once upon a time in politics scot land…he’s as much as a numpty as he was back then.. @PoliticsScot… the nasteez daftee ;o)

after a hard day rechurning rechurned tweets, filming for his television program, fighting off the vicious trolls determined to bring him down, chatting politics to @robbycameron1 @LadyOfAlba @stupid_serif @LeaksTwitt and various other members of his extended indy ‘twittfam’ there is nothing @PoliticsScot likes better than kicking off his shoes, slipping into his clown baffeez, rainbow wig & red nose, checking the water level on his ‘skooshy flower’ and popping the kettle on before settling down on the settee with his wife and a nice cup of earl grey to watch a few episodes of himself in ‘A Week Past Sunday’. on his youtube chanel. in 4K.

now i realise that probably doesn’t happen on a regular basis. but as i’m  currently not on the greatest of terms with any members of the PoliticsScotPosse and the venue of the works xmas beano has been discussed only in DM’s, it’s unlikely that i’m going to bump into anyone and get pulled up about it in the near future so i’ll trip-trap across that particular bridge when & if i come to it. until i get a lawyers letter and/ or a visit from the polis we can just pretend that it’s true. even the scooshy flower.

no doubt a lengthy notice will be issued by @albanationsimon, the resident legal beagle of the PSP, accompanied by screeds of legislation and lists of alternative facts copied from ‘eejipedia’ infowarning me that i am [again] ‘committing defamation’. the imaginary lawyers will [again] be ‘informed’ and another imaginary seven day “knock knock” warning will be issued and then ‘one t’ will deliver the summation of a lifetime and i will have to sell my stamp collection or go to jail. for life.

“it was a silver glitter wig m’lud. not a rainbow wig as mister wexler claims. and the scooshy flower is a total fabrication. i would like to present to the court exhibit one. a photograph of mister hooks that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the wig was silver m’lud. made of long strands and not curly as suggested by the defendant in his testimony which, in my own expert opinion, is mere heresay. i rest my case”

never a man shy of stating his opinions and desperate for an outlet for his quirky musings ‘one t’ has seemingly found a new ‘management tool’ for his multi twitter account addiction and is ghostwriting for his cat Horatio. he also heads the storyboarding department for ****** the pup account so i’m not sure if he’ll have the time for another court case. guess i landed lucky there. 

still no answers regarding my enquiries as to the ‘mocking Julie group’ and the involvement of @PoliticsScot @OneLumpOr_Two @graemeberry1 @AllSkipsAbout and others. the campaign for a new twitterstalking law seems to have taken a back seat since brave and others posted regarding their experiences. david is busy with the fishing industry at the moment so it’ll possibly be a few weeks til he gets round to re-energising the campaign. 

@PoliceScotland once again tell @PoliticsScot that “…no crime has been committed” [wasting police time?]

despite numerous visits to @PoliceScotland and receiving the same reply “no crime has been committed sir” it seems that @PoliticsScot might have to get back to campaigning for this new ‘twitterlaw’ to get ‘justice’.

the law where asking him questions re the ‘mocking Julie group’ or any other shenanagins that he or the PoliticsScotPosse have got up to in the past/present or future would be a criminal offence. laughing/ sniggering & having a joke at his expense would also fall under the new statute.

this is the question that @PoliticsScot will not answer and was the start of his selfbuilt clusterfuck
“My wife has had no Twitter violations” *snigger* “aye right davee.. as you were” *sniggers again* ;o))))