account suspended… posse_power rools?

Sometimes the script needs a pace ‘injection’ … And sometimes folks need no encouragin’… And some folks thinks they’re doin the playin’… Where’s Vambo when you need him eh ;o)

A supporter does not a man make… David and ‘men’ such as ‘shallow’ graeme berry, paul wright & mark robertson can hh or saor alba until they’re hoarse but when you take the ‘Lichties’ legacy and lend it to such actions as you are doing you are blackening the memory of those who battled for a better Scotland with your outpourings of hate and petty personal vendetta’s…. The Battle Of Arbroath… google it…

You ‘mister’ @PoliticsScot have sold yi’r soul for personal riches and are no better than the Tory lickspittles you criticise. Do us all a favour and remove your expensive copy of our precious ‘Declaration’ fae yi’r wa’ min. You do it a massive disservice.

You are a skidmark on the gusset o’ yi’r indy_longjohns. The smell has started to be noticeable to many around you and your personal hygiene has become a topic of discussion with many of the indy_twitterati. Change yi’r pants and have a good wash yi’ clerty minger! Truthfully Yours… Unsworth Wexler

Delete ‘kleecolytes’ gloating replies… Deflect and Repeat? Shurely not Shur? ;o)

The natural law of the twitter_jungle prevails as the might of the tribe strikes with multi reporting and Honky_Tonk_HQ employing all it’s resources in it’s ongoing struggle for truth and democracy and an Independent Scotland!

An Independent Scotland where the mocking of someone as a way of challenging their lies would be a criminal offence.

An independent Scotland where challenging the popular narrative would result in the individual being charged with harassment and bullying by the Polis!

An Independent Scotland where anyone with an over_inflated ego, a big bag o’ weed and 10K+ followers say, can carry their own delusions across the border into real life and drip poisonous lies into the real world of others purely to fuel their fires of burning desire.

For what? Power? Followers? Face? To satisfy a raging hard_on of hatred? Because of a psychological condition [temporary or ongoing]? Who knows? Is this real life or just the skitterings of a morally incontinent twitter_addict? Fa’ kins eh?

quite a collection of lies from the proxies of politicscot and from ‘him_self’
full cast minus a few sock_puppets and minions such as tenaciousV/ siouxiezoo/ stupid_serif etc. [must do a full team_sheet shortly…it’s quite a squad]
@PoliticsScot with his two favourite ‘right_hands’… A Trio of Scammers…Aye…The Family that scams to_gether has to stick to_gether
the slimy twitter_thlug trails all lead back to Honk_Tonk_Towers
two new ‘cast’ members are recruited to front the latest ‘campaign’… kevvo n’ debs… lying for the family…