and it’s back to business as usual

Mistah ‘Man_Baby’ Hooks has played true to character, chucked his toys out of the pram [again] and used his weight to do some ‘shifting’ for the PolScotPosse and shut down my pal Scott [he’s into politics] who was highlighting the twitter_thlug_trails linking this wee cabal of indy_snipers while I supposedly kicked back under a tree in the shade for a bit.

However. Feet were stamped and warnings issued via the honky_tonk_bongo_network in aid of the hard done to, greetin’ faced wee lickspittle and walking contradiction that is @stupid_serif. 10.9K to 1. Funny. Very Sir Philip Green.

It appears that David was none_too_chuffed when political_scott posted up the fawning_ones welcome back message to ‘himself’ to his at the time ZERO followers and the false narrative of ‘harassment’ and being ‘scared’ of wex and “not knowing what he’s capable of” nonsense was agian written into the script.

David and his posse may have some twitter_reach & leverage but as far as his ridiculous claims as to harassment and ‘having me arrested if he knew my name’ they are just that. Ridiculous!

And thankfully that is backed up by the countless times David has wasted PoliceScotland time and been repeatedly told to go away. “No crime committed here sir” although in his own little stoner_dramas and on his own twitter TL ‘it’s all real.’

If mister_drama_llama_ding_dong [ thanks/I like that wee description ;o)] hooks claims of bullying/harassment/ being in a state of fear & alarm [outwith ‘recreational’ time obvs!] had any ‘substance’ [feelin’ all Basil Brush today!] whatsoever then @PoliceScotland would have reacted immediately and not needed a vituperous drama queen indy blogger and his posse to provide a name in order for them to ‘arrest’ me.

“If I knew who it was they be arrested” For what? For asking questions and posting mocking cartoons and a wee blog with my truth and my narrative about you and your wee gangs activities under the guise of Indy? Hilarious. And thankfully many others are finding your and the posses ever more ridiculous and blatant shenanaginising a font of comedy in these depressing times.

The ‘Karma_Train’ is headed down the tracks man_baby_man. And it ain’t stoppin’. I’m away to lie under a tree in the sun and use my new device thingy I got for my birthday to write another wee story that no_one reads.

The Truth does not need to be seen or heard. It’s always the truth. No matter how many people don’t get the opportunity to hear it. Cheers for now. Wex ;o)