only one day later in politics scot land

@PoliceScotland once again tell @PoliticsScot that “…no crime has been committed” [wasting police time?]

in an attempt to change career and follow my dream to be a graphic designer [hopefully in the process making enough money to build a worldwide network of animal orphanages that would be free at the point of contact] i decided to “stop sitting around in my underpants all day watching reruns of Dallas”…  overcome my crippling shyness and send an example of [what everyone tells me are] my nonetooshoddy design & photoshop materpieces to @ScotNational, with the hope that they would see past the recent harassment & woman beater allegations posted on the internet by @LadyOfAlba on behalf of at least “six women and their loved ones” during the last week alone and put me on their compuchter list fir a joab. a complete and utter scoosh then ;o) 

now rumour has it that a sense of humour bypass operation carried out some years ago and at the time thought to be reversable, has made life a little serious and glum at times for mister politics scot. his attempts to inject some fun and bounce into his life by allegedly setting up the “mocking Julie group” earlier this year along with @LukeLuciously @PolsMilRos @graeme_berry1 & @OneLumpOrTwo_WW, although being a resounding success for them at the time, by bullying & driving a woman off the internet and from her online activism has come back to haunt all concerned and is the matter i am trying to address with my questions to @PoliticsScot @graeme_berry1 and others which have so far remained unanswered.

the tone of the tweet was perfectly pitched as many followers, primarily those of the new beak-fed brood took this threat of excommunication seriously and hurriedly announced in numerous posts that they were “definitely not following wex” or had “never even once interacted with it” with some feeling they had to send a screengrab to prove it. “Bless” [as the ‘wizard of breeks’ would no doubt say]

he has been to the police on a number of occassions vetnurse. and each time they have told him to go away as there are no laws being broken. the same reason why he would not take it to a civil defamation case. he would not stand a chance and all the facts surrounding this sorry tale would unfortunately, for PoliticsScot  be laid bare for all to see. quite how you were able to arrive at your verdict of stalking/bullying&harassment without seeing my side of the story or considering my evidence is beyond me and in my opinion does not bode well for what i admittedly am guessing is your current or future line of work as a vet. but this is how you are played. 

and just in case you were in any doubt here is the political scot giving out some lessons in translating latin into a late 20th century mock celtic bravado that few will have heard never mind take seriously. a touch of ad nauseum or is that a mea culpa too far?

and one more thing. possibly due to your profession Kevvo you always seem ready to rush to a prejudgement  whenever a mental health diagnosis is required to backup the polscot narrative. your “sad fucker who is probably as unhinged as a certain woman” is noted and along with other dubious yet telling comments would surely bring the house down if read out at a coffee break to your fellow SNHS workers or perhaps rolled out as an icebreaker the next time you meet the FM in your professional capacity. make your son proud and not embarressed at his dad. stick to playin’ santa kev.