wizards of odd [hunny/bobo/hooksy & boom_boom]

Plenty of quark & strangeness but lacking in any charm… The Flying Turtles & Ground_Force_One
Hunny/Bobo/Hooksy & Boom Boom…The Wizards of [the very] Odd

After tea everyone retired to the bridge where Paul once again demonstrated the *invisible_towel* to ‘Captain Dav’ who seemed to be more interested in the Yoon Detector Unit he was sent by HTHQ than the Mekons routine evening ego_yoga and wellbeing/mindfullness session.
Having the right vehicle for the right job is very important for the high flyer
I really don’t get why you are involving yourself in this @kjm1468???

simple_procedure [for liars]

c’mon honeez… be sweet when you tweet https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/about-the-scottish-court-service/scs-news/2016/11/29/new-simple-procedure …a lie is a lie… [this is particularly vicious] have the lie corrected… a simple_procedure… can they prove their claim? you seek no monetary gain… this is a claim of a statement of fact is it not? it is now deleted but never_the_less a public apology and retraction could be asked for? only my humble opinion… keep it simple…namaste

“Simple Procedure replaces summary cause procedure only where it relates to actions for payment, delivery or for recovery of possession of movable property ….

…or actions which order someone to do something specific.”

A lie has been told publicly about you…

You want a public retraction and apology…

You can ‘swear’ it is untrue.

They will have no evidence

A Simple Procedure.


salty_brigands [everyones a liar baby] that’s the truth!

Honky_Tonk_Mechanic_Required…the wheels on this indy_bus need re_balanced/ re_alligned and checked if they’re running true
the reply trails glisten…twitter_thlug2twitter_thlug…Honky_Tonk_HQ[copyriteFINKIN] at the centre of them all

Feel free to copy/paste/post…no worries if you would rather not though… I’ll understand ;o) am on a mass_reported lockdown for apparently ‘stealing’ private media and posting photos of a baby!!!! [I did not in case you were wondering] The character assassination continues… we’ll see what happens… it’s a ‘cartoon’ FFS… copied from a photo…it’s called a likeness… namaste to those that deserve it… yi’ kin fa’ yi’z are ;o) The rest can take a right royal ‘twitter’ fung up their nasty wee ‘twitter’ erses… See how my ‘appeal’ turns out.

Whatever issues I am having with David Hooks presently is to do with his vicious and nasty lie to @IanBlackfordMP earlier this month. End of. Any other opinions on the way @PoliticsScot has treated other people historically I will respectfully leave for them to deal with from here on in as requested. I have never met any of the people I have been accused of being but I trust that they know that they have my support and that karma and truth eventually will overcome.

‘HIM_SELF’…THE_BARE_FACED_LIAR & HONKY_TONK_KING/the weapon of choice was vicious in the unprovoked attack on the sleeping account… unsurprisingly I’m trying to set the record straight…more mocking to follow maybe? take it to the ‘court of public opinion’?

Apart from not having a name, this account is me. It’s the only one I have. I want the truth told about it. Not lies. So I am not putting up wi’ any shite said about me by David Hooks and his posse or anyone else for that matter. The more you lie and dig, the more I will lampoon and take the piss and hopefully show you up for the bullies that you are. You don’t expect people to try and counter your slurs and lies? Really? Sorry. No. Can. Do. You always got to do what you think is right. Just got to learn the ‘right way’ to do it. It can take a life_time.

A WHOPPER from @JPooleSmith… A salute will no doubt be winging it’s way from Honky_Tonk_HQ as we speak.. His comment soars over the self_awareness_crossbar as another lick_spittle pays homage to ‘the boss’ ;o)
‘The Boss’ @Honky_Tonk_HQ
Another dog_whistled_kleecolyte


The princess of poison spouts forth assisted by her trusted eejit [wah_n_teeh]
truth is the first escapee of the narrative from the beak_fed cluckers who gladly accept their regurgitated fodder as fact_food…

Contacting an employer, who happens to be paid by us taxpayers after all, to question whether comments made publicly by their employee [regarding a strangers MH and the manner and style in which it was done in a large group ‘discussion’ or a twitter_pile_on as it’s better known] is appropriate behaviour is not against this law or any others @IND3pendent7. No matter how much you might like it to be so.

You have no idea the reason why this message was deleted and I have no intention of telling an angry wee lick_spittle such as yourself. Kevvo’s behaviour was un_professional in my opinion. Whether he’s in working time or not. Certain values must prevail.

And all this smearing from Kevvo and nursiedeb. Stop digging. You’re either being played by the posse or you’re just as bad as the fleez that yi’r buzzin wi.

Using your grandson to score Twitter points? Saying I posted a photo of a baby? All because I personally criticised you [as an older and hopefully more reasonable member of a ‘pack’ which lets remember consisted of 40/50/60 accounts] over comments you were making regarding a complete stranger. All in the service o’ that pultroon David Hooks?

That’s why this should be drawn to attention of employers. Kevvo said himself that his MH training before qualification was a couple of hours reading a folder. Tick box. Done. Perhaps his work could help with this? Perhaps they will? Perhaps they have already? Perhaps there are no ‘Codes Of Conduct’ for SNHS workers?

wait…could it be the legal_beagle… the faithfull servant of the priness of poison and queen of the mean meme …simon ‘ONE_T’ pattersun? maybe just a tribute artist? Eejit anyways ;o)

It seems to be lost on the ‘psychic_medic’ and his assistant that Twitter is a commercial platform where anyone can look at someones TL and view their tweets without being ‘signed_in’. It’s how Twitter works. If you read the label on the side. Since you and others have me blocked & I DO NOT BLOCK YOU and you tell absolute whoppers of lies about me I feel that I am within my rights to counter them. They are lies after all. You are not blocked from my TL Kevvo but I am from yours.

So I’ll serve out my mass_reported/ lack_of_access to_my_account and await the outcome of my appeal. Whatevers. Supping brose as I type. Laters ;o)

misogyny…towards Kevvo? you learning your moves from the tracee&robbo school of black_ops? in my opinion you bein played sister… the tunes no great but it is familiar…
Truth from @dark_shark… they do indeed

You are where you get to…

Things can change at a_pace. So quickly sometimes you don’t even know it’s happened. Misconceptions & misunderstandings can form in a nano_second and before you know it. You are where you are.

Both the pace and amount of change is usually tiny. But all those wee events can pass you by, and if not observed, can seem like a wollop when you eventually catch up to them having happened. You end up being wiser after the event hopefully or you learn a lesson. You take something positive from it.

Twitter and the indy_twitt_scene both fascinates and repulses me. Both sides of the independence debate on twitter have their ‘nasties’ but I have never witnessed so much bile and hatred or the pure enjoyment and thrill displayed by those in the pack when practicing their twisted ‘blue_on_blue’ attrocities. A bloody sport indeed and disturbing to witness.

I have to admit to getting angry about this at times but I will only be dealing with my own ‘issues’ from here on in. Things change and one must adapt to the changes in situation/ circumstances and respect any requests made reasonably. Time must be limited also as this particular type of poison is the kind that has the ability to jump across the internet and infect anyone.

I was ‘made an offer’ just the other day. By mister @PoliticsScot. I use the phrase as I have no doubt that that was what it was genuinely felt to be. By the ‘offerer’.

Didn’t quite feel that way on the other end of the ‘negotiation’ though. What might be described as a rather authoratative style. To be fair to the man he’s every right to be arrogant. He’s got 10K+ followers and a political tv monologue channel. He’s someone allright!

The latest am_dram being drummed up about me being a danger and that people are “living in fear of their lives” of me is absolutely ridiculous and is typical of the unsophisticated slurs often deployed by members of cabals to undermine, those they see as the enemy. To be destroyed by any means. Foul or foul. *The Real* Tracee Wilson, one of the indy_twitt_mean_queen_twins annouced that I was on a Domestic Violence register and that I also beat_up women, so mister hooks latest bout of vivid imaginings he proclaims as facts and accepted as such by some of his beak_fed kleecolytes, has not come as too much of a surprise. It’s how they roll. As a fellow sandy_forky lover says “they got all the moves!”

I have only been served a sample platter of what is on offer, compared to others, and having the safety of anonymity is settling but you still get a small taste of what this treatment could feel like.

Remember. These ‘innacuracies’ are posted by people with sometimes 10K+ followers. And their sock_puppet and kleecolyte follower accounts can have as many as 5K so the shit hits the fan and is spread around pretty quickly. It’s got a lotta_reach. It can also do a lotta_damage to peoples real lives which is cruel & nasty.

I have merely fought back against this. In a slighly unorthodox way maybe that has perhaps at times not had great moments [twitt_square_go_gate and the requesting of information] that although were not illegal, I should have handled better. If only for the fact it left open the opportunity for the pack to pounce on a doxxing accusation opportunity too good to miss and for @JPooleSmith to hatch the ‘wex is going to post Davids details online’ whopper! As I said. An out_and_out_liar @JPooleSmith. Complete fabrication of the post. Drama queen & shit_stirrer, another lick_spittle re_churner on a mission to earn his spurs, a few more followers and the much longed for salute by way of a funny gif, sent personally to his TL as an acknowledgement of his service from ‘Honky_Tonk_HQ’ [used with assumed permission from Mr. Finkin?] Proudly pinned. Possibly for eternity?

My latest hair brained chimp scheme is to take some incremental dynamic evolution dust and find a suitable place to sprinkle it.

An anonymous account can be held to account by a real life account in the Scottish Courts and yet, the anonymous account cannot hold the realife account to account in the same way, in the same court.

Could an anonymous account be considered a brand in the same way as an individual can be.

I might possibly spend some time finding out. Wouldn’t it be funny if a weird chimp account managed to effect a change to that situation and be able to do it anonymously. Maybe just have to put a stocking over my face in court. I don’t think I’d be allowed to wear a chimp mask. Maybe that’s taking things a bit tooo far. But if you don’t ask…

The most threatening thing I am posting is the truth. The jurisdiction is Twitter. It can be taken elsewhere but not by @unsworthwexler #at_the_moment… laters… wex ;o)

As I type a new pol_scot_posse slug has slithered on to my timeline and tagged in a few fellow family members. I wonder why that would be? Seems they’ve mounted up and are ready to ride_out on a mission. Interesting crew.

@ProctorLewis1 is a new one. Out front leading the charge. Paul Wright the ‘Wizard o’ Brechin’ in his latest guise after his ‘latest_red_card’ along with the ‘PrincesOfPoison’ the real Tracee Wilsun both close family members of mister & misses ‘Paul wouldn’t hurt a fly/catch a cold’ hooks. Auds & Indy are anonymous as I am and a couple o’ the other kick_ass_grannies have louped onto their steeds also. Quite a sight. Wonder where they’re off to? Wonder why they tagged me in? Are they out for tiger_blood? Time will tell I suppose. *lolz*. Cheery ;o)

A big thanks to the some_one who provided the time this time and the others that humour this wierd chimp in real_wurld.

Update : Funnily enough i’ve just been locked down for the tweet below. Seems the mass_reporting_ride_out went as planned. Spurs and salute from Honky_Tonk_HQ awaits. Some time off and supping of brose I think could be in the offing. I bid you good biddings ;o)

…and this is where I’m at… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqbk9cDX0l0

laters ;o)


keep it simple [stupid]… indypendence

after a wee bit reflection and real_wurld energy needed for other things wex is being given a twitter sabbatical. twitter can be toxic. i’ve seen enough and my part_time_real_wurld is about to become full_on again.

also when you yourself start to show similar aspects of behaviour  that you are criticising it’s time to take stock. there are aspects to wex i’m starting to not like. reminds me of someone i once knew and with whom i have had no connection with for the last 15 years.

i was horrified at the online abuse directed at Pauline & her mum, marvelled at the brass neck shown by some in their denials of their actions and been astonished at the lengths gone too in order to find out peoples real_world identities, most of them fellow independence supporters and the speed & efficiency at which lies/rumours/narrative and gossip are quickly spread. the mass reporting of accounts and personal attacks and accusations made with respect to Paulines MH was despicable. others have had similar treatment. nothing to do with independence and hopefully not representative of the various indytwitter factions and their followers?

with only a little knowledge of much of what has gone on i apologise for any confusion or misrepresention of specifics i may have inadvertantly taken part in. if indeed i have? there has been a lot of shit gone on. that’s for sure. some of which i experienced for myself. petty yet vicious but it has gone on.  i do not wish to do more harm than good and currently feel that is starting to happen. i can see why some might think that has been the case for some time already but i stand by my actions and what i have done. despite what some may think i am not part of any posse or group. stupid_serif dragged me into this initially. that led me to witnessing the pack rounding on Pauline and her mum over a couple of weeks until i could stand it no more.

i admire Paulines energy and spirit and also her ability to not lie down to her attackers. a lot of you folks know what is going on.  wish you all the best and trust truth and awareness will prevail.

the accounts stirring it up and taking things real world. have a word.

that’s you @PoliticsScot @robbycameron1 @LadyOfAlba @albanationsimon @AllSkipsAbout @LeaksTwitt and quite a few of the beakfed followers and kleecolytes of those accounts. you know who you are.

keep it simple stupid. indypendence.

cheery fir noo ;o)


a spouting idiot [kleecolyte profile one] traysee wilson [with two e’s]

thought i would make a few of my own observations and comments on those making there own observations and comments. an opinion piece obvs.lols.

hopefully @LadyOfAlba doesn’t mind me giving her ‘blog’ a plug & recommend folks drop by for some insight into this committed independence activist & kickass ‘cyber-granny’. counsel to & supporter of some ‘high profile’ scottish indy ‘influencers’ such as PoliticsScot & Grousebeater, a role model & ‘bestie’ to a number of up and coming and established stars on the indy bitchtwitt churning scene she is conflicted on so many levels it would be hilarious if the results were not so damaging. not only to the persons on the receiving end but the independence movement itself.

if tracee’s a bitch to you? it’s your fault apparently and the short extract below only highlights the levels of committment shown by @LadyOfAlba at being the best she can be at her quirky hobby of collecting trite internet phrases that she ‘lives her life by’ and adapts into vicious real world pantomimes and personal revenge amdrams that are acted out on twitter with often cruel and nasty consequences by her & her fellow ensemble in the ‘theatre of hate players’ under the pretence of striving for scottish inependence.

the idea that a thousand tweets/screenshotted/copied & pasted from someone elses twitter timeline and reposted on wordpress as a ‘blog’ might be viewed as an unhealthy fixation by others is lost on this queen of the mean meme as any sense of hypocrisy wooofs it’s way over LadyOfAlba’s irony crossbar.

blogs are brilliant aren’t they? you can get things off your chest without the constraints of the limited number of characters on twitter, while  various aspects of the truth are also able to be put on hold or attributed to artistic license which thankfully tracee does not own the copyright to, but the boundaries of which she stretches to well past the point of truth on many occassion. my ‘banning for seven days’ for using a license i did not own is an example of such a colossal stretch too far.

the 12 hour suspension revenge reporting for posting a photo of mark robertson @robbiecameron1 & @albanationsimon ‘one t’ patterson at an auob rally/march was spent by me watching netflix [innocent man based on the only non fiction grisham book] and the following ‘7 day ban’ was tortuously endured visiting friends/xmas shopping/sleeping in and enjoying real life away from the poison/lies and obfuscation of Dunning Kruger Land [DKL]

grudgingly deleting the photo when i got back home, in order to enable myself access to the still steaming turd pile that twitter had become, i forgot that i had posted the licensed photo more than once & promply suffered another 12 hour suspension almost immediately which seemed to make the residents of DKL extremely gleefull. [i would have sniggered also to be fair]

the great thing about wannabe churner apprenticeships is there is seemingly no age limit or necessary experience/ qualifications required although the constant rechurning of rechurned tweets gets you down at times and can seem pointless. the excitement and damp gussetts when pile ons and mass reporting & blocking of accounts are not so subtley encouraged are palpable & as juniors in the ranks you are expected to obey orders, turning up the volume on the current twitter narrative being fed in order to work your way up the chain of command and maybe even have your own little botnet one day. sweet dreams are made of this?

kleecolytes will show their allegiance by blocking for such henious crimes as mocking up a picture of their leader as bruce willis in die hard or calling out a complete stranger as crazy or mad but despite being an experienced employee of the SNHS i do not feel that the role of ambulance driver/ medic entitles you Kevvo or anyone else to make a judgement on someones mental health and state it as fact or back up others that are doing so on social media without ever having had a real life consultation.

@jammach is another apparent would be minime fanboy that feels the need to backup PoliticsScot and contact police scotland and report an account to twitter for harassment and stalking, despite not knowing or ever having contact with the account, wasting valuable police time and resources with bullyboy mob tactics that the police sensibly gave short thrift to, sending them on their way with a “sorry sir. no crime committed here” while standing up for such questionable characters such as @robbycameron1 who, like ‘one t’, is currently in rehab for his rumoured addiction to multi account trolling and is equally as rubbish at it although, as far as i know, gavin has not yet got into the doxxing scene but he is on the classic slippery slope to ruin in my opinion and it wont be long before he progresses on to nastier things having moved on from the twitter gateway drug of choice.

by way of an apology for the above tweet tracy could only bring herself to say “So your mum’s cancer didn’t need treatment. Cool good” Nice of her eh? but that won’t bother ‘oor trace’. she “couldn’t give a monkies[sic] fuck” what anyone thinks of her. that’s “the greatest mental freedom” there is apparently. Dodinsky said so. mental indeed!

an idiot spouts right enough.

updates on the ‘lady’ of alba profile along with other twitter @PoliticsScot kleecolytes such as @do_mck @jammach @albanationsimon & kevvo the ambulancedriver, moonlighting as a psychiatric expert, to follow. the kluckeratti. don’t you just luvvem?