EnterThruTheGriftShop… Wanxee…. [I STAND WITH MR.FINKIN] ;o)

Rob @stupid_serif [from Dundee]  points the way down the rabbit hole for fellow Indy_Tweeters… your his twitter wifee now ;o(((  #TwittStalk #truthchimp
DaveeHookz & the backer_upperz   #TwittStalk #truthchimp
due to the refusal of @kjm1468 to communicate or even acknowledge my olivebranch after the reasonable plea for him to take down the lies still on @fiercedebs TL regarding my using pictures of your grandson and the hysterical overexaggerations about my contacts with @scotambservice re work etc… not to mention the treatment of JonnyNabb and his wife regarding her delusional belief that we were one and the same… until that is done I will keep calling you out… you cannot get away with lying like this…    #truthchimp
i think it could be a mix of tramadol and ‘other stuff’… ‘knows a lot about everything but not a clue about anything’ ;o(((   #truthchimp
again @fiercedeb proving eejipedia can be dangerous… her ‘fierceness’ is perhaps an insecurity blanket?   the baggage carousel continues to roll even when there are no suitcases left? take the lies about me down deb? take a break and curb the 0-100 aggression and also remember that just because you believe something it does not make it true… please take down the lies about me and the stuff about jonn off your timeline… you can still hate me but as you know after your ‘talks’ with @policescotland and ‘your solicitors’…YOU WERE WRONG! FED WRONG INFO… @stupid_serif is falling for the same guff from the same folks… take the LIES down…let me know and you and @kjm1468 are off my blog… this gives me no pleasure but I will not be lied about… thanks in advance… wex     #truthchimp



the start of what ended up being an insinuation that wex was a paedophile… and folks wonder why I want this lie retracted`?  #truthchimp


???? It Happened!!! Really ;o(   #TwittStalk #truthchimp