To @Grouse_Beater and the other ‘enablers by following’ of abusive accounts and persons Paula Rose @BrechinRose Paul Wright / @robbycameron1 Mark Robertson / @stupid_serif ‘RobFaeDundee’ / @PurityRefined Bill Brady / @siouxiezoo Simon Patterson / @TiaMariaWilson1 Tracee Wilson


all you [mostly male] bloggers @wordamentalist @PoliticsScot @Grouse_Beater @jeggit and all the rest who openly support this toxic element in our movement by your silence are as bad as them if not worse… how does it feel ‘guyz&galz’ ? …asking for a friend… #truthchimp #TwittStalk #OHYESYOUARE #noexcuses4notknowing #wheesht4indy #noexcuse4notknowing #PolScotPosse , Paula Rose@BrechinRose #PaulaRose #PoliticsScot

That @PoliticsScot is hot! Is he not? #heseems2thinkso  #he_himself_him_hymn ?  ;o]

@PoliticsScot is hot is he not? He ‘himself’ seems to agree ;o] #TwittStalk  #wheesht4indy #truthchimp #heseems2thinkso #PolScotPosse  #noexcuse4notknowing #PolScotposse #PoliticsScot

And the results of your support and enabling by your silent encouragement, RT’s. DM’s, wee jokes and in @PoliticsScot ‘s case an alternatively lyricised cover of the 1934 Coots/ Gillespie xmas classic [don’ give up the day job Davee]…is evidenced right here… Bill Brady… CaptainBatshitCrazy abusing and threatening  a completely innocent man and his wife and telling them to stay away from rallies??? [a good man by all accounts although I hever never met him or his wife], who he is convinced, despite all the evidence,  is wex who in turn is Mr Finkin…????? Whatever Mr Brady imagines…he’s completely wrong…AGAIN!!!!

And heres @BrechinRose and twitter_bro’s  @stupid_serif  and @robbycameron1 terrorising a woman by posting details of her home and threats of violence???  How would you feel @Grouse_Beater if it was your sister, niece, friend or even yourself? They are a freak_show and you are clapping along and encouraging it… YIKES ;o(((

And here’s your mate Paul[a] @BrechinRose being discussed by two women … which you were clearly made aware of by Mr Finkin, who like you I do not know… but the one thing I’ve learned about him is he backs up his claims…so although if you’re not the first… you’re certainly not the last…to know that is…  “no serious character flaws” to see here… move along… really @Grouse_Beater  ????

Hope you dont mind me using the link Mr Finkin? No worries if you want removed ;o)

This false accusation of identity was well and truly disproved a couple of months ago… when @fiercedeb had her three day  @robbycameron1 ‘drip fed poison and lies induced drama_llama_ding_dong’ …which was without doubt cleared up when she ‘voluntarily’ visited a police station and was told that wex was not the person or couple she had been threatening or harassing for the previous few days although it was the same couple that both Batshitcrazy Bill  and Mark Robertson were harassing [Twitter seemingly agreed ;o] and that that there was nothing they wanted or could do about someone posting cartoons of them on the internet and calling them liars in order to attempt to have these lies and innacuracies corrected… it was a civil matter but… if she repeated her behaviour in the near future towards the persons involved she might well be facing a criminal charge herself? Or something along those lines… you get the drift… she was completely wrong and made an aggressive and persistent nuisance of herself… she was played bonnie.. by professionals admittedly… but played none the less… she did seem to enjoy it muchly though ;o((((

Mr Finkin and myself [and I am purely surmising here, so my apologies if I’m wrong in my assumptions Rumple] are both fellow travellers… but only in the sense that we recognise what utter nasty bawbags you are all being as we were once these self same vicious bawbags before encountering our own personal damascene moments and making a conscious decision to leave the path being followed by the flock and to forge our own in the direction we felt drawn? Truth, fairness, justice, kindness and ‘doing the right thing’ are always good byways to navigate by… A bit easier too…in some ways… harder in others though… Howzat?

I also wholeheartedly agree with his opinion that this all will all be brought  to a head exactly when it will do most damage to INDY… they are professionals… unlike yourselves… this is gift wrapped propaganda fodder for the NO side … i wish it were not so… ;o(((((

25 July  AUOB  have had nine months to  address and deal with the issues currently ongoing… matters were raised by many after Edinburgh last October and instead of dealing with things…heads were buried in the sand… sock_account four by four posses were ordered to saddle up, ride out and silence the naysayers… myself being ‘zoomed’ by Rob @stupid_serif … the seemingly appointed twitter_defender for both @AUOBSCOT and @PoliticsScot for DUNDEE&North East ….

Whatever the reasons for it not being dealt with… it was not… a classic result of a nothing to see here policy that was prevalent within AUOB at that time and remains within the wider movement regarding the questionable and downright awful behaviour of some of our own in the YES family… ;o(((

And we are where we are… the brand is toxic… the workforce is not… we don’t need stages and bands and speakers to preach to the converted… some home truths must be faced but I’ll never forget that October day in Edinburgh last year… thanks for that!

Whoever is left standing in the ‘reputation’ stakes from AUOB will still have the goodwill of many but the ‘brand’ has to go… move on… it’s only a name FFS… and a tainted one at that…

SWOT… ;o)