THE BLACKWINGS [2019 Formation] YES Blogger Scooter Display Team To Make Debut at AUOB Edinburgh March

PolScottPosse LIAR_SQUAD [full team photo to follow shortly]
The YES Bloggers Scooter Display Team [The BlackWings] will make their debut at AUOB Edinburgh… apparently…
Princess of the Poison Pen / Tracee Wilson BlackWing 2/ Indy Bloggers Scooter Display Team
@stupid_serif¬†¬† [tricks co_ordinator and angry at everything&everyone…mainly themselves ;o( ] Mrs Jo could maybe put some work serif’s way doing #crafty_stuff with the Girl Guides? The remaining members of The Manson Family are looking for a PR guy with basic PS skills? RyanAir cabin crew? Naw? Best stick to what they know best… Knight of the Bedchamber.. Rob will just have to keep licking Davids arse clean… [volunteer work I believe] Saves a fortune on cludgie pipper….Always rinse your mouth well though and mind and wipe yirsel… many forget and it is that tell_tale bit o’ shite on the tip o’ a nose that can give the arselickers game away… foam ear plugs in your nostrils would also help… it’s nothing… from no_one… don’t worry about it…
BlackWingWan Mr David Hooks... co-ordinator and shot caller to the PolScottCabal
The Big Boss wi the BigBozz and he likes to throw them about… A liar who is prepared to lie & weaponise a personal tragic event so as to ‘score_points’ on SM and THAT IS THE TRUTH… shame on you min…shame on you! ;o(
Mr Malky BlackWing4
Always available to help spread the mentalist word….

@fiercedeb BlackWing5
Always up for a drama_llama_dingdong and likes to keep a good lie going and going… has both GMBUnion and Scottish Ambulance Service lawyers on speed_dial… apparently… which must be handy as she gets her ‘intel’ from Mark Robertson AKA Clare [aye… the conman in The National expose] Having been hung out to dry once already by the ‘display_team’ … [about to make a fierce visit by car to someones house she thought was me…true story… Mark & Paul probably set you up tbh] it’s odd that she would come back at such a time when the sun is hot and effects the performance of the oldskool wax and feather composite ‘wings’ they favour
BlackWing 12 [AUOB Rep&Subby]
Gary puts in the occasional appearance for the team when he finds time between rehearsals for the YES_SHOUTING choir and his photo_editing

ONE_T & BoomBoom… two stalwarts of the BlackWings backroom staff… ‘heavy hitters when they’re on the twitters’ … they love a good lie_in so they do… ;o(