don’t shade the light of the memory palace [billy would’a deefee’d ya serif]

Billy hated bullies. We talked about it often when we walked the dugs along Great King Street and the neighbours moaned about him not clearing up the shit [different times]

“Eh’ll gett’it oan th’ wy’ back dolly…” Beat… Wave and smile. Cue giggles.

He was workin’ wi’ The Jockey on_and_off at the time. Gogsy fae The Botany Five was also hookin_up but Bills heart wisnae innit. Even the hills and the whippets were toiling to fill his ever widening emotional crevasse.

He loved me, tellin’ him, the story of when his old man and ‘the laddie’ [who musta been sixty and was covered in stoor but had a bunnet, suit and tie on….old skool labourer ;o)] picked me up in the ‘Escort_Van’ when I was hitchhiking back home pre. StageCoach. I jumped in the back with all the tools and bags of plaster/ cement etc. etc. and after a wee bit chat the man wi the sovvy rings and the biggest hands and best brylcreemed hair I had ever seen up to that point in my life told me… “Meh ledz in a band… Eh.. The Associates…Billy… Billy MacKenzie”

You’re setting a bad example with you and the PolScotPosse’s behaviour and you are a disgrace to the legacy of the man who’s picture you have displayed on your TL ;o((((

You can chose your friends an’ aw’ that…

Hate is a draining and tedious vortex_hobby that needs constantly fed. Gorge away. It’s a diet not to my liking.

All this from a factual statement as to the business vehicle used by AUOBScotland. The churnalist [self?]_chosen tae churn for the AUOB [at the time] didnae likee.

Title amended 3rd April due to my complete and utter lack of thought. ;o(((