‘barrel_scraping_blogger’ defends ‘barrel_ scraping_troll’ … all roll about while you read all about it…

A hilarious twitter set piece played out on the @PoliticsScot platform earlier today apparently caused many of  the indy_twitterati to spit out their lunchtime soup and left them wondering if the latest rumour, and it is only a rumour mind, regarding ‘himself’ could perhaps after all be true and the real reason the Political Scott, for the second time in less than a fortnight *it’s a long time on twitter* has apparently “lost his mind”? This time over something a little more serious than a badly chosen jacket and slacks… oh aye… and the hat

“Unconscionable” …. “So it is Senga”

Ruth Davidson and Tory Central would be proud of this hilarious and completely desperate lie by @PoliticsScot to try and rewrite history and paint @stupid_serif as a “fine young gentleman” ???…. and the EIGHT ACCOUNTS LIKING THIS?  DO THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE CLAPPING AND ENABLING? AYE WONDER?  You Davee are quite a LIAR, fantasist, delusionist and distorter of facts regarding this horrible and nasty excuse for a man… but this could be a step too far for some folks… you and ‘your brand’ seem to be reaching…. #PEAKYIKES #shameonyouhooky #hooksfakenews

Do none of you people who liked this post look for yourselves or do you just blindly believe the narrative you are fed by the likes of @PoliticsScot @Grouse_Beater @MrMalky et all? Jings… beakfed followers of indy?

@CIChristine  @ScotlandsUnico1 @MagsR11 …. quite a few followers between you…. David has previous  for spinning a false narrative in order to defend the indefensible even over someone making completeley false paedophilia allegations….has he asked you to support him in this as a favour? Do you know or realise or have you asked about another side to the @stupid_serif story? You might be a little surprised to learn, or not, and it’s hardly a big secret, that everything is not quite how the Political Scott is ‘colouring_it’ as he is so deep in a hole dug basically by himself?

David Hooks is trying to hoodwink you into feeling sorry for is a grade A nasty piece of work  @rednoise56 ?   @bobofinch …. to be expected   @sulanaslament @hazzstephens197 …socks so you don’t matter … despite coming as a matching pair on this occassion…

Hot on the heels of @Grouse_Beater support for Paul[a] Honey @BrechinRose Wright a few days ago      [another abuser of women onlineand who @PoliticsScot also has defended  despite    evidence to the contrary]

31 July NEWSFLASH Paul[a] Honey @BrechinRose suspended again

Mister Hooks sounded none too convinced  by his own part in todays ‘indy twitter comedy set piece of the day’ in defense ‘Rob…fae Dundee’ … leaving many to wonder if the rumours were after all true and that  Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 might have “dick picks” [sic] of a few more folks than just someone “quite high up in the ???”?

A thought… imagine for a moment  that a few of the lads, who seem so defensive of what are at the very best complete zoomers and at worst twisted deviants, might be caught up in this and have had a drunken skype_thrill with ‘Claire’… hence the reason Robbo was not called out by them at the time? It’s a distinct possibility… Jings what a thought eh? Although the sinister side of this should not be made light of I cannot but help wonder?

Like I said…It’s only a rumour… not a dick pick as such… more a life drawing interpretation… a homage… done from memory by a skype_call from Ibiza on a rare day off when she was a podium dancer at Pacha that summer  ;o]

Life drawing Model Scenario
this current rumour would make a lot of sense as to why the likes of @PoliticsScot @wordamentalist  and a few other bloggers haven’t called out Mark Robertson/ Claire over his admitted “dick pick” [sic] and conning #yirsomeboydavee #wheesht4indy #PoliticsScot #truthchimp #TwittStalk

Would this be surprising given that Mark pretended to be Claire a 23yo women to con fellow YESSER’s out of cash and food?

Mark has stepped back from his frontline duties after his bizarre rantings about fridges on his own timeline a short while back before he reverted back to his more normal  vicious and threatening  behaviour  on one of his sock_accounts which was named… wait for it… @pishypants1 … which threatened visits to a womans house and posted pictures of where they stayed… the same woman who had tena lady sent to her flat and a song written about her by @PoliticsScot which he seems oh so very proud of as it still remains on his TL as some kind of cunning plan proof of his “I never abused her” statement…

Back to the heavy shit ;o((( There are no excuses for continually placing women in a state of fear and alarm, whether as some twisted joke masquerading as a retribution for an imaginary slight or bruising of your twitter hero’s digital ego?

There are certainly no excuses, unless your so far up to your neck in shite of your own making, that any decent person in their right mind could find  in order to defend Rob fae Dundee @stupid_serif who seems to think that because he suffers from cancer and MHI it allows him a free pass to harass, hound and abuse victims on behalf of his ‘master’ and enabler David Hooks @PoliticsScot. Liar and social engineer.

His twitter thlug trails reveal all…YIKES ;o(((

Rob has been at this a while… he came crashing through my twitter saloon doors  as a low level defender and re_churner for AUOBSCOT about the time that everyone was burying their heads in the sand regarding the sad #bucketgate revelations by @jeggit which I RT’d after looking at companies house documents, as did others and who like me were flamed by sock_puppet accounts four by fours such as @stupid_serif in an attempt to shut them up…

He ran off shortly afterwards after accusing me of bullying him… much as he is accusing the two women who he has viciously harassed and attempted to terrorise, there is no other word for it, on behalf of @PoliticsScot and his wife… and who David is ridiculously and chumpishly defending or attempting to defend…

My tinker blood and two pints of prosecco I tell me  there will be some kind of further addition to Daveez ludicrous set piece tomorrow where @PoliticsScot will perhaps be asking people to report an account to the Police and ‘save Rob’… aye… from himself… new scosshy flower indeed for the rednosed man with the silver glitter wig and outsized shooooozzz …     ha. ha.      ha.


Despite having no evidence whatsoever David lied and weaponised a tragic event such as a miscarriage to demonise and smear my wex account [with a massive 250 followers!] to an M flippin’ P no less…

The pair of them have 60K followers between them… man_baby and his fellow twitter_thlug_gang at the time knew exactly what they were doing… I did not abuse David or his wife… either before, during or after their miscarriage and he knows it… mocking cartoons, questions and accusations based on the despicable treatment I was  witnessing being meted out to a woman and later I discovered others…

David Hooks @PoliticalScot IS A LIAR… he does it qite often if the narrative requires it… this defence of @stupid_serif who is anything but “a fine young gentleman” is a prime example… ask around… you’re all adults… apparently…

Because I was  posting  mocking cartoons and asking questions of the abusive and bullying behaviour I was witnessing on his and a few of his followers timelines  and standing up for a woman who was being hounded… no other word for it… hounded…  it suited his narrative to shut me up because I was and am a #truthchimp  and he is not…  #istandwifinkin #TwittStalk #dontmakemelaughdavid

nice to see  @AUOneSaltire having the baws to call out some of the more extreme elements in the YES Movement ;o]  … of which @stupid_serif is definitely one… and @PoliticsScot is trying to defend him? ;o(((

The latest account to come riding to the reputational rescue of @PoliticsScot is @PurityRefined … same MO … same targets .. all the so called enemies of Mr UpToHisNeckInIt David Hooks twitter addict and King O’ The Honky Tonks … 

Aye.. #yirsomeboydavee

31st JULY @stupid_serif account has disappeared for the moment and Paul[a] Honey has just lost his NINTH account @BrechinRose for, you guessed it ABUSING A WOMAN… And @Grouse_Beater and such clap this man? YIKES ;o(((


The Family Fracturing?
The Family Fracturing… Or Just Another Desperate Play? #stupid_serif accuses or sets up a piece to camera?  Rob Fae Dundee  blames a ‘mystery friend‘ for ‘setting him up‘ or is he setting up a set up? #fahkenz in this absolutely bonkers wurld these slesterers inhabit… #Dunning_Kruger_Holiday_Fortnite ;o]

Now there have been times in my life where I have been overcome by what many will know as simply ‘TheDarkCloud’… In my case often self induced or certainly not helped by my own, always functioning,  prediliction to addiction and basically anything that I could get my hands on apart from hear_oh_ine… I learned from experts how to be functional and failing that a brass_necked liar who would stick to my story come what may and only on a few occassions went down with my ship… [percentages eh… bound to happen every now and again… een o’ the occupational hazards of being a liar and sociopath likes.. ;o]

Nasty, vindictive and scheming are all words that I am ashamed to say have described me at more than one point in my life… kindness, loyalty and naivety were close chums but were never usually invited to the same party and they hung around in seperate worlds.

One person I could never kid…ma gran…she was a kidder herself as she often let me know.

If I was a desperate schemer who’s strategy was going a bit tits up I might clutch at any straw offered and although I realised that I was not going to salvage any dignity from my predicament as far as the wider movement I would just say… fuck it… if I’m going down I’m not going down alone…

Will @stupid_serif reveal his so called treacherous friend?

Is this friend one of the gang or … DRAMATIC BEAT… someone else?


An ‘insider’ at Honky Tonk HQ has contacted me [not robbo this time… more on that later ] to say that ‘himself’ has been rather scathing as to the apparent lack of cranial illumination available to some of his close twitter familia and to qoute something he might have said if asked about his ‘special powers’ but never did because he was never was it gives a bit o’ artistic license…   

” My first lessons in hypnotism were back in the early days when I only had a few hundred followers… I devoured the first free online introduction and after secretly crowdfunding for my detatchable forehead enlargement I committed to the three hour seminar… The secret is to practice on actual people and not dummies… makes it far easier when it comes to the real world… simples”

“But remember that nobody listens to them”