The friends you keep reflect on you…

David’s great mate and Twitter defender @stupid_serif who insisted that he be able to saddle up and ride out in service of his master who could then put his feet up and concentrate on videos and writing and politics [always spell checking of course!] and he and others would deal with the folks who asked questions that David found uncomfortable/ didn’t like or pissed him off… David was chuffed and said “shucks”… honestly… they were daft enough to not do it in DM!?  
I "Would So Like To Let Rip The Way You Are..."
Mr Hooks encourages a bit of bullying by proxy back in April 2018 [with girl on girl seemingly his turn on] and in conference with his ‘twitter_protecterer’ @stupid_serif or ‘rob’ as they now like to be known…
Davids annointed twitter defender and  mate/ artist @stupid_serif who attacks on whistle for his master…serifhookscantbelievetomcat1‘rob’ @stupid_serif started out as a simple AUOB churner and supporter before offering their services to @PoliticsScot…

I’ll give it to you that you performing seals are persistant, well_drilled and great at gobbling down the fish thrown by Mr Mankini… I am supporting Paulines right to defend herself and believe her if i’m honest… having experienced only a small fraction of what she, her mother and others have endured I can only admire her energy, endurance and fearlessness… as she said quite truthfully… i [me… wexworth] got some things wrong and opinions differed on approach… i am not easy… but she was always honest with me, as was her mother… as i was with them… i’m staying away from the poison as much as is possible but no doubt accusations of stirring things up will fly my way but WhoGAFFAF… i was lichtie’d [ thanks Pepe///who does a mean Elvis btw] to the fact that a previous whopper of a lie [ intimating that i photoshopped someones grandchild into a picture and then posted it on Twitter!?!? ] had resurfaced again in a post regarding some extremely serious, violent and twisted threats being made to a young female journalist… truly horrifying thread… stuff that no_one should have to endure… ever… i sincerely hope she gets help and assistance from the Police THE actual truth… you know … the series of events that took place [ and not in any way ‘similar’ as was intimated by the fierce_one ] was that “i photoshopped a mans head onto a photo of a famous fountain where a wee naked man is riding bareback on a turtle [could be a tortoise] and suggested that the man in question might possibly rethink his comments made in a double_digit + account thread pile_on commenting on a womans mental health… due to his profession likes… or i would make up more daft cartoons with him in them and perhaps contact his employer which, as a member of the public and a taxpayer i am entitled to do if i have concerns” the histrionical lies that replaced the truth as to what actually happened were then TRUMPED out to followers… that’s what you get for hanging around with Mark Robertson AKA Clare [from The ScotNational article…aye…him] and has no place on that thread [if it is referring to me] and if it is then it is still as much a lie now as it was then…remove it please… for the last time… i did not use a photo of your Grandson as you keep insisting… Kevvo knows it… you know it… PoliceScotland know it…Twitter know it… in the name o’ the wee man… why you would bring that lie up all over again? it is certainly worth asking yourself… especially on a thread of such seriousness… like PoliticsScot with his lie to IanBlackFordMP about me abusing him when he insisted i knew his wife had just miscarried? like Tracee Wilson stating that i was on a Domestic Violence register and beat up women … shameless twisted lying and then weaponisation of the lie… a lie is a lie is a lie… always will be… and the truth on these two occassions belongs to me…as you both know… remember… you are basing your facts on information received by a bunch of manipulating horrorshows… cheats… liars and in Mark Robertson a proven scam artist… Mark told you i was Jonny Nabb for goodness sake… PoliceScotland were involved… you got a warning and suspension from Twitter for hateful behaviour [as i have admittedly]… best left alone… don’t let them suck you in anymore than you are… stick to your own drama_llama_ding_dongs… we’ve all got enough of our own do we not? why o why would you get involved with those of others? Nobody has mates on Twitter as i think you know from the last time you were left hung out to dry by the PolScotPosse…so… whatever… please remove that reference to me in that thread… it was not similar in any way whatsoever and you know it…thank you

Let’s remember what Pauline is fighting back against here. it has been posted and RT’d and liked that she

1.Stole money from  a charity event that she organised and held in the memory of a beloved family member.      LIE and disproven

2. Refused to pay money for a bus journey to an AUOB march and created trouble on the bus.  LIE and disproven… she was 500 miles away!?

3. The SSPCA was called by someone who said she was mistreating her cats. MALICIOUS  a cartoon was ‘coincidentally’ posted shortly before this…

4. She has had unwanted ‘free samples’ sent to her address MALICIOUS

5. She has people threatening to post her address online THREATENING

6. Been diagnosed with mutiple MH issues and conditions and ‘sectioned’ on Twitter by huge numbers of people in threads. CRUEL

And there is so much more. This merely skims the surface. I am serious. So much more

No_one has apologised for their part in what can only be described as an organised brutalising of her and her mother. A pack attack. On two women.

Regardless of how this all started and what has gone on, and there is a lot that i don’t know about i admit, no_one deserves this kind of treatment. David has a whole posse to spread his narrative. To report and RT and amplify any message.

And your all still at it. How would any of you like one of your kids or your mum to be subjected to a tenth of what you know you are responsible for. I watched all this go on for two months while I was screaming at Kirstene Hair and Ross Thompson before I said anything. Even then it was only because that AUOB Twitter Representative @stupid_serif came in swingin’ his guns at me and I ‘was in’ … it was him that introduced me to the rest of the PolScotPosse ;o(

I was also lied about but that’s for another day David. Still waiting for an apology for that whopper.

You might not have the balls to stand on the corner calling out everything thats happened to you but don’t criticise anyone elses methods unless you know the true story and have walked a few miles in their shoes.

Laters Wexworth


Political Scott’s Twitter Crisis Circus… Currently Performing ‘The Latest Lies Live In Liarville’… Mr Mankini, The MeoCons, Lord McGasLight, ‘The_Legendary _Oddbodz’, ‘The Triumph Stags’ and more… This isnae the Indy we want peeps and try as you all might this is not going to be unseen… truth wins… every time… only those that know all will know what it actually is… even if it is only one small truth…funny that eh? but totally brilliant at the same time… don’t you just love the truth… lot’s of little bits can give you an idea of the bigger picture…jings…it’s just like a jigsaw… they. are. brilliant!!! let’s see you backitup Lord or should it be Lady? McHaggis… prove your supposed nobility … shimple shoorly… naw? ;o)

on behalf of the court of the public opinion a jury member would like to ask a simple question… evidence of what is only a claim but stated as truth… prove it to be truth… this ‘nasty_stuff’ you speak of
PolScottPosse pump up the narrative to include homophobia to their ever growing list of derogatory names in their attempts to bully a woman into silence...
Let’s see the evidence of your accusation that the account is ‘homophobic’ … Graeme has said it is… that’s not quite enough to persuade me it’s true if I/m being honest… we know there is a vendetta… we don’t need to be told that Graeme… you’ve admitted that much at least and it’s blatantly obvious with the current pile on that you have just joined in…again… anyways… won’t hold my breath for your evidence but will apologise profusely if you are indeed correct… wexworth

talking of people backing things up… Another Scottish rechurner and posse affiliate Graeme Berry has jumped aboard the battlebus for LIARSVILLE and made some pretty serious allegations on open Twitter about a woman on his TL and the jury of the court of public opinion would like to know what and where is the evidence for this claim Mr Berry? and please don’t say “Mark Robertson said it” Lets see the evidence Graeme… It’s a serious and nasty allegation many believe to be a great big whopper of a lie you are promoting in an attempt to help ‘dig_out’ David Hooks and the PolScotPosse [to which you are affilliated through previous shenanagins] from the self dug pit of ever increasing shameful reputation that they find themselves in. As provision for the toxic byproducts of previous amatuerish attempts at ‘brigadery’ was not provided or thought about by the salty_brigands, that cess_pit they are in is in danger of overflowing… will a fan be switched on? who knows… in the meantime Michelle Graham…aye that’s the one… made allegations of paedophilia without a shred of evidence about another woman on Twitter and then just carried on as though nothing had happened… no evidence…no apology…no correction… aye her… anyways… her biggest concern  seems to be how hard it is getting to have a  woman banned from Twitter…suggesting that it’s not the first time they’ve done it and that it was ‘much easier last time’… what utterly weird behaviour! And David from last year … what an insight into a personality… whether it was just blowing stoor up a twittpalzass or he genuinely meant it… getting off on the bullying of a woman… by proxy and encouraging it? yikes! ;o(

Paul Wright spreading muck
Pauls rides out to slur and lie on behalf of ‘himself’ and well obviously himself also… the rest of the posse he could not give a jot about…

You  Need A Good Motto [& Scott has got one]...
mess wi’ me and I’ll bite yi’r twitter legs aff [with a little help from my friends]
fourbyfour [this isnae oany Indy maist aye want tae see]
‘himself’ has just whistled and a new clutch of accounts grinds the narrative into action… all aboard the battlebus for LIETOWN…


wizards of odd [hunny/bobo/hooksy & boom_boom]

Plenty of quark & strangeness but lacking in any charm… The Flying Turtles & Ground_Force_One
Hunny/Bobo/Hooksy & Boom Boom…The Wizards of [the very] Odd

After tea everyone retired to the bridge where Paul once again demonstrated the *invisible_towel* to ‘Captain Dav’ who seemed to be more interested in the Yoon Detector Unit he was sent by HTHQ than the Mekons routine evening ego_yoga and wellbeing/mindfullness session.
Having the right vehicle for the right job is very important for the high flyer
I really don’t get why you are involving yourself in this @kjm1468???

simple_procedure [for liars]

c’mon honeez… be sweet when you tweet …a lie is a lie… [this is particularly vicious] have the lie corrected… a simple_procedure… can they prove their claim? you seek no monetary gain… this is a claim of a statement of fact is it not? it is now deleted but never_the_less a public apology and retraction could be asked for? only my humble opinion… keep it simple…namaste

“Simple Procedure replaces summary cause procedure only where it relates to actions for payment, delivery or for recovery of possession of movable property ….

…or actions which order someone to do something specific.”

A lie has been told publicly about you…

You want a public retraction and apology…

You can ‘swear’ it is untrue.

They will have no evidence

A Simple Procedure.


the angry judges [?]

Scottish Ambulance Hero & Wife Claims Of Bullying & Insults By Kidney Research Staff & Forcibly Removed From Shop Against Their Will?

Scottish Ambulance Hero & Wife Bullied & Insulted By Kidney Research Staff & Forcibly Removed From Shop Against Their Will???

It seems that there’s a lot of anger ragin’ under the camouflage of ‘fierceness’ in the heart of East Lothian.

After the Paterson of Dalkeith ‘Reading minds through glass from a great distance’ episode and accompanying ‘Youtube’ video one of the Indy ‘Angry Judges’ has blasted both @SepsisUK and @Kidney_Research Dalkeith in the same week!

What poor Ron from @SepsisUK did is anyones guess but the latest case to be brought to the attention of followers is an implication that staff @Kidney_Research made a grave mistake while serving her and her husband @kjm1468 and refused to apologise. The staff apparently then proceded to bully both of them [about a speech impediment?] and then seemingly removed the pair physically from the shop against their will?

Bypassing the normal threats of the legal department of the @GMBUnion and the Scottish Ambulance Services it seems this complaint going right to the top?

It’s being ‘taken’ as far as it can be…YIKES ;o(

Tthe Angry Judge got it wrong on this one too… Oooooppppss… Never mind…On to the ‘next case’…
Never ever did hear from the GMB Union lawyers or the Scottish Ambulance Service ones either. Think the judge might have been ‘loaded’ at the time?
Is this what is known as “back_watching”?