Weekend Postcard Aug#2

broken down? got insurance?
a small technical problem for the PolScotPosse? Nae latte’s or quavers? DISAAASTTTERRRR!!! Jings… it seems… if rumour is to be believed that Mr & Mrs @PoliticsScot might be regretting their friendships made over the internet? Have deals been done at the crossroads? Who’s that filling the HonkyTonkHiLux up with fuel? Someones fiddling with the wheel? Tightening up or loosening? Fahkenzeh? #truthchimp #PoliticsScot #TwittStalk #TwitStalking @stupid_serif @robbycameron1 Mark Robertson @AllSkipsAbout @BrechinRose @PaulaHoneyRose @PolMilsRos @LukeLuciously Paul [a] Ambrose Wright Brechin #Politics_PishyPants_Scot

The ‘real’ @PoliticsScot Mr David Hooks stands up…

The 'REAL' @PoliticsScot AKA Mr. David Hooks
@PoliticsScot calls a man who’s family have been doxxed and trolled by close members of his Twitter_Familia a SHITSTAIN???


…and decries a man who’s family are being hounded, accused of being other people and threatened not to attend future marches !!!!????

Their sons piano playing video on youtube weaponised as a ballistic missile of intimidation

A woman, who by her husbands own admission has MHI, manipulated into harrassing both the husband and wife with false accusations, drip fed to her by Mark Robertson @robbycameron1

Jonny did not accuse you of anything… read the tweet… he made the point that you thought that you, poor David is having a hard time, mainly due to the hysteria and cloud seeding that has taken place on your platform and spread to those of others, handclapping,  *giggling* and enabling ‘the filth’ with your silence…

This is your pal Rob ‘meming’ a man, his wife and family who he and others, including yourself by the looks of things, think are either Mr Finkin or me… None of this is true…

What is true is mark Robertson/ Rob and his sock_puppets are out of control…

Jings… have Mark&Rob decoupled?

Call them out or be seen to support them Davee?

You are the ‘shitstain’ on the baubled nylon y fronts that your @PoliticsScot ‘brand’ has become currently…

Jonny is fighting back against the intimidation by your sick pals Rob and Robbo Mr Hooks who are using his child and wife to target him…

Davees got a sair een an’ a bit o’ a heedache???


@PoliticsScot ‘s claims of ‘not knowing’ or having ‘hardly any contact’ with the likes of @robbycameron1 Mark/Claire Robertson, Rob @stupid_serif and Paul[a] Wright in  his @AllSkipsAbout persona is ridiculous…the convos are all still there.. David whipping up the ‘Lets Get Pauline Off Twitter’ campaign strategy meeting of the 13th December when Davee published his infamous Pishy Pants ‘song’… All the main culprits, abusers and anatagonisers aggreeing and arrogantly decididing that their target must “LEAVE TWITTER” and they are going to make her leave… so please wee daveee… save us the poor me … #ownitdavee

Have a wee search of all the accounts listed above to see the vast amount of ‘non contact’ between @PoliticsScot and these accounts

search    @PoliticsScot ‘AllSkipsAbout’

search    @PoliticsScot ‘robbycameron1’

search    @PoliticsScot ‘stupid_serif’

search    @PoliticsScot ‘LadyOfAlba’

search    @PoliticsScot ‘do_mck’   etc…

Aye… David ‘hardly knows’ any of them… comedy gold again from himself… except the lies, hysteria and hatred that @PoliticsScot has helped whip up and has promoted on his platform have ended up with some of his twitter_familia proving how absolutely psychotic they are by bringing peoples children into situations and thus bringing things offline.

They then seem surprised that names and addresses are being sought so that they may be given to Police Scotland and other agencies?

It has spiralled out of control and both you David Hooks and your wife are jointly and severally responsible for the current situation that has arisen after months of abuse, manipulation and harrassment by the hard core of Mark, Paul, Bill, Tracee, Simon and all the other mouth movers and shit shovellers  such as Helen, tenaciousV, grace brodie, meljomur, graeme berry @wordamentalist @Grouse_Beater and another 50  plus sock accounts that stirred and promoted it.

This post will be continued…

Mr Finkin asks some very relevant questions… on who’s behalf is ‘Rob’ acting… who is chukkin’th’fash to this performing seal?