promoting more nonsense on the timeline of one of her latest reincarnations @Michelle_coll3 account regarding one of the PolScotPosse’s favourite targets @RhiannonV.

Having been conveniently misinformed by @MrMalky that  …the SNP’s Rhiannon Spear of the Isle of Bute has been promoting “sex work” for kids through the TIE campaign?” Michelle is joined by that other serial suspendee and twitter abuse specialist Paul[a] Wright @BrechinRose who is in turn joined by @caf_abz who chips in her tuppenceworth of misinformation. A great exmaple of a four by four spreading the false narrative in perfect harmony?   ;o(

@Jamie_McDiarmid informs @BrechinRose and @caf_abz of their mistake
of course all these scurrilous smearings are always done from behind a block so the other person is unaware until the tweet orbits twice round indyworld before landing back to earth as ‘the truth’…. seems @RhiannonV has been alerted to the sculdugerous but all too common goings on of the #PolScotPosse #truthchimp #wheesht4indy  … call them out Rhiannon… someone wi’ some profile needs to do it… most of ‘the boys’ don’t have the balls for it… or so it seems anyways…

If I remember correctly @RhiannonV gave @PoliticsScot a wee ‘ticking_off’ for his tone when speaking to @MhairHunter

Mr Hooks stamped his cuban heels three times and stormed off in a #twitthuff and seemed to expect to be contacted with an apology from Rhiannon, which I sincerely hope was not forthcoming.

There’s a pattern here, although the few other woman who have had the ‘temerity’ to question Mister Hooks have received much more serious abuse from accounts operated by members of his ‘twitter_familia’ whom he regularly ‘saluted’ after a ‘mission’.

Accounts such as Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 Paul Wright @BrechinRose/ #ROBfaeDUNDEE @stupid_serif, Tracee Wilson @LadyOfAlba and @TiaMariaWilson, @do_mck @GraceBrodie @Hyena_1953  Simon’ONEt’ Patterson, TenaciousV, helen, Caren, @mrsjo27 and many more including bloggers such as @MrMalky @wordamentalist and @jeggit who are all close friends of @PoliticsScot and often network their timelines to spread the required false narrative to a combined platform of more than 30,000 accounts.

Thats not including the wee four by four account setups  of some of their kleecolytes and followers

This small cadre of bloggers whose combined twitter arm length is quite considerable love a wee pile_on [in this case just a wee one/ part of the ‘drip_drip/grind_em_down model‘ often deployed with higher profile accounts] and  seem to be determined to undermine the SNP over certain issues. Making moves? For whom?  @PoliticsScot has admitted he loves a good girl_on_girl stooshie… especially when it reaches TONTO_LEVEL??? The tweet below is now deleted I think… embarrassed Davee? The Pishy Pants Song is still proudly dispayed on the TL though eh? Words are defo your thing Davee.

some of the ‘squad’ are on DEFCON 4 24×7… prepared to move to ‘FULL_ON_TONTO’ at a moments notice…

All seem to support, chat and continue to enable that conman of fellow YESSERS and self admitted dick_pic collector Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 who although currently under ‘lockdown’ has, along with others has been vicously terrorising women online for kicks for quite a while now.  Thats to say nothing of the likes of ‘Thomas’ which is truly stomach churning.

None of that apparently seems to bother @PoliticsScot @MrMalky @jeggit @siouxiezoo @stupid_serif @mrsjo27 etcetera…etcetera…etcetera ….

So apart from @PoliticsScot ‘s very visible twitt_thread connections to the two deviants Paul Wright @BrechinRose and Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 … we have Mr&Mrs Hooks’ clear and regular conversations and connections to his self appointed but seemingly welcomed with open arms ‘brand_reputation_defender’ #ROBfaeDUNDEE or @stupid_serif as he is twitterly known.

A man who seems to love a good troll [MrMalky & NicolaSturgeon have both had the pleasure of this ‘zombie4indy’ dropping by their timelines for a hate_fest… Vicious bodyshaming memes, bullying and sinisterly deliberately putting women in a state of fear and alarm by tweeting photos and a step by step guide to how to track down their home and location is just one of his ‘party tricks’ [I am only surmising but Paul[a] Wright @BrechinDiocese might have done some ‘coaching’…he is an expert and past master in this with the twitter_record to prove it.

Why? Good question. You’d have to ask Rob about that. “Shut The Fuck Up About Us” was used regularly so what was it that Rob et all want kept quiet?

These same two women that have been targetted by Paul Wright, Mark Robertson, Tracey Wilson&ONE-t, tenaciousV, Helen, Caren Mr Malky and many many other sock accounts who  joined in on the year long pile on have one thing in common.

They fell foul of David Hooks. Blogger and Twitter addict. The man who says I spend too much of my time… “abusing and stalking him”… the king of the honky tonks… drama llama extraordinaire… queen o’ th’ kiffees… comedian to the scottish indy twitt scene without even knowing it… they are the best kind of comedians… #lackofselfawareness  #TwittStalk campaigner and a proponent of the latest #wheesht4indy initiative…YIKES ;o(((

This plook can do nothing but burst and the quantity of pus coupled with the stench will be horrifying for those in the immediate vicinity… one would imagine… better get some chem_haz_suits looked out folks…coz………….there she blows… laters… off out to do some jobby foraging… it’s all the rage you know… the jobbies are plentiful this year it appears? wexworth unsler esq. ;o] #thisisnotmyindy


The twitter threads weave a coat of many colours… PART 1 Google ‘images #T[w]ittStalk #sayNO2lilac or #saynumbertwolilac #itsawthesametome #TwittStalk @PoliticsScot

The longer this goes on Davee the more bizarre the @PoliticsScotland ‘legacy’ will appear to be… the internet could go bust with cartoons of ‘yourself’ and your ‘twitter_familia_connections’ [that you fail to acknowledge and farcically deny] being parodied in an attempt to educate people about the ups and downs of the fictional Scottish Indy blogger  Scott [he’s Political doncha know]

You are obviously sticking to your lies and determined  to defend what remains of the thin broken  line your brand has become, with a few of the surviving sock_puppet clowns such as Hayley Stephens…  @Purityrefined & @snewsma  who seem  prepared to stand with the you til the last… very noble! #daftbutnoble

Paul [a]… late of this parish…@BrechinDiocese… Wright is on ‘twitter_leave’ at the moment for threatening to involve someones children in your despicable wee campaign! YIKES! But will no doubt be back within a few hours much like Michelle was. They gotta drink tiger blood.

Rob @stupid_serif … your nasty, vicious and faithful servant is presently either on lock or meltdown and seems rather flibbertyjibberish if I’m being honest… his new dog has maybe eaten him… american bulldogs can fair shift their scran… so I’m told… not to be confused with the french variety unless it’s for comedic purposes…

Mark robbo/claire Robertson @robbycameron1 is also in lockdown but the twitter floors of both are filthy and the remnants of the past ‘gatherings’ still remain…

A slow lingering fall off of followers and replies looks like the future for @stupid_serif you and your wifes online friend and official defender of ‘Brand_Hooks’… Unless there is some miracle salvation? fahkenzeh? His ‘griffic_designering’ is definitely much talked about and am sure his popularity is reflected by his many offers of work?

The attempts to discredit Rumples video as ‘fake’ was… well… laughable… you are ’employing’ idiots… jings that @wordamentalist is a total ‘sooky_erse’… another #gollum4indy ?

If it goes on much longer i’m going to have to step up the production values a bit in order to lift Scott’s profile…

Youtube chanel with ‘cassette_boy_stylee’ mas_upz…#AUOBGalashiels speech and online content prime plucking… #get_your_copyright_lawyers_on_standby ….. DaveeHookz/EezerGoode cover…  Looking through a few vids and getting a lot of logging done… pre_production and planning is important… as is the retention of anonymity and delegation… for me anyways… #ifonlyuknew #toofunny4real #AUOBEdinburgh

Do you have a solution for yourself yet @PoliticsScot ? I have one for you… Ditch the lilac and the hat maybes?  ;o{ )

Jesus, shit in a hat!
@PoliticsScot #NewProfilePic    throws sartorial caution to the wind and styles another of his wifes ‘creations’… he suits the safari look although the colour is very ‘bold’ as @fagashlil76 commented and I would have to agree with @pickledpuffin about the hat… what were you thinking of David Hooks ? As a matter of interest to the followers of fashion here @wexwurld what came first… the suit or the hat?   #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #PoliticsScot
'club robbo'
singalongarobbo….he’s got twa indy bloggers in his hands… he’s got twa indy bloggers in his hands… he’s got… a couple of the safari_suited_apologists in his hands.. you can guess the rest… the defenders of newly christened #liberace of the scottish indy_twitt_scene  are possibly about to feel the comedown of the virtual MDMA that the collossus of indy trolling has been dishing out? it’s only my opinion… I don’t mean real MDMA or inferring that mark takes drugs… but how else would you explain all ‘the love’ being shown to this man @robbycameron1 Mark Robertson/ Claire @PoliticsScot #TwittStalk #truthchimp #PoliticsScot

Has David lost his mind? His continued association with Mark Robertson/ Claire … Conner of fellow YESSERS and ‘dic_pic_collector… could be said by some to evidence this… Mark is locked down but his twitter_floor is mingin’… in more ways than one!

@robbycameron1 Mark Robertson shows what an astute business mind he has… cash if you do/ cash if you dont? darkmoney? #fahkenzeh #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #itsawthesametome @FNZ_Group David Hooks @PoliticsScot #PoliticsScot

Now we’ve no way of knowing for sure if Robbo is actually telling the truth about being in the possession of private and confidential photos/ videos  of someone “very high in th [sic] ? “      or of starting up that “porn studio” he ‘joked’ about ?;o)     but whoever it was believed they were getting it on with 23yo Claire…  wonder if the cost of that encounter/s was more than just a little embarassment when it all came out that Claire was Mark?

I imagine that embarrassing “kinky as fuck” photos of ‘high_profile’ Scottish men might also be of interest to  some of Scotlands ‘shadow business community’?  He might be prepared to ‘swap’ them for a good feed though? A years supply of Abernethy biscuits and a few vouchers for JustEat might do the trick?  Is Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 a blackmailer as well as a fraudster and conman?  #fahkenzeh

Thomas is  a victim of Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 and his gaming/ conning/ dick_pic shenanagins #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #itsawthesametome
But It Was Legal!
Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 tries to justify his pretending to be a 23yo woman to con people out of cash and naked pics by saying that one of his victims was not underage and “had issues” was in fact 18… yeh…right Mark… what kind of ‘issues’ were they… you are despicable Mark! #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #PoliticsScot

The allegation’s concerning underage boys is well documented on Steve Sayers blog and elsewhere. Google is your friend.

He hasn’t sued anyone so go figure.

Mark Robertson and Paul[a] Wright. What a pair.

@PoliticsScot seems to think highly enough of them both to forgive/ forget and never mention their misdemeanours of the past.

The present and future? Time will tell.

Wonder if @PoliticsScot ever chatted with Claire likes…without knowing they were Mark ? Would explain a lot and has great potential comedic value even if it probably didn’t happen… more on that laters probably ;o)

20th July- Update – Paul[a] Wright is back on another sock already ;o(((

Paula[a]sBackAgain   IT’S ACTUALLY HIS EIGTH ACCOUNT  [seven supsended previously]   Pauls hat @BrechinRose #NewProfilePic #TwittStalk #truthchimp  #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #PoliticsScot

Here’s Michelle Graham, who’s previous main_named_account  was permanently suspended for tweeting  false paedophilia accusations against one of @PoliticsScot ‘s ‘questioners’ and who Davee Hooks ridiculously claimed, and I paraphrase, ‘was banned for calling someone a dick’… Yeh sure she was Davee…Whatever you say ‘M8’… anyways heres Michelle asking folks to give Paul[a] Wright @BrechinRose a follow… to be fair he does need them after his suspension… must have run out of ‘sleeping accounts’ as he’s had to start from scratch… 22 at the last count… that will hurt and no doubt he’ll be out trying to drum up business for his new HAT OF HATE account…# theygottadrinktigerblood

follow Paul's new account  @BrechinRose please
@Michelle_coll3 #NewProfilePic   puts out the word to follow Paul[a] Wright who’s @BrechinDiocese has been suspended [8th account to happen to in a year] #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #PoliticsScot  #faceappchallenge
#NewProfilePic from @robbycameron1   Mark Robertson   @PoliticsScot  #TwittStalk #truthchimp #PoliticsScot

Stand Back! This Plook Is Fit To Burst [ slo_mo cameras are standing by]

you twitter thlugs barrel scraping knows no bounds… the ‘two_gollums/ paul&rob’ are showing their true colours at the moment… mentioning school holidays and at the same time giving the names of those ‘they_say_what_say_they_so_they_say?’ …. you really are a set of low lifes … the truth always wins… #istandwifinkin #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #itsawthesametome #anothertagisnaeprobs #hadtodothathahaha
The Sun Queens AKA THE @PoliticsScot z    take the ‘pets’ on holiday… they love a good ‘fireworks’ display so they do.do.do.     although the Gollums and @stupid_serif inparticular don’t seem to like #the_shoving_of_the_pineapples or  #the_shaking_of_the_tree_stuff  … desperate/delusional and devoid of just about everything you care to mention in the soul and spirit department…. sad ;o(    UPDATE 17 July… Pauls account @BrechinDiocese looks like it has been suspended…               [ bringing someones kids into an online situation???] #not_on_min  #beashamed #somanysupporthim #haveawurdwiyirselz #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #itsawthesametome #anothertagisnaeprobs #hadtodothathahaha

Rumour has it that the Political Scot’s got the pets #underlockandkey to allow some deep cleaning to be undertaken at Honky_Tonk_Towers… the gollums have been a bit messy over the last while and have ‘shat’ all over the place on HQ’s TL… the PR stench is overwhelming and was spreading to neighbouring premises [apparently a complaint was made to Twitters Environmoron Dept. and Paul got shut down/ see above]…YIKES! He’s a  hazard! #its_official_again

@stupid_serif and Mark/ Claire have pulled the ‘false_homophobia_allegations’…again… and have gone into ‘lockdown’… #underorders ?  #fahkenz ?

Just as well Rob is really smart as he’s shouldering a lot of the intellectual burden when Marks about… obvs…

Laters lickspittles… The Truth Always Wins…

#karmatrainsacumminbaby #gitaffthetrax

mass report to shut down wex's blog
more nonsense from the vicious nasty @stupid_serif  … I am on easy street today… I love easy street in the sun… bet you a tenner a dog eats a flat before the summer holidays are over… “DUNDEE MAN EATEN OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME” #youhavenoidea #ROBfaeDUNDEE #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #itsawthesametome #anothertagisnaeprobs #hadtodothathahaha



Both @MrMalky and @wordamentalist think that this website is a “hate crime”… aye… I know… #wherehaveweheardthatbefore #TwittStalk …. glad they’re not the PF or the polis… am sure any of the officers of Police Scotland that this wee blog has been reported too will see through the hysterical claims of those calling it such… “a hate crime”… seriously? … a few cartoons and calling David Hooks a liar?… fill yir boots… hopefully they’ll laugh you out the door and boot your erse…’for wasting police time’… fahkenzeh?…they should be looking more closely at Mark/ Paul/ Rob/ David/Tracee/OneT Patterson/ Helen/ TenaciousV [IMHO] and a host of other lickspittle accounts that have continued the narrative of lies and abuse and who shame the YES movement! Ain’t that the truth!

Craig @wordamentalist
“Sorry I couldn’t help you Mark” #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #itsawthesametome #anothertagisnaeprobs #hadtodothathahaha

just when you thought the barrel could be scraped no more!!!… #reallynastystuff #ROBfaeDUNDEE

nasty stuff trying to intimidate someone by using threats about contacting the kids school???
@stupid_serif shows his nastiness and level by trying to intimidate by using someones kids… this will not end well for #ROBfaeDUNDEE ;o[ #fazzROBfaeDUNDEE #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #itsawthesametome #anothertagisnaeprobs #hadtodothathahaha

Jings… who woulda thunk it… another account closely linked to @PoliticsScot and run by Paul[a] Wright of Brechin [who has previously made what he thought were intimidating tweets along with @unihandclapping referencing that he “knew where I stayed”?… and  that he  “would be visiting me soon”?? and “breaking in” …to my house???]

This is the eighth…yes EIGHTH… account of Pauls to have been suspended in the last year, for what I can only presume to be the implied threats in a tweet he made ‘backing_up‘ his current partner and official defender of the @PoliticsScot  ‘brand’… #ROBfaeDUNDEE AKA @stupid_serif … to @RumpleFinkin with regards to Mr Finkins childrens school and the school holidays. #seriouslynastystuff !!!!

Paul[a]s other accounts were suspended for various  reasons… harassing three seperate women [ I know of… there may be more!] online and offline…sending unwanted letters to one which were handed to Police Scotland and ‘pointing out’ how easy it was to ‘find’ the other womans address]… he also posted ‘animal_porn’ on his Twitter TL, as part of a “revenge” attempt…according to the Dundee Courier   so Paul has ‘previous’ as they would say… the trouble is… not many say it.. maybe they don’t realise? Mmmm?

@RumpleFinkin just so happens to be calling out the behaviour of those same persons and their sock_accounts for the abusive year long campaign against two women in the Yes movement that everyone seems not to be aware of? There is a common thread here no… or is it just me Rumple/P/J/ayrshirelass and scores more that have been subjected to this treatment being ‘snowflake’? THIS IS NOT MY INDY! ;o[

All those accounts, real and sock, are in regular contact with @PoliticsScot…  he is also the person that was called_out/ criticised/questioned/ [whatever you want to call it] initially, by those that get ‘the treatment’ in the form of a ‘tough_love_sister’ who goes by the name of ABUSE… #coincidence ?

It happens to more high profile accounts also but in a less aggressive form but they know who they are… all the sock_accounts jump on the thread and Davee Mr @PoliticsScot Hooks slopes off while the kleecolytes carp inanities and spew forth the ‘narrative_of_the_day’ according to to the Branch Davidian… As Mr Finkin often says #desperatestuff

David Hooks still insists in claiming he and his wife are suffering from a campaign of stalking and abuse… even though, after numerous visits and complaints to them, @PoliceScotland do not apparently agree… he is being called out for his behaviour… simples… he does not like being called out?.. I can understand that… but to make out that any crimes are being committed against him and his wife is total hysteria and very indy_am_dram which suits his narrative… and his turkeys gobble it down…#karmatrainsacummindavee ;o)

I’ve left out the name of the person who made the quote on the cartoon below… I don’t understand enough about it? Possibly? Is merely putting the quote up, even without a name attached bullying? I am questoning myself a bit due to some reflection… anyways the quote stands… I agree… Wholeheartedly… You can attribute it to me if you so wish… Paul is not a fucking victim . He’s a pervert… It’s my opinion…So say I… Unsworth Wexler. AKA Wexworth Unsler Esq. [Of This Parish] Sue me Paul…

@BrechinDiocese suspended...
Paul’s seventh account to be suspended for abuse… this time for threatening to involve children and contact a school in order to try and intimidate a man into silence? YIKES!!! #TwittStalking #TwittStalk @PoliticsScot “Paul couln’t kill a cold…he’s a lovely man” .>.Really… Having said that @PoliticsScot thinks Mark Robertson is a  lovely man also…. maybe Claire knows something we don’t? #numberoneowned #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #itsawthesametome #anothertagisnaeprobs #hadtodothathahaha









@stupid_serif [‘Rob fae Dundee’] is asserting his digital rights/ second attempt… he is a ‘trier’ TBF [is a ‘trier’ someone who is very trying? asking for a friend] will keep you posted/ or not… depending on the level of #ROBfaeDUNDEE ‘s success ;o[

the latest hate choir Davee/Paul/Rob & Mark/Claire #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #itsawthesametome #anothertagisnaeprobs #hadtodothathahaha
This must be the eighth/ ninth legal threat I’ve had #ROBfaeDUNDEE @stupid_serif… the second from you… at the service o’ ‘himself’ David Hooks again ya lickspittle?…. fill yi’r boots… fair play if you get my wee ‘blog’ taken down… why? “i’m a no_one with nothing after all… #youretheweebullyROB #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #itsawthesametome #anothertagisnaeprobs #hadtodothathahaha
quite surprised at the speed which the follow up threat to have my blog multi_reported to WordPress has come about after the phot of ‘my house’ was posted earlier….two_threats_in_one_day… get them over and done with eh… funny… shows the desperation and ever changing dynamics of the situation… the increment of ramping is also greatly increased… coldly calculating or delusionally unstable due to ‘not getting out much’?… you decide… if the blog goes then they have got reach…;o((((  #TwittStalk #truthchimp #saynotolilac #saynumbertwolilac #itsawthesametome #anothertagisnaeprobs #hadtodothathahaha

“I have never abused her” @PoliticsScot AKA Mr David Hooks…

“just for absolute clarity” … of course David… and you wonder why my_self and others take issue with the evident contradictions between your words and your actions? read on… have a wee listen to yirsel while yir reading… reflect? see yirsel as ithers see ya? fill yir boots min…

…it is very clear to many exactly where you stand in all this DaveeBoy…

CentreStage… and don’t #youloveit ;o((((

as you said David @PoliticsScot “Have a word with yourself”…. #TwittStalk #truthchimp

…the twitter_trails tell all… @PoliticsScot is pals with some of the biggest and nastiest trashiest indy_twitter_trolls there are… ain’t that the truth… you’re the talk of the pre_fest indy dinner party scene… it’s a long running joke of course but many are starting to hear of it… you are due a new skooshy flower tho’… looking forward to your next @AUOBSCOT speech or perhaps an article in @ScotNational… is the Hookz brand beyond detoxification? fahkenseh? ;o)

I have never abused her...
@PoliticsScot seems to be denying all connection with some of #IndyRef2 ‘s biggest and nastiest twitter trolls… analytics are your friend… a simple addion of two apostrophes with a twitter handle in between in the search bar seems to disprove your claims mister hooks… try it… ‘LadyOfAlba’ ‘TiaMariaWilson1’ very informative…. #TwittStalk #truthchimp
@PoliticsScot tweets his PishPantsMasterpiece to a few kleecolytes Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 is among them
Davees desperate denials are getting squeekier by the day… own it min… above left was a wee warning to wex to butt_out on the @PolicalScott account… it was mass_reported and ‘struck_off’… #TwittStalk #truthchimp
@siouxiezoo spreads more nastiness
@PoliticsScot seems to lap up the #tontostuff …. prior to this ‘graphics masterpiece lesson’  a photo of a woman who had committed suicide was tweeted… with make up added [like in this photo] that is supposed to represent their ‘prey’ [who admitted she was at the end of her tether and was feeling suicidal at the time]… WTF is wrong with you people!!!! #TwittStalk #truthchimp
more twitter_thlug connections
Of course @PoliticsScot David Hooks doesn’t really know or communicate with these people… *sniggers*   #TwittStalk #truthchimp
it seems that @PoliticsScot is now denying all knowledge or contact with his troll buddies… too funny…   #TwittStalk #truthchimp #AUOBSCOT
@robbycameron1 AKA Mark Robertson AKA Claire assures ‘the boss’ that he’s on the case? very churchillian?    #TwittStalk #truthchimp

“I know Mark has apologised for his past behaviour & tried to make amends or I wouldn’t ever speak to him” David Hooks

“I know Mark has apologised for his past behaviour & tried to make amends or I wouldn’t ever speak to him”   #TwittStalk #truthchimp

Which takes us nicely back to the top of the page… go on… go to the top and read it again… Comedy Gold from The Hookmeister… Could get him a spot during the fez… he would have to wear a fez mind… ;o)

p.s. Davee admits to liking and seems to wish he could take part in the #girlongirltontoaction but has to make do with ‘watching’ instead… which he appears to enjoy also… #whateverfloatsyirboat @PoliticsScot

some of the ‘squad’ are on DEFCON 4 24×7… prepared to move to ‘FULL_ON_TONTO’ at a moments notice… branch davidians swinging through the canopy of indy_twitter behind the leader of the troop…    #TwittStalk #truthchimp #AUOBSCOT
still never got a straight answer to the question that started this all off for me… was this a warning that was sent to your wifes twitter account @PoliticsScot?    #TwittStalk #truthchimp
Paul Wright @AllSkipsAbout @LukeLuciously @BrechinDiocese invites @Onelumportwo_WW [Mrs Miriam Hooks?] to join a ‘mocking Julie group’ that ‘a David’ is already part of… CARRY ON COINCIDENCE? apparently someone threatened to murder someone???? YIKES!!!    #TwittStalk #truthchimp
Rumour has it that DaveeHookz&Posse are debuting on the main stage at AUOBEdinburgh? Is it just a rumour?     #TwittStalk #truthchimp #AUOBSCOT

@pishypants1…Reported by telephone to Police Scotland 11th July 2019…

…at 2.00pm for threatening and downright wierd behaviour… causing fear and alarm towards a woman living on her own… DESPICABLE!!!

By all accounts this is reputedly Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 Mark/Claire [sue me Mark if it’s not true] who is a great pal of @PoliticsScot and @wordamentalist [judge him on his current actions]… he’s in it up to his long brass neck… Sue me ‘man_baby’… Yi’r pals crossed a line… this will not be stood for!!! You are silent on this???

Mark Robertson OWNS you Davee… How Does It Feel?

This is not my YES or my IndyRef2… what is it with people??? YIKES

UPDATE ….Spoke face to face with two officers this afternoon at my home and they took my complaint of  this latest attempt to cause fear and  alarm to Pauline seriously enough to ask me to meet them at my nearest police station  at my earliest convenience as they were called away to an emergency. Appointment made for Friday A.M.

You deviants are beyond the pale!!! ;o(((( 

vile, intimidating and violent threats
PAUL& a handclapper
Paul and his pal try to intimidate wex … hook/line/sinker *snigger*

EnterThruTheGriftShop… Wanxee…. [I STAND WITH MR.FINKIN] ;o)

Rob @stupid_serif [from Dundee]  points the way down the rabbit hole for fellow Indy_Tweeters… your his twitter wifee now ;o(((  #TwittStalk #truthchimp
DaveeHookz & the backer_upperz   #TwittStalk #truthchimp
due to the refusal of @kjm1468 to communicate or even acknowledge my olivebranch after the reasonable plea for him to take down the lies still on @fiercedebs TL regarding my using pictures of your grandson and the hysterical overexaggerations about my contacts with @scotambservice re work etc… not to mention the treatment of JonnyNabb and his wife regarding her delusional belief that we were one and the same… until that is done I will keep calling you out… you cannot get away with lying like this…    #truthchimp
i think it could be a mix of tramadol and ‘other stuff’… ‘knows a lot about everything but not a clue about anything’ ;o(((   #truthchimp
again @fiercedeb proving eejipedia can be dangerous… her ‘fierceness’ is perhaps an insecurity blanket?   the baggage carousel continues to roll even when there are no suitcases left? take the lies about me down deb? take a break and curb the 0-100 aggression and also remember that just because you believe something it does not make it true… please take down the lies about me and the stuff about jonn off your timeline… you can still hate me but as you know after your ‘talks’ with @policescotland and ‘your solicitors’…YOU WERE WRONG! FED WRONG INFO… @stupid_serif is falling for the same guff from the same folks… take the LIES down…let me know and you and @kjm1468 are off my blog… this gives me no pleasure but I will not be lied about… thanks in advance… wex     #truthchimp



the start of what ended up being an insinuation that wex was a paedophile… and folks wonder why I want this lie retracted`?  #truthchimp


???? It Happened!!! Really ;o(   #TwittStalk #truthchimp




Am still away on my travels and it seems the travails of twitter continue unabated… wi_fi town in the rain and a shower and bed… a blast from the past as Rob has decided to ‘unmask’ himself… all very draaaammmaaatic… deliberate or mistake? fah kens eh? desperado_doo_wop…

A special shout out to Rumple… it’s been a while… i forgot my naive daftiness for a short moment in time as I did not see yir follow_up tweet… new phone & width of bands & was left [a bit beeling admittedly] thinking I was someone else… I momentarily lacked [nice segue] ‘drive’… now that was funny… as you said…that wiz great twittering… laters loon ;o) namaste tae those that deserve it…



 Is this the first stage of attempted intimidation by @stupid_serif to get me to shut up?

The defender of @PoliticsScot has managed to pull together his none_2_shoddy photoshop skills…. and put the face of Mickey Mouse on one of my cartoons! As @siouxiezoo said…”GENIUS!”…. Bless.

He’s also managed to add in a photo of some houses which I am assuming is where I stay…in Friockhiem… Maybe it’s just a random photo of a house put on there for no reason? The “BACK OFF, CREEP” kinda gives it away though no? Or is it just me?

Paul Wright and one of his sock_puppets  tried something similar a couple of months ago… didn’t work then… won’t work now…

This recent recipient of a bus pass has been round the block and I’m afraid your lack of ability to come up with any strategy, other than threats and attempts at intimidation into my ‘backin_off’ from telling my truth, are falling on deaf ears and only highlights the shallow personalities and desperation of those issuing the threats… unsophisticated/ lacking in creativity, unkind, untruthful and humourless… very bitter and nasty…granted… but not unlawful… yet…

Carry on though ‘Rob’. Your doing a grand job of highlighting and confirming everything that you and the posse are accused of… you remind me of a retired twitter_clown called Podge [ran away to the circus with another clown eileen…apparently] with your almost childlike name calling…You still claim to be a relative of Bill and a MacKenzie family member? If I were to advise you of one thing serif, it would be not to carry on with that, if it is a lie. If you are indeed a relative… I find that sad.

Quite hilarious that @PoliticsScot is carrying on with the ‘serious journalism and truth_telling of the current_campaign’ by ramping up the ridiculous narrative that “could easily end up with me or a loved one getting hurt” nonsense while you @stupid_serif … friend and defender of David and Miriam are attempting to threaten and intimidate me… who’s house is this I wonder?   A Clown You Are ;o)  Whooossshhh…. #karmatrainsacumminbaby

Laters stupid_serif… Wexypoo..

artist/designer/ relative of Billy MacKenzie?????? and twitter ‘defenderer’ of @PoliticsScot has artfully put his ‘design’ skills into practice and has managed to put the head of Mickey Mouse onto one of my cartoons… “you are a genius’ [ha. ha. ha. ] I take it that the photo of the houses behind is where I stay? some kind of subtle warning similar to Paul Wright & jdmans threats of visiting Friockhiem? All in the defense of David Hooks @PoliticsScot and your wee brigade of kiddie_onners… The Diary Of A Doxxing    #TwittStalk #truthchimp

The last effort at getting me to “BackOff,Creep” by Paul[a] Wright  a couple of months ago… Paul cackles with sinister digital delight that he indeed has eventually found what he was looking for… great story behind this account and photo  but it will have to wait for the ‘death_bed_chronicles’… hook/line/sinker… and I’m still not Jonny Nabb/IonaBaxter/Pauline/Julie/ScotsNat/  PDonaldson22 or anyone else whose name you have pulled out of the crazy_hat or got from one of your face_time_ouija_board sessions… you are all totally bonkers!



quite surprised at the speed which the follow up threat to have my blog multi_reported to WordPress has come about… two_threats_in_one_day… get them over and done with eh… funny…although it’s no popoid groove...  shows the desperation and ever changing dynamics of the situation… the increment of ramping is also greatly increased… coldly calculating or delusionally unstable due to ‘not getting out much’?… you decide… if the blog goes then they have got reach…;o(((( Where there’s a Wex though…there’s always a way… laters freaks ;o) ps……  never mind…..it’ll wait… like baby’s cutting heads off flowers? meljomur… mrsjo27… and all the other swallowers of the false narrative… wittingly or not… David is all Shampoo Tears         #TwittStalk #truthchimp




jings…the friends you keep   @mrsjo27   eh… could maybe get Rob to come and give your Girl Guides some Photoshop lessons? Design Badge? A good role model also you think? All in keeping with the spirit of the movement? YIKES!… SERIOUSLY?   EnterThruTheGriftShop?…a fate of coincidence? whatevers… WHICH REMINDS ME… THE COLLAGE I TWEETED OF NUTTER IN THE GUTTER… THAT WAS NOT PAULINE… ITWIZWEX… IT FELL TOGETHER… WHO IT WAS ABOUT WAS NOT THE POINT… AS YOU OBVIOUSLY UNDERSTOOD TRACE/ EH????? one_t_patterson?… “no comment”…you can quote me on that ;o) #fishyfleet #TwittStalk #truthchimp

“he starts liking my tweets” stupid_serif

looking @stupid_serif’s posts you could tell they were a big @AUOBSCOT fancat. regularly popping up to ‘scrag’ anyone that appeared to be criticising them or asking questions. i dropped by ‘serif style’ to see if there was any update on the statement expected from AUOB.

i was surprised at how quickly _serif played the harassment and bullying card and appears peeved & surprised when the support that was obviously expected fails to materialise.  

he starts liking my tweets

“make sense of this whole AUOB churnalism thing”

…and people like Wex need catalogued.

serif seems delighted to claim at least some of the credit for having driven markybooth off twitter?

maybe ask the #saltybrigand ‘batshitcrazy barnacle bill brady’ [4B’s] if twittleaks could undertake an investigation into the identity of stupid_serif.



once upon a time in politics scot land…he’s as much as a numpty as he was back then.. @PoliticsScot… the nasteez daftee ;o)

after a hard day rechurning rechurned tweets, filming for his television program, fighting off the vicious trolls determined to bring him down, chatting politics to @robbycameron1 @LadyOfAlba @stupid_serif @LeaksTwitt and various other members of his extended indy ‘twittfam’ there is nothing @PoliticsScot likes better than kicking off his shoes, slipping into his clown baffeez, rainbow wig & red nose, checking the water level on his ‘skooshy flower’ and popping the kettle on before settling down on the settee with his wife and a nice cup of earl grey to watch a few episodes of himself in ‘A Week Past Sunday’. on his youtube chanel. in 4K.

now i realise that probably doesn’t happen on a regular basis. but as i’m  currently not on the greatest of terms with any members of the PoliticsScotPosse and the venue of the works xmas beano has been discussed only in DM’s, it’s unlikely that i’m going to bump into anyone and get pulled up about it in the near future so i’ll trip-trap across that particular bridge when & if i come to it. until i get a lawyers letter and/ or a visit from the polis we can just pretend that it’s true. even the scooshy flower.

no doubt a lengthy notice will be issued by @albanationsimon, the resident legal beagle of the PSP, accompanied by screeds of legislation and lists of alternative facts copied from ‘eejipedia’ infowarning me that i am [again] ‘committing defamation’. the imaginary lawyers will [again] be ‘informed’ and another imaginary seven day “knock knock” warning will be issued and then ‘one t’ will deliver the summation of a lifetime and i will have to sell my stamp collection or go to jail. for life.

“it was a silver glitter wig m’lud. not a rainbow wig as mister wexler claims. and the scooshy flower is a total fabrication. i would like to present to the court exhibit one. a photograph of mister hooks that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the wig was silver m’lud. made of long strands and not curly as suggested by the defendant in his testimony which, in my own expert opinion, is mere heresay. i rest my case”

never a man shy of stating his opinions and desperate for an outlet for his quirky musings ‘one t’ has seemingly found a new ‘management tool’ for his multi twitter account addiction and is ghostwriting for his cat Horatio. he also heads the storyboarding department for ****** the pup account so i’m not sure if he’ll have the time for another court case. guess i landed lucky there. 

still no answers regarding my enquiries as to the ‘mocking Julie group’ and the involvement of @PoliticsScot @OneLumpOr_Two @graemeberry1 @AllSkipsAbout and others. the campaign for a new twitterstalking law seems to have taken a back seat since brave and others posted regarding their experiences. david is busy with the fishing industry at the moment so it’ll possibly be a few weeks til he gets round to re-energising the campaign. 

@PoliceScotland once again tell @PoliticsScot that “…no crime has been committed” [wasting police time?]

despite numerous visits to @PoliceScotland and receiving the same reply “no crime has been committed sir” it seems that @PoliticsScot might have to get back to campaigning for this new ‘twitterlaw’ to get ‘justice’.

the law where asking him questions re the ‘mocking Julie group’ or any other shenanagins that he or the PoliticsScotPosse have got up to in the past/present or future would be a criminal offence. laughing/ sniggering & having a joke at his expense would also fall under the new statute.

this is the question that @PoliticsScot will not answer and was the start of his selfbuilt clusterfuck
“My wife has had no Twitter violations” *snigger* “aye right davee.. as you were” *sniggers again* ;o))))



Selective Memory Syndrome/ Wriggling/Forgetfullness/Wish2Unsee? [whatever the reason/s @SaorAlba59… it is not factual…is it?]

Comfort, midges and inclement weather means staying the night in a bed… new phone… add_on_keyboard… modrunteknology… amazingly braw… thanksmin… better late than never ya baldy tej… bigluv ;o)

Thanks for the advice Baldy… Appreciate your in on FNZ… best birthday present since leather_erse geed me a penknife… Cheers min!

Craig seems to think that having a snigger with the ‘DissolverOfHaters’ @do_mck about being already blocked by the person that @PoliticsScot @do_mck and @GraceBrodie, encouraging people to disassociate from, apparently as a form of  punishment for some percieved wrongdoing against ‘himself’ @PoliticsScot AKA David Hooks… is normal? WTA?

You are a lickspittle no different to those unquesting sycophants you criticise within the Tory & Labour parties Craig… Ain’t that the truth…Promoting and becoming the false narrative  you Hooks and others claim to despise…

Karmatrains a cummin Craig baby… #gitaffthetrax…

ICEBERG!!!! You are hilarious min… bet you got a scooshy flower and a massive pair o’ winklepickers just like Davee … laters ya clown… Wex ;o)


Perhaps it was the tweet where you appear to be mocking Pauline by way of sharing a private joke with one of her abusers that she, as well as a few others thought/ think  evidences your  ‘trashiness’ Craig? It definitely does appear to  ‘trash’ your claim ‘never to have heard of her before’… for me anyways…

At least have the bawz to #man_up_and_own_it_min @SaorAlba59 ;o(


Just a wee reminder of one of your previous discussions with the man looking to #DissolveTheHater about ‘who you’ve never heard of’… just to jog yi’r memory likes…  a twitter ‘lets_all_pile_on_pauline’ had been initiated by a saddle_up_whistle from ‘himself’…Davee Hooks/ @PoliticsScot the previous evening [the inevitability and intention of which was clear from The Political Scot’s conversation of 19thOct with @jeggit and @AlbanationSimon’s warning]and the tweet you are responding to was part of that particularly nasty pile_on that followed and culminated a month later… seriously Craig???

Funnily enough Denise Coupers ‘plea to followers’ had very similar wording… Coincidence? *obvs…lolz*

Sounds more like a *press_release* FFS… transparent…much?

DeniseCouperDenise seems happy to spread the false narrative and delighted to be taking part in a twitter_pile_on with the clear outcome being to ostracise, alienate and isolate Pauline? YIKES!? Why? What actions deserve this? What are the justifications for this exactly again?

Do you have any daughters/ sisters/ nieces Denise? How would you feel if this was happening to them or to you for that matter? Seriously…how do you think you would feel?

craigdempsey... forgetful?
just a wee reminder of your previous discussion with @do_mck with davee tagged in… a sign of your support?

On a different note… you are a namesake and it’s a longshot I know but…  just  on the off_chance are you related to G [80’s to present…Portobello *Road* Star infamy]?

see yi’rsel as ithers ar’ seeing yi…

the many faces of the political scott… lead singer in the latest indybloggers twitt_pop accapella ledz_only_ensemble… AYE AH DO!

Long drive to Ullapool and no laptop being packed…

Namaste to those that deserve it ;o)



Am Sure Your Family & Fellow Arbroath SNP Members Must Be Real Proud Of You Right Now @clmbie AKA Iain Wares

@RonCorrie and @clmbie both seem to enjoy throwing their anonymous weight around… mainly at women but not exclusively

the ever so 'proud' @RonCorrie
Aye… whatever turns you on Mark? YIKES! ;o(

fish always bite...
… the bottom feeders like to always bite no matter how old the bait… I spent one crazy festival with an incredibly ballsy lady who had previous for hunt sabbing… amazing schooling as a young greenhorn… went way above my head until I realised one day what she was on about… always have a parachute…or a bouyancy aid… even if you don’t need it at the time… a spare wee deposit account… just in case…Freeks jist alang the road fae yi ‘Ron’ is it no? did you pack a bailout device  see y’all there laters… Gwen Stephanie…  ;o)

Seems as though Iains mate Mark Burnett is a mucker of Paul Wright, the would be WizardOfBrechin,  and @stupid_serif… defender of Mr&Mrs Hooks @PoliticsScot

And have a guess at who they are discussing?

@RonCorrie seems quite at home with the company they keep and the thuggish behaviour. Jings only last night he was giving a woman pelters and was asked to stop by another woman. YIKES!!!  Luckily enough another sock_puppet @MCHunter was on hand to ‘defend’ Mark’s behaviour… Nothing to see here… givin’ it the big jazz hands… This is no way for members to be conducting themselves and does nothing to attract ‘soft no’s’.The amatuer brigadery is laughable but also damaging to YES. Damaging to Indy[ The Brand ]…


Ron was even trying to help serif ‘track_me_down’… Great pals with Tracee Wilson/ Paul Wright/ @stupid_serif… some choice dross you speak to there Ron….fair dooz if you manage… I have crossed a line myself yesterday but Iains bullying, nasty and quite frankly threatening behaviour towards a woman he does not know and who has endured a year of what amounts to torture was deserved of being shown for the nasty bully he is. Named and shamed.

This is not my Indy! ;o((((

Like Iain’s online sock_puppetry on his Tory McToryFace account Ron/Mark’s behaviour does not reflect well on the wider YES Movement and on Arbroath & SNP in particular.

You were asked politely to delete the post by the woman concerned who also informed you that it was now in the hands of PoliceScotland. You did not Mr Iain Wares so as promised I got your name and address for her  and it will no doubt be passed to Police by her in relation to the ongoing campaign of harassment and abuse which you joined in on. Whether or not any civil action will be raised? Fa’ kens eh? That is not up to me. But your details are there for papers to be served if need be. Untidy and frankly mingin’ twitter floor by the way… littered with all the details needed… shout out to twa auld scamps fae the ‘FishyFleet’ & ‘TimmersToddy’ fa’ did some nebbin’ fir thir pal… ;o)

Some choice language from the loon here…       here       and here

A great advert for the SNP Arbroath eh? Did Mr Iain Wares truly organise the meeting @Standarbroath church which  MSP Christian Allarda spoke at? Did he use any of his Tory McToryface ‘patter’ that evening? Someone have a word. Please. It’s embarrassing for the YES Movement… Are you folks not embarrassed? Can just see the ‘cybernat’ headlines… this is a PR car_crash waiting to happen… we don’t need this kind of behaviour at this moment in the ongoing #indyref2 in my humble opinion…

Iain Wares
A polite request made to you to remove the lies on your TL was met with “…now FUCK right OFF and when you get there FUCK OFF SOME MORE you utter headcase”... nice Iain… do you talk to all the women in your life like this?

Jings it seems the slug trails left by @clmbie slime their way regularly towards Paul Wright’s  @BrechinDiocese account. Seems @clmbie is either a naive and lazy buffoon for believing Paul and his desperate attempts to lie his and his PolScotPosse’s networks way out of the bullying and abusive on and offline behaviour. Or he is a twisted man who enjoys joining twitter pile_ons…  trolling, abusing and lying about a woman?

Also the lies stated as fact underneath are actionable. Is all this trolling under your Tory McToryFace monicker sanctioned or known about by Arbroath SNP, Brenda Durno, Mike Weir, Christian Allarda or Graeme Day? Why the bile towards a woman you’ve never met? You’re a potential PR nightmare with your amatuerish #IndyBragadery.

Deleting the offensive tweets and posting a wee apology will go some way to alleviating the probable embarrassment you could possibly  find coming your way from me if they remain and would perhaps put a stop to any potential civil action from the woman you have lied about that could potentially arise from your nasty, abusive and very public lies posted on your TL which seem to be in support of @PoliticsScot and his creepy pal… that well known Angus Salty Brigand and Courier ‘star’ Paul Wright. Possibly. Your choice min. See my posts on Simple Procedure for potential cheap and quick solution to untruths that you for example, as the defender might  have to evidence to back up your ‘claim’ of… and I paraphrase ‘ years of doxxing and obsessive behaviour’... if that were brought before a sheriff in a civil action under such ‘Simple Procedure’…

A complaint by the woman was made to Police last week as you know.

Another Liar @clmbie
a lot of claims stated there min… actionable claims as they are untrue…;o(

Jings… has this woman not gone through enough harassment without you jumping into the continuing abuse campaign @clmbie… so how would you feel if this was your daughter, niece, sister recieving communications like this? ;o(((

 By the way the link to your ebay badge selling page isnae workin’…

Sure the publicity of a wee headline in the local paper regarding your threatening and abusive treats would go down a treat… bit o’ local goss… maybe boost business a little and am sure it could only ‘enhance’ your reputation ‘roond_the_toon’ the local SNP branch and the YES movement in general?

Have a wee think as to what you’re actually doing and saying and the impact it is having on this woman? Do you want to risk having even a tenth of the notoriety as Paul Wright about the town or throughout Angus, the SNP and the more sane of us among the wider YES movement?

All to back up the rep o’ a bunch o’ liars? `Really?

You’ve either believed the shite yi’v been telt and not bothered to even attempt to find out anything from the other side of the argument or you’re as twisted as the rest o’ the posse.

Fa’ kens eh?

Haven’t gone crazy with the tags yet… seeing what you had to say for yourself or if you can offer any kind of explanation or excuse/ apology… all pretty grim really if you ask me…  ;o((((((((

I didn’t realise we had a twistory @clmbie… just been lichtified…

what was this about anyways? were you referring to me, serif or AUOBSCOT?

Your twitter_thlug pal @BrechinDiocese seems to be having ‘technical_problems’… We await the stewards enquiry and the following report?

technical problems Paul?
Paul Wright’s latest ploy/ attempt to cover for his and the PolScottPosse’s recent despicable twitter behaviour towards women is to call for ‘peace&forgiveness’… but not for him and the Posse’s wrongdoing..not at all….whooooshhht… #selfawarenessbypass ;o( #uglystuff

Tory McToryace. Cybernat.bot
…more mocking or delete and apologise @ clmbie? choices eh? they can make or break a reputation dontchathink? or maybe you just aren’t bothered? laters… ;o((((

since we’re talking about ‘gollums’… here’s another from my recent past… remember this little lickspittle?

while we’re on the subject of false narrative spreaders or liars as they are also known… remember this ‘defender’ of Davee Hooks… telling a total porkie that I had threatened to post his details online? a future politician to be? “he’s aff tae a flyer…he’s already a liar” as someone said of him only recently… this is only a pretend competition… no messages please…

If this is account is not the person I am claiming please contact me and I will issue a profuse apology… all the signs point to it… If it is have a word please someone… there should be no room for this kind of behaviour… we are jointly and severally responsible as a movement… kindness, consideration and respect costs us nothing?

What are we becoming when we say nothing about this? are we so normalised to this ‘brutal’ form of communication? #nasty&disappointingstuff… ;o(

not in my name I’m afraid…what about you folks? someone going to have a word in a shell_like? these kind of associations rub off on us all and the wider movement… if this is not ToryMcToryface then let me know and I will issue a full and grovelling apology and delete… needs must although I feel sometimes I am having to stoop to others levels to make my point… I know… a conundrum that I am willing to admit… perceived hypocrisy… definitely… I’ll accept that and take it on the chin… seriously though… this stuff is pretty vile… ;o( #farsroncorrie ;o)


Are Daveez Dreams Deid?Fit Were Thay Dreams & Are They Indeed Deid? And If Indeed They Are…Fit Did Th’ Deeo?

Inspired by “Doods Deid!”… A Lictie_Urban_Truth_Haiku… at the time the teller…at the time did not realise it was a haiku… neither did anyone else to be fair… just annither een o’ his ‘gonzo _cutlerismz’… he was a font o’ kindness, generosity and fun… a proud fisher and a real guid led! In Memoriam Jo ;o)

What Does Davee Dream O?
Every Boy Must Have A Dream…


@MammothWhale…. ‘secret_admirer uncovered’… Iain Wares from Arbroath…AKA @clmbie

Just to be clear the ‘NaziCowMeme’ referred to was @stupid_serif’s cow with swastika branded on its rear ‘creation’ with “ShutTheFuckUpPaulineYouSillyMoo’ as the ‘strapline’… it still is vile but @stupid_serif did not call anyone a “NaziCow”… just to be clear… but there was a cow [the target audience is a vegan] with a swastika and a “shut_the_fuck_up” ‘or_else’…order… blatant bullying threat… ;o( Silly Moo is a very specific turn of phrase I remember from Alf Garnett… ‘Rob’… from Dundee… a proud member of the MacKenzie family [he claims Helen?] reminds me of much nastier and even more bitter version of this comic construct from the seventies…

Iain Wares appears equally as bitter if I’m being honest… why the anger dude? You’re 66? You should be chillin’ and setting an example no? Amatuer brigadery is attractive for the would be Jimmy Bond types with time on their hands… or so it appears…[?]

Did Cameron and hooks have a wee twitter_stooshie? that would make sense as to why Iain has such a ‘thing’ for @MammothWhale? Mibbes? Fa kens eh?

MammothWhale's Secret Admirer
Camerons secret admirer is SNP member Iain Wares from Arbroath.

Iain seems to be linked in with a few other twisted sisters & brothers of what could be viewed as the alt_right of Indy… The PolScotPosse and it’s self appointed defender of the King Of The Honky Tonks @stupid_serif…. who boasted about being a relative of Billy Mackenzie [still awaiting confirmation on that one] and whose ‘graphic talents’ and wit have been demonstrated with such classics as ‘The Nazi Cow’ meme and the ‘We Know Where You Stay Wex’ series [“twitter banners for between £5 & £15”…I kid you not! DM him for details…]…don’t say I’m not good to you now ‘Rob’… a free plug fae wex fir yi ;o)

@LadyOfAlba/@TiaMaria also seem to fit in with Iains ‘sense of humour’…YIKES

@RonCorrie seems tight with @stupid_serif also and appears to have been in cahoots with them and others to try and track me down ‘real_wurld’ since April… fair dooz…gave me a perfect ‘excuse’ to unmask Iain… Thanks Mark Burnett… the_widster_that_wiz…

If you did get onto twittleaks Ron/ Mark… then you will know exactly what kind of folks we are dealing with here… that’s ‘Boom Boom’ Bill Brady’s site of desperate but dangerous delusion [hosted in Dunning-Krugerland somewhere]

‘Ron’/ Mark Burnett will also be aware of the vicious and nasty ongoing proxy  campaign being waged by @stupid_serif @LadyOfAlba @BrechinDiocese and others… including Semptex Bill Brady  to give him another of his ‘aliases’…on behalf of and in collusion with @PoliticsScot…against two YES women and like Iain be happy to take part in it and contribute to it…YIKES!!!

You have two daughters ‘Ron’… would you like them to be treated like this? How would you have felt if one for instance was on the recieving end of this… sent by your pal Iain Wares from Arbroath to a woman who informed him this was now a police matter?

This behaviour is shaming the YES movement and you area part of it ‘Ron’… not a good look for you really is it if we’re being honest?  a great reputation enhancer ? fa’ kens eh? mibbes you will wear that ‘Trolling4Indy…Honest’ badge with pride and would be happy for your daughters to follow your example… some pretty dross company you keep if I’m being honest…@stupid_serif @BrechinDiocese …YIKES…laters’ron’ ;o(((((

Iain Wares
A polite request made to you to remove the lies you told was met with “…now FUCK right OFF and when you get there FUCK OFF SOME MORE you utter headcase”… nice Iain… do you talk to all the women in your life like this?

lickspittles 'lickspittalling"
Iain Wares from Arbroath helping Davee Hooks spread more lies… referring to completely the wrong person [J] and @clmbie negelecting to say that his “mention” of P was with the nasty reference to the “liquid_coshing”/ “rubber_room” ‘joke’ that him, @PoliticsScot and the rest of his poison posse seem to find so funny… your an embarrassment to Arbroath min… a 66 year old man taking his apparent anger [????] /  frustration [????]  out on a woman he does not know because some bloat_brained_blogger told him some bullshit and he swallowed it and you…’mister’ hookz… are an embarrassment to yourself… the ‘PishyPantzSong’ proved that beyond a doubt… your brand is toxic… and that is solely down to you and the company you keep and your extremely questionable words and actions…you’re something else davee… ;o( seriously min… you need to take a break and reflect on where you are and more importantly where you want to be but above all else… the style in which you wish to travel because at the moment your in ‘rabble_class’… you have a comfy seat and a table but it’s still ‘rabble_class’… enjoy


‘Restoration’ [as concept in a three_parter is fairly predictable in terms of where it happens] Real_Wurld Chapters Can Sometimes Take A While To Come Around… But What Goes Around… Does Tend To Eventually [do as it says on the tin]… Namaste

love to hear your explanation of when and how @robbycameron1 Mark Robertson/ Claire from the National has “apologised” and “tried to make amends”… you are full o’ it min… ;o(

competiton_time ;o)
only kiddin… no answers on postcards please.. great film though… boaby mitchell wiz braw in the music_hall version…;o)

great_film [wexwiznaeinnit btw… just a bit o’ dreamin’ on my part…;o)]


The VERY Appropriately Self_Titled ‘Vile Cybernat’ @LadyOfAlba… Twisted_Twitt_Sister of Political Scott?

This fellow Indy Supporter and her other half @AlbanationSimon, the self_appointed[?] pro_bono defenders of the ‘persecuted&abused’ such as mister&mrs hooks…two of the latest benefactors of the duos specialist services…  are the gifts that just keep on giving… spouters of utter nonsense in a bid to spread their narrative, influence and hopefully get a wee rammy going into the bargain… in time honoured style…

Telling even bigger lies to cover up previous lies [that are often forgotten due the sheer volume told]  or ‘explain’ the ‘real_truth’ to others on behalf of… well,,, mainly themselves… but sometimes others also…AUOBSCOT or PoliticsScot are but two well known ‘YESbrands’ to have use Wilsun-Patterson Inc. [The Bots Of Discord] …

I’d forgotten about this example from the land of Dunning_Kruger, but since Trace seems to like branding her outrageous oragami sculptures of lies and boldly emblazoned the logo of AUOBSCOT on this ‘medium_of_transport’   from recent history… I’ll give you my take… We let this stuff pass as a movement.. jointly and severally responsible? I think so… shame on us for letting it pass and giving encouragement to those getting away with it ;o(

'WEX is here to bringdown AUOB'
the collision of two lies… @LadyOfAlba pops up again in wex_wurld ;o(

the full convo is here…

The narrative of  lie number ?[…whatever…lost count…] is basically that a woman… [who’s year of ongoing abuse is bravely imho being documented by herself on her own timeline]…apparently ‘tricked and manipulated’ @jeggit into writing the ‘bucket_gate’ blog & even  gives the ‘reasons’ why she ‘knows’  that he’s been “set_up” to “bring down AUOB” [they were doing an ok job themselves to be fair at the time] instead of a blogger simply highlighting what were some odd goings on…to say the least… everyone was free to make up their own mind but again the ‘flaming’ and organisation was obvious… to me anyways having sampled a tad myself…

So again the narrative has already been constructed and is being reinforced…surprise, surprise… by @LadyOfAlba, to blacken the name of the same woman… and use a lie to attempt to defend the reputation of AUOBSCOT? You have to start outing these idiots if you want any of us to take any of you seriously post_indy..seriously ;o)

About the same time coincidentally enough  I simply stated on my wee truth_chimp_account [with a massive 314 followers] that AUOBSCOT were a company limited by shares, with two shareholders. Memorandum of Articles [that could easily be changed if the desire was there] stating, and I paraphrase, that ‘no_one had a right to see any paperwork’ except the accounts submitted to Companies House…standard AofA’s for an ‘off the shelf’ ltd.co. and as I said at the time…nothing untoward about it at all… but it seemed a little out of kilter with the supposed aspirations of openness, trust and inclusivity being spun at the time…to me anyways…I put twenty squid into one of these buckets… that made me a shareholder! ;o)

This is when I discovered that the folks I had seen giving this one woman so much grief …at the time I knew not what for…were also ‘dishing out twitter_kickings’ on behalf of AUOBSCOT or so it appeared….  a glistening trail of  tweets left by the twitter_thlugs…

This led to the arrival of @stupid_serif, churnalist and apparent AUOBSCOT Twitter representative at the time… accusing me of being one of @jeggit’s mates out to cause trouble and seemed to know that AUOBSCOT would be making a statement… there was, what I took to be, a wee smart_arse remark/challenge that serif seemed sure that I wouldn’t be “sticking_around… but I was welcome to”… very good of them eh? I accepted his invitation..I bit admittedly… serif later snidely commented back to AUOB that no_one had come to ‘back_him_up’… bless… serif then went into lock_down and protected their tweets…

When Garry J Kelly ‘issued his statement’ to me shortly afterwards it was to announce an AUOBSCOT ‘summit_meeting’ that would result in… yet another statement being issued … in November…

The plan to publish accounts and other such information after the ‘November Summit’?

This was at the time of ‘bucket_gate’ and the lack of any apparent ‘skillsets’ to either prevent this happening in the first place or to deal with it effectively and quickly within the organisation once it was out there worried me at the time…this was on top of the other signs of organisational disfunctionality apparent in the dealings for the highly successful 2018 Edinburgh March… that dissappointed me ;o(((         there was also some pretty wierd nonsense going on from one the organisers, a John Mellon I think it was, who propagated some pretty extraordinary lies about the same two women not paying a busfare on an AUOB march…  *the two women did receive an apology from AUOBSCOT organisers and he is no longer with the organisation I believe. One woman was not even there. She was 500 miles away at the time. Another story that the ‘Goon_Squad’ turned into another vicious and actionable lie regarding how the trip was funded. Cue the scamming of a charity lie!*

Also @politicsScot went completely quiet regarding his promotion of AUOB but the @stupid_serif account picked up the slack when the game  changed from the moves  being made on the front foot… to a game of ‘defense’ quite deep in the 18 yard box… ugly and desperate stuff….all was going smoothly up til then…

Couldn’t have put it better… hope you don’t mind Rumple? Sure made me giggle min…no reflective capabilities…although their darkness glows and is extremely visible in the light… laters ;o)

Namaste to those that deserve it… ;o)

You have proved your fearlessness in taking these folk on and I’m glad you have gone to PoliceScotland… The energy required for this can be draining… As always I will offer my tuppenceworth… I just can’t help it…

The lies told by Robbo re the allegation of misappropriation of funds from a charity event you organised are as you say actionable…

Exactly the same situation I spoke to my lawyer about regarding David Hooks lie to Ian Blackford he stated on his TL… regardless of his belief in it or not it was not true. I could swear in a civil court it was not true and he would be NOT be able to provide any evidence…he had none…

You have proof re paperwork that he is lying… you have posted it… there was no retraction or apology AFAIK…

Through SIMPLE PROCEDURE you could bring this before a sheriff… it’s an online form as you know… perhaps now is the time? that perhaps might send a warning to others… from a court… a judge agreeing with you… not just wex and a few others…

Evidence along with any action resulting  from your visit to the Police…

I realise that some think I am  fanning flames here but I can assure you I was on twitter since 2012 without so much as a warning but I could not stomach what was going on with this crew… vile behaviour… cruel and quite sadistic imho…

Always try and keep yi’r dignity despite the proximty of any squalor and filth you may be wading through at the time…

hing_loose_aw’ ;o)

To perhaps be continued after my full_moon_solstice_pooja_perty_wi_pals                                                         yi’r nivver too auld tae dance aboot a campfire hootin’ and laughin’ and singin’ and enjoying ‘time_spent’…





Davee admits to sitting back and enjoying the show… when the girls let rip and go full on tonto…

“Let rip”?  At who Davee?  One of your so called ‘stalkers’? You do seem to revel in the nastiness and also to enjoy the orchestration… yikes… mind the gravy!  ;o(((

I take it that @GraceBrodie/  Louise and other supporters of ‘mister hooks the gentleman blogger’ such as @meljomur would be happy to have their daughter or sister or mother, brother or son humiliated and laughed about in such a fashion over such a topic or HOW WOULD THEY FEEL if something such as this was directed at them or theirs? [I refer to The Pishy Pants song/poem… David Hooks recent attempt to show off his artistry and demonstrate his mock celtic bravado to the most recent and needy of his ceak_fed cluckers, with his latest ‘flyte’ of poison and lets face it….stupidity!]

No wonder he was too embarrassed to show his face on the AUOB Oban stage… still waiting on ‘the speech’… wonder if he’s gonna stick with the catchy strapline he ‘got from a guy @IndyLiveRadio’... whooossshhhh… *I is all bellyaching with laughter  so I am*

Really? have a word wi’ yir’sels… if this was someone from ‘the other side’ talking about…lets say JoannaCherry… how would that go down do you think? You are all gonna be contaminated with this toxic clown and his ‘defenders’… that’s a NOTICE btw…

some of the ‘squad’ are on DEFCON 2/ 24×7… prepared to move to ‘FULL_ON_TONTO’ [which @PoliticsScot  admits to ‘loving’ so much?  mmm? ] at a moments notice… SPEECH…SPEECH…

There’s a few more on the fringes…piping up with their support for this nasty wee man… he’s taking you all for a ride… hopefully some might already have seen through his ridiculous claims of the “stalking”, “bullying’ & “persecution” [words used by Davee and his ‘defenders’] over what initially was a question of mine regarding Mrs Hooks and a Twitter violation for ‘abusive behaviour’…

His ridiculous and quite frankly childish replies & forceful denials [from behind a block of course] … his constant mentions of PoliceScotland and his ‘contact’ with them… up to DI level apparently, lawyers and even the PF… all have “laughed” at him…by his own admission… unless it was a mistake of punctuation?…This what inspired this so called ‘hate campaign’ of wee wexes… the no_one…with nothing? *lolz* as you kidz like to say… two questions, some taking the mick cartoons… that’s why the Police have done nothing… that’s why lawyers will do nothing… because I am telling the truth… Davee might not like it… but it is the truth… is what really terrifies the feeder of the clutch? the truth?…?????

Hate Campaign??? No wonder people are laughing at you Davee… a few ‘cartoons’ taking the mick out of your pomposity and nastiness and the next thing you know… The Political Scott is going TONTO…


We hear from gavinB/trace/do_mck/Trish1911/TenaciousV/debs/kevvo/GraceBrodie/meljomur/JPooleSmith/ @clmbie and a host of other accounts wittingly or unwittingly taking part in this tawdry tale of LIES and FALSE NARRATIVE storyboarded by @PoliticsScot and acted out by his’ twitt_family & friends’… as @stupid_serif said a while back…”this isn’t the Indy I want peeps… is it possible to unsee any of this?”

Better ask yourselves that question folks… this plane is losing altitude quickly [due to pilot error]… gonna take your parachutes or risk the crash landing?  Choices eh?


#karmatrainzacummin    GITAFF_THETRAX!


The 'evidence' asked for...
David asked for evidence after denying his wife had ever had any ‘Twitt_Violations’… when presented with the evidence he started his lying narrative to his beak_fed_followers from behind a block…

Are you still claiming this Twitter violation was ‘photoshopped’ Davee? Jings min… If you’d just admitted it you could have saved yourself a lot of ‘mocking’… that led to my asking you about a real ‘mocking_group’…

All of this ‘false_narrative’ you’ve had to ‘construct’ over two questions that you chose to throw your toys out of the pram over… you are someone ok… that’s for sure… but I don’t think that person you see in the mirror is the person many others do… get a grip… your BRAND is TOXIC… beyond salvation possibly?…fahkens eh?…your call min? Carry_On_Regardless?


P.S. Folks should be careful repeating lies about “doxxing for years”

@clmbie repeating lies [wittingly or unwittingly?]

Another ‘brave soul’ jumps into the pile_on…very dissapointed in you… a fellow lichtie ;o(   “FROM WHAT I KNOW”…? sounds like you have swallowed a false narrative @clmbie and know absolutely nothing about this situation …. you’ve probably  been speaking to ‘OldCreepyDrawers’ Paul Wright from Brechin? … Infamous in the COURIER and for sending ‘unwanted_letters’… the guy  that thought he could threaten to ‘doxx’ me and visit ‘my home’ in Friockhiem? ” … *sniggers* …the man who threatened to post this womans address up online… the man who is onto his sixth twitter account due to suspensions for various misdemeanours and innapropriateness, mainly towards women… is that where you get your ‘information’…  what strange people you support and defend @clmbie… YIKES ;o((((

@PoliticsScot touting for work… “…gee your the PoliticsScot guy… the one who wrote the Pishy Pants Song to humiliate a woman and who weaponised your own personal tragedy to lie about someone to an MP to score points on twitter and push your false narrative… is that you?”    “Cheers mate.. that means a lot… but it’s others that do the real ‘work’… I’m more of an ideas man… but I don’t mind getting my hands dirty if I think I can get away with it…*lolz* thanks again mate”



OK @Graeme_Berry… I appreciate that you have deleted the lie you posted on your TL… the reasons why you did it in the first place?

Your words contained in one of the aforementioned ‘now deleted’ posts… “proving this is a vendetta” explains perfectly the lengths you and others are going to in order to prolong and extend this despicable treatment of folks…

You apparently seem to enjoy this ‘vendetta’ and are prepared to state such nasty untruths re homophobia without a shred of evidence to your followers through your platform as truths… it was a lie…and you have RT’d quite a few of those G… that makes you a LIAR… a player in this vendetta…

A vendetta which is pretty one sided in terms of numbers… a vendetta which you, along with others are without doubt a part,  possibly due to your involvement in the legendary, worst kept secret of Scottish Twitter… ‘potted_plant DM debacle’ of which I know very little to be honest, but after witnessing all the batshitcrazy antics of your goodself and your online ‘posse_network_family’ over the last eight months or more… and thats exactly what it is… a network…the analytics say so… I am again in no doubt that this probably did indeed take place… along with other acts of nastiness… the need to drink tiger_blood is too strong for it not to be so…imho…

The ‘brigadery’ reached a crescendo recently with some awful, despicable lies of the worst kind being stated as fact by Michelle Graham… the fact that ‘the fact’ she was stating was a post/ screenshot of a sock_puppet or lets use Michelles own words… a ‘ghost account’ called ‘Mary Ann’ or something, which very likely belonged to her in the first place and  seems to have been totally ignored by many… it’s not the first time Michelle has lied to either defend her own or other ‘family members’ from what they see as ‘abuse/stalking’ or to attack someone elses truths and then blow up a twitter ding dong when someone is forced to call her out… she went way too far this time… way too far!

And her greatest defender? @PoliticsScot… encouraging his 11K following to email or write to Twitter…petitioning on her behalf… helping to spread the false narrative that ‘Michelle got two of her accounts permanently suspended [only two though eh Catherine Collins ;o)] because she called a guy a prick’…

Aye… as they would say *laughs out loud emoticon*

Where I’m going with all this?

Graeme… As I said… appreciate you deleted your actionable and nasty tweets or lies as they are also known…a  retraction re the homophobia accusation would be in order… pinned for 48hours please… that will obsolve you from any more immediate mocking and bringing to attention and highlighting the collective posses behaviour [by me anyways]…I imagine it’s only a matter of time before one of the redtops selects one or two of you to do a wee filler ‘cybernat’ piece on… they’d probably be strategic about when they’d release it…timing is everything as you know….

A parachute? This plane has a couple of engines on fire and is losing altitude G… you still gonna be onboard? You know from past experience that it will be everyman for himself… that bit in the movie when the ‘warning_altitude’ computer voice comes on in the cockpit… this is the bit just before it… you better grab a parachute dude… dilema? choices? decisions? escape route? obstructions? consequences? solutions? actions?

This is all really bad show for the rest of the YES movement…surely you must know this G? Robbo/Tracee/Paul/Davee/BillBrady…the doxxing, the scamming charity lies, the refusing to pay for the bus lies, the threatening to post addresses, the unwanted gifts sent to house, inferences of paedophilia, accusations of madness/ imagining/making things up GASfukkinLIGHTING mate…GASLIGHTING…

One of the cruellest and nastiest forms of abuse. Verging on torture Graeme… And thats the truth. Pin a retraction and apology for 48hrs?

FALSE  NARRATIVE PROMOTION [talking shite...again]

The hypocrisy of the Political Scott is truly off the scale… here we see Michelle plotting to bring about the demise of the person she made the vile allegations against and funnily [and conveniently enough] a woman who @PoliticsScot  has criticised forcefully in the past and accused of ‘having an axe to grind’….. [another of his imaginary ‘stalkers‘? There must be about 15 of us now#batshitbaby!]

Davee pushing the narrative of abuse being shown towards him and anyone ‘seen to be defending him’ from ‘persecution’… which started this drama_llama_ding_dong… we also see his “good friend” @do_mck ‘pledging his allegiance’… much as we saw @stupid_serif do a few months ago and PoliticsScot seems delighted about the manner in which HIS ‘defending’ is being done… he refers to it as “bringing darkness to light” in his fawning ‘gee thanks for bollocking her for me’ reply further on in that thread which was shotted a few posts ago, which probably did a lot to encourage the last seven months of aggression & bullying and was not long after I myself stuck my head above the parapet and said enough was enough… I then recieved my own wee kicking and ‘character assasination’ then ‘wiping from twitter via mass reporting’… pleased I’m away from twitter… a soul draining cesspit at times…

You folks seem intent on digging that lie_pit of yours to some real depth… some of you are almost getting to the stage that you will no longer be able to reach up and grab a hold of the lip in order to extracate yourselves… for some that has already happened… Tracee & Simon… serif… paul… robbo… it’s the lies and their co_authorship&creation that are the ties that bind you all together are they not?  robbo probably knows the most about everyone else… like the ‘chief whip’ of the posse if you will… he knows you know… YIKES!

Look forward to the ‘publication’ of @PoliticsScot ‘s speech…’he woulda made’ [bulseye anyone?;o)] if he hadn’t been suffering… sorry… don’t wish any ill health or harm on anyone but there always seems to be a wee ‘feel sorry for me’ appeal at times of criticism… a pattern? maybe it’s just me… the cynical, evil wex?

The truth will out! The mocking/ highlighting bad behaviour might have to step up to video level… a wee mask could be made and I could pay someone to wear it and dance about in a mankini to the shaman… jings…the chorus fits extremely well [rhythmically] to certain names… could even make up a rap… a rapping traffic warden? with the mask on of course ;o) some quotes from conflicting tweets cut/in? …sample bits from ‘speeches’ like cassette_boy… maybe get a YOUTUBE chanel?

Truth has many tools… humour or as you quite correctly say, ‘the mocking’ I am dishing out to you is just that… and I will continue to do so… it highlights truths to yours and others behaviour… the court of public opinion, or a few members at least, might be seeing through your antics?

You are the ones who have to stop, think and apologise…

Laters loonz

a still from the upcoming Indy_Parody_4Charity Video… pre_production stages…

16th June… since this is now in the hands of Police Scotland and lawyers I will shoosht my wheesht for the time being …unless something untoward is said[ about me again] or apologies are not forthcoming… posts of lies deleted… ‘anything’ is your twitter friend… don’t trawl…search… you know it makes sense…see what happens over the next whilee as they say… now where’s that drag and drop editing thingy… ah yes iMovie… can use it on my wee tablet/ pad outwith wi_fi town… cheery fir noo ;o)

Wexworth Unsler Wsq. [mocker of the stars]






Heading away from wi_fi_town for another few days… weather great… full moon soon so am gonna escape the howlers… all packed after a great couple of hours ‘flying’…

Davee.. your an endless source of material…I’ll say that for you…

He’s at it again… they say you can often go some way to judge someones character by the company they keep… this is family apparently?

this could go on for a while if the cycle is not broken…



get on yir groovy train and start smilin’ and bein’ nice… try it… it feels great…

all because of some mock turtles?

soul science? ;o)

get yir sels oot west… way out west…

let it rain down love? you’ve got the power!

be good to yirsel and others…laters ;o)

Would love to do a wee remix o’ this … BabeeHookz/ BabyHookz… His Name Is BABEE_HOOKZ will need a wee meme o’ himself dancin’ of course… maybe work on that one….

All The Worlds A Stage... Take your places.... Curtain in one minute folks...One minute to curtain...Thank You... Have a good one...
the circus continues and the mocking will go on… Dance Remix? All the different wee characters coming on for a wee David Brent dance… Chorus… Everybody singalonga Shaman styleee….Davee Hookz Davee Hookz… oh..ahhh.. wohhh…His Name is Davee Hookz…………………….Davee Hookz Davee Hookz etc. etc. etc…. ;o) sincerely hope there’s no heckling for the big speech… that would be offputting…


DELETED TWEETS @graeme_berry?

A current twitter search      @graeme_berry ‘homophobic account’ brings up nothing… it was not always so…

You could go one step further to prevent any possible civil action in the future Mr Berry… not from me obviously… but from the person you lied about with absolutely no evidence whatsoever… an apology? or an explanation even? Do the right thing? Why did you even say it in the first place? Whether you were pressured, guilt tripped or felt trapped by previous actions I have not a clue… we do what we do and live with the consequences… I have been lied about myself and don’t take kindly to it to be honest… especially nasty, vicious lies such as this… break the cycle… free yourself of the shackles of untruths and rise like a new man from the ashes of the  fire of reputational ruin on which you and your posse dance  with paper shoes…and as you and Michelle have both done recently… got them paper shoes burnt…

deleted tweets
how about an apology for the whopper @Graeme_Berry? are the homophobic tweet allegations deleted?


GET YOUR PARACHUTES HERE…ONLY A FEW LEFT…spearmint chewny & macaroon baaarrrs…

Pretty disappointed but not totally surprised to see @ kevvo1468 ask @Missgreenie “what’s this got to do with you”

My involvement and ongoing online character assasination at the time was compounded by your nasty insinuation that I “downloaded” a picture of your three month old grandson for “amusement” and that I was a “creepy fucker” for doing so. A clear insinuation that I was gaining some kind of sexual gratification from looking at and working on this “downloaded” photo.

That was the narrative that was then spread via Davee/ Tracee etc. but it went to fiercely stratospheric levels of am_drammery      when your wife got involved after it being brought to her attention by the lady from cosworth…

All of it because I pulled you up over what I and others thought were innapropriate comments you were making about a womans MH and discussing it openly with others [who were calling her by various different derogatory and insulting versions of ‘insane’ for goodness sake!]…due to your profession and age, which is covered on another post…

I actually would like to believe that you have been kippered up… fed a load of what seems like credible facts from many sources… wound_up and let loose on ‘their enemy who was now… your enemy’ ? Maybes? The other option is a pretty frightening thought for me to be honest Kev ;o(

You’re obviously a grafter and  care about your family and like many of us who’ve been lucky enough to make it through to where we are currently, in reasonable health, will not be without stories of triumph over adversity and also despair at times no doubt… your obviously a proud man… as I am also… you have raised a family and given your kids a good start in life.. and as they say up oor way… yi’v pide fir it… [always worked] sparky and retrained later in life [as I have done] and you don’t do your job purely for the money… it’s a vocation… am lucky enough to be semi_retired and choose the work I do… work with extremely vulnerable young people so that’s why the insinuation of your posts cut deep Kev… and also that I constantly contacted your work and was trying to get you to lose your job!  Seriously? Was there any feedback to you or impact on your job or were you spoken to by your employers?

I certainly did not hear from either PoliceScotland or the GMBUnion lawyers or the ScotAmbService lawyers for that matter… nothing… because none of  what you were saying was true was it?

I screengrabbed your head from a photo on your timeline FFS…you posted the pick on your public TL…have a word to yourself…Tracee was trying that same old trick re. claims of hers from Dunning Kruger Land… they are bonkers… if you haven’t work that out for yourself by now…well…

The angle of your head was all that I was interested in for the admittedly childish wee cartoon I did of you… mocking Davee [who remember had just posted a vicious lie about me to IanBlackford`MP… that was nasty min… his completely wrong belief that I was aware of facts that it was impossible for me to be aware of…posted as a FACT…another LIE to add to the ‘wex_narrative’]… the proving of a lie…with…you guessed it…another lie…the weaponising of such a subject is extremely bad patter…and that other would be politician and part time legal beagle @JPooleSmith who was posting the lie that I was ‘threatening to post @PoliticsScot’s personal details online??? You see where I’m coming from on the narrative building here Kev? All around @PoliticsScot and the defending of his so called “bullying and persecution” … aye that was @do_mck I believe… another of the lickspittles who appears extremely committed to Davee… much like @stupid_serif…

And I didn’t write to your work or contact them hundreds of times Kev… c’mon min…they were tagged into one  tweet [that had the code of conduct under which you work, which I thought you were stretching somewhat]…. your wife then replied possibly ‘hundreds of times’ as she shouted at me thinking I was Jon or an ex husband or …. jings… I muted… it didn’t end well though as you know… suspensions… etcetera… another story eh?  felt for you over that complete lie that she was fed… no support from your posse either eh?

You’ve been hooked/ lined and very possibly future_sunk… you could always take back the ‘paedo’ insinuations… delete the posts [is that one on VonnyB’s TL with Mr Sarwar gone yet?] all that ding_dongerry about Wex being Jon… Mark Robertsons forked tongue no doubt… ably abetted by Tracee dripping poison into your ear? They are pretty good at it… I’ll give them that… They are pretty rubbish at everything else…their understanding of twitters workings, commercially and analytically is truly mind boggling stuff… None of them have ever met me and I have absolutely no interest in meeting them… a nest of vipers that seem to revel in dischord and causing havoc…wierd/wired hobby don’t you think?

Anyways Kev… do you really stand by these quite serious insinuations you made about me? Do you think I’m a “creepy fucker” who got off on looking at that photo of your grandson? Get a grip min.

I’m off to the beach… see of there’s enough wind for a kite… it’s a kelly_kettle evening…

I said before Kevvo… I won’t have lies told about me… especially those with the connatations that one had… no way…

You stick with them and I will continue to try and prove that you lied about me concerning this and continue to lie about me and seem to be in complete denial as to how your actions and posts have impacted on a womans health, life and general wellbeing… if this was your daughter or sister being treated like this?

Wexworth Unsler Esq.


My Self_Awareness Is Second To None. None I Tell You..NONE!!! [some people eh?]

‘Hookz’ PARTRIDGE-BRENT… a comic construct of course… a man I visualise as having the self awareness of a blocked drain and the neck of a giraffe… no hole is too deep to dig and with his torn_face band of sock_puppet miscreants on a constant DEFCON ONE , P-B  only has to whistle for the attack_dogs to pack_up & start circling…

A moderate criticism or heaven forbid…. questioning!… himself or one of ‘the family’….a perceived slight perhaps and the troops can start to gather for some ‘brigadery’… as they see it… they do it for kicks…

This can take many forms… sometimes a few of the puppies come out for a nip… as we usually see when P-B is dealing with ‘profile’ accounts… the recent wee am_dram [failed to turn into a full on llama_ding_dong… thankfully… phew] when questioned on his ‘tone’ when twitter_talking to women on occasion was met with a fine and convincing display of a teenage ‘strop n’ storm_off’ and really made me laugh… too much G.O.T. if you ask me… DRAAAAMMMMAA!!!

When the big dogs in the pack start to snarl and bite it’s not so funny… as one Indy supporting woman accused of being a paedophile recently knows only too well… Michelle Graham is then defended by David & ‘The Family’ and an absolutely ridiculous narrative was born that ‘POOR MICHELLE…AH CANNAE BEELEEEVITT!!! was permanently suspended from twitter for calling a guy a prick and everyone was to write to Twitter to have her account reinstated??? No mention of the possibility of the fact that spreading this vicious and actionable lie might have had a bearing on the two account suspensions. Nowt. Nada. Zilch. She’s still on Twitter though. A bit quieter but there nonetheless.

The ongoing ‘hatefest’ against another woman YESSER is another case of vicious, nasty and ACTIONABLE lies having a detrimental effect on their health and lives and those of their family. ;o(((

That particularly nasty lie that you told about me when you posted on Ian BlackfordMP’s twitter feed, due to your completely unfounded belief that I knew someone, kinda annoyed me Davee to be honest. That was on top of the DV Register and ‘beats up women’  allegations broadcast by your oh so twisted sister and friend @LadyOfAlba remember… oh aye… and the paedophile insinuations concerning the completely false allegation of the downloading of the picture of a three month old baby “for my amusement” ????  so you’ll excuse me for having the nerve to defend myself against such nasty untruths… you and your beak fed kleecolytes screech STALKING/ HARASSMENT & BULLYING while multi_reporting others to twitter in large numbers… killing accounts… pants on fire or what? PVG is the only ‘register’ I am on and have been so for quite some time…

Jings you even go the police with your accusations… I have lost count of the number of times I have been told to expect a ‘knock_knock’ from PoliceScotland… The POLIS are probably ‘seek o’ th’ sicht o’ yi’…

If I was stalking or harassing or bullying and there were any… even the slightest grain of truth to me being a ‘danger’ to anyone I would have been visited by Police Scotland… I am sure of that…

The only ‘danger’ or ‘threat’ that I pose to @PoliticsScot, as he knows only too well, is that I am telling the TRUTH and that possibly some folks are having a wee giggle at his expense at the ‘mocking_cartoons’…

I am totally prepared to pay for my actions if they are deemed either criminal or defamatory [in a civil court]… My conscience is totally clear… I could not take Mr Hooks to court for his lie about me as I am an anonymous account… perhaps that’s why he told such a whopper after that became clear and I admitted as such? Fa kens? [am not finshed with the incremental dynamic solutions on that front either]

So humour, mockery and drawing attention to his and the Posses misdemeanours is my new 45 minute a day ‘hobby’…. and I’ve used up my daily allowance already… back to bed…


Livin’ Yir Strapline? … Wexworth [truthchimp] Unsler Esq.

How did you get here? I took the first left after the roundabout and headed at full speed along the  #selfawarenessbypass… fantastic… love it… even use it for pleasure at the weekends… only it takes twice as long to go half the distance… gives me something to do when it’s not raining though *lolz* … how did you get here yourself?

“If you want to come find me so we can off_line that would be welcome. As would an apology.”  Yip… reminds of the Great Doadinski [a Polish friend of my old mans who had driven tanks during the war… a Mr Redunski… “you’re never too old to throw your toys oot o’ the pram” … strop n’ storm tactics from the Political Scott there or maybe he was just ‘acting’ for dramatic effect? fa kens eh? ;o)


‘The Pishy Pants Song’ by ‘The Gentleman Blogger’ @PoliticsScot David Hooks [14…sorry…41 years old]

source twittsearch @PoliticsScot ‘pishy’

Wonder if @PoliticsScot will be debuting this little ditty when he makes his next public speaking engagement at AUOB Oban?

Davids New 'Song'
David Hooks debuts his new song to a few of his beak fed clutch who all seem to find his attempts at the ‘humiliation’ of a woman pretty hilarious… ;o((( who knows someone might even have taken it as a signal to send Tena Lady to the womans house as a ‘gift’… [it happened] thats on top of the other many lies and ongoing acts of bullying and harassment that he, his wife and their followers are complicit in…such a talented and ‘nice’ guy eh? A fine upstanding example for the YES movement? G…That schoolteacher dad of yours…. A  your mum must be sooo proud that you are demonstrating the values of ‘respect&kindness’ that they  raised you by as a lad in Stirling Davee eh? YIKES

PoliticalScott & His 'Hate Choir'
A few ‘personalities’ missing from this wee collection of nazteez… een o’ th’ bairns is working on the full choir and orchestra…

 And this guy has been given a platform on IndyLiveRadio, The ScotNational, AUOB Galashiels and is due to speak at AUOB Oban this weekend? Really?

This person has led the harassment and bullying of at least two women in the YES movement backed by his wee Posse of kleecolytes and sock_puppet accounts for the best part of a year.

Hi folks… just before I deliver my monologue and just to get everyone in the party mood I’d like to sing you a wee song I wrote the words to myself… it’s nothing to do with Indy but it’s a bit of a laugh and was inspired by friendship and loyalty… sorry… I can’t help it… I always start to cry when I think of just how much I mean to my twitter friends and family and the lengths they will go to to protect me from bullying and persecution *wipes dry eyes with handkerchief*

A special mention to @do_mck / Tracee Wilson / Simon Patterson /Mark Robertson / Sarah Barwood / @Ind3pendent7 / @HyndlandHigh and so many more accounts that have backed and supported me… This ones for you… I give you ‘The Pishy Pants Song…



If the woman who this nasty wee ‘song’ is about wants this removed then all you have to do is ask…


NOT SO MUCH A MISUNDERSTANDING [although it did lead to one]

My first contact with kevvo and the fierce_wahn explained… source/search twitter   @kjm1468 ‘wexler’

the start of what ended up being an insinuation that wex was a paedophile… and folks wonder why I want this lie retracted`?

kevvos head was screenGRABbed and “no babies were used in this cartoon”… as is bleedin’ obvious you pair o’ drama_llama_dingdongz… and you too @JPooleSmith… acting wittingly or not on behalf of the would be  machiavellian meesterhookz… a shower of horrors.. the lot of you…


My reason for calling JPooleSmith a liar? I clearly stated that I wanted DM’d and not to post details on my TL… very clearly stated… yet… the would be politician who’s “intentions are honest”  stretched his poetic or artistic  license to the extremes of the most itchy rock lobster with the “..Wex threatened to release PoliticsScot’s personal details online” amdram and the hysterical histrionics that ensued … he obviously saw the potential future comedy in them… as I did and he deleted the funniest ones… and HE threatened ME with lawyers??? *snigger*… another one who’s ilk Mr Finkin deliciously has described in the past as being very good @ ‘breathing through his mouth’… fa kens eh?

Dry but windy… and grey… very grey… breakfast… walk and a leisurely drive home… that’s todays 45 mins attempt at redress ration all eaten in a oner… thats me told… great… get a wee crash on the way back… kelly_kettle at moulin…glad ah’m no on twitter anymore ;o)


don’t download…just GRAB… whooossshhhttt & shhhooossshhhtttt

p.s…sorry… but I did have to have a real laugh at this little beauty o’ a pit’doon… I know I shouldn’t but… I did

ooooffftttt... sare_een
mind the door on the way out… not very often the fierce_wahn is lost for words I can tell you… tooooshaaaaayyyy

I only have goldfish so can leave my pets at home unattended when I’m away and also that leaves out the choice of whether to let them sleep or lie in my bed… pal was ill a while back and it ended up being a stomach bug caught from the dog… who wouldla thunk it eh… a tiny weeee wee bit o’ keich on yir pillow from the dogs bahoochy… bingo… maybes aye… fa kens… worth a thought though eh?   you’re welcome…think nowt o’ it ;o)


retro_twitt_tweets… the episode when DETECTIVE TARCEE USES HER COMPLETE [MIS]UNDERSTANDING OF HOW TWITTER WORKS TO ACCUSE SOMEONE OF BEING WEX…AGAIN… SHE.IS.WRONG…YES…AGAIN [they just make it up you know…nothing better to do & too much time… in my opinion of course]

source/twitter_search @LadyOfAlba ‘guffers wex’

GuffersIsWex...ERRR no...he's no actually tarcee... cheers... wex ;o(
tracee wilson proves her shortcomings in her understanding of how twitter actually works… *sniggers*

Tracee seems totally aware that no_one actually needs a twitter account to look at other twitter accounts… jings… taxi for dunning_kruger…

Had a few GuinAYE.. been given forty_five, a glass of water and a bit o’ a tellin’…but it’s been a great day…

Anyways… Tracee/ et all… to base your suspicions, because that is what they are, suspicions of a persons identity real_wurld on who you block/ follow or mute is meaningless and if you don’t mind me saying… kinda daft… only protected tweets cannot be seen… unless the account is following you as you rightly say… jings… it’s a free service… you don’t need an account to see someones timeline… also if you use the search ‘anywordoraccount’ function after the  @ it brings up replies as well… but you knew that yeh… you don’t have to trawl through timelines… @*****  ‘anything’ in twitter search bar… but as I said you probably knew that… why do you think you get to use it for ‘free’ ? the analytics are pretty awesome as well… they’re for free as well…

Accusing Gav and his partner of being me?  and then tweeting it? and David  believed you???  he tweeted it as well… did either of you ever apologise? Fa kens eh? Zen & The Art Of Mouth_Breathing…

I know… I’m pished but you lot are really laughable… nasty and cruel granted… but comedy gold also… the karma trains a cummin… better go… netflix binge awaits… last 4 of UNDERCOVER/ Belgian cop thing… Laters aw that care Wex ;o))))

Got reminded about this persons ideas about who ‘wex’ is… again. wrong… she was fair convinced so she was… she worked it out all by herself and definitely DID NOT get her info from Mark Robertson @robbycameron1… she was played… suited her narrative [at the time though] ??? YIKES!!!

An apology and confirmation that I DID NOT use a photo of a bairn?  you heard of screengrab ‘o fiercewahn’… It takes a snapshot of any part of your screen… you know like the head of someone from a PUBLIC photo posted on an open timeline… no need to ‘download’ a photo… in the name o’ the wee man… oh aye… Jonny Nab is definitely not me… you know that now I take it?   you could apologise to him and his wife also… you can still dislike me as much as you want but all these lies being told are escalating out of control… i sincerely hope your health improves but that was a pretty mean lie you told about me… and harassed two innocent folks over nothing…nada…zilch… however misdirected it was…. it was wrong… an apology can go a long way… peace…



Says Craig… who introduced himself into @PoliticsScot narrative either by invitation or his own free will…

Started out with the very decent and fairly widely shared premise I’m sure that people, once having either apologised or in the case of criminality ‘served their sentence’ for any wrongdoing they deserve a second chance and to judge them on their current actions. Hardly a controversial stance but hey… I agree wholeheartedly Craig…

The only problem being that @robbycameron1/ Mark Robertson AKA Claire is still ‘at_it’… as far as I know he is no longer scamming fellow YESSERS out of food or money… but he is certainly taking part and possibly orchestrating some of the vicious actions, lies and fish_wifery  we have  seen and are STILL seeing being carried out on Twitter by Bobo and some of his family members…David Hooks @PoliticsScot  Paul@BrechinDiocese/ @stupid_serif/ @siouxiezoo/ @TiaMariaWilson/ @LadyOfAlba/ @PurityRefined/ TenaciousV/ IndyWildcat/ OorTazTumbles  and knowingly or not, all the other supporters and sockpuppets that spew the bile they have been fed back on their timelines as fact and not the fabricated lies that they are…and if there is the opportunity for a ‘pile_on’ as well as a good gossip then even better…YIKES,,,

So Craig you are maybe unaware of the year long harassment of a few women YESSERS on twitter but I doubt it… are you a player in it?  it was a ‘perfect’ reply for David as he said… was it a request or did you do it all on your owney_oh? Looking for a wee salute? [he doesn’t do memes any more] but it sounds like you’ll have your wee set o’ posse spurs if you’ve not got them already… he might send a few followers yir way an aw…. that wid be braw eh?   too funny for frank… you do realise these little ‘set_pieces’ sound like an Armando Iannucci script?  maybe it’s just me? maybe it’s just ‘the style’… have a word… do you really want to be associated with this? The lies… bullying… attempts to shut folk up?

lets just have a wee look at some of robbo’s current behaviour Craig? oh…his account is protected… anyways he’s still at the nonsense… was instrumental in the ACTIONABLE LIE stating that someone had scammed a charity… admitted to hitting a 14 year old and ENJOYED IT & posted it online… a man who stands by his convictions obviously… wonder if he will acquire any soon? ;o)

Weathers rubbish for my few days but lunch in front of a fire was great, got my batteries charged and free wi_fi… all the best to those that deserve it… Wexworth Unsler Esq. ;o)

Funny to see those that are ‘up_in_arms’ about @naenonsense… an account that does as they all do, when the opportunity arises, which it does…fairly often as it happens  due to the ‘multi_reporting’ ride outs that take place fairly regularly and sees them saddling up to dish out a stiff kicking or ‘spread_the_word_about_indy_twitter_town’ as they did recently about Michelle Graham and the “she was kicked off Twitter for calling ‘CricketGuy’ a prick… AH CANNAE BELIEVE IT!!!

No neither can I. And it’s a load of bullshit. She’s been lying, trolling and generally spitting venom on behalf of the PolScottPosse and it’s odd wee network for months… the karmatrain hit her head on… she’s still on Twitter though… just not as ‘front_line’ or visible… awkward

another bit of whistling up the troops to try and get this account shut down… it posts copies of reports of twitter violations that others have sent it… I have not a clue who runs it but the hypocrisy is hilarious… be interesting to see if they have the reach… see if people at Twitter do look or it’s all down to numbers… we’ll see… it has as much right as any other account to stay… it’s only posting factual violations for goodness sake… Davee Disnae Like It…DDLI…it’s gotta go… funny… man_baby richt enough… plays the part well TBF to him though ;o)

credit to Mr Finkin for capturing this account ‘swap’ as the man with three supsended accounts undertakes an account change courtesy of Robbo… I believe it was a particularly nasty troll account previously used to harass the same woman who’s address he threatened to post online and probably passed to others and is now currently operating as @BrechinDiocese…. YIKES!!!! ;o(

Waaayyy tooo much time on my hands today and due the rather inclement weather and a brief but enjoyable infection of laziness I have acquired a new skill which really annoys me but makes me burst out laughing whenever it happens… got some strange looks and a few kicks under the table today for such attention seeking behaviour…read this and imagine davee is allan partridge… same with the ‘drinking at 11.45 am stuff… yir great granda… funny


Talking About Truth… Heres Paul[a] Showing Some ‘True_Colours’…

Yikes… you pop back into wi_fi_town only to find the jeeperz_kreeperz behaviour is ongoing… Paul[a] must have been on the old Vino Desperato last night…

PAUL scrabbles_about10JUNE
@BrechinDiocese shouts and kinda seems to be annoyed… Poor RevPaula Rose

we don’t know each other… some of this accounts ‘truths’ are far from it… he has had previous accounts suspended…ask him what for? he has appeared in the Courier on a few occassions… as far as a woman having to go to the police over him is a story I do not know the specific details of… but it involved an unwanted letter I believe… I’ve watched this go on for  months… word is starting to get round… don’t just take my word for it… and certainly don’t take Pauls word as gospel [all the time] … independent fact checking… this brings me no pleasure but lies/ bullying/ gaslighting/ deflection it all goes on and Paul is a wee player in the crazy cruel wee game they all seem addicted too… @Missgreenie is not scared of them!!!!!   Maybe The Stoker has ‘cottoned_on’ or was unhappy at being unwittingly part of one of the many lies that were spread about a fellow woman YESSER they have done everything they possibly could to try and knock her down!!!!!     FAILED!!!!    RESPECT!!!!

This was posted on open twitter but if Julie or the person being discussed wants it taken down I will… absolutely…but this is one example of Pauls ‘odd/horrific’  behaviour… that’s to say nothing of his friendships with @stupid_serif @robbycameron1 AKA Claire / Mark Robertson who duped fellow YESSERS out of cash and food and apparently ‘acquired pictures’ of fellow gamers… young male  gamers… apparently… [google national claire dupes cons fellow yessers]… it’s all in black and white… in TheScotNational

Paul also thought he would try to intimidate me with his apparent knowledge of where i stay and suggested that he would be ‘visiting me soon’…????? @stupid_serif… one of Paul[a]s close twitter pal and fellow PolScottPosse shenanaginiser has tried similar and posted a photo of where they think I stay only last week… anyways….gotta_go… a couple hours travelling  before a second_breakfast…  namaste to those that deserve it and get a grip Paul… own_it! Wexworth Unsler Esq…..ps have a wee look at one of my previous pieces about ‘the birth of a lie’… re a ridiculous story made up purely to blacken the name of the same woman and her mother!!!! YIKES… it’s all pretty horrible stuff tbh!!!! ask around… fact check… [google… courier… paul wright… brechin]… [google… mark robertson… claire… thescotnational… dupe… con… fellow yessers]… make up your own mind and remember…sometimes you can judge a person by the company they keep????  laters… am away for a bit more respite ;o)



To who [sic] it may concern...
Paul whistling up a ride_out for the troops… saddle_up and go get her … shake some action
hydra_of_hate [continued] ;o((((((
@wordmentalist joins the male indy_blogger_single-FEMALE_PILE_ON?     YOU REALISE HOW UTTERLY DEVOID OF SOUL YOU APPEAR?

“Judge them on their present day action” You said it Craig…That’s what I’m doing anyways…Robbo/ Paul… disgraceful behaviour! & you’re condoning it? REALLY? YIKES ;o(((((

ok graeme lets see the evidence for your claim of homophobia… asked you this a couple of days ago… still no answer but happy enough to take part in another ‘pile_on’ on a female YESSER all in the defense of the your wee posse and pals and potted plant groups and DM groups… yir a minger min!

Talking in tongues?

shurely no one takes this pantomime seriously… only one option…INDY… VOTE SNP TIL WE GET IT!!!!!



Yi'r Gangin' Dioon
After speaking to a legal rep… @graeme_berry lies re. homophobia… actionable… @robbycameron1 lies & all those that RT’d. re. scamming charity…actionable… Michelle Graeme…re paedophilia.. actionable and all the rest o’ the lies… IF YOU WANT TO BRING THIS TO COURT AND A SHERIFF… contact or post on your TL… Lawyers are waiting but it has to be for real…. FOR REAL… SIMPLE PROCEDURE Wexworth Unsler Esq.

OK @PoliticsScot… Lets sort this out once and for all… a conversation in the jurisdiction of the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION?

I will bring my witnesses and evidence and you will bring yours?

Sponsored by Luma Touch and broadcast on TinTerNet by who_ever we can agree on?

YOU & ME and our witnesses and our evidence… let the people decide?

You up for it?       Thought not….

A serious offer that Mr Hooks will decline because he neither has the balls or the evidence to back up his claim….


You are an inconsequential punks @PoliticsScot & @graeme_berry…. LIARS & NO_MARKS













As David Hooks @PoliticsScott seems intent on carrying on with his litany of lies and accusations I feel as though I have only one option… to BITEBACK with my truth and my narrative… LETS_GO_LEGAL_DAVEDEEEEE… yi’r full o’ it min… ;o)



To Those That Know…

Fake Narrative Newsreaders
after his doxxing threat and posting a photo of a house that I certainly don’t recognise… @stupid_serif locks his account… @PoliticsScot or his wife must have asked/ told him too as Rob does nothing without their say so…



I sincerely thank you for keeping schtum… most of you are fellow lichties and all of you are loyal and trustworthy to the wee truth chimp… in this crazy wee story i find myself there is much in the way of dynamic decision making that i question myself on… for the counsel of you all i am grateful… MJW my brother… i am an erse at times… you knew both ‘the box’ and ‘the wee_box’ and  yi’r words keep mi’ richt bro…

To the others that think they might know?  I thank you also for keeping your thoughts to yir’sel… it’s complicated… but if you really do know me you will know that i am not undertaking this lightly or unpreparedly…

My address is trying to be traced by Paul Wright from Brechin and also by an account, @stupid_serif, who claims to be a relative of Billy MacKenzie and who has posted photos online of what he and others believe to be my house…

A Tracey Wilson of Newmilns has tweeted that I am on a Domestic Violence Register and has stated that I have a violent past and have assaulted women.

Another woman and her husband from East Lothian have lied and said I used a photo of their Grandson [who is a baby] to abuse them and amuse myself.

David Hooks tweeted IanBlackford MP that I mocked both him and his wife in the full knowledge that they had both lost a child due to a miscarriage.






Aye yours

Wex ;o)

NOTICE to @stupid_serif @PoliticsScot @TiaMariaWilson1 @LadyOfAlba @AlbanationSimon     Helen MacKenzie
NOTICE to @stupid_serif @PoliticsScot @TiaMariaWilson1 @LadyOfAlba @AlbanationSimon Helen MacKenzie


only one day later in politics scot land

@PoliceScotland once again tell @PoliticsScot that “…no crime has been committed” [wasting police time?]

in an attempt to change career and follow my dream to be a graphic designer [hopefully in the process making enough money to build a worldwide network of animal orphanages that would be free at the point of contact] i decided to “stop sitting around in my underpants all day watching reruns of Dallas”…  overcome my crippling shyness and send an example of [what everyone tells me are] my nonetooshoddy design & photoshop materpieces to @ScotNational, with the hope that they would see past the recent harassment & woman beater allegations posted on the internet by @LadyOfAlba on behalf of at least “six women and their loved ones” during the last week alone and put me on their compuchter list fir a joab. a complete and utter scoosh then ;o) 

now rumour has it that a sense of humour bypass operation carried out some years ago and at the time thought to be reversable, has made life a little serious and glum at times for mister politics scot. his attempts to inject some fun and bounce into his life by allegedly setting up the “mocking Julie group” earlier this year along with @LukeLuciously @PolsMilRos @graeme_berry1 & @OneLumpOrTwo_WW, although being a resounding success for them at the time, by bullying & driving a woman off the internet and from her online activism has come back to haunt all concerned and is the matter i am trying to address with my questions to @PoliticsScot @graeme_berry1 and others which have so far remained unanswered.

the tone of the tweet was perfectly pitched as many followers, primarily those of the new beak-fed brood took this threat of excommunication seriously and hurriedly announced in numerous posts that they were “definitely not following wex” or had “never even once interacted with it” with some feeling they had to send a screengrab to prove it. “Bless” [as the ‘wizard of breeks’ would no doubt say]

he has been to the police on a number of occassions vetnurse. and each time they have told him to go away as there are no laws being broken. the same reason why he would not take it to a civil defamation case. he would not stand a chance and all the facts surrounding this sorry tale would unfortunately, for PoliticsScot  be laid bare for all to see. quite how you were able to arrive at your verdict of stalking/bullying&harassment without seeing my side of the story or considering my evidence is beyond me and in my opinion does not bode well for what i admittedly am guessing is your current or future line of work as a vet. but this is how you are played. 

and just in case you were in any doubt here is the political scot giving out some lessons in translating latin into a late 20th century mock celtic bravado that few will have heard never mind take seriously. a touch of ad nauseum or is that a mea culpa too far?

and one more thing. possibly due to your profession Kevvo you always seem ready to rush to a prejudgement  whenever a mental health diagnosis is required to backup the polscot narrative. your “sad fucker who is probably as unhinged as a certain woman” is noted and along with other dubious yet telling comments would surely bring the house down if read out at a coffee break to your fellow SNHS workers or perhaps rolled out as an icebreaker the next time you meet the FM in your professional capacity. make your son proud and not embarressed at his dad. stick to playin’ santa kev.



like the circles that you find in the windmill’s of folks minds [stop the apple…some folks need to get off]

The start of another ugly cycle starts to wind up  into a familiar pattern although events are coming thick and fast for the ‘indy_scotland_scooter_ display_team…The Blackwings [special_ops_donchaknow] ‘By Hook, Crook & [Fanta]Sea’ is our motto

The whistle has gone out to the waiting troops, the various ‘shouting choirs’ and fourbyfour teams will no doubt pick up on the vibe that it was ‘her I’ve been talking about & unionists that got Michelle banned. Go gettem gang. Thats how they mock’n’troll.

The posse are down a few accounts and some are having to try and keep a low profile… all apart from Tracee Wilson that is, who is offering some free lessons in buffoonery over on her account with accusations, again with overtones of paedophilia, that  photo’s she posted publicly on her twitter TL in January are somehow being “passed about” in a seedy or abusive way towards a child????? she’s gone to the Police [again] of course and wait til her daughter finds out…this is cyclical… I came in when she was threatening to have someone knock on Jeggit’s door in Dublin? Whoooooossshhhh!

@LadyOfAlba @TiaMariaWilson1 and whatever else she calls herself. What is wrong with these people? I have skin in this game with the Princess Of The Poison Pen due to her LYING and calling me an abuser and assaulter of women and suggesting I was on a Domestic Violence Register… a small taste of what some of the [mainly women] go through with this group of emotional vandals and thugs. This is not about politics or Indy. This is about being nasty and vicious and cruel toward your fellow human beings…of telling whoppers of lies about people… for what?

I matters not a jot what was done initially but treatment such as this, taking part in and encouraging multi_account_pile_ons, MH slurs, completely unfounded accusations and lies of racism, homophobia, paedophilia, scamming charities, needlessly sending SSPCA officers to their house, false accusations of stalking & harrassment and lying about facts and number of contacts being made, sending unwanted goods to their address and laughing about it online, threatening to publish their address and pass it round to ‘well_dodgy_geezers, setting up multi_troll accounts to harrass and contact others to spread their lies and hate. Trolling about family tragedies and weaponising your own to ‘win on twitter’? In the name o’ the wee man… it is twisted_sistering of the worst kind I have ever seen… amongst supposed adults! WTAF!

This my friends is only some of what you are being silent about or are not hearing or pretending to not hear or are facepalming it as a twitter_spat are ignoring it and hoping that it will just go away…it does not look like it will ;o((((  it is still going on as we speak… This is a PR social media pile up waiting to happen…

The participants all seem like some of the young folks I deal with that spend too much time on Fortnite… The cycle must be broken… looks like it might to be have to be broken for you? Brutally Bonkers! I only do wee mocking cartoons now, WGD was so correct, Twitter Is A Sewar and I don’t miss it really… but some folks seem to be doing the right thing… I salute you all… laters and namaste to aw…

Wexworth Unsler Esq.

the whistle goes up!!
no mention still of Michelle’s accusations of paedophilia towards a felloow female yesser from Davee… instead he sends out the signal for the pack and the fourbyfour teams to commence brigadery operations immediatel against ‘the enemy’… a new account is on the block it seems.. desperate stuff from desperate folks in desperate times…INFAMY…they alllgotttit INFAMY…


Davee_Hookziz_Naztee_ Hate_ Fest_Band… #not @all_like_sgt_pepper

@PoliticsScot eventually makes an open play...
… @PoliticsScot has come out all gums_blazing after his victorious appearance at AUOBSCOT Galashiels… Become The Media…FIRST THING HE DOES IS LIE AS TO REAL REASON THAT ONE OF HIS ‘CLOSE_TWITTER FAMILIA’ HAS BEEN SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY FROM TWITTER>>> YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP>>> AN ABSOLUTE ROASTER>>>SHE MADE UNFOUNDED ALLEGATIONS REGARDING PAEDOPHILIA NO LESS  [ACTIONABLE!!!! LIES THEY ARE COMMONLY CALLED} ABOUT A FELLOW YES VOTER AND CAMPAIGNER….. him and his beak_fed_kleecolytes’ various Dads Army type exercises, carried out under the delusion that him and his pals are some sort of IndyBrigade [ha.   ha.     ha] You are a LIAR Mr Hooks… with pals like @stupid_serif  [the previous AUOB TwitterRepresentative]  @TiaMariaWilson1 @LadyOfAlba @AlbanationSimon @robbycameron1 @BrechinDiocese… You have targeted P&J for months and are still doing it… #shameofscottishindy  #karmatrainsacummindavee

the hatefestband
@PoliticsScot and some fellow members who have ‘self_id’d ‘ as to being complete and utter lying b’stards in the last few days… no other words for it re Michelle Graham…some interesting choice of friends made… a few more to be added to the wee group of naztee wee dirty lummers… all great mentors for young people I’m sure… maybe get robbo or @stupid_serif to come and give a wee talk to your Girl Guides @mrsjo27? …. or maybe get ‘The Real’ Tarcey Wilson to pop along and give them some advice and tips on how to deport themselves?…really? jings… yikes… the story gets weirder and weirder… karma trains a cummin’… get off the tracks if you can… GET OUTTA THE POOL!

a surprise addition to Sgt Hookziz Indy Hate Fest Band…. @mrsjo27… promoting the false narritive that Michelle Graham was indefinitley suspended  for “calling some ‘Cricket_Guy’ a prick” and not for unfounded accusations Michelle made agains a fellow female YES activist regarding paedophilia!!!!! [amongst other things]  please… are you being serious? But That’s The Way This Wee Cabal ‘Mocks&Trolls’ #karmatrainsacummindavee
Political Scott dons his “TrueColoursCoat and presents. the ‘funny how MOST of it is bullshit and I BARELY interact with’ gambit….. A ‘politician’ in the making? Who knows after that ‘performance’ at AUOB Galashiels… he’s got the reach of twitter followers, the lies & the brass_neck for it… although Mrs Hooks [the one who David insists was not in receipt of a ‘Twitter Violation Notice for Abusive Behaviour’ ;o) ] is in contact with tracee/simon and @stupid_serif more than ‘himself.’.. a technicality though… he’s as thick as thieves with them all… AINT THAT THE TRUTH

you're my 'twitter wife' now mrsjo
i don’t know how he does it but the papa_lazarou of Scottish Twitter has gone and got himself a new ‘twitter_wife’ as the combined voices of the @stupid_serif_hate_choir & The Shouting Kelly’s perform for the assembled guests… #yirsomeboymin


Is Thuggery & Fascism Alive & Kicking In Our Indy? These folks are supposedly representing you, me and the YES movement [Really?] Always feel free to copy/paste & share ;o)

Absolutely brilliant five minute comedy stand_up spot from David Hooks @PoliticsScot at AUOBSCOT Gala March yesterday… full of words  such as kindness & understanding and the very next day he’s coming to the defense of  his online Twitter family member and vicious wee munchkin trolling nurse Michelle Graham  over her recent permanent suspension from Twitter [although she’s still got @Renton_Shelly to spread the muck around on] She was banned for levelling unfounded accusations of paedophilia at a woman and other vicious and actionable lies… not for calling the ‘cricket_guy’ a prick… still this is the depth that they are willing to stoop… and the alternative facts narrative machine kicks in… wee davee trump…there is a cancer in our Indy movement and folks like David Hooks, Graeme Berry, Simon Patterson, Tracee Wilson, Michelle Graham, Mark Robertson, Bill Brady, @stupid_serif, are at the heart of it… many more people and sock_puppet accounts unwittingly and wittingly help spread this cancer… it is nasty and vicious… it needs to be operated on before it spreads any further… INFECTED

“…we must persuade our fellow Scots with kindness and understanding…” Seriously David?

karma trains a cummin...
the karma trains a cummin and it’s starting to gather some momentum… GET OFF THE TRACKS…yi’r quite the titter of scottish twitter after dinner gossip you complete and utter car_crash Hooksy..

The 'evidence' asked for...
David asked for evidence after denying his wife had ever had any ‘Twitt_Violations’… when presented with the evidence he started his lying narrative to his beak_fed_fgollowers from behind a block…

a new sock_puppet on the twitter scene
and zombie angry yawn……..


ZOMBIE YAWN [Fascist Indy Supporter?]

AYE WONDER#whooosshhht #zooming4indy #truthchimp


THE BLACKWINGS [2019 Formation] YES Blogger Scooter Display Team To Make Debut at AUOB Edinburgh March

PolScottPosse LIAR_SQUAD [full team photo to follow shortly]
The YES Bloggers Scooter Display Team [The BlackWings] will make their debut at AUOB Edinburgh… apparently…

Princess of the Poison Pen / Tracee Wilson BlackWing 2/ Indy Bloggers Scooter Display Team

@stupid_serif   [tricks co_ordinator and angry at everything&everyone…mainly themselves ;o( ] Mrs Jo could maybe put some work serif’s way doing #crafty_stuff with the Girl Guides? The remaining members of The Manson Family are looking for a PR guy with basic PS skills? RyanAir cabin crew? Naw? Best stick to what they know best… Knight of the Bedchamber.. Rob will just have to keep licking Davids arse clean… [volunteer work I believe] Saves a fortune on cludgie pipper….Always rinse your mouth well though and mind and wipe yirsel… many forget and it is that tell_tale bit o’ shite on the tip o’ a nose that can give the arselickers game away… foam ear plugs in your nostrils would also help… it’s nothing… from no_one… don’t worry about it…

BlackWingWan Mr David Hooks... co-ordinator and shot caller to the PolScottCabal
The Big Boss wi the BigBozz and he likes to throw them about… A liar who is prepared to lie & weaponise a personal tragic event so as to ‘score_points’ on SM and THAT IS THE TRUTH… shame on you min…shame on you! ;o(

Mr Malky BlackWing4
Always available to help spread the mentalist word….

@fiercedeb BlackWing5
Always up for a drama_llama_dingdong and likes to keep a good lie going and going… has both GMBUnion and Scottish Ambulance Service lawyers on speed_dial… apparently… which must be handy as she gets her ‘intel’ from Mark Robertson AKA Clare [aye… the conman in The National expose] Having been hung out to dry once already by the ‘display_team’ … [about to make a fierce visit by car to someones house she thought was me…true story… Mark & Paul probably set you up tbh] it’s odd that she would come back at such a time when the sun is hot and effects the performance of the oldskool wax and feather composite ‘wings’ they favour
BlackWing 12 [AUOB Rep&Subby]
Gary puts in the occasional appearance for the team when he finds time between rehearsals for the YES_SHOUTING choir and his photo_editing

ONE_T & BoomBoom… two stalwarts of the BlackWings backroom staff… ‘heavy hitters when they’re on the twitters’ … they love a good lie_in so they do… ;o(


A Lie Is A Lie…

OWNED...[indy_blackwing_scooter_display_team appearing at AUOBEDINBURGH?} ;o)
he dare not take it to court as all his and his posse’s lies would be laid bare… he’s been @PoliceScotland countless times…each time they say go away….it would be a criminal offence to take the mick out of David if he was PF… ;o(

Forget about ‘defamation’… It is a costly concept where no side really wins…If you can prove or can swear it is not true and the liar cannot evidence his claim before a Scottish Sheriff you will win under Simple Procedure… Anyone with a steely determination, savvy, balls, some charm and a thick skin could easily disprove right_here/ right_now an accusation of scamming a charity or causing trouble and not paying a busfare for instance… Do it before a court? I explained why it was not possible for me [wex] to do this… I saw a lawyer about it regarding Mr Hooks and his allegations as to my ‘stalking, abuse, harrassment and tweeting to place them in a state of fear and alarm knowing that Mrs Hooks had tragically miscarried’… [I DID NOT!] as I told folks… I would have sworn it was not true… he would not have been able to evidence the fact that i did know… he could not even tell them my name? yet he knows that i knew*?* You do not want any money… you want an apology and/ or a public retraction… It’s black or white… it’s true or not… no shades of grey… Simple Procedure… Use your energy and your power to maximum effect… be prepared to be dynamic in your actions and strategy if you have one [if you don’t? get one!] if the Police can do nothing as the behaviour is not criminal they perhaps might have gathered evidence/ information that they would be prepared to share in a civil matter that came before a court… all these individual happenings and events might add up to a campaign of harrassment… one might have everything already documented… anyways… an application for ID’s re phone call to SSPCA and unwanted free samples could be applied for in conjunction with this… perhaps a sheriff might want to see them himself?… that’s my tuppenceworth out of the way…i send my best to P, her mum and Mr Finkin who always brought a smile to this chimps pus [fash min] over_anoot_ondis wexworth unsler ;o)IF CARLSBERG...[you can fill in the rest for yourself]

The Brass Neckedness of the Lies & Desperation On Show To Try & Keep Folks ‘On_Message’ Is….?

Political Scott’s Twitter Crisis Circus… Currently Performing ‘The Latest Lies Live In Liarville’… Mr Mankini, The MeoCons, Lord McGasLight, ‘The_Legendary _Oddbodz’, ‘The Triumph Stags’ and more… This isnae the Indy we want peeps and try as you all might this is not going to be unseen… truth wins… every time… only those that know all will know what it actually is… even if it is only one small truth…funny that eh? but totally brilliant at the same time… don’t you just love the truth… lot’s of little bits can give you an idea of the bigger picture…jings…it’s just like a jigsaw… they. are. brilliant!!! let’s see you backitup Lord or should it be Lady? McHaggis… prove your supposed nobility … shimple shoorly… naw? ;o)

on behalf of the court of the public opinion a jury member would like to ask a simple question… evidence of what is only a claim but stated as truth… prove it to be truth… evidence of this ‘nasty_stuff’ you speak of

PolScottPosse pump up the narrative to include homophobia to their ever growing list of derogatory names in their attempts to bully a woman into silence...
The Court [Of Public Opinion] would like to see the evidence of the accusation of ‘homophobia’ … Mr Berry has said it is true… that’s not quite enough to persuade ‘the jury’ that it’s true… we know there is a vendetta… we don’t need to be told that… it’s blatantly obvious by the latest pile on that you have contributed to in such a nasty and vicious fashion…

talking of people backing things up… Another Scottish rechurner and posse affiliate Graeme Berry has jumped aboard the battlebus for LIARSVILLE and made some pretty serious allegations on open Twitter about a woman on his TL and the jury of the court of public opinion would like to know what and where is the evidence for this claim Mr Berry? and please don’t say “Mark Robertson said it” Lets see the evidence Graeme… It’s a serious and nasty allegation many believe to be a great big whopper of a lie you are promoting in an attempt to help ‘dig_out’ David Hooks and the PolScotPosse [to which you are affilliated through previous shenanagins] from the close to overflowing cess pit of ever increasing shameful reputation they find themselves in. No provision for the toxic byproducts of previous amatuerish attempts at ‘brigadery’ was not provided or thought about by the salty_brigands so they are literally…up to their necks in in… in the meantime Michelle Graham…aye that’s the one… made allegations of paedophilia without a shred of evidence about another woman on Twitter and then just carried on as though nothing had happened… no evidence…no apology…no correction… aye her… anyways… her biggest concern  seems to be how hard it is getting to have a  woman banned from Twitter…suggesting that it’s not the first time they’ve done it and that it was ‘much easier last time’… what utterly weird behaviour! And David from last year … what an insight into a personality… whether it was just blowing stoor up a twittpalzass or he genuinely meant it… getting off on the bullying of a woman… by proxy and encouraging it? yikes! ;o(

Paul Wright spreading muck
Pauls rides out to slur and lie on behalf of ‘himself’ and well obviously himself also… the rest of the posse he could not give a jot about…

You  Need A Good Motto [& Scott has got one]...
mess wi’ Scott and he’ll bite yi’r twitter legs aff [with a little help from his friends]
fourbyfour [this isnae oany Indy maist aye want tae see]
‘himself’ has just whistled and a new clutch of accounts grinds the narrative into action… all aboard the battlebus for LIETOWN…

GetOnBoard #TheIndependenceTrain [Everybody Now/ JumpOnBoard] repeat & reprise to chorus] OpenA/YB ;o{ BlacknessPirates #couldabeencontenderz/ discuss?

JumpUp[jumpup] … And Get OnBoard [TheIndependenceTrain]… Everybody now… Repeat & Rinse… This time for a reason & porpoise…

#theindependencetrain  #truthchimp #PoliticsScot #PoliticalScott

#brainsaladsurgey  #ifitworks4you 

#itworks4me     #youtrulyareanerse     and     #thickasmince 


You had it translated? Flap yir gums and keep pulling names outof your tophat_topcat… aye .. yir #zooming4indy #asdaftasyoulook

On a more serious note.. do you want to be better than Mark and Tracee  @TheTigerFeetShuffle  ? Simple YES or naw will do… any preference as to colour or size of clown shoes/skooshy_flower or wig?  Do you want to be more Penn or Teller? #itsimportant #truthchimp ;o)

The Influencers Hit Declaration Town

The Influencers

With the embarrassment of his most recent Twitter skelping  still fresh in his  memory, Gareth’s luck seemed to take a turn for the better when he mysteriously won first prize in a tombola that he never bought any tickets for… a getaway from it all weekend cruise… to Arbroath … for six… all inclusive… suspicious? not oor Gareth… so

…with the last minute charter departing from sunny Leith and a mystery captain at the helm it was full bore for the Bell Rock and turn left to try and catch the notoriously early closing Peppo’s  in order to experience ‘the best fish supper in the world’ for the lucky six Kings and Queens  of the IndyBitchTwittScene that Gareth had invited along… Paul[a] was meeting them at the harbour and Rob had decided to stay at home to be eaten by his new dog Dookie while memeing incoherently about being “Graphic Designer To The Stars Of Scottish Indy Twitter”… Tracy and OneT were gonna try and fly in but Harley wasn’t  too keen… #DogEatsDundeeMan  #PolScotPosse #CarryOnCruising

The queue for Peppo’s Harbour Chip Bar… to give it it’s full title… starts to build about four for four thirty doors and if you don’t make it before six it’s unlikely there will be very much to left to chose from… they close at half seven or when they’re sold out so it’s a fairly tight three hour or even less window and a lot can go wrong…

…a supper fae Peppo’s must be planned… parking is a nightmare and the gulls are dobermanlike if you chose to dine in the sitootery.. and then there’s the eight fish/four steak pies/ two mock chops/ a red puddin’ and double battered sausage order from the person directly in front of you, which can be psychologically soul destroying to the lone queue_ee…when you’re so close…

…there was a time when telephone orders used to cause a lot of  resentment from those not in posession of the ex directory number and the atmosphere could get tense at times when the shop phone rang and everyone would wait to see which **** it was and what they’d ordered as it was shouted out by the lassie to Frank [ four feet away] who then relayed it  to Johnny at the far end o’ the shop.. [oh another good five feet away]… who shouted back to Frank who shouted back to the lassie who relayed it back to the customer that it would be ready to collect in five minutes… the whole shop heaved a silent groan and Franky and Johnny whistled on down the wind… fekkin’ oscar winning performances… not sure if they were in The Minstrels or not? Auchmithie Burning?…

…anyways… thankfully things never got more aggressive than an occasional inaudible tut and mimed shake of the head as Franky and Johnny Orsi run a tight ship and both are pretty tasty with a squash racket and a bottle of undiluted chippy vinegar as Commanche Troupe found to their cost back in the early days of RM Condor…  taking into account the famous harbour mists that occasionally veil such a story with confusing and varied alternating facts it none the less remains een o’ they Fit O’ The Toon Tales of Legend… a Michael John Webster told the best version I have heard said…in The Station…  “Aye…they could ta’k Goose Green but they couldnae ta’k Peppo’s!” [poetic license applied for and an apology to The Malacca/management and the by now latefortysomething Gremms is issued forthwith]

…once their defensive abilities with random articles of sports apparatus and extreme condiments and their willingness to use them was  established beyond doubt there was never a problem that Johnny and Frank couldn’t apparently solve by whistling and true to form after a few tuneful hours of ‘discussion’ at the fryers they had heeded customer feedback, ripped up the rulebook and done away with the practice… just like that… it’s old school… you just gotta wait… best to get there early… service is a performance and it’s double_dip crispy… legend has it that a ‘queue_jumper’ pass does exist for a chosen few but I doubt that very much as even The Ferry can be seen waiting his turn!

The #PolScotPosse arrive nice and early to get in the queue for Peppo’s… @Grouse_Beater can’t hide his excitement and strikes a particularly poignant ‘Brucie’ … by way of a tribute to another of the Forsyth diaspora   ;o{


After queueing for an hour and being refused service due to Gareth’s badly timed and frankly illadvised Andy Stewart impression [he’s an honourary Lichtie of some renown and a Freeman of Angus FFS!] coupled with Pauls odd ‘costume’ choice for the day the posse overcame their obvious initial disappointment and chirpilly accepted their ‘banning’ and dandered round to The Brewhouse for scampi and chips via The Commercial Beer Garden for  a quick photo opportunity on behalf of the sponsors before planning to head up to The Pageant to catch the first set of Pepperpot at seven thirty as guests of the head of Angus Council… Mr David Fairweather…

#PolScotPosse pop into to The Brewhoose’ to fulfil of one their ‘committments to sponsors’ and manage to put away a healthy portion of scampi and chips each, despite the ‘fit o’ th’ toon pettifours’ that were partaken of roond at The Commercial where, after a rather shaky introduction Gareth was treated to a masterclass in Moonwalking by the RNLI /Pub Quiz / darts/ Pool/ Karaoke and Competetive Formation Highland Line Dancing Team who turned up to ask Paul[a] where he got his boots and in return ‘spilled the lard’ on the solution to Gavins SSS [another day perhaps ;o{]

Despite Gareths insistence that the ex Arbroath FC legend Stewart Forsyth was somehow related to ‘a Janice’ the Friday afternoon crew in the Commercial just let things slide… Once Gareth dusted himself down, a result of being deck’d via a ‘rap in the pus’ fae ‘DeeksJeannie’ [for his repetition of the same Andy Stewart  gag/ impersonation that got them refused service from Peppo’s!] and after apologising profusely to his granddaughter who just so happens to work behind the bar [doh Gareth], everything was forgotten about,  but he did have to buy a round of drinks and snacks… sauted seagull wings, hiddick scalings and crabsticks… traditional stuff… but as ‘DeeksJeannie’ always says… “one rap in the pus kin pit a twenty in the till”

The RNLI boys were fascinated with Paul[a]s ‘red wellies’ although they all admitted during the wolfing of the pettifours that they wouldn’t be much good out in a force ten… Paul[a] diplomatically agreed and when  the lard was brought through from the kitchen and applied to the soles of Gareths burgundy slipons  it was like New Year… he wiz moonwalkin’ for Scotland… cockahoop so he was… so much so that he wore out his soles on the way to The Brewhouse and his terry towelling socks melted and burned his feet… sair een min…

…he didn’t care though… it was the key to his new routine and crucial to keeping his spot in the PolScotPosseDancers as his failing memory was effecting his ability to learn the TigerFeetShuffle and it looked like it was inevitable that the wordmentalist guy would don his safari suit and no doubt put his own twist on the PugWashDip & Glide or ‘The Capt’n’ as they all liked to call it… They were all pretty animated by the time they got to The Pageant and they’d got in tow with a chap called Carruthers Gillbody and his mate Jo… oh aye and there was a guy who was starting to turn into a chimp and Davee was having a ‘funny turn’… according to Robbo… who was looking pretty flushed…

…Paul[a] was starting to march up and down shouting out  Klauss Kinski lines from Fitzcaraldo and giggling when people addressed Mr Fairweather casually as ‘Fairy’… Robbo was sweating profusely by this time and all were regretting the choice made to skimp on costs and get the non breathable crimpolene ‘effect’ material so it was a no brainer when Carruthers suggested heading up to Bowlers for a party… Pepperpot were back on again at nine o’clock so if the party was rubbish they could just head back  or go up to The Porty…  Andee Stuart & The Whit Heather Club? tribute band were on… Gareth was put on strict notice and warned… They all needed some fresh air… ‘Fairy’ told Carruthers and Jo to escort their guests…


…on the way to Bowlers the #PolScotPosse were taken to East Abbey Street where Carruthers explained how the Beatles had taken the inspiration for their seminal album cover on a mysterious flying visit to Arbroath while appearing at the Caird Hall in Dundee in October 1964… Gonzo has started to call Gareth Gavin and he didn’t seem to appreciate it… he was startin’ to go a bit bairnie… Gavin was on his second pair of shoes and third block of lard… “Flemings is just round the corner…” Gonzo announced as they posed at the Pelican crossing for a foteee… everyone spontaneously burst into the TigerFeetShuffle and even Gavin remembered a few moves… it was brlliant… they woke Paul[a] up from the bench and headed off to Bowlers…


…now Bowlers is kinda different to the town centre pubs… has a regular clientelle that find change or anything slighly off the level a bit challenging… they like the comfort their world provides,,, same as the posse… no different but at the opposite end of the spectrum of expectation… and … just like space… no one can hear you scream…

tbc… macbook has expired due to CPU failure [a common fault apparently and  missed the 2016 recall ;o( ] nivvir minders… could be a lot worse… i could  be in the PolScotPosse and be cringingly trying to reinvent myself as some literary critic and wild food foraging DIY granny or as some front line defender of trans and gay rights since the seventies ;o)

Saturday Postcard#10 [the last of the pre_restoration series? ;o]

@LadyOfAlba and @AlbanationSimon hand the back to school NOTICES to @PoliticsScot and @robbycameron1 …..  @stupid_serif and #PaulAmbroseWright have seemingly  been ‘excluded’ and wont be going back [officially anyways] … it’s ‘pre_restoration’ week before the official term starts… first rule of troll school… there are no rules in troll school… the restoration express is fast approaching the station… it’s gathered a head of steam over the last few months and it’s fair nippin’ on ….. #gitaffthetrax


Enjoy the TrollSchool vouchers for two… yiz micht need them… It seems that Mrs Chuckee has slid into her ‘GrannyOfTheYear’ character after her ‘sabbatical’ and expects me to forget the accusations and lie spreading regarding myself and others over the last months.

Her accusations that I am on a Domestic Violence Register and “beat up woman because thats his level” have not sat easy with me, as most folks would probably understand and have not been retracted by the ‘Princess Of the Poison Pen’ …they have certainly not been forgotten by myself… likewise her part in the hideous dramas and scenarios I have witnessed for over a year played out in their twisted Theatre Of Hate Produckshuns and Set Pieces…

Davee… you lied viciously on @IanBlackfordMP ‘s timeline about me and have neither retracted or apologised… You have bullied and encouraged shocking behaviour towards two women on your platform of 11K… your part in this goes back to a woman questioning you and other crowdfunding bloggers… you threw the toys out of the pram and you Graeme Berry, Paul[a], Mark, Tracy&WahnT whipped up a wee campaign to ‘sort her out’… another woman, with first hand knowledge of what went on and eventually got wise to the lies, called you out on them and got setupon under the guise of ‘something completely different’ [that’s where I came in]…

You, Robbo/Mark/Claire, Tracee, One-t, Paul[a], Helen, JPooleSmith, Trish, Kevvo, Debs and a host of socks @do_mck @HyndlandHigh @TheJokeIsOnYouJ @PurityRefined @BeanzMeanzLies, @hazzstephens197 @MrNosey @unihandclapping and a good few others. Aided and abetted at times by some slightly higher profile zoomers4indy such as @Grouse_Beater @jeggit @MrMalky and @wordamentalist to name but four…

… then proceeded to whip up a frenzy that saw a mother and brother hounded, address and photos of her house posted online [more than once], unwanted packages sent to her flat, lies of her being a thief and a cheat repeated countless times on Twitter, reported to the DWP for crowfunding for SNP flyers, sexual slurs and innuendos made, threats of violence and doorstepping issued, bodyshaming and constant gaslighting and her MH being discussed and diagnosed by sometimes dozens of accounts… fuck me… and there is probably more… but you’re all getting my drift eh?

If this was your child, sister, mother, aunt, cousin, partner or friend on the receiving end of all this hate what would you do?

Any references made to Dead Mans Shoes is purely for dramatic purposes ;o)… It highlights the committment I have made to scripting my own restorational third act, possibly helping others along the line, which will be proving you to be the LIAR, MANIPULATOR and SNAKE IN THE GRASS that I believe your behaviour evidences beyond a reasonable doubt…The Truth will destroy you folks and your online reputations, what little of it there is left,  as you fall screaming into the ever increasing delusional void of your twitt_lives. If I do have to ‘come out’ to do this then it will be at a time of my choosing and aimed to tell maximum truth damage and embarrassment to whatever ‘brand’ it is ‘telling’ on… remember… no rules at troll school…

The Simple Truth. It’s a powerful weapon to wield and along wi’ a ‘pen’, prehistoric photoshop and a bit o’ shrewd timing… it’s aw I need min…

…unless you apologise, denounce all the hangers on, delete your @PoliticsScot account and concentrate on your work, homelife and this wonderful new opportunity and blessing that you and your wife have been presented with…? Choices eh?

And the ‘faux_fear’ doubleheaded erse trumpet that @PoliticsScot blaws hard and regularly on his 11K platform is ridiculous and the Police, PF and everyone else he has apparently contacted regarding his accusations of my “stalking & harrassing of him” know this fine well. It’s a complete and utter nonsense. If you question the #PoliticsScot you are #TwittStalking him…???

He wants me arrested for asking him questions, accusing him of lying and doing cartoons of him as a way of highlighting his and his gangs nasty shenaniganising and skullduggery? You gotta laugh eh?

How very dare I !!!!

Restoration [The third act ]features the resolution of the story and its subplots. There are nae hard and fast rules to restoration and Dead mans Shoes is at the extreme end of the dramatic scale but it is a crackin’ bit o’ film… the outcome I am looking for is obviously not so extreme… but every bit as reputationally  ‘messy’ and really ‘irksome’… it can take a while and the process can quite often be frustrating but once the desired outcome emerges the pain of the process may well be forgotten by some anyways, for others it ‘lingers’

tbc? #ayesuspectso

" a Scottish •••• in Ipswich... My Autobiography [with some made up bits]
a stroll down memory lane for @LadyOfAlba who now seems to be punting herself as some sort of ‘IndyGrannyOfTheYear2019′? Twisted sister to the PolScotPosse TwitterFamilia….Another een o’ they ‘flyey things’ that @PoliticsScot wants to get rid of? #fahkenzeh #truthchimp #PolScotPosse #zooming4indy