Weekend Postcard / Aug#1

Jings… @stupid_serif didn’t hang about eh? A desperate desire for his daily fix of drama or a strategic return to help out ‘his twitter friends’ with his own particular brand of psychotic and delusional interpretation of events and the presentation of him showcasing his 20 years experience of Adobe CC and the obvious waste of time that it was?

Although @PoliticsScot does not seem to trumpet ROBfaeDUNDEE’s welcome back as much as one would have been led to believe after Davee’s apology and outpourings of obvious sorrow in defence of his twitter_defriender defender_friend [TDDF] earlier in the week? 

Behaviour which just keeps on the correct side of criminality, at the moment and that Rob attempts to justify, to himself more than anyone I imagine, by calling the ‘meming’ side of his “Shut The Fuck Up Pauline lolz@you Campaign”  or its hashtag #STFUPauline which one only can assume he is carrying out on behalf of his Twitter friends who we can also assume are more than happy to have him do it and indeed appear to encourage it?

Rob is not alone in attempting to justify his deranged, vicious and nasty postings towards two women inparticular as a ‘defensive strategy’ he is carrying out on behalf of David Hooks, initiated it seems by Mrs Miriam Hooks at the time @PoliticsScot was on his ‘weekend of industrial action’ the shortlived #TwitStalk campaign to draft a new law that Mr Hooks  seemed  unaware existed during which he was no doubt able to put together his ‘evidence’ that he had been sent via ‘random’ DM’s and emails regarding his imaginary ‘stalking and abuse’ that was causing him so much stress [from the embarrassment more likes] but at the same time gave him that ‘greetin’ cad’ feeling. Hugs are sent from Rob to Miriam [bless] and Mr David Hooks & Mrs Miriam Hooks are both assured that Rob and others “have got his back”. The royal ‘we’ wiz used wiz it no?

REFUTE ;o{    @PoliticsScot seems a little hesitant to welcome back his ‘defender of his reputation’ [and no that’s not a typo in red ;o] Much was said by many regarding and accusing persons of manipulating those with MHI for there own ends… only sayin’… It was not true in that case and it may well not be here… I cannot help but wonder if all this ‘voluntary service’ of Robs on behalf of Mr&Mrs Hooks is having an adverse effect on his health… both physical and mental…

The latest ‘Princess of Poison’ to appear in the defensive lineup of the PolScotPosse is the sock Hayley Stephens @hazzstephens197  who has jumped into the extremely large troll boots that have sat outside the backdoor to Honky Tonk Towers for a few weeks now since Tracee Wilson cut back on the visibility of her @LadyOfAlba and stopped tweeting on her @TiaMariaWilson1 at the end of May. Maybe she just decided that her LadyOfAlba and pet dogs account were enough? Aye me too… #PMSLATT ;o{

The hatred hazz has for those she hates is at a similar psychotic level and uses identical phraseology  to @robbycameron1 @stupid_serif @BrechinRose [late of this parish] @PurityRefined @BestAyrshireLass and to repeat @LadyOfAlba / @TiaMariaWilson1 to name but seven and whose ‘targets’ are exactly the same.

@PoliticsScot  ‘s links to them all are obvious despite his whining and quite frankly embarrassing protestations of innocence. Analytics say different.

You Wanted Screenshots To Prove It?
Be my guest @PoliticsScot and others… follow the links below to see how Davee and the PolScotPosse put together an IndyTwitter Judge and Jury and decide that a throwing off twitter is required… Davee is a liar… he would have me arrested for… wait for it… taking the piss oot o’ ‘im…??? Oh sorry… blogging about him and accusing him of things, hopefully in a humurous way… criticising him also… yip… I do all these things… the same as Davee does every day on his platform of 11K to all sorts of folks… kin far am cummin fae min?

Here and here and here and here and concluded with this on the 13th of Dec2018 when it was decided for Pauline…”That she must get off twitter” @PoliticsScot is both an enabler of and a contributor to this ‘strategy meeting’.

Paul Wright is telling ‘HIS EXTRAORDINARY STORY’ on @PurityRefined as he’s can’t even get a sock_account on Twitter these days… Pop over to ‘BatShitCrazyBill’s Theatre of Hate’… It’s a funny story not so much in the content but the lack of content… nothing about his posting photos of ‘the house next door’ to peoples homes or of his threats to post details of houses and phone numbers, threatening to visit with persons and break_in and roast them [who even jokes about that stuff FFS] … took them a bit to bite *giggles*

As I’ve said before this massive plook is set to burst and send a fountain of pus and infection over many an Indy supporter and blogger…

Burying their heads in the sand did AUOB a lot of good eh? Think on that all you enablers, both silent and those audibly clapping this pure filth within the Indy Movement.

Unable to even get a sock_account on Twitter these days [as he cant be trusted not to lose it when he’s pissed?] Paul Ambrose Wright has to blurt out ‘his side of the story’ in a low budget rag such as @PurityRefined to it’s 11 followers … the perspiration of desperation? Dame edna Everage? You wish… His eight suspended accounts stripped away, each time with a different but similar excuse, until he is exposed for the liar and abuser he is… he’s possibly got a pair of shredded and stained nylon y_fronts on at the moment but we’ll see how long they last eh? #wheesht4indy #TwittStalk #PoliticsScot Paul Ambrose Wright
PS Just to clear up something to those seemingly putting words into my mouth… that’s what it seemed like to me anyways… there is no way for anyone to contact my blog since the threats made to someone else who folks think are me and who also think are someone else at the same time…apparently…according to them anyways…Another great example of The Windmills Of The Posse Mind eh?

Only one person who I do not know personally on twitter has the ability to ‘contact wex’ and that’s Pauline… cos she’s a fellow Jedi [yi nivver kent that didyiz?;o] and along with Mr Finkin are the only folks who’s word I would trust around them here parts…Mr Finkin, like me keeps his identity to himself for very good reasons… we are both individuals and neither are Jonny Nabb, who along with his wife and seemingly now his son, is a target of abuse, threats and intimidation by this twisted minority of our Indy Movement who David doesn’t know or has no contact with but would speak with, even if he didn’t because he’s made apologies and restorations to the folks he conned?.

.. That’s news to many of his victims I’m sure…David sees it as winning? So does Mark Robertson funnily enough…He won’t be beaten either as he told David himself and @LadyOfAlba not long ago?

The Truth will not be beaten David…

The Truth has stamina and will triumph, over the distance, against lies every time [beat] every time!

Lets raise a glass to The Truth Daveeboy… Slainte Mhath! 

Wexworth Unsler Esq. ;o{