‘The Pishy Pants Song’ by ‘The Gentleman Blogger’ @PoliticsScot David Hooks [14…sorry…41 years old]

source twittsearch @PoliticsScot ‘pishy’

Wonder if @PoliticsScot will be debuting this little ditty when he makes his next public speaking engagement at AUOB Oban?

Davids New 'Song'
David Hooks debuts his new song to a few of his beak fed clutch who all seem to find his attempts at the ‘humiliation’ of a woman pretty hilarious… ;o((( who knows someone might even have taken it as a signal to send Tena Lady to the womans house as a ‘gift’… [it happened] thats on top of the other many lies and ongoing acts of bullying and harassment that he, his wife and their followers are complicit in…such a talented and ‘nice’ guy eh? A fine upstanding example for the YES movement? G…That schoolteacher dad of yours…. A  your mum must be sooo proud that you are demonstrating the values of ‘respect&kindness’ that they  raised you by as a lad in Stirling Davee eh? YIKES
PoliticalScott & His 'Hate Choir'
A few ‘personalities’ missing from this wee collection of nazteez… een o’ th’ bairns is working on the full choir and orchestra…

 And this guy has been given a platform on IndyLiveRadio, The ScotNational, AUOB Galashiels and is due to speak at AUOB Oban this weekend? Really?

This person has led the harassment and bullying of at least two women in the YES movement backed by his wee Posse of kleecolytes and sock_puppet accounts for the best part of a year.

Hi folks… just before I deliver my monologue and just to get everyone in the party mood I’d like to sing you a wee song I wrote the words to myself… it’s nothing to do with Indy but it’s a bit of a laugh and was inspired by friendship and loyalty… sorry… I can’t help it… I always start to cry when I think of just how much I mean to my twitter friends and family and the lengths they will go to to protect me from bullying and persecution *wipes dry eyes with handkerchief*

A special mention to @do_mck / Tracee Wilson / Simon Patterson /Mark Robertson / Sarah Barwood / @Ind3pendent7 / @HyndlandHigh and so many more accounts that have backed and supported me… This ones for you… I give you ‘The Pishy Pants Song…



If the woman who this nasty wee ‘song’ is about wants this removed then all you have to do is ask…