this boil needs lanced [the pus could get a’wye]

It should not should have come as a surprise to return [again] to the twitter midden to find the despicable abuse of fellow indy supporters still ongoing but as a practicing perhapsamist one is always obliged to give what_iffery a chance. Alas, my hopetimism was shown not to be justified.

No matter how accustomed one may get to being disappointed by peoples behaviour & actions and of the human race generally some things still manage to get to you.

A recent disturbing post from AllSkipsAbout AKA Paul Wright stating how easily and quickly a home address and [thankfully out of date] telephone number could be sourced was both creepy and not_so subtly threatening.

If you were a woman, living on your own lets say, then I imagine that this could be quite terrifying, especially considering the past record of the appropriately monickered ‘Semtex Bill’ Brady who’s protected account @LeaksTwitt is a close associate of both Paul Wright and Mark Robertson AKA Claire & others of the PolScotPosse.

It was threat made by Bill Brady during one of his infamous batshitcrazy missions to uncover the real_wurld identity & location of an online account that led to his nick_name and like Paul has also been spoken to by Police Scotland in their often dark & not too distant pasts.

@AllSkipsAbout’s dealings with one female yes campaigner online contributed to Twitter suspending three accounts that he operated. I must make it clear that I have no idea if the police were called regarding that particular incident but they did talk to him concerning a very odd tale of ‘bear traps & nazis’ if I am not mistaken. Google it. It was in The Courier.

If the Pol_Scot_Posse were to be looked on as a cast of sick pantomime reality show players then Mark [Claire/ Robby/ Robertvar] & AllSkipsAbout would make a perfect pair of twisted ‘ugly sisters’. It seems that they truly live and love their roles and appear to thrive on the worry, alarm and distress they create for their victims both on and off_line.

The threats from Mark Robertson regarding contacting peoples friends and family members on other social media platforms only exposes the heights of emotional vandalism that him and his ilk are prepared to go to. Would you like your sister/mother or any other family member, whatever their gender, treated like this? Why in the name of the wee man would you do that? I don’t expect any explanations on a postcard thanks. There are none.

The most recent lie posted by Mark really scraped the bottom of every morality & humanity barrel going when he tweeted that money raised for a charity to honour and pay tribute to the memory of a beloved family member was spent on a trip to a music festival on the Isle of Wight.

My ‘why the fuck would you feel the need to lie about someone in the first place’ feelings aside, the decision by Mark to weaponise the celebration of a dead relative goes some way to emphasise the points and concerns all too infrequently raised about the level of pathalogical viciousness that this indy_twitter_thug operates at.

Sock_puppet accounts are set up and operated solely to demean and help spread lies, gossip and innuendo about ‘critics’ and anyone with the temerity to support them.

@TheJokeIsOnYouJ has recently come out of a short hibernation to continue it’s ‘mission’ to ‘defend’ the name of it’s operators.

With almost pathalogical poker_faced brass_neckettness @PoliticsScot highlighted his ability to lie through his teeth and force me to break my silence by prodding my snoozing account with a hot poker when he tweeted Ian Blackford MP that I had posted ‘derogatory tweets’ knowing that his wife had just had a miscarriage. His examples were posted two to three weeks before any news of their tragic loss reached me by way of his 3rd of Feb blog as @PoliticsScot knew fine well but this has not stopped him repeating it for a second time [as of this up_date to post] so I guess he’s absolutely positive that I did know and can back_up his ‘claim’. Fascinating.

One would have thought that they might have taken a step_back from their extra_curricular twitter shenanigans but it appears not.

The hounding of my own and other accounts after public statements by David to his 10k+ followers following any criticism of him [or his wife] become pile_ons. @PoliticsScot would make it very clear that anyone who continued to follow the accounts would be persona non grata and considered complicit in the imaginary ‘hate campaign’ against him [and his wife] who have both either operated or supported a string of revenge sock_puppet accounts in the short few months since I myself stumbled over the PolScotPosse.

The seemingly endless cycle of hate continues, fuelled by accounts such as @BeanzMeanzlies & @TheJokeIsOnYouJ that exist solely & expressly to hound, harass and dish out ‘twitt_kickings’ to those deemed to be in need of some tough love. PolScotPosse style.

A clear path now exists to enable at least one, if not more of the muck_spreaders to face consequences.

“he done messed up big_time” as the leader of the pack said only recently.

Any ‘victory’ would perhaps be a hollow one, in the greater scheme of things, but depending on the terms set out in a successful ‘ad factum praestandum’ it just might make others think twice before considering heading down such a path.

This suppurating boil needs lanced.

An Indy Dr Pimplepopper must be found but stand well back when this plook eventually bursts, the pus could get a’wye!