Am Sure Your Family & Fellow Arbroath SNP Members Must Be Real Proud Of You Right Now @clmbie AKA Iain Wares

@RonCorrie and @clmbie both seem to enjoy throwing their anonymous weight around… mainly at women but not exclusively

the ever so 'proud' @RonCorrie
Aye… whatever turns you on Mark? YIKES! ;o(
fish always bite...
… the bottom feeders like to always bite no matter how old the bait… I spent one crazy festival with an incredibly ballsy lady who had previous for hunt sabbing… amazing schooling as a young greenhorn… went way above my head until I realised one day what she was on about… always have a parachute…or a bouyancy aid… even if you don’t need it at the time… a spare wee deposit account… just in case…Freeks jist alang the road fae yi ‘Ron’ is it no? did you pack a bailout device  see y’all there laters… Gwen Stephanie…  ;o)

Seems as though Iains mate Mark Burnett is a mucker of Paul Wright, the would be WizardOfBrechin,  and @stupid_serif… defender of Mr&Mrs Hooks @PoliticsScot

And have a guess at who they are discussing?

@RonCorrie seems quite at home with the company they keep and the thuggish behaviour. Jings only last night he was giving a woman pelters and was asked to stop by another woman. YIKES!!!  Luckily enough another sock_puppet @MCHunter was on hand to ‘defend’ Mark’s behaviour… Nothing to see here… givin’ it the big jazz hands… This is no way for members to be conducting themselves and does nothing to attract ‘soft no’s’.The amatuer brigadery is laughable but also damaging to YES. Damaging to Indy[ The Brand ]…


Ron was even trying to help serif ‘track_me_down’… Great pals with Tracee Wilson/ Paul Wright/ @stupid_serif… some choice dross you speak to there Ron….fair dooz if you manage… I have crossed a line myself yesterday but Iains bullying, nasty and quite frankly threatening behaviour towards a woman he does not know and who has endured a year of what amounts to torture was deserved of being shown for the nasty bully he is. Named and shamed.

This is not my Indy! ;o((((

Like Iain’s online sock_puppetry on his Tory McToryFace account Ron/Mark’s behaviour does not reflect well on the wider YES Movement and on Arbroath & SNP in particular.

You were asked politely to delete the post by the woman concerned who also informed you that it was now in the hands of PoliceScotland. You did not Mr Iain Wares so as promised I got your name and address for her  and it will no doubt be passed to Police by her in relation to the ongoing campaign of harassment and abuse which you joined in on. Whether or not any civil action will be raised? Fa’ kens eh? That is not up to me. But your details are there for papers to be served if need be. Untidy and frankly mingin’ twitter floor by the way… littered with all the details needed… shout out to twa auld scamps fae the ‘FishyFleet’ & ‘TimmersToddy’ fa’ did some nebbin’ fir thir pal… ;o)

Some choice language from the loon here…       here       and here

A great advert for the SNP Arbroath eh? Did Mr Iain Wares truly organise the meeting @Standarbroath church which  MSP Christian Allarda spoke at? Did he use any of his Tory McToryface ‘patter’ that evening? Someone have a word. Please. It’s embarrassing for the YES Movement… Are you folks not embarrassed? Can just see the ‘cybernat’ headlines… this is a PR car_crash waiting to happen… we don’t need this kind of behaviour at this moment in the ongoing #indyref2 in my humble opinion…

Iain Wares
A polite request made to you to remove the lies on your TL was met with “…now FUCK right OFF and when you get there FUCK OFF SOME MORE you utter headcase”... nice Iain… do you talk to all the women in your life like this?

Jings it seems the slug trails left by @clmbie slime their way regularly towards Paul Wright’s  @BrechinDiocese account. Seems @clmbie is either a naive and lazy buffoon for believing Paul and his desperate attempts to lie his and his PolScotPosse’s networks way out of the bullying and abusive on and offline behaviour. Or he is a twisted man who enjoys joining twitter pile_ons…  trolling, abusing and lying about a woman?

Also the lies stated as fact underneath are actionable. Is all this trolling under your Tory McToryFace monicker sanctioned or known about by Arbroath SNP, Brenda Durno, Mike Weir, Christian Allarda or Graeme Day? Why the bile towards a woman you’ve never met? You’re a potential PR nightmare with your amatuerish #IndyBragadery.

Deleting the offensive tweets and posting a wee apology will go some way to alleviating the probable embarrassment you could possibly  find coming your way from me if they remain and would perhaps put a stop to any potential civil action from the woman you have lied about that could potentially arise from your nasty, abusive and very public lies posted on your TL which seem to be in support of @PoliticsScot and his creepy pal… that well known Angus Salty Brigand and Courier ‘star’ Paul Wright. Possibly. Your choice min. See my posts on Simple Procedure for potential cheap and quick solution to untruths that you for example, as the defender might  have to evidence to back up your ‘claim’ of… and I paraphrase ‘ years of doxxing and obsessive behaviour’... if that were brought before a sheriff in a civil action under such ‘Simple Procedure’…

A complaint by the woman was made to Police last week as you know.

Another Liar @clmbie
a lot of claims stated there min… actionable claims as they are untrue…;o(
Jings… has this woman not gone through enough harassment without you jumping into the continuing abuse campaign @clmbie… so how would you feel if this was your daughter, niece, sister recieving communications like this? ;o(((

 By the way the link to your ebay badge selling page isnae workin’…

Sure the publicity of a wee headline in the local paper regarding your threatening and abusive treats would go down a treat… bit o’ local goss… maybe boost business a little and am sure it could only ‘enhance’ your reputation ‘roond_the_toon’ the local SNP branch and the YES movement in general?

Have a wee think as to what you’re actually doing and saying and the impact it is having on this woman? Do you want to risk having even a tenth of the notoriety as Paul Wright about the town or throughout Angus, the SNP and the more sane of us among the wider YES movement?

All to back up the rep o’ a bunch o’ liars? `Really?

You’ve either believed the shite yi’v been telt and not bothered to even attempt to find out anything from the other side of the argument or you’re as twisted as the rest o’ the posse.

Fa’ kens eh?

Haven’t gone crazy with the tags yet… seeing what you had to say for yourself or if you can offer any kind of explanation or excuse/ apology… all pretty grim really if you ask me…  ;o((((((((

I didn’t realise we had a twistory @clmbie… just been lichtified…

what was this about anyways? were you referring to me, serif or AUOBSCOT?

Your twitter_thlug pal @BrechinDiocese seems to be having ‘technical_problems’… We await the stewards enquiry and the following report?

technical problems Paul?
Paul Wright’s latest ploy/ attempt to cover for his and the PolScottPosse’s recent despicable twitter behaviour towards women is to call for ‘peace&forgiveness’… but not for him and the Posse’s wrongdoing..not at all….whooooshhht… #selfawarenessbypass ;o( #uglystuff
Tory McToryace.
…more mocking or delete and apologise @ clmbie? choices eh? they can make or break a reputation dontchathink? or maybe you just aren’t bothered? laters… ;o((((

since we’re talking about ‘gollums’… here’s another from my recent past… remember this little lickspittle?

while we’re on the subject of false narrative spreaders or liars as they are also known… remember this ‘defender’ of Davee Hooks… telling a total porkie that I had threatened to post his details online? a future politician to be? “he’s aff tae a flyer…he’s already a liar” as someone said of him only recently… this is only a pretend competition… no messages please…

If this is account is not the person I am claiming please contact me and I will issue a profuse apology… all the signs point to it… If it is have a word please someone… there should be no room for this kind of behaviour… we are jointly and severally responsible as a movement… kindness, consideration and respect costs us nothing?

What are we becoming when we say nothing about this? are we so normalised to this ‘brutal’ form of communication? #nasty&disappointingstuff… ;o(

not in my name I’m afraid…what about you folks? someone going to have a word in a shell_like? these kind of associations rub off on us all and the wider movement… if this is not ToryMcToryface then let me know and I will issue a full and grovelling apology and delete… needs must although I feel sometimes I am having to stoop to others levels to make my point… I know… a conundrum that I am willing to admit… perceived hypocrisy… definitely… I’ll accept that and take it on the chin… seriously though… this stuff is pretty vile… ;o( #farsroncorrie ;o)