Davee_Hookziz_Naztee_ Hate_ Fest_Band… #not @all_like_sgt_pepper

@PoliticsScot eventually makes an open play...
… @PoliticsScot has come out all gums_blazing after his victorious appearance at AUOBSCOT Galashiels… Become The Media…FIRST THING HE DOES IS LIE AS TO REAL REASON THAT ONE OF HIS ‘CLOSE_TWITTER FAMILIA’ HAS BEEN SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY FROM TWITTER>>> YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP>>> AN ABSOLUTE ROASTER>>>SHE MADE UNFOUNDED ALLEGATIONS REGARDING PAEDOPHILIA NO LESS  [ACTIONABLE!!!! LIES THEY ARE COMMONLY CALLED} ABOUT A FELLOW YES VOTER AND CAMPAIGNER….. him and his beak_fed_kleecolytes’ various Dads Army type exercises, carried out under the delusion that him and his pals are some sort of IndyBrigade [ha.   ha.     ha] You are a LIAR Mr Hooks… with pals like @stupid_serif  [the previous AUOB TwitterRepresentative]  @TiaMariaWilson1 @LadyOfAlba @AlbanationSimon @robbycameron1 @BrechinDiocese… You have targeted P&J for months and are still doing it… #shameofscottishindy  #karmatrainsacummindavee
the hatefestband
@PoliticsScot and some fellow members who have ‘self_id’d ‘ as to being complete and utter lying b’stards in the last few days… no other words for it re Michelle Graham…some interesting choice of friends made… a few more to be added to the wee group of naztee wee dirty lummers… all great mentors for young people I’m sure… maybe get robbo or @stupid_serif to come and give a wee talk to your Girl Guides @mrsjo27? …. or maybe get ‘The Real’ Tarcey Wilson to pop along and give them some advice and tips on how to deport themselves?…really? jings… yikes… the story gets weirder and weirder… karma trains a cummin’… get off the tracks if you can… GET OUTTA THE POOL!

a surprise addition to Sgt Hookziz Indy Hate Fest Band…. @mrsjo27… promoting the false narritive that Michelle Graham was indefinitley suspended  for “calling some ‘Cricket_Guy’ a prick” and not for unfounded accusations Michelle made agains a fellow female YES activist regarding paedophilia!!!!! [amongst other things]  please… are you being serious? But That’s The Way This Wee Cabal ‘Mocks&Trolls’ #karmatrainsacummindavee
Political Scott dons his “TrueColoursCoat and presents. the ‘funny how MOST of it is bullshit and I BARELY interact with’ gambit….. A ‘politician’ in the making? Who knows after that ‘performance’ at AUOB Galashiels… he’s got the reach of twitter followers, the lies & the brass_neck for it… although Mrs Hooks [the one who David insists was not in receipt of a ‘Twitter Violation Notice for Abusive Behaviour’ ;o) ] is in contact with tracee/simon and @stupid_serif more than ‘himself.’.. a technicality though… he’s as thick as thieves with them all… AINT THAT THE TRUTH

you're my 'twitter wife' now mrsjo
i don’t know how he does it but the papa_lazarou of Scottish Twitter has gone and got himself a new ‘twitter_wife’ as the combined voices of the @stupid_serif_hate_choir & The Shouting Kelly’s perform for the assembled guests… #yirsomeboymin