Has David Hooks @PoliticsScot ‘brand’ reached ‘peak_toxic’?… Being Abusive On Twitter & Getting Paid To Do It as Senior Infrastructure Engineer/Service desk manager @FNZ_Group? ;o(

All you who follow wealth and power with unremitting ardour, O,
The more in this you look for bliss, you leave your view the farther, O:
Had you the wealth Potosi boasts, or nations to adore you, O,
A cheerful honest-hearted clown I will prefer before you, O….

FAO Press – Alasdair Munro @FNZ_Group

Is @PoliticsScot tweeting abuse from work premises and in worktime… was The Pishy Pants song ‘written’ @FNZ_Group in Edinburgh? #TwittStalk #truthchimp

FNZAlasdairMonroan imaginary complaint posted  on a no_one with nothings website… is there any truth to the rumour that Robbo has dickpics_o_davee as *********** sez  asking for a friend ;o{

@HumzaYousaf @PoliticsScot
@PoliticsScot continues tp spread his false narrative about tbeing the victim when he is indeed one of the perpetrators of abuse along with his online twitter family members @robbycameron1 mark/claire robertson @BrechinDiocese Paul Wright ex SNP candidate and according to The Courier a poster of animal porn on twitter as ‘revenge’????? YIKES… google them both … they are both part of ‘Daveez_Twitter_Family’ ;o(((( #TwittStalk #truthchimp #PoliticsScot #PolScotPosse #zooming4indy

Here’s freedom to him that wad read,
Here’s freedom to him that wad write,
There’s nane ever fear’d that the truth should be heard,
But they whom the truth wad indite.