Thursday Postcard#6 [ZEN and the Art of Deploying the Double Headed Arse Trumpet ;o]

Couple more sleeps til Xmas… Can’t wait… Once again to Jonny and his family and to Mr Finkin [goddam I luvved that chimp!] and all the others that are blamed for being everyone else by the ‘news’  that seeps from the deepest recesses of deluded and disturbed minds way down in darkest  Dunning_Kruger… the truth will win… a cheeky wee laugh into the bargain is always a bonus in this cesspit… you gotta try eh?   namaste to those that deserve it ;o)

To all the scribbling children of the corn  that seem to have escaped their twisted_twit_shepherd and are shitting all over the Indy Movement as well as themselves… fill yir boots… you look ridiculous and the script is wooden with the delivery being similar…

“Get it right up ye [as they say… what say they? let them say!] ;o{ #truthchimp

Whoooossshhhh… Glad I was able to introduce both @jammach and the PolScotPosse to Dunning_Kruger_Land… Rob seems to love the place as does Paul Ambrose [so] Wright [he’s always Wrong] #PaulWrong ? … he;s still ‘skipping’ away over on @PurityRefined with Rob on one end of the rope… and possibly the other… he must be getting knackered… what was the expression back in the day when you were ‘defender’ of AUOBSCOT during #bucketgate ? #exhausted_but_rockin_on ?

Ron Trumpets The Dunning_Kruger_Land Weekend 'Trips'
Live from Dunning_Kruger_Land … #verystupidserif ‘presents’ … a weekend free of self_awareness and irony in the cesspit that is ‘their story’

Keep on Blawin’  … The ‘crowd’ are lapping it up are they not?…I’ll give you one thing though…

yiz kin yir ersez fae yir elbeez… niters :o{

Mr & Mrs @PoliticsScot and their FNN chanel are pretty quiet on the 13th December ‘Strategy Meeting’ to ‘banish someone from twitter… for their own good’? YIKES ;o((((

8 Aug 19 14:53  and @PoliticsScot is over trying to glean some news for the latest desperate attempts to ‘keep everyone on message’ … Well known for their reliability and non_partisan in their opinions is never a phrase that’s been used to describe @PurityRefined that’s for sure… whether it’s Rob/ Paul Ambrose Wright /MarkClaire Robertson… whoever… it’s een o’ the dregs ;o((((

… and it’s all that @PoliticsScot has left …

@hazzstephens197 and @PurityRefined … two faceless sock_puppet trolls …

Oh how the michty hae fallen … #DesperateDavid