The Influencers Hit Declaration Town

The Influencers

With the embarrassment of his most recent Twitter skelping  still fresh in his  memory, Gareth’s luck seemed to take a turn for the better when he mysteriously won first prize in a tombola that he never bought any tickets for… a getaway from it all weekend cruise… to Arbroath … for six… all inclusive… suspicious? not oor Gareth… so

…with the last minute charter departing from sunny Leith and a mystery captain at the helm it was full bore for the Bell Rock and turn left to try and catch the notoriously early closing Peppo’s  in order to experience ‘the best fish supper in the world’ for the lucky six Kings and Queens  of the IndyBitchTwittScene that Gareth had invited along… Paul[a] was meeting them at the harbour and Rob had decided to stay at home to be eaten by his new dog Dookie while memeing incoherently about being “Graphic Designer To The Stars Of Scottish Indy Twitter”… Tracy and OneT were gonna try and fly in but Harley wasn’t  too keen… #DogEatsDundeeMan  #PolScotPosse #CarryOnCruising

The queue for Peppo’s Harbour Chip Bar… to give it it’s full title… starts to build about four for four thirty doors and if you don’t make it before six it’s unlikely there will be very much to left to chose from… they close at half seven or when they’re sold out so it’s a fairly tight three hour or even less window and a lot can go wrong…

…a supper fae Peppo’s must be planned… parking is a nightmare and the gulls are dobermanlike if you chose to dine in the sitootery.. and then there’s the eight fish/four steak pies/ two mock chops/ a red puddin’ and double battered sausage order from the person directly in front of you, which can be psychologically soul destroying to the lone queue_ee…when you’re so close…

…there was a time when telephone orders used to cause a lot of  resentment from those not in posession of the ex directory number and the atmosphere could get tense at times when the shop phone rang and everyone would wait to see which **** it was and what they’d ordered as it was shouted out by the lassie to Frank [ four feet away] who then relayed it  to Johnny at the far end o’ the shop.. [oh another good five feet away]… who shouted back to Frank who shouted back to the lassie who relayed it back to the customer that it would be ready to collect in five minutes… the whole shop heaved a silent groan and Franky and Johnny whistled on down the wind… fekkin’ oscar winning performances… not sure if they were in The Minstrels or not? Auchmithie Burning?…

…anyways… thankfully things never got more aggressive than an occasional inaudible tut and mimed shake of the head as Franky and Johnny Orsi run a tight ship and both are pretty tasty with a squash racket and a bottle of undiluted chippy vinegar as Commanche Troupe found to their cost back in the early days of RM Condor…  taking into account the famous harbour mists that occasionally veil such a story with confusing and varied alternating facts it none the less remains een o’ they Fit O’ The Toon Tales of Legend… a Michael John Webster told the best version I have heard said…in The Station…  “Aye…they could ta’k Goose Green but they couldnae ta’k Peppo’s!” [poetic license applied for and an apology to The Malacca/management and the by now latefortysomething Gremms is issued forthwith]

…once their defensive abilities with random articles of sports apparatus and extreme condiments and their willingness to use them was  established beyond doubt there was never a problem that Johnny and Frank couldn’t apparently solve by whistling and true to form after a few tuneful hours of ‘discussion’ at the fryers they had heeded customer feedback, ripped up the rulebook and done away with the practice… just like that… it’s old school… you just gotta wait… best to get there early… service is a performance and it’s double_dip crispy… legend has it that a ‘queue_jumper’ pass does exist for a chosen few but I doubt that very much as even The Ferry can be seen waiting his turn!

The #PolScotPosse arrive nice and early to get in the queue for Peppo’s… @Grouse_Beater can’t hide his excitement and strikes a particularly poignant ‘Brucie’ … by way of a tribute to another of the Forsyth diaspora   ;o{


After queueing for an hour and being refused service due to Gareth’s badly timed and frankly illadvised Andy Stewart impression [he’s an honourary Lichtie of some renown and a Freeman of Angus FFS!] coupled with Pauls odd ‘costume’ choice for the day the posse overcame their obvious initial disappointment and chirpilly accepted their ‘banning’ and dandered round to The Brewhouse for scampi and chips via The Commercial Beer Garden for  a quick photo opportunity on behalf of the sponsors before planning to head up to The Pageant to catch the first set of Pepperpot at seven thirty as guests of the head of Angus Council… Mr David Fairweather…

#PolScotPosse pop into to The Brewhoose’ to fulfil of one their ‘committments to sponsors’ and manage to put away a healthy portion of scampi and chips each, despite the ‘fit o’ th’ toon pettifours’ that were partaken of roond at The Commercial where, after a rather shaky introduction Gareth was treated to a masterclass in Moonwalking by the RNLI /Pub Quiz / darts/ Pool/ Karaoke and Competetive Formation Highland Line Dancing Team who turned up to ask Paul[a] where he got his boots and in return ‘spilled the lard’ on the solution to Gavins SSS [another day perhaps ;o{]

Despite Gareths insistence that the ex Arbroath FC legend Stewart Forsyth was somehow related to ‘a Janice’ the Friday afternoon crew in the Commercial just let things slide… Once Gareth dusted himself down, a result of being deck’d via a ‘rap in the pus’ fae ‘DeeksJeannie’ [for his repetition of the same Andy Stewart  gag/ impersonation that got them refused service from Peppo’s!] and after apologising profusely to his granddaughter who just so happens to work behind the bar [doh Gareth], everything was forgotten about,  but he did have to buy a round of drinks and snacks… sauted seagull wings, hiddick scalings and crabsticks… traditional stuff… but as ‘DeeksJeannie’ always says… “one rap in the pus kin pit a twenty in the till”

The RNLI boys were fascinated with Paul[a]s ‘red wellies’ although they all admitted during the wolfing of the pettifours that they wouldn’t be much good out in a force ten… Paul[a] diplomatically agreed and when  the lard was brought through from the kitchen and applied to the soles of Gareths burgundy slipons  it was like New Year… he wiz moonwalkin’ for Scotland… cockahoop so he was… so much so that he wore out his soles on the way to The Brewhouse and his terry towelling socks melted and burned his feet… sair een min…

…he didn’t care though… it was the key to his new routine and crucial to keeping his spot in the PolScotPosseDancers as his failing memory was effecting his ability to learn the TigerFeetShuffle and it looked like it was inevitable that the wordmentalist guy would don his safari suit and no doubt put his own twist on the PugWashDip & Glide or ‘The Capt’n’ as they all liked to call it… They were all pretty animated by the time they got to The Pageant and they’d got in tow with a chap called Carruthers Gillbody and his mate Jo… oh aye and there was a guy who was starting to turn into a chimp and Davee was having a ‘funny turn’… according to Robbo… who was looking pretty flushed…

…Paul[a] was starting to march up and down shouting out  Klauss Kinski lines from Fitzcaraldo and giggling when people addressed Mr Fairweather casually as ‘Fairy’… Robbo was sweating profusely by this time and all were regretting the choice made to skimp on costs and get the non breathable crimpolene ‘effect’ material so it was a no brainer when Carruthers suggested heading up to Bowlers for a party… Pepperpot were back on again at nine o’clock so if the party was rubbish they could just head back  or go up to The Porty…  Andee Stuart & The Whit Heather Club? tribute band were on… Gareth was put on strict notice and warned… They all needed some fresh air… ‘Fairy’ told Carruthers and Jo to escort their guests…


…on the way to Bowlers the #PolScotPosse were taken to East Abbey Street where Carruthers explained how the Beatles had taken the inspiration for their seminal album cover on a mysterious flying visit to Arbroath while appearing at the Caird Hall in Dundee in October 1964… Gonzo has started to call Gareth Gavin and he didn’t seem to appreciate it… he was startin’ to go a bit bairnie… Gavin was on his second pair of shoes and third block of lard… “Flemings is just round the corner…” Gonzo announced as they posed at the Pelican crossing for a foteee… everyone spontaneously burst into the TigerFeetShuffle and even Gavin remembered a few moves… it was brlliant… they woke Paul[a] up from the bench and headed off to Bowlers…


…now Bowlers is kinda different to the town centre pubs… has a regular clientelle that find change or anything slighly off the level a bit challenging… they like the comfort their world provides,,, same as the posse… no different but at the opposite end of the spectrum of expectation… and … just like space… no one can hear you scream…

tbc… macbook has expired due to CPU failure [a common fault apparently and  missed the 2016 recall ;o( ] nivvir minders… could be a lot worse… i could  be in the PolScotPosse and be cringingly trying to reinvent myself as some literary critic and wild food foraging DIY granny or as some front line defender of trans and gay rights since the seventies ;o)


Tough Decisions for @PoliticsScot? [ Doctor Who’s Trousers? ;o{ ]

…194 days and counting…as you said yirsels… “it could be a long 2019”

Wonder if Mr Hooks will beat Ruth Davidson’s record for not answering or even commenting? Burying ones head in sand it used to be known as… round these parts anyways…You lied vicously and nastily about me Davee and helped whip up the orchestrated mass reporting that got my account suspended…

I don’t give a shit about the Twitter account to be honest, but my wee chimp character did not deserve the lies and scandalous accusations dumped upon it by yourself and your twisted twitter sister… @LadyOfAlba … Princess of the Poison Pen…

Domestic Violence Registers, assaulting women, accused falsely of abuse by you to a potential audience of 70K people about something so nasty and vicious and snidely inferring that somehow I could be partly responsible…   you indeed are that “disgusting shitstain” you accuse others of being Mr David Hooks and you are in regular contact with many of the other  shitstainers who shame our Indy Movement

concise list have a look at this twenty person convo where a lie,.. probably conceived in a seedy wee late night DM hate_in, is given birth and spread 

Jings min… the examples we set eh… and of course it’s only a coincidence that those who question @PoliticsScot about any of his or the PolScotPosse’s behaviour they coincidentally are set upon by faceless sock_puppet accounts like @stupid_serif who is thankfully no more of this parish and currently it’s @Purityrefined dishing the threats, lies and abuse… it does not matter which ‘individual’ is at the controls… they all are part of the same wee cabal with the same ends it seems… defend their hookmeister!  ;o(((

Looks like you are incapable of any kind of honest reflection David… shame… hubris eh? Great on toast… eating a wee bit every day does you the world of good… a bit like een o’ they probiotic yoghurt drink things… but for the soul… anyways…

I’ll just keep plodding on… looks like you will too?


DECISIONS [ Doctor Who's Pyjamas?  ;o{]
After a relaxing shower there are always crucial decisions to be made before settling down to some Sunday breakfast and a bit telly…
quaver dust
a combination of  rogue quaver dust, a leather settee, four hours of tele and a broken central heating thermostat sees our Political Scott suffer from an acute yet unsurprising attack of Yokey Holey… [or has someone been up to a little bit of practical joking? *lolz*] #ayewonderboywonder
#PolSCotPosse Full dress rehearsal weekend,,, it’s the BIG ONE in October and the TigerFeetShuffle is gonna get nailed! Just as well they got a few dozen ‘mooltipax’ in… Quavers On Toast or Quavers With Toast? #fahkenzeh #huevosquaveros #PolScotPosse #quavers

It’s the first time that any of the Posse has flown up to Davee’s new uptown pad so it could be interesting to see how Trace and Wahun_T get on with their landings… it’s not a big balcony, the winds up a bit, that K_Glass can give off a hellishly momentarily blinding reflection at certain angles and they’re  both piloting new turtles due to the recent mishap that occurred only recently while coming back from a holiday in Ipswich, the county town of Suffolk, where, according to Oor Trace, she was called a “Scottish ****” … so… not much can go wrong there then eh? [am saying nothing and you know that!]

Thankfully no_one was seriously injured [taking a bit to get into the security camera network at the new place but rest assured you’ll have the foteez as soon as we get them folks] but it has put @HarleyCollie off travelling beyond the boundaries of Dunning_Kruger for a while… he quite likes it because he gets to do his own Twittering #whendadzaway  #wayheyy

I’m sure they’ll decide on a great name for the new band and get songs sorted out and Rob will come up with some killer choreography and costumes, although he’ll have his hands full trying to keep Gareth’s recent found exhuberance in check…  he’s dropped the headspins [a combination of H&SE and Insurance concerns according to Mr X] but his Moonwalk has been honed to perfection thanks to a chance encounter with the crew of what will remain a nameless RNLI station in the North East and some clever out of the box thinking on the lubrication side of things… [what goes on onboard stays onboard] #carryoncruising ;o{

Mrs Hooks will keep them all supplied with tasty Quavers based snacks and pots of piping hot mas cortados …I would imagine so anyways… her Huevos quaveros are ammmaaazzzing… #sostupidserifsez #truckeeriver[ayeluvu]

Apparently the new ‘manager’ and financial backer of all this guff is making an appearance, at some point today to discuss the management strategy, direction and potential monetisation opportunities of what is unofficially not known as ‘Old Bloggers On The Make’…

Hope they got plenty Quavers in… that Robbo is a right greedy so_and_so… can’t wait to see his outfit… ;o{


p.s.  See Paul[a] Ambrose Wright has gathered the usual coven back together again over on his latest deluded attempt to convince himself he is in anyway relevant or helpful to the YES Movement   @ThornyStem… begging to be followed so he is… I like to imagine Paul Ambrose Wright  is currently feeling a little like  Klaus Kinski in the documentary about the making of Fitzcarraldo… Burden Of Dreams…worth a watch… certain visual similarities also which I might play a bit fast and loose with once I get new compuchter… the auld eens haddit… CPU and graphics card have fused together due to fan failure which is probably the result of nicotine…ah well… that’s that fucked for a wee bit as ‘old leather_erse’ used to say…

Guess the new sound stage at HonkyTonk HQ micht jist hae tae wait…

p.p.s    Heads up to @PurityRefined for the plug which sent stats ballistic apparently and for pointing out that broken link… fixed that… Cheers Capt’n… Keep scribbling your dreary,  dribblings of delusional delinquency Mr Leonard Sachs from the Good Old Days… enjoy yir cruise with the lads?Gareth was ever so, lucky lucky, lucky winning that tombola prize eh? Wait til you see what they got up to…

p.p.p.s   I reckon someone wi’ a bit mare talent tan mi’sel in the vihjo depertment [and a working graphics program obviously] could stick Paul’s or ‘someone elses’  head on Klaus Kinski’s and replace the subtitles below with a few choice made up snippets of their own… The Indy ‘Downfall’? Potential to go viral? beyond my capabilities… Mr Finkin? Namaste to those that deserve it! #feeltheforce   ;o[

Has David Hooks @PoliticsScot ‘brand’ reached ‘peak_toxic’?… Being Abusive On Twitter & Getting Paid To Do It as Senior Infrastructure Engineer/Service desk manager @FNZ_Group? ;o(

All you who follow wealth and power with unremitting ardour, O,
The more in this you look for bliss, you leave your view the farther, O:
Had you the wealth Potosi boasts, or nations to adore you, O,
A cheerful honest-hearted clown I will prefer before you, O….

FAO Press – Alasdair Munro @FNZ_Group

Is @PoliticsScot tweeting abuse from work premises and in worktime… was The Pishy Pants song ‘written’ @FNZ_Group in Edinburgh? #TwittStalk #truthchimp

FNZAlasdairMonroan imaginary complaint posted  on a no_one with nothings website… is there any truth to the rumour that Robbo has dickpics_o_davee as *********** sez  asking for a friend ;o{

@HumzaYousaf @PoliticsScot
@PoliticsScot continues tp spread his false narrative about tbeing the victim when he is indeed one of the perpetrators of abuse along with his online twitter family members @robbycameron1 mark/claire robertson @BrechinDiocese Paul Wright ex SNP candidate and according to The Courier a poster of animal porn on twitter as ‘revenge’????? YIKES… google them both … they are both part of ‘Daveez_Twitter_Family’ ;o(((( #TwittStalk #truthchimp #PoliticsScot #PolScotPosse #zooming4indy

Here’s freedom to him that wad read,
Here’s freedom to him that wad write,
There’s nane ever fear’d that the truth should be heard,
But they whom the truth wad indite.

Saturday Postcard#10 [the last of the pre_restoration series? ;o]

@LadyOfAlba and @AlbanationSimon hand the back to school NOTICES to @PoliticsScot and @robbycameron1 …..  @stupid_serif and #PaulAmbroseWright have seemingly  been ‘excluded’ and wont be going back [officially anyways] … it’s ‘pre_restoration’ week before the official term starts… first rule of troll school… there are no rules in troll school… the restoration express is fast approaching the station… it’s gathered a head of steam over the last few months and it’s fair nippin’ on ….. #gitaffthetrax


Enjoy the TrollSchool vouchers for two… yiz micht need them… It seems that Mrs Chuckee has slid into her ‘GrannyOfTheYear’ character after her ‘sabbatical’ and expects me to forget the accusations and lie spreading regarding myself and others over the last months.

Her accusations that I am on a Domestic Violence Register and “beat up woman because thats his level” have not sat easy with me, as most folks would probably understand and have not been retracted by the ‘Princess Of the Poison Pen’ …they have certainly not been forgotten by myself… likewise her part in the hideous dramas and scenarios I have witnessed for over a year played out in their twisted Theatre Of Hate Produckshuns and Set Pieces…

Davee… you lied viciously on @IanBlackfordMP ‘s timeline about me and have neither retracted or apologised… You have bullied and encouraged shocking behaviour towards two women on your platform of 11K… your part in this goes back to a woman questioning you and other crowdfunding bloggers… you threw the toys out of the pram and you Graeme Berry, Paul[a], Mark, Tracy&WahnT whipped up a wee campaign to ‘sort her out’… another woman, with first hand knowledge of what went on and eventually got wise to the lies, called you out on them and got setupon under the guise of ‘something completely different’ [that’s where I came in]…

You, Robbo/Mark/Claire, Tracee, One-t, Paul[a], Helen, JPooleSmith, Trish, Kevvo, Debs and a host of socks @do_mck @HyndlandHigh @TheJokeIsOnYouJ @PurityRefined @BeanzMeanzLies, @hazzstephens197 @MrNosey @unihandclapping and a good few others. Aided and abetted at times by some slightly higher profile zoomers4indy such as @Grouse_Beater @jeggit @MrMalky and @wordamentalist to name but four…

… then proceeded to whip up a frenzy that saw a mother and brother hounded, address and photos of her house posted online [more than once], unwanted packages sent to her flat, lies of her being a thief and a cheat repeated countless times on Twitter, reported to the DWP for crowfunding for SNP flyers, sexual slurs and innuendos made, threats of violence and doorstepping issued, bodyshaming and constant gaslighting and her MH being discussed and diagnosed by sometimes dozens of accounts… fuck me… and there is probably more… but you’re all getting my drift eh?

If this was your child, sister, mother, aunt, cousin, partner or friend on the receiving end of all this hate what would you do?

Any references made to Dead Mans Shoes is purely for dramatic purposes ;o)… It highlights the committment I have made to scripting my own restorational third act, possibly helping others along the line, which will be proving you to be the LIAR, MANIPULATOR and SNAKE IN THE GRASS that I believe your behaviour evidences beyond a reasonable doubt…The Truth will destroy you folks and your online reputations, what little of it there is left,  as you fall screaming into the ever increasing delusional void of your twitt_lives. If I do have to ‘come out’ to do this then it will be at a time of my choosing and aimed to tell maximum truth damage and embarrassment to whatever ‘brand’ it is ‘telling’ on… remember… no rules at troll school…

The Simple Truth. It’s a powerful weapon to wield and along wi’ a ‘pen’, prehistoric photoshop and a bit o’ shrewd timing… it’s aw I need min…

…unless you apologise, denounce all the hangers on, delete your @PoliticsScot account and concentrate on your work, homelife and this wonderful new opportunity and blessing that you and your wife have been presented with…? Choices eh?

And the ‘faux_fear’ doubleheaded erse trumpet that @PoliticsScot blaws hard and regularly on his 11K platform is ridiculous and the Police, PF and everyone else he has apparently contacted regarding his accusations of my “stalking & harrassing of him” know this fine well. It’s a complete and utter nonsense. If you question the #PoliticsScot you are #TwittStalking him…???

He wants me arrested for asking him questions, accusing him of lying and doing cartoons of him as a way of highlighting his and his gangs nasty shenaniganising and skullduggery? You gotta laugh eh?

How very dare I !!!!

Restoration [The third act ]features the resolution of the story and its subplots. There are nae hard and fast rules to restoration and Dead mans Shoes is at the extreme end of the dramatic scale but it is a crackin’ bit o’ film… the outcome I am looking for is obviously not so extreme… but every bit as reputationally  ‘messy’ and really ‘irksome’… it can take a while and the process can quite often be frustrating but once the desired outcome emerges the pain of the process may well be forgotten by some anyways, for others it ‘lingers’

tbc? #ayesuspectso

" a Scottish •••• in Ipswich... My Autobiography [with some made up bits]
a stroll down memory lane for @LadyOfAlba who now seems to be punting herself as some sort of ‘IndyGrannyOfTheYear2019′? Twisted sister to the PolScotPosse TwitterFamilia….Another een o’ they ‘flyey things’ that @PoliticsScot wants to get rid of? #fahkenzeh #truthchimp #PolScotPosse #zooming4indy



Friday Postcard#9 #arseplatehanded

THE FORSYTH [not so much a] SAGA
@Grouse_Beater ‘s choreography suggestion for the upcoming ‘Bloggers_Dance_Off’ at the AUOBEdinburgh rally…doesn’t go down too well with @jeggit @MrMalky and @PoliticsScot …. They have honed their ‘Tiger Feet Shuffle’ to perfection [Davee has agonising thigh chaff down to the crimpolene element in his authentic safari slacks and jeggits corns are giving him gip ;o]… they’re exhausted but rockin’ on #zooming4indy #tigerfeetshuffle #truthchimp
match set and point to @SiobhanSynnot … #touche … I worked for @JaniceForsyth and thanks to the sypathetic application of her discretionary powers, good sense of humour and an understanding that the effect two pints and an aftershow sesh with Amampondo can have on a young man after a fourteen hour day and very little food …. I kept my job …a good egg is Janice!  mammadeeyay… wex ;o{

Who was it Gareth was crowdfunding to sue for ‘defahmashunn’ again? Methinks he’s needing a bit mare practice on that ‘double_ersed trumpet’ o’ his and could be doin’ with learnin’ some noo choons if I’m being completely honest… ;o{   #truthchimp

#whatdavidsaid  ;o{

#whatdavidsaid #mel&dave

Moving on from ‘Grumpy Gareth @Blouse_Pleater’ … Mel&Dave seem to have been keeping all their dead hair for making up underwear… why else would they be so unhappy with the way we’re being handed #indyref2 on a plate?

Our FM has played a pretty good hand with the shitty cards remaining after 2014 and has kept a cool head… in my himble chump opinion…

The salespersons dealing with the Real Politik need  patience and guile… you can swing as many punches as you like… but it only takes one to ‘deck’ you Raging Bull… as many of your ilk within the china shop of Indy have found to their cost…

Nicola’s nimble on her feet… a nifty dancer… many of you are looking more like the drunk aunty and uncle crashing into tables at a family wedding… yi’r no sellin Avon min! #whatdavidsaid

Some members past and present of @PoliticsScot ‘twitter_familia’ #PolScotPosse #zooming4indy

Indyref2 via a NoDealBrexit? The easiest and surest route to winning over the soft naws? Brutal but effective short, sharp, shock treatment? No doubt! There’s a price for everything… it’s an aw’ in game this een min… but the prize is worth it!  #backothenet ;o{






Friday Postcard#7 [ Honky_Tonk_HQ Undergoes A Shabby Chic Transformation]

Honky_Tonk HQ
it seems they have run out of quavers at honky_tonk_towers so things have been a “wee bit tense”… understandably…it’s ok though… “@hazzstephens197  will get some…. she’s gonna pop into the SPAR to get photocopies of the screenshots from @PurityRefined that will prove Pauline called Miriam a prostitute and should also back up the racist accusations … shall ah text her and tell her to getta couple of Arctic Rolls as well Davee?” [look forward to that one flying if the pilot decides to take off]  all you numpties are in the wrong dimension, jurisdiction, airspace… am away to lie under a tree and sup some brose… [piece_on_jam ;o] to Pauline and her mum/ Rumple, Julie, Jonny and his family…. the rest… whhhooossshhhht… merry xmas

Aye Davee… something else we can agree on… #doitagain … you are indeed bringing yourself down to ‘their level’ …. YIKES… please tell me the last time I spoke like that about either you, you’re lovely wife or even the amatuer dramatists, main actors or walk_ons, in The PolScotPlayers? Please … #imwaiting

YIKES @PurityRefined
@PurityRefined … @PoliticsScot … #gofigure

Thursday 15th August Postcard#8 Elvis Stole My SpaceHopper! SuperBubble [thankyou…tbc]

The nasty clownery of @stupid_serif continues ;o(((( with yet another attempt at intimidation or whatever Rob thinks he’s doing in showing off his ‘twenty years experience of Adobe CC’ with another of what he calls ‘memes’… pop over and see what you could get for between five and fifteen quid …

Intimidation, lies, threats, nasty sexual jokes and slurs towards woman, bodyshaming, posting pictures of their houses? Fuck Me! What an advert eh?????

Life changing events are just that… especially the joy of children… no matter how old someone is, they are or have been someones child… treat everyone as you would like your own child to be treated… namaste

PART3?RESTORATION? #fahkenzeh? #ElvisStoleMySpaceHopper [tbcaatomc;o{]
Jings… #thedregsofindy? …the enablers, socks and vampires are still @it unaware seemingly of the low altitude and the flames from the engine of #polscotairlines single narrative executive jet…

 There is one last chance to jump from this inevitable planecrash to stand any chance of landing with even the tiniest sliver of a possibility of it being viewed as a ‘modicum of dignity’ ….

Only The Truth [sets you truly free] … honestly ;o{  #ayekinthatyinyikin

The Times They Are A Changin’? #fahkenzeh

@stupid_ serif    NO EXIST
for how long? was he pushed or did he jump? so many questions… good riddance to a pretty nasty account followed by @PoliticsScot and another forty odd others ;o(((

#flyeythingsexterminate !??

As @HyndlandHigh said on the famous 13th Dec ‘IndyTweetersSummit’ thread… and I paraphrase… it could be a long 2019 folks!

I make no bones about it… I will step up my own wee #truthchimp campaign… the mocking in search of the restoration due to more than myself will up a gear… the world of sound and vision?… unless? nah!…it’ll never happen[?] #nowisthetimemin #fessup #truthtrumpsall #iceberg #lowaltitudewarning #indyref2iscomingfolks  ;o)

Bungalow Suzee
@siouxiezoo … #bungalowsuzee

wex is a  coward...again?
@siouxiezoo PosterGirl for the #PolScotPosse [March]
@MrMalky joins @PoliticsScot for a blaw on the ‘Double Headed Arse Trumpet’ announcing the impending Cease and Desist letter that was apparently sent by @FNZ_Group  ???? [according to Mr Hooks anyways] on behalf of ‘himself’, their employee?that strangely never arrived? #tigerfeetshuffle anyone? #comedygold #truthchimp #zoomers4indy

highland dancer crowdfunder?
@PoliticsScot @robbycameron1 #PaulAmbroseWright ‘Highland-Flinging4Indy?  YIKES!!!! ;o((((


“one can only truly be judged by oneself…”  Don Tnowski-Dunning-Kruger [Late of This Parish] ;o{


Thursday Postcard#6 [ZEN and the Art of Deploying the Double Headed Arse Trumpet ;o]

Couple more sleeps til Xmas… Can’t wait… Once again to Jonny and his family and to Mr Finkin [goddam I luvved that chimp!] and all the others that are blamed for being everyone else by the ‘news’  that seeps from the deepest recesses of deluded and disturbed minds way down in darkest  Dunning_Kruger… the truth will win… a cheeky wee laugh into the bargain is always a bonus in this cesspit… you gotta try eh?   namaste to those that deserve it ;o)

To all the scribbling children of the corn  that seem to have escaped their twisted_twit_shepherd and are shitting all over the Indy Movement as well as themselves… fill yir boots… you look ridiculous and the script is wooden with the delivery being similar…

“Get it right up ye [as they say… what say they? let them say!] ;o{ #truthchimp

Whoooossshhhh… Glad I was able to introduce both @jammach and the PolScotPosse to Dunning_Kruger_Land… Rob seems to love the place as does Paul Ambrose [so] Wright [he’s always Wrong] #PaulWrong ? … he;s still ‘skipping’ away over on @PurityRefined with Rob on one end of the rope… and possibly the other… he must be getting knackered… what was the expression back in the day when you were ‘defender’ of AUOBSCOT during #bucketgate ? #exhausted_but_rockin_on ?

Ron Trumpets The Dunning_Kruger_Land Weekend 'Trips'
Live from Dunning_Kruger_Land … #verystupidserif ‘presents’ … a weekend free of self_awareness and irony in the cesspit that is ‘their story’

Keep on Blawin’  … The ‘crowd’ are lapping it up are they not?…I’ll give you one thing though…

yiz kin yir ersez fae yir elbeez… niters :o{

Mr & Mrs @PoliticsScot and their FNN chanel are pretty quiet on the 13th December ‘Strategy Meeting’ to ‘banish someone from twitter… for their own good’? YIKES ;o((((

8 Aug 19 14:53  and @PoliticsScot is over trying to glean some news for the latest desperate attempts to ‘keep everyone on message’ … Well known for their reliability and non_partisan in their opinions is never a phrase that’s been used to describe @PurityRefined that’s for sure… whether it’s Rob/ Paul Ambrose Wright /MarkClaire Robertson… whoever… it’s een o’ the dregs ;o((((

… and it’s all that @PoliticsScot has left …

@hazzstephens197 and @PurityRefined … two faceless sock_puppet trolls …

Oh how the michty hae fallen … #DesperateDavid