Just when you think that there is nothing left in the bottom of the barrel to be scraped The King & MasCafeCortado Of The Honky Tonks and their Fan_Guys [&Gels] of the Indy_Twitteratti FUBAR_BRIGADE spring into action after a ‘coincidental’ [pre_warning] “A bit of Saturday fun” tweet from Mrs Hooks and ‘Hey_Presto’…a few days later the SSPCA visit someones house. You lot are wierd. Off the scale wierd.

I have never witnessed so much desire to inflict pain and apparent pleasure and childish glee gained by people from doing so. Never. A completely pointless lust for winning. Drinking tiger_blood.

You were all seriously off the comedy radar with the Kirstene Hair photo set piece. Absolutely correct of course. But it was a very ‘ahaa’ thread with him_self playing a blinding partridge. Coad n Hiddock/ Hyndland n Hooks. FASH!

So the relative of someone who has taken their own life accuses Wex of ‘intimidating’ them while posting and photoshopping makeup on a picture of a woman who committed suicide by way of ‘saddlin_up’ and riding out to mock/torment and intimidate a woman in the ‘defence’ and ‘service’ of his ‘friend’ [and apparent master?] @PoliticsScot alongside two leading lights of the Paul_Scott_Posse cabal @LadyOfAlba @siouxiezoo amongst others.

This is not right. It’s not Indy and it’s not normal behaviour. Seriously. Use your parachutes [those that can] cos’ this planes runnin’ out of altitude.