Is Thuggery & Fascism Alive & Kicking In Our Indy? These folks are supposedly representing you, me and the YES movement [Really?] Always feel free to copy/paste & share ;o)

Absolutely brilliant five minute comedy stand_up spot from David Hooks @PoliticsScot at AUOBSCOT Gala March yesterday… full of words  such as kindness & understanding and the very next day he’s coming to the defense of  his online Twitter family member and vicious wee munchkin trolling nurse Michelle Graham  over her recent permanent suspension from Twitter [although she’s still got @Renton_Shelly to spread the muck around on] She was banned for levelling unfounded accusations of paedophilia at a woman and other vicious and actionable lies… not for calling the ‘cricket_guy’ a prick… still this is the depth that they are willing to stoop… and the alternative facts narrative machine kicks in… wee davee trump…there is a cancer in our Indy movement and folks like David Hooks, Graeme Berry, Simon Patterson, Tracee Wilson, Michelle Graham, Mark Robertson, Bill Brady, @stupid_serif, are at the heart of it… many more people and sock_puppet accounts unwittingly and wittingly help spread this cancer… it is nasty and vicious… it needs to be operated on before it spreads any further… INFECTED

“…we must persuade our fellow Scots with kindness and understanding…” Seriously David?
karma trains a cummin...
the karma trains a cummin and it’s starting to gather some momentum… GET OFF THE TRACKS…yi’r quite the titter of scottish twitter after dinner gossip you complete and utter car_crash Hooksy..
The 'evidence' asked for...
David asked for evidence after denying his wife had ever had any ‘Twitt_Violations’… when presented with the evidence he started his lying narrative to his beak_fed_fgollowers from behind a block…
a new sock_puppet on the twitter scene
and zombie angry yawn……..


ZOMBIE YAWN [Fascist Indy Supporter?]

AYE WONDER#whooosshhht #zooming4indy #truthchimp