It was a close run thing for #theskelp in it’s inaugural week but Mr Stephen Bell @stevebell24 came out on top for his humble, hilarious and  pertinent riposte come stylish putdown depending on your positioning… a digital drink of your choice awaits you behind the bar at Wexworth Buildings Steve… ;o)




Denise Findlay elected to committee?
A potential PR car crash that has been flagged up by a few folks now… she’s a liability for the party and the movement given some of her past behaviour and this step_up in profile and visibility could potentially attract the wrong type of ‘publicity’ and I personally don’t think she is fit for the position… iron knee eh ;o(   ONE CAN ONLY HOPE SHE HAS LEARED A FEW LESSONS… #benefitofthedoubt
"...full tonto..."
some of @PoliticsScot twitt_sisters and supporters being seemingly praised and encouraged  to carry on with the  ‘full tonto’ ??? Whatever it is  Mr Hooks openly admits ‘the full tonto’  brings him joyous gratification, tinged with a wee bit o’ of envy….  bittersweet?…  @GraceBrodie is a big fan and has backed @PoliticsScot on at least one of his ‘appeals’ … it could get messy… #just_saying_scot

violation warning for @gracebrodie

DeniseFindlay@GraceBrodie is voted onto the @SNP Conduct Committee of all things… you could’nae makkitup … #just_saying_scot

Thursday… Another twist in the ‘mystery indy bloggers and crowdfunder launcher persons’ series… who is Marky Booth indeed… a Michael J Wright is registered as living in Brechin at the same address as Paul J Wright you say? Pop over to Mr Finkins blog for more information and possible developments… interesting to note the ‘character’ of those attacking Mr. Finkin and others  for their attempts to uncover such possible subterfuge…  A known conman who fleeced YES supporters out of thousands of pounds by pretending to be a 23yo woman defends the character of someone no_one has ever met and who has been crowdfunding money from the YES Community….

It was four years ago [not “5 or 6] but what angers most is his lack of any apology or explanation [although @PoliticsScot and many indy_tweeters appear to have seen or heard an apology or explanation that satisfy them enough ‘to still be able‘ to “speak with him”] and that he is seemingly just accepted back into the fold with nothing said…was the money paid back? Maybe he still had some left over and that’s how he bought his fridge and best friend? Maybe that’s how he’s paying for a proposed trip to the US? Fahkenzeh?

And to add insult to injury he just carries on his sinister and nasty behaviour all over again along with the likes of Wright/Wilson/RobfaeDundee, their many sock puppet accounts and visible supporters who ‘front’ the various campaigns of vitriol against both YES supporters and Unionists in what is simply…hate for hates sake…

p.s.  A small point on the poker analogy that seems to pain some so much… some think our reps at the table know what they’re doing… others say that they are playing it all wrong and haven’t a clue…

I’ll agree to differ and as long as the big prize is won I’m sure folks won’t mind the extra bit o’ waiting time… genuinely what is the option/s… no_one of any note with the resource capability to back up their words are offering a serious alternative… even if they did, my own personal loyalty lies with the ‘party’ that have brought us this close… and we are… so fekkin’ close… you can smell it… you would have to be crazy to change tack in the current winds which are blowing us along nicely [imho]… that’ll be mel “what david said” Iacone getting whiney aboot sailing analogies shortly naedoot  ;o]

anyways… it’s onwards towards independence…

hing loose ;o{



I get the frustration from many and also the fact that folks have differing opinions and ideas of where they would like to be on the Indy road right now.

But with any journey one can never really take into account all the factors that might effect your arrival time.

Accidents on the road that either slow down or bring the journey to a complete standstill or necessitate a long diversion, possibly on unmetalled surfaces not suitable for the volume/ weight of the traffic. And lets not forget about the width of modern vehicles. And caravans…dinnae get me stertit! Weather also. Mechanical failure.  Directly or indirectly many elements can effect plans and timetables.

Some you can prepare for in advance, a flat tyre or a case of travel sickness would be two examples you could deal with there and then [if you had a spare tyre, a plastic bag or vomit receptacle and handkerchief of some description obviously] and simply continue onwards without too much trouble.  Others are totally outwith your control and can be so catastrophic that even the most frustrated of travellers understand the need for shelter, caution and for letting things ‘settle’ so that a reconsideration of plans may be made, due to the new circumstances, whatever they may be.

If you’re travelling on ‘public transport’ there is one person in charge. Usually the driver.

If I might humbly suggest that @PoliticsScot ‘s continued criticism of  the SNP and our FM in terms of his opinion of a better ‘strategy’ is starting to grate, on me anyways and he has perhaps crossed a line, again only my personal opinion and is sounding like ‘the guy  in the dream’ or ‘The Man In The Jar’ if you prefer. The nightmare where you are benighted in a small hotel due to a sudden and severe blizzard with a busload of folks while travelling home before xmas.

He’s desperate to get home, for whatever reason and keeps trying to persuade and cajole the bus driver to carry on the journey and not sit out the storm. He keeps on and on despite both the driver and  his fellow passengers pointing out the folly of such an attempt and the likely consequences of failure, which would after all effect everyone and perhaps, if the bus was ‘written off’, might prevent them all from getting home in time for xmas ;o(

Eventually everyone just laughs at him, shakes their heads and ignores his ‘reasoning’. He continues to mumble to no_one and wander around aimlessly, looking out at the storm outside while everyone else falls asleep and lets events take their course.

In the morning everyone wakes up and gets on the bus to continue their journey  in peace and quiet leaving him sleeping in a chair.

It might also limit the  potential future crowdfunding pool for any associated projects? Fahkenzeh?

I feel it has crossed a line and criticism has turned to disrespect but hey… maybe that’s just me?

We are where we are and it’s close… all the players at the table are about to be dealt their river cards… we know what card Scotland is getting… the joker… the material change card… but we’ve not actually been dealt it yet…they don’t call it Indy Hold’em for nuthin’ partner… let’s let our ‘reps’ play their game…

After all they are seasoned players, internationally respected and have served us well up to now…

The wave is starting to build offshore and coming in apace towards the shallow UK political coastline… of that their is no doubt… the polls are swinging our way and the circus that is ‘that place’ is appearing ever more ridiculous by the week…

“patience grasshopper”… read a bit more suntzu and a bit less soozytzu maybe? #just_saying_scot

As someone once sang…

laters loons ;o{



OCTOBER POSTCARD[one] #just_saying_scot ;o{


If you’re going to play in the A League you and your ‘reps’ have got to bring their A Game and you also have to expect constructive criticism #just_saying_scot


Some of @PoliticsScot ‘strategists’ past and present?

Mr Hooks must have ‘forgotten’ about this tweet to his wife and their pal, the self appointed graphic designer and general assistant to the ‘stars’ of Indy Twitter… @stupid_serif [Rob Fae Dundee] when he answered a comment in the @ScotNational that very same day… sometimes you just gotta tell folks what they wanna hear I suppose…

An Invitation
@PoliticsScot expresses his desire to engage the services and opinions of one of the nastiest indy twitter troll accounts around to the @ItsTimeScot advertising campaign… he must be quite the ‘graffik deeziner’!? Or it could be for his fashion advice maybes? fahkenzeh! ;o{
“Tweet out Indy to all! And…don’t dip into the Trolls world. Don’t contemplate them. Don’t debate them, that’s what we’re for!” with an added reassurance to them both  “Hug Miriam and know we’ve got your back from now”   and letting them know that he will be “stepping up things, in all senses.”  … due to depression, family problems and being unemployed? That’s his excuse for his nastiness and aggressive online intimidation of women and Mr and Mrs seem to be fine with it???? @stupid_serif to Mr&Mrs    @PoliticsScot 14th March        AWW #SHUCKS ;o) ;o)
HypnoticalScot Is Hot Is He Not?
“But remember that nobody listens to them”




We All Gotta Do What We Can ;o{


A few of  #thebairnsintheback seem surprised that the driver  navigators and crew have plotted a course in advance and are going about their business in a cool calm, deliberate, understated and statesmanlike way…

Wha wi’da thunk’it eh?

Professionals acting professionally… sticking to the rules and following process and procedure as a part of a planned strategy… which a few indy social media influencers and bleaters seem to find frustrating for some strange reason… hopefully they’ll grow out of it pretty sharpish… as the plays rapidly unfold in the coming days, weeks and months…

Lets all just get on with our own things and not be all negatory and play into the other sides hands…  it’s been time since 2016…

This has been and will continue to be a dance of improvisation… some set moves prepared in advance… the tune and melody are familiar and the main participants have done this waltz before… but… they are not conducting the band…

It help’s if you’ve got a good ear and a sense of timing to anticipate any upcoming changes to the arrangement and/or rhythm and then be able to respond appropriately to those changes… also to wait for the change and not to commit too early and look an eejit…

There is much talk and opinion as to whether the SNP ‘missed the boat’ at the “now is not the time” time… who knows… but one thing is certain…

The spotlight has been firmly on the clusterfuck of Brexit… no distractions… there is nothing that the MSM or establishment has to counter with… An S30 at that time would have been a distraction…

It has also allowed a little more time for those not as committed as those of us, who have already bought tickets and are seated comfortably, to consider the travelling conditions on the train they are currently on and many are not liking it… some are realising that it is not what they were originally promised…

Let’s be a bit more patient and wait for a few more to ‘get onboard’… the more people, the more mass, the more mass, the greater the velocity and power, allowing an arrival time to be guaranteed…

You gotta have faith and trust the driver and support staff…they’ve done pretty well up to now…it’s hardly time for a crew change… who else is there to replace them at the moment for goodness sakes!

Anyways will be great to see a river of Indy flowing through Edinburgh on the 5th… Can’t wait ;o{





The Brexit storm  has given us the surprising opportunity of a second go at Independence.

Timing is everything.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

We’re not having to do much at the moment…  all the ‘heavy lifting’ is being done for us by the ‘other’ side… great!

You can’t wave a mandate in front of anyones face until the conditions contained within it are actually met… we are not out of EU… yet… the material change has not happened.. yet…

The people we have to persuade are not ourselves remember…

If, as some would have had the Scot Gov do, we had applied for a S30 at the “now is not the time” time, it would have played right into the hands of those opposed to Indy… it would have been a distraction away from the Brexit clusterfuck we are now witnessing… the MSM and Tories would have had a field day…

Too much smoke on the battlefield… wait til’ it clears… get a better look and then decide the time to ‘pile_in’… in the meantime… let’s dance!

This more than likely will be our ‘last chance for a generation’… bare that in mind when listening to all the back seat drivers [the making moves for the future makers? ;o] who are  shouting directions and giving it the “when are we gonna get there? of bored bairns the world over, close to the end of long  journeys…

“Every battle is won or lost before it is even fought” and the current debacle is doing us no harm.

Everyone that bought a ticket for this journey knew the conditions of sale after the last  forced ‘refreshment break’ and although we’ve been waiting on the platform for a while most of us are comfortably seated with drinks, snacks and toilet facilities.

We’re just waiting on a few more disaffected passengers, fed up with the horrendous travelling conditions on the other line, to hop onboard, we’ll  get the ‘official’ flag and the whistle and this #independencetrain will be off and running again.

Aye… I can almost taste it… ;o{