the root of my infamy?

currently in wexworld

i’m locked out of my twitter account for breaking privacy laws.  i must admit to enjoying the break away from the poison, constant din & the whitenoise but i’m not a man for jazzhands and ‘it wisnae me’ so i’ll take the consequences on the chin. the easy way out would be to delete the photo but i’ve chosen not to do that. like i say. i’m enjoying the break.

the recent posts alluding to my being a potential danger to women and of having a history of domestic violence are cheap, low, nasty & completely untrue but i understand why they remain [context under twitter rules] and if i’m daft enough to go tweetin’ after hours in downtown malice then i probably shouldn’t be surprised to get caught up in a scuffle and wake up in the cells. 

in charge of a laptop with access to the internet while frustrated, angry and under the influence. guilty as charged m’lud.

the invite to the [twitter] ‘square-go’ was of course taken literally and the ‘cripvic’ and ‘MHI’ joker cards were quickly produced by all in possession. many of the players in  this six month online abuse session appear, by their own admissions, to suffer from serious medical conditions and mental health problems themselves. martyr/victim seems to be the default setting as both an attack & defence strategy and the suit appears to fit ladyofalba very comfortably.

i was not asked to remove the ‘square-go tweet’ by twitter and i did not delete it. i posted it. i own it and take home a few lessons for myself in my future conduct on social media. i’ll try and be a bit cleverer for a start.

the resulting #tartanamdrams were oscar worthy. each account slipping effortlessly into  character and all seeming to delight in their victimhood. revelling in the ensuing mini stooshie that they managed to whip up with a little twitter cloudseeding & the help of a few local weather forecasters.

posting relentlessly to prove the abuse and harassment that disabled/MHI/cancer & heart attack  sufferers were enduring at the hands of unsworth wexler and others’ on the @TheJokeIsOnYouJ account.

the multiple identical tweets tagged in up to 30 people at a time with @LadyOfAlba posting a couple of  cu*t s and a lying scummy cu*t [just to keep her averages up] as she does have a reputation to uphold after all.

the ‘multiple pile ons’ continue for Pauline and her mum but she appears to have the energy and the balls to fight her corner and call out many of the lies and much of the childish nonsense for what it is but the constant nature of ‘the work’ must be exhausting.

mr finkin & myself both experienced a brechin bravado late night howlin’ wolf session courtesy of @AllSkipsAbout when paul wright had a game of ludicrosity tennis with himself and couldn’t seem to work out why we would both want to remain out of range of his rantings & wailings behind our anonymity shields.

along with @robbycameron1 @Politicsblog2 @PoliticsScot @LadyOfAlba @AlbanationSimon @TiaMariaWilson1 @stupid_serif @LeaksTwitt @OneLumpOr_Two there are numerous other sockpuppet & troll accounts that interact and weave an indy web of intrigue worthy of  Game of Thrones. the memes and  photos from which were used to such powerful effect in ‘dramatic hero exits stage left’ scenes when mister hooks obliquely announced he was bringing an end to his campaign for a new law that he now realised already existed.

it all started with a tweet. a simple tweet about AUOBScotland Ltd.

i posted initially replying to a blogger who i understood to be saying; and i paraphrase…that if he was going to take part in an act of civil disobedience he wanted to do so willingly and with full knowledge of the facts before the event…i happened to agree. others didn’t and were of the opinion that this white lie was admissable as a means of achieving the goal. i agreed to disagree.

i had been part of what was probably the greatest show of support for the YES movement  in my lifetime. i marched with friends and family on one of the best days of my life and AUOBScotland had a massive part to play in the organisation of that, so i was hugely disappointed at what was to follow.  

apart from the differing opinions on the legality of  ‘the gathering and staging’ and  not ‘the march’ itself, there were also claims being made about finances by members, affilliates and friends of what seemed to be two different AUOB’s and i wanted to start forming my own opinions. 

companies house in Scotland publish details that are freely available to the public and list company directors and host a copy of Company Memorandum & Articles of Association. the rules governing the company and stating the directors legal obligations.

being a company limited by shares split 50/50 between two shareholders. as i made clear in the original tweet, is nothing unusual and neither is the section in the Articles of Association  that states that no-one has any rights to look at records, documents or accounts other than those accounts published at companies house. unless an ordinary resolution is made to state otherwise.

i was hanging around alone, as usual, in a shabby nook of the twitter entrance foyer [as i had done since 2012, shouting obscenities at Scottish Tories and sporadically rechurning tweets to varying degrees whenever it took my fancy] when @stupid_serif  came crashin’ through the doors. swingin’  guns and bumpin’ gums with regard to what i considered to be, rather hastily arrived at opinions as to my choice of leg coverings which somehow in stupid_serif  ‘s mind, gave away the ‘true’ motives for my post?

i was wearing “jeggings” & was “working for the big boys” [apparently] oh and i “should give AUOB time to make a statement”

it was all very odd and quite a surprise after all this time as a ‘nobby no mates’ to  find my first live, ‘one on one on twitter’ was a taste of  the very medicine i’d been dishing out to Kirstene Hair [amongst others] for the last few months and to add insult to the injury it had come from a fellow yesser. grrrr!

a meme featuring a well known cartoon cat [whether it was a molly or a tom was not clear at the time] was posted by way of an invitation to “stick around” although whether i did or not seemed to be a foregone conclusion for stupid_serif. they doubted i would.

i was left very confused and pretty flummoxed at the encounter so deciding that it was neither the time nor the place to continue, i retired quietly to reflect and give AUOB time to make a statement.

as you can see below the zombie angry-yawn has morphed into quite a different character since our first encouter only a few months ago. things have changed for this molly as you can see from the current zombies last stab bio. a protected account which  @PoliticsScot @OneLumpOr_Two @LadyOfAlba @AlbanationSimon @markrobertson1 @OneLumpOr_Two @LeaksTwitt  & many more sockpuppet handles are in contact with.

the root of my infamy continued… switching threads & liking tweets seems to confuse stupid_serif? wex is confused. kindness is confusing?

after our first contratemps i scraped through stupid_serif ‘s timeline and within five minutes found this odd collection of posts. at first i thought it was about serifs brother but i was later to learn it was seemingly part of a targeted strategy of a group set up to mock a woman [who’s brother so happened to be in a coma at the time] and this was considered fair game by stupid_serif and the rest of the self appointed ‘mocking group’?

apparently so ;o(

it was apparently called ‘the potted plant’ group and seemingly co-ordinated by @graeme_berry1 who like @PoliticsScot refuses [as is their right] to reply to any of my questions regarding this. mr. hooks recently implied to his followers that i had photoshopped the screenshot i posted on twitter as support of my claim of his wifes part in this. i didn’t as he well knows. i replaced a particular word with ******

i asked @PoliticsScot if @Onelumportwo_WW was his wifes account and if the David referred to was him? i did get a few replies but that was before i was blocked and will wait for another time. the replies from wee davee did not answer my questions anyhoo.
I did photoshop out a word because i believed it was claiming something quite excessive that I had no idea about.
who is @LukeLuciously ?

the only other uptodate source of this tweet as of 12/12/18 is the screenshot below without the @Onelumportwo_WW handle on the reply? @LukeLuciously became @PolaMilRos whose account was suspended. was paul wright the ‘owner’ of both? who is Percy Pig?

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