like the circles that you find in the windmill’s of folks minds [stop the apple…some folks need to get off]

The start of another ugly cycle starts to wind up  into a familiar pattern although events are coming thick and fast for the ‘indy_scotland_scooter_ display_team…The Blackwings [special_ops_donchaknow] ‘By Hook, Crook & [Fanta]Sea’ is our motto

The whistle has gone out to the waiting troops, the various ‘shouting choirs’ and fourbyfour teams will no doubt pick up on the vibe that it was ‘her I’ve been talking about & unionists that got Michelle banned. Go gettem gang. Thats how they mock’n’troll.

The posse are down a few accounts and some are having to try and keep a low profile… all apart from Tracee Wilson that is, who is offering some free lessons in buffoonery over on her account with accusations, again with overtones of paedophilia, that  photo’s she posted publicly on her twitter TL in January are somehow being “passed about” in a seedy or abusive way towards a child????? she’s gone to the Police [again] of course and wait til her daughter finds out…this is cyclical… I came in when she was threatening to have someone knock on Jeggit’s door in Dublin? Whoooooossshhhh!

@LadyOfAlba @TiaMariaWilson1 and whatever else she calls herself. What is wrong with these people? I have skin in this game with the Princess Of The Poison Pen due to her LYING and calling me an abuser and assaulter of women and suggesting I was on a Domestic Violence Register… a small taste of what some of the [mainly women] go through with this group of emotional vandals and thugs. This is not about politics or Indy. This is about being nasty and vicious and cruel toward your fellow human beings…of telling whoppers of lies about people… for what?

I matters not a jot what was done initially but treatment such as this, taking part in and encouraging multi_account_pile_ons, MH slurs, completely unfounded accusations and lies of racism, homophobia, paedophilia, scamming charities, needlessly sending SSPCA officers to their house, false accusations of stalking & harrassment and lying about facts and number of contacts being made, sending unwanted goods to their address and laughing about it online, threatening to publish their address and pass it round to ‘well_dodgy_geezers, setting up multi_troll accounts to harrass and contact others to spread their lies and hate. Trolling about family tragedies and weaponising your own to ‘win on twitter’? In the name o’ the wee man… it is twisted_sistering of the worst kind I have ever seen… amongst supposed adults! WTAF!

This my friends is only some of what you are being silent about or are not hearing or pretending to not hear or are facepalming it as a twitter_spat are ignoring it and hoping that it will just go away…it does not look like it will ;o((((  it is still going on as we speak… This is a PR social media pile up waiting to happen…

The participants all seem like some of the young folks I deal with that spend too much time on Fortnite… The cycle must be broken… looks like it might to be have to be broken for you? Brutally Bonkers! I only do wee mocking cartoons now, WGD was so correct, Twitter Is A Sewar and I don’t miss it really… but some folks seem to be doing the right thing… I salute you all… laters and namaste to aw…

Wexworth Unsler Esq.

the whistle goes up!!
no mention still of Michelle’s accusations of paedophilia towards a felloow female yesser from Davee… instead he sends out the signal for the pack and the fourbyfour teams to commence brigadery operations immediatel against ‘the enemy’… a new account is on the block it seems.. desperate stuff from desperate folks in desperate times…INFAMY…they alllgotttit INFAMY…