emailgate? “…i shouldn’t have to do this” [neither should i & might i humbly suh_jest that you ask yourself why you find yourself having to?]

Seeing as i’ve got a bit of time on my hands due to my latest time_out break from twitter due to what I suspect is a dogwhistled outbreak of mass reporting for the post below, I thought I would ‘write some shite’. WHY NOT? Everyone else is.

A powerplay by the PolScotPosse for the above tweet? For why? Does organised mass reporting of accounts take place? Makes you wonder eh. It’s like a jungle sometimes. huh.huh.huh.huh.huh.

so anyways… emailgate… the latest in a series of ‘indytwitter am_dram sub_plots’. This particular little doozee was self_penned by Mark Robertson and Tracee Wilson & features @PoliticsScot.

I’d just like to remind @PoliticsScot that the only people that are lying “about @weegingerdug…” and talking about the ‘ranting emails’ happen to be two ‘members’ of HIS close twitter ‘family’ and in the screengrab below are discussing it in connection with the progress of batshitcrazy Bill Brady’s latest exercise in dangerous futility over @LeaksTwitt to uncover the real_wurld identity and location of a [J/P] Donaldson [22]

The result of the salty brigands investigations often, as in the case above, ends in the mis_identification/ ‘doxxing’ of an innocent person. Photos of houses may be posted online, workplaces contacted & details of family members and children are also sometimes thrown into the mix. Some pretty awful threats have been made by Bill Brady at TwittLeaks and are well documented elsewhere but regardless of what side of the political fence you sit on no_one should have to endure this type of treatment. Yoons or fellow Yessers!

You gotta laugh at Trace, trying to convince herself more than others I feel, that she’s not on the screenshot and still tries to imply, much like @PoliticsScot that I did indeed send the email or have some knowledge of it. I know. Erm. You’re there Trace with Mark. Discussing David, WGD, TwittLeaks, Wex & email. As much as you wish you didn’t tweet that you did. And no. I did not send any of the five emails and have no knowledge of who did.

So please spare us the ‘poor meee’ squeaks if you don’t mind @PoliticsScot. @LadyOfAlba tweets that she is aware that an email was sent to “WGD about David”. She is asking Mark Robertson if he can confirm if it was Wanx [who i am assuming to be me cos i’m sharp that way ken] who had sent the email. @robbycameron1 tells her she is correct and urges her have a look over @LeaksTwitt for herself. Or maybe they’re talking in code? Or tongues? Or maybe I have gone completely insane? Or maybe you all have?

So “just to be absolutely clear”… it is only @PoliticsScot @robbycameron1 @LadyOfAlba & @LeaksTwitt I have an issue with here so whatever has been said about anyone trying to ‘push anyone off’ twitter is ridiculous @liz6153. Seriously? I have no issue with WGD and I would trust he has none with me. He has no interest in my real world identity unlike the rest of the posse and has been dragged into this as unwillingly as I have due to the twitt_gossipping and twisted_sistering of two indy fishwives. And you are contributing also by talking rubbish and attempting to stir things up in my opinion.

Too right I’m remaining a wee nonny_no_mouse on twitter. I’ve watched them set about folk with great gusto & glee. Pauline and her mum for example. Julie. ScotsNat & more.

There was a campaign launched a few weeks back called #TwittStalk or something similar regarding a ‘new law’ to cover such things ‘liz’ and if I am not mistaken Davee did say that he had contacted the police multiple times and has gone as far as to imply he was in contact with the PF directly. I would imagine that if @PoliticsScots claims were even half true I would have been visited by the police. Ask yourself why I have not been?

I was not present but an alternative scenario perhaps could be that the police officers and PF representative explained to @PoliticsScot that asking questions of other people or having opinions regarding their actions and then posting them on ones own twitter account, embarrassing or awkward though it might be for him, is not actually against the law. They might also have suggested that it could be viewed by many as free speech.

They possibly might even have asked him whether or not that was indeed what he did on his own twitter account? Did they ask him if any of it was true? Jings. I don’t know. The police were contacted. I have not been contacted by the police. End of. Pauline was though. Reported initially by @jammach to @policescotland which was a low, low blow!

Anyways the only two people that are lying with regard to this whole particular emailgate fiasco of a sidethread are your two besties Davee. @robbycameron1 and @LadyOfAlba. They were the ones who mentioned you and WGD/emails and tried to tie them to me. FFS. Listen to yourself. Your not going to accuse me of photoshopping that conversation or misinterpreting it are you? Here are the pair of you playing out quite an amusing little ‘improv’ scene. Powerfulll stuff? True? Aye. Right. Again. Listen to yourselves.

So leaving your unquestionable “unashamedly pro-independence” stance aside for a minute you will perhaps excuse me for proposing that you have not quite achieved your ” aim to always be fair, open and honest” regarding what I am assuming to be the first of five emails that @PoliticsScot says that he is aware of [but of course has not seen] which were sent to WGD? While still trying to snidely implicate me as to being the sender with no proof whatsoever.

And you wonder why I am ‘mocking’ you? Do you think I sailed up the Tay in a fish box? You’ve got this Robert the Bruce spiders web story mixed up a little maybe Davee? Your spinning is of a different kind. A surfeit of Game Of Thrones on 4K perhaps? What next I wonder before the EastEnders drum roll brings this current episode of the long running indy_soap to a dramatic hiatus?

@robbycameron1 was notably absent during this wee exchange [under orders?] which as much of a car crash as it was, avoided being the multicar_pileup it had the potential to be thanks to his wise decision not to attend, although @PoliticsScot could be talking on behalf of Mark. I don’t know. @PoliticsBlog2 has come to an abrupt halt it appears. Pop over. It’s deliciously delusional in a very special way. He has a gift so he has.

Now perhaps @LadyOfAlba did not visit @LeaksTwitt to look at the email that does not exist [are you making it up then Tracee?]. Must have been hard for you not to pop over and have a wee peak? Hilarious. Comedy gold down at the D_K Palais.

For those that are familiar with this account it would be impossible to imagine her not looking. C’mon. It’s laughable. Tracee being able to resist having a nosey. For those of you not familiar. Just believe me. She could not help herself. One minute she’s admitting to be studying my timeline and gossipping as to who I am real_wurld but in the next convo with Davee above she’s apparently not interested in Wex? Laurel & Hardy of the scottish indytwittscene. Robbo ‘N Trace. Like all great comedy double_acts, such as Cannon & Ball/ Rod Hull & Emu etc. the name just rolls off your tongue. Robbo & Trace.

Theres a whole lotta wrigglin goin on. The tangled webs we weave eh?

@LadyOfAlba must have been making it up then Davee. Yes? You said yourself that people were lying about this.

Until I was mentioned by @robbycameron1 I had no issue or interest in this whole “J Donaldson 22” “you done screwed up bigtime” “we have a winner!!” nonsense which coincides neatly with the TwittLeaks/ Donaldson/Scotsnat/Wex mission to “nail it” and the tweets/ convo’s mentioning it. Linking my identity to various accounts from @Johnny_Nabb [who has a business FFS] to Mister Finkin’ /Pauline/Julie.

I was even Guffers for a brief moment in @PoliticsScot’s twitter_mind? Back in the earlydays. Remember that Davee? Takes me back so it does. Seems tame in comparison to my current twitter_rep as a DV offender that I have been repeatedly labelled with with by your besty @LadyOfAlba. So excuse my attempts at a little self_defence.

And the latest is ‘Irene from Friockhiem’ according to @AllSkipsAbout and @robbycameron1. Paul seemed ‘fair chuffed wi himsel’ and even went to the effort of signing up to s[edition] art to follow me. Did you pop into the co_op Paul?

This whole bizarre world you folks inhabit is a very odd place indeed. What in the name o’ the wee man is all this about? More Dad’s Army than 77th Brigade that’s for sure and again. Nothing whatsoever to do with indy.

@AllSkipsAbout and @robbycameron1 have gained a few column inches between them in the SMSM over the years so have a track record for oddballery and as Mr Finkin said a while backā€¦ “the lion, the witch & the wardrobe stuff.” @AllSkipsAbout ‘sleepover’ behaviour is something else that has raised eyebrows in the past.

And the @TheJokeIsOnYouJ account [now apparently run by @OneLumpOr_Two/ Misses Hooks if rumours are not to be ignored] is far out! I’m sure she won’t mind me giving it a free plug.

So the latest e_mailgate drama was a complete fiction? It’s completely bonkers. Like something out of a movie. A scottish ‘indy_noir twistfest’ where all the actors improvise Von Trier dogma stylee through a constant mist of alcohol and drugs. Locked away in seperate rooms in one indy big brother twitterhoose & catching snippets of edited film that they think is live playback and only talking to each other on the phone for short periods. Sounds a mindfuck of a reality show does it not? No prize_money either. They do it for fun.

Truly what is all this about? It certainly has nothing to do with independence. Nor truth. Nor freedom. Of expression or otherwise. You can stick as many Independence of Arbroath replicas on your wall as you like and Alba gu brath til yir hoarse. But you gotta walk the talk.

Is it about face? Followers? Reputation? Enjoyment of the ‘chase’? The taste of twitter tigerblood? Who knows.

Go and google the ‘shipyard work_ins’ of seventy one & two and Jimmy Reid when he gave the ‘no drinkin’ speech for a wee hint at what I’m getting at.

The other odd thing is the way one is expected to just take your kicking then be expected to shut the fuck_up and go back to rechurning the retweets and be ready at the next whistle or you will suffer the potential horror of being unfollowed/ blocked and reported.

Go back to the herd to be be managed Paul?

Doxxing attempts/ Domestic Violence allegations/ Bully/ Abuser/ Harasser/ Stalker and you don’t expect me to defend myself?

You do as much damage as good to the indy cause. Your tactics are crude, distasteful, often cruel and immature with ‘civilians’ often ending up as ‘casualties’. Collateral damage caught in the crossfire. Nothing to do with independence whatsoever.

I was a multi offender since 2012 when I first joined twitter as a rechurner but ceased with my toxic abuse six months or so ago. I know how it works. I have been guilty of a minor [compared to other folks anyways] offence of incorrect behaviour very recently. I was made to pay for it by the pack though and had my first close_up encounter of the hounds in action. All faceless. The kleecolytes. The beakfed of the clutch learning the ‘moves’. A great example of obedience when the dogwhistle blew for the gaslighting to commence. A well practiced and slick manouvre.

Most folks just stick to the rechurning. A wee funny meme now and again. Some screaming at your local inept Tory MP perhaps. But as soon as you cross that line into what in essence is childish playground bullying or vicious teenage pile ins, whatever you want to call it… it is wrong and once again…

…nothing to do with indy. wex ;o(

Am not going to delete the tweets immediately so will be enjoying a wee break from posting on twitter again for a while methinks. All the best to pauline/egracie & mr finkin in the meantime. Laters & namaste to aw’…wex ;o)


post scripts…

…the twitter appeal gods were reasonably kind. thank you ;o) 14th Jan

…nice to see some indy_love/contrition/reaching_out/ spirit [whatever it is being shown]…positivity! Hats off to all concerned…An apology does indeed go along way ;o) Others could take note of this perhaps?

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