salty_brigandry on your indy sir?

naw…jist a tickie truth oan th’ chips ta ;o)

Three of indy_scotland’s ‘esteemed’ twitter bloggers in action, ‘spreading their influence’ & personal opinions to their combined potential audience of 47,180 accounts under cover of independence? Think about that for a minute. YOU waken up to find that every man, woman and child in a town the size of Perth or Inverness say, have had a ‘liar_flyer’ handed to them, dis_informing them that YOU have “defamed” Nicola Sturgeon? Just like that! [TC] The latest in a long line of twitt_attacks against you and others. How would YOU feel? How WOULD you feel do you think?

It will come as no surprise to many that the point of earthing for this latest lightning strike in what is now a nine month long cloud_seeded thunderstorm of lies and hate, comes courtesy of that self_confessed con_man and alleged advantage_taker of vulnerable young online gamers. Mark Robertson. A self_taught blaggard, amatuer dramatist and psuedologist of great renown, Mark is remembered very un_fondly by many kind hearted yessers who supplemented his diet and lifestyle while he posed online as Claire, a 24 year old poverty_stricken woman, in order to obtain free food deliveries and the occasional naked pictures of young men. Apparently. According to a story in The National. To date the ignorancer has made one post by way of an obtuse apology that his bloated hubris seems satisfied with and has seemingly allowed him to move on from ‘his_horror’. His pals are also very forgiving and luckily for him forgetfull also. Phew.

A close family member to many_a_twisted_twitter_clucker and sock_puppet_sister he is the go_to muppet for some that like to pull strings & influence. “For independence likes!” Tracee Wilson and Geri McBot are another two cast in a similar mould and having had contact with them from an early stage, when I first broke ranks, I speak knowledgeably when I tell you for sure that they are both as deluded as their bestie Mark.

They all seem to have the luxury of copious amounts of time in which to do nothing but ‘dream/scheme & lounge’ under the digital duvet on their Dunning_Kruger lazy_boys as regular spoonful’s of sugar seemingly assist the medicine to slide down. They appear to actually believe whatever it is they believe in their void. Whether they know what they believe or believe what they know, it doesn’t really matter. They just believe *lolz*

What does matter is that each individual decide for themselves how they talk_it & walk_ it. Rockit or Rocket? As individuals we collectively will shape our independence. Eventually. That is a fact. But I don’t want to see this type of poison shape my indy. That’s a fact also. For me anyways. Hence the “tuppenceworth_fae_unsworth” [Permission to take the piss…it’s on me]

The appropriately monickered ‘Stoker’ tags in the possible callers of the play? @PoliticsScot/@jeggit and @MrMalky, although not contributing directly to the conversation seem happy to let their accounts be used as a conduit to promulgate such vicious and abusive slurs and lies, against someone who they consider ‘the enemy’? Why? Because they are telling their story? Their side of the narrative. A side perhaps that the two ‘boys’ would understandably prefer few heard and are apparently seemingly willing to go to ridiculous lengths to supress, as it would perhaps alter the online image that they have managed to fabricate for themselves? If none of this was true then why react to it so vociferously?

A short while later… the wriggling is familiar in both it’s content and it’s clumsy style…

Twitter thuggery from three poisonous slugs of the Scottish commentariat? A stain on Indyref2 that shames us all? Heads are turned, deefeez are slung and the cries of the truth ignored as it takes a stiff kicking in the carpark, in full view of many, supping thi’r after work drinks on the terrace of The Independence Hotel. Either indifferent. oblivious or simply conditioned to the regular muggings they witness. Exception that I have seen? Guffers. Yi’r a ‘hiddin’ th’ bar at danger point kinda dude’. Een o’ the few. Well stood Sir!

Aye. Caring, sharing Scotland. Where it seems we really do know how to take care of our own eh? ;o(

Wed 6th… the boss swung by the carpark on his way home from Honk_Tonk_HQ last night to get in a last couple o’ kicks [just for kicks like] and rack up a few fat eens for the troops. Think he might possibly have had a few already but hey… it had no doubt been a long day at the office. I imagine it’s not easy workin in IT. As Alan Partridge might rap.

Seems that mister & misses have handed over the keys to @TheJokeIsOnYouJ. The account/ defender of their name. After a short/sharp shutdown the day after a polite and lawful letter/ request was sent to David Hooks’ work, TheJokeIs back with the usual suspects posting their single topic bile. All in support of the King of the Honky_Tonks.

Who knows who is at the helm of this particularly poisonous puppet account currently? SemTexBill/ BoomBoomBrady? Simon ‘ONE_T’ Pattersun? TraceeWilson? MarkRobertson? PaulWright? ‘Himself again? The prolific proxies @siouxiezoo @LadyOfAlba @DickTiz94 @TiaMariaWilson etc. etc. continue to harass and hate in a twisted world that is a real part of their lives. Jings. Oh for the gift…

If you would like to inform yourself or to at least hear the other side of the story then pop over to this account If not no worries. Yi cannae kid a kidder but yi can apparently try tae shove folks under yi’r movin’ bus and apparently get away wi’ it? In the name o’ indy? ;o(

For updates on the latest posse_ride out [for balance *obvs*] “They got all the moves” Hope yi’r well Mr. F ;o)

Whooossshhhh! Straight From The Heart Bro! Dodinsky or Charliesez?

10 March: due to current [wildcat?] ‘industrial action’ by @PoliticsScot the above link is not working… I believe it will be back online Monday morning where anyone interested can get some balance to my narrative…