Is this the first stage of attempted intimidation by @stupid_serif to get me to shut up?

The defender of @PoliticsScot has managed to pull together his none_2_shoddy photoshop skills…. and put the face of Mickey Mouse on one of my cartoons! As @siouxiezoo said…”GENIUS!”…. Bless.

He’s also managed to add in a photo of some houses which I am assuming is where I stay…in Friockhiem… Maybe it’s just a random photo of a house put on there for no reason? The “BACK OFF, CREEP” kinda gives it away though no? Or is it just me?

Paul Wright and one of his sock_puppets jdman tried something similar a couple of months ago… didn’t work then… won’t work now…

This recent recipient of a bus pass has been round the block and I’m afraid your lack of ability to come up with any strategy, other than threats and attempts at intimidation into my ‘backin_off’ from telling my truth, are falling on deaf ears and only highlights the shallow personalities and desperation of those issuing the threats… unsophisticated/ lacking in creativity, unkind, untruthful and humourless… very bitter and nasty…granted… but not unlawful… yet…

Carry on though ‘Rob’. Your doing a grand job of highlighting and confirming everything that you and the posse are accused of… you remind me of a retired twitter_clown called Podge [ran away to the circus with another clown eileen…apparently] with your almost childlike name calling…You still claim to be a relative of Bill and a MacKenzie family member? If I were to advise you of one thing serif, it would be not to carry on with that, if it is a lie. If you are indeed a relative… I find that sad.

Quite hilarious that @PoliticsScot is carrying on with the ‘serious journalism and truth_telling of the current_campaign’ by ramping up the ridiculous narrative that “could easily end up with me or a loved one getting hurt” nonsense while you @stupid_serif … friend and defender of David and Miriam are attempting to threaten and intimidate me… who’s house is this I wonder?   A Clown You Are ;o)  Whooossshhh…. #karmatrainsacumminbaby

Laters stupid_serif… Wexypoo..

artist/designer/ relative of Billy MacKenzie?????? and twitter ‘defenderer’ of @PoliticsScot has artfully put his ‘design’ skills into practice and has managed to put the head of Mickey Mouse onto one of my cartoons… “you are a genius’ [ha. ha. ha. ] I take it that the photo of the houses behind is where I stay? some kind of subtle warning similar to Paul Wright & jdmans threats of visiting Friockhiem? All in the defense of David Hooks @PoliticsScot and your wee brigade of kiddie_onners… The Diary Of A Doxxing

The last effort at getting me to “BackOff,Creep” by Paul[a] Wright  a couple of months ago… Paul cackles with sinister digital delight that he indeed has eventually found what he was looking for… great story behind this account and photo  but it will have to wait for the ‘death_bed_chronicles’… hook/line/sinker… and I’m still not Jonny Nabb/IonaBaxter/Pauline/Julie/ScotsNat/  PDonaldson22 or anyone else whose name you have pulled out of the crazy_hat or got from one of your face_time_ouija_board sessions… you are all totally bonkers!



quite surprised at the speed which the follow up threat to have my blog multi_reported to WordPress has come about… two_threats_in_one_day… get them over and done with eh… funny… shows the desperation and ever changing dynamics of the situation… the increment of ramping is also greatly increased… coldly calculating or delusionally unstable due to ‘not getting out much’?… you decide… if the blog goes then they have got reach…;o(((( Where there’s a Wex though…there’s always a way… laters freaks ;o) ps……  never mind…’ll wait… like baby’s cutting heads off flowers? meljomur… mrsjo27… and all the other swallowers of the false narrative… wittingly or not… David is all Shampoo Tears   


@meljomur makes a guest appearance on Political Scotts False Narrative News [night] with the helpful information that there are stalking and harassment laws… just in case you did not know and just to remind anyone else David Hooks has been to Police Scotland many times and even the Procurator Fiscal… he has been told by both… and I paraphrase ‘ taking the mickey/ asking questions and making cartoons is not against the law Mr Hooks… HE IS NOT BEING STALKED… HE IS NOT BEING HARASSED… otherwise the police would have visited me, arrested me and I would be put before the court… that’s why we have police and courts… as much as all this questioning of David and his wee cabal maybe uncomfortable for both him and them it is his online friends and defenders @stupid_serif @robbycameron1 @TiaMariaWilson1 Paul Wright etc. that are threatening to post peoples addresses and details online… the truth will out… where you gonna be when the karmatrain comes thundering through the station? he is a liar surrounded by liars… if you and AUOBSCOT want to be taken seriously and don’t want another ‘bucket_gate or ‘carry on bus_wank’  you should give this guy a wide berth… multicar PR crash waiting to happen… seriously… #karmatrainsacummin

all the latest false news and narrative from our Tayside correspondent @stupid_serif… after the break… honk..honk_honk…honk_honk

ONLY TWO FOLLOWERS LEFT?wonder which three followers jumped ship over at @PurityRefined [?] An account set up purely to troll two women and RT slurs and lies & posts from such giants of the IndyTwittScene such as that caustic graphic wit @stupid_serif, @siouxiezoo @TiaMariaWilson and @Michelle4G4hm… Has Mrs PolScott abondoned her visible support? serif has gone into lockdown… or ‘Rob’ Mcgregor/ MacKenzie as he claims to be? we shall see on that one… it was the one thing that serif was advised not too lie about… Bill was a legend and for all his faults would have been extremely sad to see a family member [if it is indeed true?] behaving in such a way ;o(((((