keep it simple [stupid]… indypendence

after a wee bit reflection and real_wurld energy needed for other things wex is being given a twitter sabbatical. twitter can be toxic. i’ve seen enough and my part_time_real_wurld is about to become full_on again.

also when you yourself start to show similar aspects of behaviour  that you are criticising it’s time to take stock. there are aspects to wex i’m starting to not like. reminds me of someone i once knew and with whom i have had no connection with for the last 15 years.

i was horrified at the online abuse directed at Pauline & her mum, marvelled at the brass neck shown by some in their denials of their actions and been astonished at the lengths gone too in order to find out peoples real_world identities, most of them fellow independence supporters and the speed & efficiency at which lies/rumours/narrative and gossip are quickly spread. the mass reporting of accounts and personal attacks and accusations made with respect to Paulines MH was despicable. others have had similar treatment. nothing to do with independence and hopefully not representative of the various indytwitter factions and their followers?

with only a little knowledge of much of what has gone on i apologise for any confusion or misrepresention of specifics i may have inadvertantly taken part in. if indeed i have? there has been a lot of shit gone on. that’s for sure. some of which i experienced for myself. petty yet vicious but it has gone on.  i do not wish to do more harm than good and currently feel that is starting to happen. i can see why some might think that has been the case for some time already but i stand by my actions and what i have done. despite what some may think i am not part of any posse or group. stupid_serif dragged me into this initially. that led me to witnessing the pack rounding on Pauline and her mum over a couple of weeks until i could stand it no more.

i admire Paulines energy and spirit and also her ability to not lie down to her attackers. a lot of you folks know what is going on.  wish you all the best and trust truth and awareness will prevail.

the accounts stirring it up and taking things real world. have a word.

that’s you @PoliticsScot @robbycameron1 @LadyOfAlba @albanationsimon @AllSkipsAbout @LeaksTwitt and quite a few of the beakfed followers and kleecolytes of those accounts. you know who you are.

keep it simple stupid. indypendence.

cheery fir noo ;o)

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