drink tigerblood they must

new records of histrionics & nastiness are being set on what seems an almost daily basis over in Dunning Kruger Land, where ‘wizardry’ and extreme exaggeration are just two of the heavy lifting tools borrowed & employed to great effect by the postergirl for the @PoliticsScotPosse when she’s got a hate homer on. her latest twitter claims have seen tracy once again fold her oragami truth sculptures into truly unrecognisable shapes and take the level  of barrel-scraping to incredible new depths in her attempt to win tiger blood. and win tiger blood she must.

having a physical disability or a clinical mental health condition does not preclude someone from being a nasty & vindictive  piece of work [just take a look @stupid_serif] so for anyone thinking of a career in social media as a second rate katie machopkins with issues, tracy is the perfect role model.  currently running a close second to mark robertson for the ‘indy mean girls crown’ they are but two in a strong field of runners and riders, most of whom have been the distance many times over this course and have a taste for tiger blood. and taste tiger blood they must.

a wee gossip over the twitter fence to the neighbours?

the tactic to paint me as some psychopath who apparently beats up women at the drop of a hat and am therefore on the domestic violence register, apart from being completely untrue, is a massive leap of the imagination, even for oor tracy. that leap from the original tweet at the centre of this particular stramash in our ongoing uncivil war to where we are now was tenuous as well as collossul. it’s a manouvre honed to perfection by @LadyOfAlba and has been used to great effect by the PoliticsScotPosse to quell dissent from within the ranks or as is more often the case, ‘those from the outside’ questioning the behaviour of it’s footsoldiers. the degree of apparent effortlessness needed in this character assassination attempt coupled with the choice of weapon indicates a personality either completely oblivious or utterly uncaring as to the impact their lies might have on people in the real world. there might even be a medical term for it. but the apparent drink of choice, by way of a remedy for those afflicted is? you guessed it. tigerblood.

in Dunning Kruger Land nothing is as it seems for the inhabitants as they blithely tweet what they understand to be words of wisdom from philosophers such as the great Dodinsky while neglecting to consider the implications of not actually reading the quote or stopping for a moment to think the phrase & it’s potential meaning through, thus inadvertantly leaving themselves open to accusations regarding matters that were definitly not intended. irony wooofs it’s way over the bar while the goalie, oblivious as to the reason for the laughter all around stands with hands on hips and shorts at ankles. the crowd roars, archie macpherson smiles and takes a sip of tea, tigerblood not being to his liking and the cow jumps over the moon.

the philosophical musings by proxy and the great dodinsky aside ‘the lady’ has proved time and again in her chequered past to be both comedy queen and princess of poison and there also seems to be mileage in the claim that her picnics often fall well short. not just by the odd sandwich or two either. the tales from around the tartan blankets of DKL’s alfresco dining scene regularly highlight the lack of any of the stated beverages or snacks be they sweet, savoury, hot or cold that were promised in the initial invite, leaving those gathered somewhat disappointed and hungry but more importantly thirsty. they must drink tigerblood.

some words of wisdom on the benefits of being a vegetarian? 

tweets such as the one above can bring a smile to the lips of even the harshest of tracy’s critics as she ‘explains’ why a plant based diet is necessary for the worlds continuing existence and her own personal eureka moment of conversion by her unwitting brother although perhaps unconventional, gives her followers a rare insight, a glimpse, however brief into the inner workings of the mind of an accidental comedy genius. tigerblood is obviously good for you.

her snappy take on the current brexit situation and the way in which it is being viewed by those in europe is laid bare in this minimalistic one off masterpiece above, showcasing perfectly why attempts at mixing comedy and astute political observation in 280 characters should be left to the professionals. 

that tracy is too ignorant or lazy to know that not all cancers, melanoma for instance require chemo as part of the course of treatment is neither here nor there. the fact that she weaponised it and took such obvious pleasure in serving such a vindictive and cruel diatribe is depressing but as tracy explains in her bio “if i’m a bitch to you, then you’re the reason” she cares not a jot what anyone thinks of her or what she says. anyone. thats a lot of people.