mind the time… [the birth of a lie/example_one]

@stupid_serif “FRIENDS” Tracee/Simon/David/Mark[Claire] and all the rest of the @PoliticsScot Twitter family spread “everyday” lies about someone they consider in need of some “Tough_Love_Posse_Style”

Mind the time Helen coyle & Alba Mellon lied through their teeth and made up a story about someone and then another twenty accounts just ‘believed it’ and helped spread the completely false statement as a true narrative throughout the rest of the Indy_Twitter_Community which many believed as it was not the first lie that had been promulgated about this person.

A sad group of despicably delusional desperadoes led by the King_O_The_Honky_Tonks/ “every_ones_a_liar_man_baby” David Hooks. A manipulating little stoner that’s apparently triggered wi’ the para’s. That’s apparently. ;o)

Stroll on with the corrections from a jurisdiction other than Twitter.

The person accused was not even there. She was hundreds of miles away. Wiz the mellon_fellee oan musheez or is he jist an auld lying bearded reprobate hoping to get a salute via meme and a mention in dispatches from ‘him_self’. You are a LIAR Alba Mellon. Be very ashamed o’ yirsel’ min. Another mock celtic supporter who is not a true Celtic man. Retract yir lie in the name o’ the club min. Yi’r a disgrace tae th’ HOOPS!

The above accounts go from the scum_bag_barrel_scraper_level through to thick_as_mince and medians out with the ones ‘makin_moves_4_Indy_obvs_lolz’

Coming shortly… birth of a lie two [ the charity scam ‘whoppa’ courtesy of Mark Robertson/ legal case pending obvs] and possibly the ‘feerce_wahn’ v ‘J’ C’mon the Nabb fellee! Laters all… Wex ;o)

I dare you @stupid_serif to post who you think i am/ Full Name. Photo. Address. The works. You don’t have a clue who I am. You & your incredible_shrinking_ninja_skidmarks are done. Laters. Wex ;o

Karma Trains a cummin’ baby… git aff th’ tracks… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E8bHdJ9_4k