Says Craig… who introduced himself into @PoliticsScot narrative either by invitation or his own free will…

Started out with the very decent and fairly widely shared premise I’m sure that people, once having either apologised or in the case of criminality ‘served their sentence’ for any wrongdoing they deserve a second chance and to judge them on their current actions. Hardly a controversial stance but hey… I agree wholeheartedly Craig…

The only problem being that @robbycameron1/ Mark Robertson AKA Claire is still ‘at_it’… as far as I know he is no longer scamming fellow YESSERS out of food or money… but he is certainly taking part and possibly orchestrating some of the vicious actions, lies and fish_wifery  we have  seen and are STILL seeing being carried out on Twitter by Bobo and some of his family members…David Hooks @PoliticsScot  Paul@BrechinDiocese/ @stupid_serif/ @siouxiezoo/ @TiaMariaWilson/ @LadyOfAlba/ @PurityRefined/ TenaciousV/ IndyWildcat/ OorTazTumbles  and knowingly or not, all the other supporters and sockpuppets that spew the bile they have been fed back on their timelines as fact and not the fabricated lies that they are…and if there is the opportunity for a ‘pile_on’ as well as a good gossip then even better…YIKES,,,

So Craig you are maybe unaware of the year long harassment of a few women YESSERS on twitter but I doubt it… are you a player in it?  it was a ‘perfect’ reply for David as he said… was it a request or did you do it all on your owney_oh? Looking for a wee salute? [he doesn’t do memes any more] but it sounds like you’ll have your wee set o’ posse spurs if you’ve not got them already… he might send a few followers yir way an aw…. that wid be braw eh?   too funny for frank… you do realise these little ‘set_pieces’ sound like an Armando Iannucci script?  maybe it’s just me? maybe it’s just ‘the style’… have a word… do you really want to be associated with this? The lies… bullying… attempts to shut folk up?

lets just have a wee look at some of robbo’s current behaviour Craig? oh…his account is protected… anyways he’s still at the nonsense… was instrumental in the ACTIONABLE LIE stating that someone had scammed a charity… admitted to hitting a 14 year old and ENJOYED IT & posted it online… a man who stands by his convictions obviously… wonder if he will acquire any soon? ;o)

Weathers rubbish for my few days but lunch in front of a fire was great, got my batteries charged and free wi_fi… all the best to those that deserve it… Wexworth Unsler Esq. ;o)

Funny to see those that are ‘up_in_arms’ about @naenonsense… an account that does as they all do, when the opportunity arises, which it does…fairly often as it happens  due to the ‘multi_reporting’ ride outs that take place fairly regularly and sees them saddling up to dish out a stiff kicking or ‘spread_the_word_about_indy_twitter_town’ as they did recently about Michelle Graham and the “she was kicked off Twitter for calling ‘CricketGuy’ a prick… AH CANNAE BELIEVE IT!!!

No neither can I. And it’s a load of bullshit. She’s been lying, trolling and generally spitting venom on behalf of the PolScottPosse and it’s odd wee network for months… the karmatrain hit her head on… she’s still on Twitter though… just not as ‘front_line’ or visible… awkward

another bit of whistling up the troops to try and get this account shut down… it posts copies of reports of twitter violations that others have sent it… I have not a clue who runs it but the hypocrisy is hilarious… be interesting to see if they have the reach… see if people at Twitter do look or it’s all down to numbers… we’ll see… it has as much right as any other account to stay… it’s only posting factual violations for goodness sake… Davee Disnae Like It…DDLI…it’s gotta go… funny… man_baby richt enough… plays the part well TBF to him though ;o)
credit to Mr Finkin for capturing this account ‘swap’ as the man with three supsended accounts undertakes an account change courtesy of Robbo… I believe it was a particularly nasty troll account previously used to harass the same woman who’s address he threatened to post online and probably passed to others and is now currently operating as @BrechinDiocese…. YIKES!!!! ;o(

Waaayyy tooo much time on my hands today and due the rather inclement weather and a brief but enjoyable infection of laziness I have acquired a new skill which really annoys me but makes me burst out laughing whenever it happens… got some strange looks and a few kicks under the table today for such attention seeking behaviour…read this and imagine davee is allan partridge… same with the ‘drinking at 11.45 am stuff… yir great granda… funny