Selective Memory Syndrome/ Wriggling/Forgetfullness/Wish2Unsee? [whatever the reason/s @SaorAlba59… it is not factual…is it?]

Comfort, midges and inclement weather means staying the night in a bed… new phone… add_on_keyboard… modrunteknology… amazingly braw… thanksmin… better late than never ya baldy tej… bigluv ;o)

Thanks for the advice Baldy… Appreciate your in on FNZ… best birthday present since leather_erse geed me a penknife… Cheers min!

Craig seems to think that having a snigger with the ‘DissolverOfHaters’ @do_mck about being already blocked by the person that @PoliticsScot @do_mck and @GraceBrodie, encouraging people to disassociate from, apparently as a form of  punishment for some percieved wrongdoing against ‘himself’ @PoliticsScot AKA David Hooks… is normal? WTA?

You are a lickspittle no different to those unquesting sycophants you criticise within the Tory & Labour parties Craig… Ain’t that the truth…Promoting and becoming the false narrative  you Hooks and others claim to despise…

Karmatrains a cummin Craig baby… #gitaffthetrax…

ICEBERG!!!! You are hilarious min… bet you got a scooshy flower and a massive pair o’ winklepickers just like Davee … laters ya clown… Wex ;o)


Perhaps it was the tweet where you appear to be mocking Pauline by way of sharing a private joke with one of her abusers that she, as well as a few others thought/ think  evidences your  ‘trashiness’ Craig? It definitely does appear to  ‘trash’ your claim ‘never to have heard of her before’… for me anyways…

At least have the bawz to #man_up_and_own_it_min @SaorAlba59 ;o(


Just a wee reminder of one of your previous discussions with the man looking to #DissolveTheHater about ‘who you’ve never heard of’… just to jog yi’r memory likes…  a twitter ‘lets_all_pile_on_pauline’ had been initiated by a saddle_up_whistle from ‘himself’…Davee Hooks/ @PoliticsScot the previous evening [the inevitability and intention of which was clear from The Political Scot’s conversation of 19thOct with @jeggit and @AlbanationSimon’s warning]and the tweet you are responding to was part of that particularly nasty pile_on that followed and culminated a month later… seriously Craig???

Funnily enough Denise Coupers ‘plea to followers’ had very similar wording… Coincidence? *obvs…lolz*

Sounds more like a *press_release* FFS… transparent…much?

DeniseCouperDenise seems happy to spread the false narrative and delighted to be taking part in a twitter_pile_on with the clear outcome being to ostracise, alienate and isolate Pauline? YIKES!? Why? What actions deserve this? What are the justifications for this exactly again?

Do you have any daughters/ sisters/ nieces Denise? How would you feel if this was happening to them or to you for that matter? Seriously…how do you think you would feel?

craigdempsey... forgetful?
just a wee reminder of your previous discussion with @do_mck with davee tagged in… a sign of your support?

On a different note… you are a namesake and it’s a longshot I know but…  just  on the off_chance are you related to G [80’s to present…Portobello *Road* Star infamy]?

see yi’rsel as ithers ar’ seeing yi…

the many faces of the political scott… lead singer in the latest indybloggers twitt_pop accapella ledz_only_ensemble… AYE AH DO!

Long drive to Ullapool and no laptop being packed…

Namaste to those that deserve it ;o)