It’s all verrryyy draaammmaatttiiiic!!!!!!!!!!!! GMB_union & Scottish Ambulance Service to launch civil defamation action against @unsworthwexler according to @nursiedeb? For real!

Scottish indy_blogger @PoliticsScot today took part in industrial action in support of his own latest campaign that is apparently seeking to change Scots Law and hopefuly make the ‘mocking’ of online bloggers, influencers and their ‘pals’ a criminal offence. Best result. But at the very worst, definitely a civil offence. I think. Or set up some kind of palatable indy kangaroo court? On Twitter.?But with David and his pals in charge? Sounds fair. Am sure the weekend wildcat action will hae telt twitter whits whit an’ geid thi’m a richt flague. Nae doot. Will have effected the bottom line as well I would imagine.

Sounds a bit harsh to me if I’m being honest and of course if it’s true, even though I do have skin in the game as you might say. I feel I may have contributed to @PoliticsScot’s latest ‘campaign’ or ‘campaign stunt’ as I am calling it. Possibly.

A few cartoons highlighting my opinions/ accusations and questions on my own Twitter timeline have seemingly incensed ‘himself’ and certain of his posse members enough to saddle_up and ride_out to the boss’ assistance and help carry out the next stunning and cunning plan to come from Honky Tonk Towers. ‘Slur Wex Even More Gambit’.

He deactivated his account as he was probably watching the rugby anyways? Maybe even operating his joke thingy and directing some imaginary plays in i_life while at the same time, finding the time, to make a noble stance on behalf of his own self_intersts [and indy of course] to protest that I’ve not been thrown off Twitter or arrested by Scottish Police for mocking him via cartoons and my claims of his involvement with the likes of Mark Robertson, Paul Wright, Bill Brady, Tracee Wilson, Simon Pattersun, and their sock_puppets like @TiaMariaWilson @mrnosey? and the many other horror_show accounts, that i can’t be bothered listing here, all with one intention?

A new clutch of kleecolytes have left HTHQ to become frontline troops and have apparently taken up the cause after possibly being drip_fed poison dressed as fact down their gullible beaks. @JPooleSmith @TheJokeIsOnYouJ and @nursiedeb are at the vanguard with their buckets of excrement. Chucking it everywhere. The GMB_union lawyers are apparently launching a case of defamation against me on behalf of an employee of SAS. Am waiting to hear back from them as to whether this is all real or not. It’s all verrry draammaaatttiiiiiiic!!!!!!!

On top of the Domestic Violence Register that I am apparently on and the fact Tracee Wilson slurrily and slyly suggested that I have previously assaulted women, I also ‘sent ranting emails’ to WGD. Ranted @PoliticsScot @robbycameron1 & @LadyOfAlba. Remember that fiasco? Email_gate? Robbo & Tracee double act bably conducted, in my opinion, by David. David then weaponised his wifes miscarriage to lie about me and say that I knowingly mocked him while they were going through this. Pretty wicked thing to accuse some_one of. Especially as it is completely untrue.

The latest lie from nursie deb and kevvo was that i had ‘used’ [implying ‘posted’] a photo of their grandson, a newborn baby, to ‘mock’ and ‘abuse’ him is straight out of the Honky_Tonk_Handbook_Of_Moves. This chimp ain’t taken this bucket of am_dram_cabal slurry emptied over me by you clutch of cluckers. No siree.

Apparently @JPooleSmith has all my details and I will be very, very impressed if he does indeed know who I am and manages to take legal action. Very impressed indeed and would certainly lend some back_up to his earlier arrogance although not disproving his gullibility. To prove yet again his lying prowess he might possibly come up with the old Mark Robertson fairy story that I’m J W Nabb. I am truly sorry you are getting grief over me min but from what I’ve heard about you standing up for yourself and others you and I both know that this is how they roll. This is how they make their moves.

I await your announcement on Monday 11th March @JPooleSmith with woundrous amazement. You seems to have taken up the resident legal beagle position under the desk of himself’s digital office at HTHQ. Was the source the human ouija board Mark Robertson, ‘Top_Hat’ Bill Brady, LadyOfPoison or wah_n_tee? Like I say. Impress me. I will be amazed. But not un_prepared you shouldn’t be surprised to hear. Fair play though. If you are correct. It will have taken a bit of shenanaganising though! If you are correct?

Some folks are being ‘played bonnie’ by some folks. They just can’t see it. Only an opinion likes.

Anyways just another saturday…laters ;o)

I certainly do not want anyone to ‘lose their job’

The very worst I imagine, if anything would be a wee private talking to and some probably needed re_awareness training. We all can make mistakes. Own them. Address them if you see fit? Or carry_on_regardless as in the movies? Pick a character? Aaaand [beat] ACTION!