A Lie Is A Lie…

OWNED...[indy_blackwing_scooter_display_team appearing at AUOBEDINBURGH?} ;o)
he dare not take it to court as all his and his posse’s lies would be laid bare… he’s been @PoliceScotland countless times…each time they say go away….it would be a criminal offence to take the mick out of David if he was PF… ;o(

Forget about ‘defamation’… It is a costly concept where no side really wins…If you can prove or can swear it is not true and the liar cannot evidence his claim before a Scottish Sheriff you will win under Simple Procedure… Anyone with a steely determination, savvy, balls, some charm and a thick skin could easily disprove right_here/ right_now an accusation of scamming a charity or causing trouble and not paying a busfare for instance… Do it before a court? I explained why it was not possible for me [wex] to do this… I saw a lawyer about it regarding Mr Hooks and his allegations as to my ‘stalking, abuse, harrassment and tweeting to place them in a state of fear and alarm knowing that Mrs Hooks had tragically miscarried’… [I DID NOT!] as I told folks… I would have sworn it was not true… he would not have been able to evidence the fact that i did know… he could not even tell them my name? yet he knows that i knew*?* You do not want any money… you want an apology and/ or a public retraction… It’s black or white… it’s true or not… no shades of grey… Simple Procedure… Use your energy and your power to maximum effect… be prepared to be dynamic in your actions and strategy if you have one [if you don’t? get one!] if the Police can do nothing as the behaviour is not criminal they perhaps might have gathered evidence/ information that they would be prepared to share in a civil matter that came before a court… all these individual happenings and events might add up to a campaign of harrassment… one might have everything already documented… anyways… an application for ID’s re phone call to SSPCA and unwanted free samples could be applied for in conjunction with this… perhaps a sheriff might want to see them himself?… that’s my tuppenceworth out of the way…i send my best to P, her mum and Mr Finkin who always brought a smile to this chimps pus [fash min] over_anoot_ondis wexworth unsler ;o)IF CARLSBERG...[you can fill in the rest for yourself]

The Brass Neckedness of the Lies & Desperation On Show To Try & Keep Folks ‘On_Message’ Is….?