[real] posse_reports/profiles [going…still]

‘him_self’…lying through his teeth & weaponising such a personal tragedy to what? score points on twitter? WTAF? A measure of the man? And I’m expected to lie down and take my kickin’? Naw… No Thanks… I survived doonstairs in The Marine in 1975… I can handle this wee collision at the bar… You’re lying… aw’ o’ yiz…liars…
sue me ;o)

they ‘line_up’ when the Honky_Tonk whistle blows… some of the players are already well known and have ‘made the pippers’… for various reasons… all have their own wee individual twitter hatefests going on but they come together as a ‘family’ when ‘him_self’ or any of the brothers/ sisters/ cousins/ assorted sp’aver_connections [or mates of] need a hand doing any ‘heavy lifting’/ removal work or maybe just a bit of simple ‘shifting’ they’re looking to get a shottee with… more hands make light work an’ aw’ that… the story goes back_aways and it’s a long one with a large cast so it might take a while… I’ll mime it! [jack_tattie_stylee]

still trying to confirm if this is part of a ‘mocking_strategy’ or not… is this really serifs brother????????????
Kinda went ‘underground’ after this post?

@Lukeluciously [a since suspended Paul Wright account] asking @Onelumportwo_WW [misses hooks?] if they want to be in a ‘mocking Julie group’ [whatever that mioght be? Paul?] that a chap called David [mister hooks?] is already a member of…apparently! Radio_FRANK_ALPHA

so @stupid_serif cried POLIS…played the ‘crip_vic_card’ and locked down somewhere in the Twitter equivalent of Glen Moy and the ‘storm_troopers’ moved in… Tracee/ Simon and assorted erse_lickers…

a quick scraping of the dirty twitter bedroom floors of the messy children quickly uncovered a collection festering mouldy coffee cups under the bed and dirty laundry from weeks before… old food containers and dirty hankies lurked in every dark hiding place….

no sooner than I became aware of the posses despicable treatment of one woman it was immediately obvious this was a not an isolated incident and I scraped the above tweet off a timeline and asked ‘him_self’ a couple of questions… immediately blocked and the ‘groove’ ramped up a few BPM

King_O_The_Honky_Tonks hit the posse_bongos and everyone mounted up. @LadyOfAlba @TiaMariaWilson1 @AlbaNationSimon @mrnosey??/ HoratioKitten/Dame Paula Rose/ @robbycameron1 @PoliticsBlog2/ TenaciousV/ HelenCoyle/ LouiseStewart/ DoMck/ HairyAngus/ jdman and a host of other sock_puppet and kleecolyte ‘attack’ accounts ready to do the bidding of his masters voice in return for a digital salute and if actions have gone beyond the call of duty a possible recommend and a follow!

has Mark the little extra ‘reach’ into twitt_support that he’s been bumpin’ his gums about? he possibly might… we possibly might even find out ;o)

a new marketing strategy to get ‘the_word_on_the_street_baby’… it’s pop_art_man… #tens_o_thoosands_o_aye_flyers_at_the_nextmarch
jings… that’s fair cheap… ‘WANXY’…outsider_artist… hits_the_streets [anyone_want_to_contribute_a B_side?] #freeofchatge;o)