salty_brigands [everyones a liar baby] that’s the truth!

Honky_Tonk_Mechanic_Required…the wheels on this indy_bus need re_balanced/ re_alligned and checked if they’re running true
the reply trails glisten…twitter_thlug2twitter_thlug…Honky_Tonk_HQ[copyriteFINKIN] at the centre of them all

Feel free to copy/paste/post…no worries if you would rather not though… I’ll understand ;o) am on a mass_reported lockdown for apparently ‘stealing’ private media and posting photos of a baby!!!! [I did not in case you were wondering] The character assassination continues… we’ll see what happens… it’s a ‘cartoon’ FFS… copied from a photo…it’s called a likeness… namaste to those that deserve it… yi’ kin fa’ yi’z are ;o) The rest can take a right royal ‘twitter’ fung up their nasty wee ‘twitter’ erses… See how my ‘appeal’ turns out.

Whatever issues I am having with David Hooks presently is to do with his vicious and nasty lie to @IanBlackfordMP earlier this month. End of. Any other opinions on the way @PoliticsScot has treated other people historically I will respectfully leave for them to deal with from here on in as requested. I have never met any of the people I have been accused of being but I trust that they know that they have my support and that karma and truth eventually will overcome.

‘HIM_SELF’…THE_BARE_FACED_LIAR & HONKY_TONK_KING/the weapon of choice was vicious in the unprovoked attack on the sleeping account… unsurprisingly I’m trying to set the record straight…more mocking to follow maybe? take it to the ‘court of public opinion’?

Apart from not having a name, this account is me. It’s the only one I have. I want the truth told about it. Not lies. So I am not putting up wi’ any shite said about me by David Hooks and his posse or anyone else for that matter. The more you lie and dig, the more I will lampoon and take the piss and hopefully show you up for the bullies that you are. You don’t expect people to try and counter your slurs and lies? Really? Sorry. No. Can. Do. You always got to do what you think is right. Just got to learn the ‘right way’ to do it. It can take a life_time.

A WHOPPER from @JPooleSmith… A salute will no doubt be winging it’s way from Honky_Tonk_HQ as we speak.. His comment soars over the self_awareness_crossbar as another lick_spittle pays homage to ‘the boss’ ;o)
‘The Boss’ @Honky_Tonk_HQ
Another dog_whistled_kleecolyte


The princess of poison spouts forth assisted by her trusted eejit [wah_n_teeh]
truth is the first escapee of the narrative from the beak_fed cluckers who gladly accept their regurgitated fodder as fact_food…

Contacting an employer, who happens to be paid by us taxpayers after all, to question whether comments made publicly by their employee [regarding a strangers MH and the manner and style in which it was done in a large group ‘discussion’ or a twitter_pile_on as it’s better known] is appropriate behaviour is not against this law or any others @IND3pendent7. No matter how much you might like it to be so.

You have no idea the reason why this message was deleted and I have no intention of telling an angry wee lick_spittle such as yourself. Kevvo’s behaviour was un_professional in my opinion. Whether he’s in working time or not. Certain values must prevail.

And all this smearing from Kevvo and nursiedeb. Stop digging. You’re either being played by the posse or you’re just as bad as the fleez that yi’r buzzin wi.

Using your grandson to score Twitter points? Saying I posted a photo of a baby? All because I personally criticised you [as an older and hopefully more reasonable member of a ‘pack’ which lets remember consisted of 40/50/60 accounts] over comments you were making regarding a complete stranger. All in the service o’ that pultroon David Hooks?

That’s why this should be drawn to attention of employers. Kevvo said himself that his MH training before qualification was a couple of hours reading a folder. Tick box. Done. Perhaps his work could help with this? Perhaps they will? Perhaps they have already? Perhaps there are no ‘Codes Of Conduct’ for SNHS workers?

wait…could it be the legal_beagle… the faithfull servant of the priness of poison and queen of the mean meme …simon ‘ONE_T’ pattersun? maybe just a tribute artist? Eejit anyways ;o)

It seems to be lost on the ‘psychic_medic’ and his assistant that Twitter is a commercial platform where anyone can look at someones TL and view their tweets without being ‘signed_in’. It’s how Twitter works. If you read the label on the side. Since you and others have me blocked & I DO NOT BLOCK YOU and you tell absolute whoppers of lies about me I feel that I am within my rights to counter them. They are lies after all. You are not blocked from my TL Kevvo but I am from yours.

So I’ll serve out my mass_reported/ lack_of_access to_my_account and await the outcome of my appeal. Whatevers. Supping brose as I type. Laters ;o)

misogyny…towards Kevvo? you learning your moves from the tracee&robbo school of black_ops? in my opinion you bein played sister… the tunes no great but it is familiar…
Truth from @dark_shark… they do indeed

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