“he starts liking my tweets” stupid_serif

looking @stupid_serif’s posts you could tell they were a big @AUOBSCOT fancat. regularly popping up to ‘scrag’ anyone that appeared to be criticising them or asking questions. i dropped by ‘serif style’ to see if there was any update on the statement expected from AUOB.

i was surprised at how quickly _serif played the harassment and bullying card and appears peeved & surprised when the support that was obviously expected fails to materialise.  

he starts liking my tweets

“make sense of this whole AUOB churnalism thing”

…and people like Wex need catalogued.

serif seems delighted to claim at least some of the credit for having driven markybooth off twitter?

maybe ask the #saltybrigand ‘batshitcrazy barnacle bill brady’ [4B’s] if twittleaks could undertake an investigation into the identity of stupid_serif.