a spouting idiot [kleecolyte profile one] traysee wilson [with two e’s]

thought i would make a few of my own observations and comments on those making there own observations and comments. an opinion piece obvs.lols.

hopefully @LadyOfAlba doesn’t mind me giving her ‘blog’ a plug & recommend folks drop by for some insight into this committed independence activist & kickass ‘cyber-granny’. counsel to & supporter of some ‘high profile’ scottish indy ‘influencers’ such as PoliticsScot & Grousebeater, a role model & ‘bestie’ to a number of up and coming and established stars on the indy bitchtwitt churning scene she is conflicted on so many levels it would be hilarious if the results were not so damaging. not only to the persons on the receiving end but the independence movement itself.

if tracee’s a bitch to you? it’s your fault apparently and the short extract below only highlights the levels of committment shown by @LadyOfAlba at being the best she can be at her quirky hobby of collecting trite internet phrases that she ‘lives her life by’ and adapts into vicious real world pantomimes and personal revenge amdrams that are acted out on twitter with often cruel and nasty consequences by her & her fellow ensemble in the ‘theatre of hate players’ under the pretence of striving for scottish inependence.

the idea that a thousand tweets/screenshotted/copied & pasted from someone elses twitter timeline and reposted on wordpress as a ‘blog’ might be viewed as an unhealthy fixation by others is lost on this queen of the mean meme as any sense of hypocrisy wooofs it’s way over LadyOfAlba’s irony crossbar.

blogs are brilliant aren’t they? you can get things off your chest without the constraints of the limited number of characters on twitter, while  various aspects of the truth are also able to be put on hold or attributed to artistic license which thankfully tracee does not own the copyright to, but the boundaries of which she stretches to well past the point of truth on many occassion. my ‘banning for seven days’ for using a license i did not own is an example of such a colossal stretch too far.

the 12 hour suspension revenge reporting for posting a photo of mark robertson @robbiecameron1 & @albanationsimon ‘one t’ patterson at an auob rally/march was spent by me watching netflix [innocent man based on the only non fiction grisham book] and the following ‘7 day ban’ was tortuously endured visiting friends/xmas shopping/sleeping in and enjoying real life away from the poison/lies and obfuscation of Dunning Kruger Land [DKL]

grudgingly deleting the photo when i got back home, in order to enable myself access to the still steaming turd pile that twitter had become, i forgot that i had posted the licensed photo more than once & promply suffered another 12 hour suspension almost immediately which seemed to make the residents of DKL extremely gleefull. [i would have sniggered also to be fair]

the great thing about wannabe churner apprenticeships is there is seemingly no age limit or necessary experience/ qualifications required although the constant rechurning of rechurned tweets gets you down at times and can seem pointless. the excitement and damp gussetts when pile ons and mass reporting & blocking of accounts are not so subtley encouraged are palpable & as juniors in the ranks you are expected to obey orders, turning up the volume on the current twitter narrative being fed in order to work your way up the chain of command and maybe even have your own little botnet one day. sweet dreams are made of this?

kleecolytes will show their allegiance by blocking for such henious crimes as mocking up a picture of their leader as bruce willis in die hard or calling out a complete stranger as crazy or mad but despite being an experienced employee of the SNHS i do not feel that the role of ambulance driver/ medic entitles you Kevvo or anyone else to make a judgement on someones mental health and state it as fact or back up others that are doing so on social media without ever having had a real life consultation.

@jammach is another apparent would be minime fanboy that feels the need to backup PoliticsScot and contact police scotland and report an account to twitter for harassment and stalking, despite not knowing or ever having contact with the account, wasting valuable police time and resources with bullyboy mob tactics that the police sensibly gave short thrift to, sending them on their way with a “sorry sir. no crime committed here” while standing up for such questionable characters such as @robbycameron1 who, like ‘one t’, is currently in rehab for his rumoured addiction to multi account trolling and is equally as rubbish at it although, as far as i know, gavin has not yet got into the doxxing scene but he is on the classic slippery slope to ruin in my opinion and it wont be long before he progresses on to nastier things having moved on from the twitter gateway drug of choice.

by way of an apology for the above tweet tracy could only bring herself to say “So your mum’s cancer didn’t need treatment. Cool good” Nice of her eh? but that won’t bother ‘oor trace’. she “couldn’t give a monkies[sic] fuck” what anyone thinks of her. that’s “the greatest mental freedom” there is apparently. Dodinsky said so. mental indeed!

an idiot spouts right enough.

updates on the ‘lady’ of alba profile along with other twitter @PoliticsScot kleecolytes such as @do_mck @jammach @albanationsimon & kevvo the ambulancedriver, moonlighting as a psychiatric expert, to follow. the kluckeratti. don’t you just luvvem?