Postcards From Hysteria [one] … Wish I wasn’t here… #wheesht4indy [stole it from @ellethejambo… that’s crossparty co-operation in operation for you… hope you don’t mind my appropriation of your oh_so_appropriate phrase? ;o{ ]

Couldn’t help but notice Michelle Graham of ‘supended for completely unfounded and untrue paedophile allegations fame’ or lying as its more commonly called…  promoting more nonsense on the timeline of one of her latest reincarnations @Michelle_coll3 account regarding one of the PolScotPosse’s favourite targets @RhiannonV.

Having been conveniently misinformed by @MrMalky that  …the SNP’s Rhiannon Spear of the Isle of Bute has been promoting “sex work” for kids through the TIE campaign?” Michelle is joined by that other serial suspendee and twitter abuse specialist Paul[a] Wright @BrechinRose who is in turn joined by @caf_abz who chips in her tuppenceworth of misinformation. A great exmaple of a four by four spreading the false narrative in perfect harmony?   ;o(

@Jamie_McDiarmid informs @BrechinRose and @caf_abz of their mistake
of course all these scurrilous smearings are always done from behind a block so the other person is unaware until the tweet orbits twice round indyworld before landing back to earth as ‘the truth’…. seems @RhiannonV has been alerted to the sculdugerous but all too common goings on of the #PolScotPosse #truthchimp #wheesht4indy  … call them out Rhiannon… someone wi’ some profile needs to do it… most of ‘the boys’ don’t have the balls for it… or so it seems anyways…

If I remember correctly @RhiannonV gave @PoliticsScot a wee ‘ticking_off’ for his tone when speaking to @MhairHunter

Mr Hooks stamped his cuban heels three times and stormed off in a #twitthuff and seemed to expect to be contacted with an apology from Rhiannon, which I sincerely hope was not forthcoming.

There’s a pattern here, although the few other woman who have had the ‘temerity’ to question Mister Hooks have received much more serious abuse from accounts operated by members of his ‘twitter_familia’ whom he regularly ‘saluted’ after a ‘mission’.

Accounts such as Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 Paul Wright @BrechinRose/ #ROBfaeDUNDEE @stupid_serif, Tracee Wilson @LadyOfAlba and @TiaMariaWilson, @do_mck @GraceBrodie @Hyena_1953  Simon’ONEt’ Patterson, TenaciousV, helen, Caren, @mrsjo27 and many more including bloggers such as @MrMalky @wordamentalist and @jeggit who are all close friends of @PoliticsScot and often network their timelines to spread the required false narrative to a combined platform of more than 30,000 accounts.

Thats not including the wee four by four account setups  of some of their kleecolytes and followers

This small cadre of bloggers whose combined twitter arm length is quite considerable love a wee pile_on [in this case just a wee one/ part of the ‘drip_drip/grind_em_down model‘ often deployed with higher profile accounts] and  seem to be determined to undermine the SNP over certain issues. Making moves? For whom?  @PoliticsScot has admitted he loves a good girl_on_girl stooshie… especially when it reaches TONTO_LEVEL??? The tweet below is now deleted I think… embarrassed Davee? The Pishy Pants Song is still proudly dispayed on the TL though eh? Words are defo your thing Davee.

some of the ‘squad’ are on DEFCON 4 24×7… prepared to move to ‘FULL_ON_TONTO’ at a moments notice…

All seem to support, chat and continue to enable that conman of fellow YESSERS and self admitted dick_pic collector Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 who although currently under ‘lockdown’ has, along with others has been vicously terrorising women online for kicks for quite a while now.  Thats to say nothing of the likes of ‘Thomas’ which is truly stomach churning.

None of that apparently seems to bother @PoliticsScot @MrMalky @jeggit @siouxiezoo @stupid_serif @mrsjo27 etcetera…etcetera…etcetera ….

So apart from @PoliticsScot ‘s very visible twitt_thread connections to the two deviants Paul Wright @BrechinRose and Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 … we have Mr&Mrs Hooks’ clear and regular conversations and connections to his self appointed but seemingly welcomed with open arms ‘brand_reputation_defender’ #ROBfaeDUNDEE or @stupid_serif as he is twitterly known.

A man who seems to love a good troll [MrMalky & NicolaSturgeon have both had the pleasure of this ‘zombie4indy’ dropping by their timelines for a hate_fest… Vicious bodyshaming memes, bullying and sinisterly deliberately putting women in a state of fear and alarm by tweeting photos and a step by step guide to how to track down their home and location is just one of his ‘party tricks’ [I am only surmising but Paul[a] Wright @BrechinDiocese might have done some ‘coaching’…he is an expert and past master in this with the twitter_record to prove it.

Why? Good question. You’d have to ask Rob about that. “Shut The Fuck Up About Us” was used regularly so what was it that Rob et all want kept quiet?

These same two women that have been targetted by Paul Wright, Mark Robertson, Tracey Wilson&ONE-t, tenaciousV, Helen, Caren Mr Malky and many many other sock accounts who  joined in on the year long pile on have one thing in common.

They fell foul of David Hooks. Blogger and Twitter addict. The man who says I spend too much of my time… “abusing and stalking him”… the king of the honky tonks… drama llama extraordinaire… queen o’ th’ kiffees… comedian to the scottish indy twitt scene without even knowing it… they are the best kind of comedians… #lackofselfawareness  #TwittStalk campaigner and a proponent of the latest #wheesht4indy initiative…YIKES ;o(((

This plook can do nothing but burst and the quantity of pus coupled with the stench will be horrifying for those in the immediate vicinity… one would imagine… better get some chem_haz_suits looked out folks…coz………….there she blows… laters… off out to do some jobby foraging… it’s all the rage you know… the jobbies are plentiful this year it appears? wexworth unsler esq. ;o] #thisisnotmyindy