@MammothWhale…. ‘secret_admirer uncovered’… Iain Wares from Arbroath…AKA @clmbie

Just to be clear the ‘NaziCowMeme’ referred to was @stupid_serif’s cow with swastika branded on its rear ‘creation’ with “ShutTheFuckUpPaulineYouSillyMoo’ as the ‘strapline’… it still is vile but @stupid_serif did not call anyone a “NaziCow”… just to be clear… but there was a cow [the target audience is a vegan] with a swastika and a “shut_the_fuck_up” ‘or_else’…order… blatant bullying threat… ;o( Silly Moo is a very specific turn of phrase I remember from Alf Garnett… ‘Rob’… from Dundee… a proud member of the MacKenzie family [he claims Helen?] reminds me of much nastier and even more bitter version of this comic construct from the seventies…

Iain Wares appears equally as bitter if I’m being honest… why the anger dude? You’re 66? You should be chillin’ and setting an example no? Amatuer brigadery is attractive for the would be Jimmy Bond types with time on their hands… or so it appears…[?]

Did Cameron and hooks have a wee twitter_stooshie? that would make sense as to why Iain has such a ‘thing’ for @MammothWhale? Mibbes? Fa kens eh?

MammothWhale's Secret Admirer
Camerons secret admirer is SNP member Iain Wares from Arbroath.

Iain seems to be linked in with a few other twisted sisters & brothers of what could be viewed as the alt_right of Indy… The PolScotPosse and it’s self appointed defender of the King Of The Honky Tonks @stupid_serif…. who boasted about being a relative of Billy Mackenzie [still awaiting confirmation on that one] and whose ‘graphic talents’ and wit have been demonstrated with such classics as ‘The Nazi Cow’ meme and the ‘We Know Where You Stay Wex’ series [“twitter banners for between £5 & £15”…I kid you not! DM him for details…]…don’t say I’m not good to you now ‘Rob’… a free plug fae wex fir yi ;o)

@LadyOfAlba/@TiaMaria also seem to fit in with Iains ‘sense of humour’…YIKES

@RonCorrie seems tight with @stupid_serif also and appears to have been in cahoots with them and others to try and track me down ‘real_wurld’ since April… fair dooz…gave me a perfect ‘excuse’ to unmask Iain… Thanks Mark Burnett… the_widster_that_wiz…

If you did get onto twittleaks Ron/ Mark… then you will know exactly what kind of folks we are dealing with here… that’s ‘Boom Boom’ Bill Brady’s site of desperate but dangerous delusion [hosted in Dunning-Krugerland somewhere]

‘Ron’/ Mark Burnett will also be aware of the vicious and nasty ongoing proxy  campaign being waged by @stupid_serif @LadyOfAlba @BrechinDiocese and others… including Semptex Bill Brady  to give him another of his ‘aliases’…on behalf of and in collusion with @PoliticsScot…against two YES women and like Iain be happy to take part in it and contribute to it…YIKES!!!

You have two daughters ‘Ron’… would you like them to be treated like this? How would you have felt if one for instance was on the recieving end of this… sent by your pal Iain Wares from Arbroath to a woman who informed him this was now a police matter?

This behaviour is shaming the YES movement and you area part of it ‘Ron’… not a good look for you really is it if we’re being honest?  a great reputation enhancer ? fa’ kens eh? mibbes you will wear that ‘Trolling4Indy…Honest’ badge with pride and would be happy for your daughters to follow your example… some pretty dross company you keep if I’m being honest…@stupid_serif @BrechinDiocese …YIKES…laters’ron’ ;o(((((

Iain Wares
A polite request made to you to remove the lies you told was met with “…now FUCK right OFF and when you get there FUCK OFF SOME MORE you utter headcase”… nice Iain… do you talk to all the women in your life like this?
lickspittles 'lickspittalling"
Iain Wares from Arbroath helping Davee Hooks spread more lies… referring to completely the wrong person [J] and @clmbie negelecting to say that his “mention” of P was with the nasty reference to the “liquid_coshing”/ “rubber_room” ‘joke’ that him, @PoliticsScot and the rest of his poison posse seem to find so funny… your an embarrassment to Arbroath min… a 66 year old man taking his apparent anger [????] /  frustration [????]  out on a woman he does not know because some bloat_brained_blogger told him some bullshit and he swallowed it and you…’mister’ hookz… are an embarrassment to yourself… the ‘PishyPantzSong’ proved that beyond a doubt… your brand is toxic… and that is solely down to you and the company you keep and your extremely questionable words and actions…you’re something else davee… ;o( seriously min… you need to take a break and reflect on where you are and more importantly where you want to be but above all else… the style in which you wish to travel because at the moment your in ‘rabble_class’… you have a comfy seat and a table but it’s still ‘rabble_class’… enjoy