@pishypants1…Reported by telephone to Police Scotland 11th July 2019…

…at 2.00pm for threatening and downright wierd behaviour… causing fear and alarm towards a woman living on her own… DESPICABLE!!!

By all accounts this is reputedly Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 Mark/Claire [sue me Mark if it’s not true] who is a great pal of @PoliticsScot and @wordamentalist [judge him on his current actions]… he’s in it up to his long brass neck… Sue me ‘man_baby’… Yi’r pals crossed a line… this will not be stood for!!! You are silent on this???

Mark Robertson OWNS you Davee… How Does It Feel?

This is not my YES or my IndyRef2… what is it with people??? YIKES

UPDATE ….Spoke face to face with two officers this afternoon at my home and they took my complaint of  this latest attempt to cause fear and  alarm to Pauline seriously enough to ask me to meet them at my nearest police station  at my earliest convenience as they were called away to an emergency. Appointment made for Friday A.M.

You deviants are beyond the pale!!! ;o(((( 

vile, intimidating and violent threats
PAUL& a handclapper
Paul and his pal try to intimidate wex … hook/line/sinker *snigger*