batshitcrazy bill brady, who’s latest project over @LeaksTwitt  has by all accounts lived up to his reputation and…you guessed it. went. and got. the wrong. person. again. this is coming direct from the organgrinders monkeys of course.

below we can see the well known blogger, fiend and friend to many within a small sub-genre of the scottish indy twitterati, Mark Robertson [F.K.A. claire robertson according to 2015 reports in the scottish national https://www.thenational.scot/news/14900567.angry-twitter-users-claim-to-be-duped-by-fake-account-for-claire-said-to-be-man-aged-40/]

currently operating under his handle @robbycameron1 we see mark reliably inform @LadyOfAlba  and the rest of twitter that unsworth wexler is Peter Donaldson. the person who sent an email to WGD [wee ginger dug?]

davee hooks @PoliticsScot tweeted gotcha about this name or similar last week. @TwittLeaks  mysteriously come by this and another unfortunate civilian becomes a casualty due to a stray bullet from batshitcrazy bill or one of the brigade. more collateral damage from barnacle bill & the indyrifles. the twitter bulls in the independence chinashop.

it appears that barnacle bill might have outdone himself as to the standards & levels of investigation applied to the latest @LeaksTwitt revelations! it seems as though all this investigatory work by @LeaksTwitt has led to the harassment of yet another innocent person who is wrongly accused of being not just one but two accounts this time. #way2gobill! @RumpleFinkin and also @unsworthwexler. to barnacle bill and all those indysailors afloat on the dirty big boat. what in the name o’ the wee man has this to do with Scottish independence? wir aw lugs. wex