“I have never abused her” @PoliticsScot AKA Mr David Hooks…

“just for absolute clarity” … of course David… and you wonder why my_self and others take issue with the evident contradictions between your words and your actions? read on… have a wee listen to yirsel while yir reading… reflect? see yirsel as ithers see ya? fill yir boots min…

…it is very clear to many exactly where you stand in all this DaveeBoy…

CentreStage… and don’t #youloveit ;o((((

as you said David @PoliticsScot “Have a word with yourself”…. #TwittStalk #truthchimp

…the twitter_trails tell all… @PoliticsScot is pals with some of the biggest and nastiest trashiest indy_twitter_trolls there are… ain’t that the truth… you’re the talk of the pre_fest indy dinner party scene… it’s a long running joke of course but many are starting to hear of it… you are due a new skooshy flower tho’… looking forward to your next @AUOBSCOT speech or perhaps an article in @ScotNational… is the Hookz brand beyond detoxification? fahkenseh? ;o)

I have never abused her...
@PoliticsScot seems to be denying all connection with some of #IndyRef2 ‘s biggest and nastiest twitter trolls… analytics are your friend… a simple addion of two apostrophes with a twitter handle in between in the search bar seems to disprove your claims mister hooks… try it… ‘LadyOfAlba’ ‘TiaMariaWilson1’ very informative…. #TwittStalk #truthchimp
@PoliticsScot tweets his PishPantsMasterpiece to a few kleecolytes Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 is among them
Davees desperate denials are getting squeekier by the day… own it min… above left was a wee warning to wex to butt_out on the @PolicalScott account… it was mass_reported and ‘struck_off’… #TwittStalk #truthchimp
@siouxiezoo spreads more nastiness
@PoliticsScot seems to lap up the #tontostuff …. prior to this ‘graphics masterpiece lesson’  a photo of a woman who had committed suicide was tweeted… with make up added [like in this photo] that is supposed to represent their ‘prey’ [who admitted she was at the end of her tether and was feeling suicidal at the time]… WTF is wrong with you people!!!! #TwittStalk #truthchimp
more twitter_thlug connections
Of course @PoliticsScot David Hooks doesn’t really know or communicate with these people… *sniggers*   #TwittStalk #truthchimp
it seems that @PoliticsScot is now denying all knowledge or contact with his troll buddies… too funny…   #TwittStalk #truthchimp #AUOBSCOT
@robbycameron1 AKA Mark Robertson AKA Claire assures ‘the boss’ that he’s on the case? very churchillian?    #TwittStalk #truthchimp

“I know Mark has apologised for his past behaviour & tried to make amends or I wouldn’t ever speak to him” David Hooks

“I know Mark has apologised for his past behaviour & tried to make amends or I wouldn’t ever speak to him”   #TwittStalk #truthchimp

Which takes us nicely back to the top of the page… go on… go to the top and read it again… Comedy Gold from The Hookmeister… Could get him a spot during the fez… he would have to wear a fez mind… ;o)

p.s. Davee admits to liking and seems to wish he could take part in the #girlongirltontoaction but has to make do with ‘watching’ instead… which he appears to enjoy also… #whateverfloatsyirboat @PoliticsScot

some of the ‘squad’ are on DEFCON 4 24×7… prepared to move to ‘FULL_ON_TONTO’ at a moments notice… branch davidians swinging through the canopy of indy_twitter behind the leader of the troop…    #TwittStalk #truthchimp #AUOBSCOT
still never got a straight answer to the question that started this all off for me… was this a warning that was sent to your wifes twitter account @PoliticsScot?    #TwittStalk #truthchimp
Paul Wright @AllSkipsAbout @LukeLuciously @BrechinDiocese invites @Onelumportwo_WW [Mrs Miriam Hooks?] to join a ‘mocking Julie group’ that ‘a David’ is already part of… CARRY ON COINCIDENCE? apparently someone threatened to murder someone???? YIKES!!!    #TwittStalk #truthchimp
Rumour has it that DaveeHookz&Posse are debuting on the main stage at AUOBEdinburgh? Is it just a rumour?     #TwittStalk #truthchimp #AUOBSCOT

@pishypants1…Reported by telephone to Police Scotland 11th July 2019…

…at 2.00pm for threatening and downright wierd behaviour… causing fear and alarm towards a woman living on her own… DESPICABLE!!!

By all accounts this is reputedly Mark Robertson @robbycameron1 Mark/Claire [sue me Mark if it’s not true] who is a great pal of @PoliticsScot and @wordamentalist [judge him on his current actions]… he’s in it up to his long brass neck… Sue me ‘man_baby’… Yi’r pals crossed a line… this will not be stood for!!! You are silent on this???

Mark Robertson OWNS you Davee… How Does It Feel?

This is not my YES or my IndyRef2… what is it with people??? YIKES

UPDATE ….Spoke face to face with two officers this afternoon at my home and they took my complaint of  this latest attempt to cause fear and  alarm to Pauline seriously enough to ask me to meet them at my nearest police station  at my earliest convenience as they were called away to an emergency. Appointment made for Friday A.M.

You deviants are beyond the pale!!! ;o(((( 

vile, intimidating and violent threats
PAUL& a handclapper
Paul and his pal try to intimidate wex … hook/line/sinker *snigger*

EnterThruTheGriftShop… Wanxee…. [I STAND WITH MR.FINKIN] ;o)

Rob @stupid_serif [from Dundee]  points the way down the rabbit hole for fellow Indy_Tweeters… your his twitter wifee now ;o(((  #TwittStalk #truthchimp
DaveeHookz & the backer_upperz   #TwittStalk #truthchimp
due to the refusal of @kjm1468 to communicate or even acknowledge my olivebranch after the reasonable plea for him to take down the lies still on @fiercedebs TL regarding my using pictures of your grandson and the hysterical overexaggerations about my contacts with @scotambservice re work etc… not to mention the treatment of JonnyNabb and his wife regarding her delusional belief that we were one and the same… until that is done I will keep calling you out… you cannot get away with lying like this…    #truthchimp
i think it could be a mix of tramadol and ‘other stuff’… ‘knows a lot about everything but not a clue about anything’ ;o(((   #truthchimp
again @fiercedeb proving eejipedia can be dangerous… her ‘fierceness’ is perhaps an insecurity blanket?   the baggage carousel continues to roll even when there are no suitcases left? take the lies about me down deb? take a break and curb the 0-100 aggression and also remember that just because you believe something it does not make it true… please take down the lies about me and the stuff about jonn off your timeline… you can still hate me but as you know after your ‘talks’ with @policescotland and ‘your solicitors’…YOU WERE WRONG! FED WRONG INFO… @stupid_serif is falling for the same guff from the same folks… take the LIES down…let me know and you and @kjm1468 are off my blog… this gives me no pleasure but I will not be lied about… thanks in advance… wex     #truthchimp



the start of what ended up being an insinuation that wex was a paedophile… and folks wonder why I want this lie retracted`?  #truthchimp


???? It Happened!!! Really ;o(   #TwittStalk #truthchimp



Am still away on my travels and it seems the travails of twitter continue unabated… wi_fi town in the rain and a shower and bed… a blast from the past as Rob has decided to ‘unmask’ himself… all very draaaammmaaatic… deliberate or mistake? fah kens eh? desperado_doo_wop…

A special shout out to Rumple… it’s been a while… i forgot my naive daftiness for a short moment in time as I did not see yir follow_up tweet… new phone & width of bands & was left [a bit beeling admittedly] thinking I was someone else… I momentarily lacked [nice segue] ‘drive’… now that was funny… as you said…that wiz great twittering… laters loon ;o) namaste tae those that deserve it…



 Is this the first stage of attempted intimidation by @stupid_serif to get me to shut up?

The defender of @PoliticsScot has managed to pull together his none_2_shoddy photoshop skills…. and put the face of Mickey Mouse on one of my cartoons! As @siouxiezoo said…”GENIUS!”…. Bless.

He’s also managed to add in a photo of some houses which I am assuming is where I stay…in Friockhiem… Maybe it’s just a random photo of a house put on there for no reason? The “BACK OFF, CREEP” kinda gives it away though no? Or is it just me?

Paul Wright and one of his sock_puppets jdman tried something similar a couple of months ago… didn’t work then… won’t work now…

This recent recipient of a bus pass has been round the block and I’m afraid your lack of ability to come up with any strategy, other than threats and attempts at intimidation into my ‘backin_off’ from telling my truth, are falling on deaf ears and only highlights the shallow personalities and desperation of those issuing the threats… unsophisticated/ lacking in creativity, unkind, untruthful and humourless… very bitter and nasty…granted… but not unlawful… yet…

Carry on though ‘Rob’. Your doing a grand job of highlighting and confirming everything that you and the posse are accused of… you remind me of a retired twitter_clown called Podge [ran away to the circus with another clown eileen…apparently] with your almost childlike name calling…You still claim to be a relative of Bill and a MacKenzie family member? If I were to advise you of one thing serif, it would be not to carry on with that, if it is a lie. If you are indeed a relative… I find that sad.

Quite hilarious that @PoliticsScot is carrying on with the ‘serious journalism and truth_telling of the current_campaign’ by ramping up the ridiculous narrative that “could easily end up with me or a loved one getting hurt” nonsense while you @stupid_serif … friend and defender of David and Miriam are attempting to threaten and intimidate me… who’s house is this I wonder?   A Clown You Are ;o)  Whooossshhh…. #karmatrainsacumminbaby

Laters stupid_serif… Wexypoo..

artist/designer/ relative of Billy MacKenzie?????? and twitter ‘defenderer’ of @PoliticsScot has artfully put his ‘design’ skills into practice and has managed to put the head of Mickey Mouse onto one of my cartoons… “you are a genius’ [ha. ha. ha. ] I take it that the photo of the houses behind is where I stay? some kind of subtle warning similar to Paul Wright & jdmans threats of visiting Friockhiem? All in the defense of David Hooks @PoliticsScot and your wee brigade of kiddie_onners… The Diary Of A Doxxing    #TwittStalk #truthchimp

The last effort at getting me to “BackOff,Creep” by Paul[a] Wright  a couple of months ago… Paul cackles with sinister digital delight that he indeed has eventually found what he was looking for… great story behind this account and photo  but it will have to wait for the ‘death_bed_chronicles’… hook/line/sinker… and I’m still not Jonny Nabb/IonaBaxter/Pauline/Julie/ScotsNat/  PDonaldson22 or anyone else whose name you have pulled out of the crazy_hat or got from one of your face_time_ouija_board sessions… you are all totally bonkers!



quite surprised at the speed which the follow up threat to have my blog multi_reported to WordPress has come about… two_threats_in_one_day… get them over and done with eh… funny…although it’s no popoid groove...  shows the desperation and ever changing dynamics of the situation… the increment of ramping is also greatly increased… coldly calculating or delusionally unstable due to ‘not getting out much’?… you decide… if the blog goes then they have got reach…;o(((( Where there’s a Wex though…there’s always a way… laters freaks ;o) ps……  never mind…..it’ll wait… like baby’s cutting heads off flowers? meljomur… mrsjo27… and all the other swallowers of the false narrative… wittingly or not… David is all Shampoo Tears         #TwittStalk #truthchimp




jings…the friends you keep   @mrsjo27   eh… could maybe get Rob to come and give your Girl Guides some Photoshop lessons? Design Badge? A good role model also you think? All in keeping with the spirit of the movement? YIKES!… SERIOUSLY?   EnterThruTheGriftShop?…a fate of coincidence? whatevers… WHICH REMINDS ME… THE COLLAGE I TWEETED OF NUTTER IN THE GUTTER… THAT WAS NOT PAULINE… ITWIZWEX… IT FELL TOGETHER… WHO IT WAS ABOUT WAS NOT THE POINT… AS YOU OBVIOUSLY UNDERSTOOD TRACE/ EH????? one_t_patterson?… “no comment”…you can quote me on that ;o) #fishyfleet #TwittStalk #truthchimp

the on_line ‘family’ and ‘representatives’ of @PoliticsScot… the first&last line of either defence or attack… these team members are versatile and dastardly of cunning… [a cunning plan? honk_honk and honk_honk some more…honked the honkerz from the tower of the great honkz…stratospheric heights of hilarious strategic poetry… #allfromonenote… the humble honk…#foolswonder*about*stuff

…so cunning as to anatgonise Mr Finkin… mention me needlessly again and put ones face to actionable accusations such as homophobia and racism?…from the account who’s talents include his love of the symbol of the nazis being used in a ‘meme’ telling a woman to “shut the fuck up” on a regular basis and whatever other lies and historical  hysteria may still remain on this accounts TL???

This is the self appointed defender of the ‘Hooks’ Reputation online and re_re_churner and supporter of @AUOBSCOT…

Tweet out Indy to all! And…don’t dip into the Trolls world. Don’t contemplate them. Don’t debate them, that’s what we’re for!   #TwittStalk #truthchimp

We’ll also see if ‘Rob’ is a MacKenzie family member no doubt?

not “intimidation” at all… i suggested that Bill would perhaps not have enjoyed seeing a ‘family member’ behave as you have ‘Rob’ at times on twitter… especially towards J&P… it was my opinion… which as you know I tend to be quite free and relaxed with… why all this hate? seriously… ;o(    #TwittStalk #truthchimp
I.am.ps5? primary school stuff and nonsense gobbleygook from the adobe_master? #desperatebutveryfunnystuff ;o)     #TwittStalk #truthchimp

wex got a great wee chimp-face for his avi. from mr Finkin… wex loved it! and your point @stupid is… just wondering ‘Rob’?

always looking for a bit of work… ‘Rob’ will knock you up a wee meme… in the interests of “building up” his portfolio… “…years and years of Adobe experience…”    free plug for you ‘Rob’… sure the work will come rolling in…  ;o)     #TwittStalk #truthchimp

Pauline knows that I am someone no_one knows or have met in the past… she know this beyond a doubt and it is true… I am sorry about those that are accused of being me by the twitter_dribblers… as everyone knows by now I have been tracked down to Friockhiem near Arbroath… thought you all knew that after Pauls masterful detective work that took a few months… Iain Wares @clmbie and Mark Burnett @RonCorrie have also informed you of this serif in you and the gangs attempts to doxx me… “I am an artist living in Friockhiem”… ask about me at the co_op ;o)

I don’t know Mr Finkin apart from a few DM’s very early on in this… he said he didnt do DM’s and kept to himself… I appreciated his honesty and respected that… Mr Finkin is not me… I am not serif… I.AM.WEX!

He gave me a wee chimpface for my avi… it was fuckin’ neat… i loved that cigar smokin’ chimps pus ;o)

“he starts liking my tweets” stupid_serif

looking @stupid_serif’s posts you could tell they were a big @AUOBSCOT fancat. regularly popping up to ‘scrag’ anyone that appeared to be criticising them or asking questions. i dropped by ‘serif style’ to see if there was any update on the statement expected from AUOB.

i was surprised at how quickly _serif played the harassment and bullying card and appears peeved & surprised when the support that was obviously expected fails to materialise.  

he starts liking my tweets

“make sense of this whole AUOB churnalism thing”

…and people like Wex need catalogued.

serif seems delighted to claim at least some of the credit for having driven markybooth off twitter?

maybe ask the #saltybrigand ‘batshitcrazy barnacle bill brady’ [4B’s] if twittleaks could undertake an investigation into the identity of stupid_serif.


once upon a time in politics scot land…he’s as much as a numpty as he was back then.. @PoliticsScot… the nasteez daftee ;o)

after a hard day rechurning rechurned tweets, filming for his television program, fighting off the vicious trolls determined to bring him down, chatting politics to @robbycameron1 @LadyOfAlba @stupid_serif @LeaksTwitt and various other members of his extended indy ‘twittfam’ there is nothing @PoliticsScot likes better than kicking off his shoes, slipping into his clown baffeez, rainbow wig & red nose, checking the water level on his ‘skooshy flower’ and popping the kettle on before settling down on the settee with his wife and a nice cup of earl grey to watch a few episodes of himself in ‘A Week Past Sunday’. on his youtube chanel. in 4K.

now i realise that probably doesn’t happen on a regular basis. but as i’m  currently not on the greatest of terms with any members of the PoliticsScotPosse and the venue of the works xmas beano has been discussed only in DM’s, it’s unlikely that i’m going to bump into anyone and get pulled up about it in the near future so i’ll trip-trap across that particular bridge when & if i come to it. until i get a lawyers letter and/ or a visit from the polis we can just pretend that it’s true. even the scooshy flower.

no doubt a lengthy notice will be issued by @albanationsimon, the resident legal beagle of the PSP, accompanied by screeds of legislation and lists of alternative facts copied from ‘eejipedia’ infowarning me that i am [again] ‘committing defamation’. the imaginary lawyers will [again] be ‘informed’ and another imaginary seven day “knock knock” warning will be issued and then ‘one t’ will deliver the summation of a lifetime and i will have to sell my stamp collection or go to jail. for life.

“it was a silver glitter wig m’lud. not a rainbow wig as mister wexler claims. and the scooshy flower is a total fabrication. i would like to present to the court exhibit one. a photograph of mister hooks that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the wig was silver m’lud. made of long strands and not curly as suggested by the defendant in his testimony which, in my own expert opinion, is mere heresay. i rest my case”

never a man shy of stating his opinions and desperate for an outlet for his quirky musings ‘one t’ has seemingly found a new ‘management tool’ for his multi twitter account addiction and is ghostwriting for his cat Horatio. he also heads the storyboarding department for ****** the pup account so i’m not sure if he’ll have the time for another court case. guess i landed lucky there. 

still no answers regarding my enquiries as to the ‘mocking Julie group’ and the involvement of @PoliticsScot @OneLumpOr_Two @graemeberry1 @AllSkipsAbout and others. the campaign for a new twitterstalking law seems to have taken a back seat since brave and others posted regarding their experiences. david is busy with the fishing industry at the moment so it’ll possibly be a few weeks til he gets round to re-energising the campaign. 

@PoliceScotland once again tell @PoliticsScot that “…no crime has been committed” [wasting police time?]

despite numerous visits to @PoliceScotland and receiving the same reply “no crime has been committed sir” it seems that @PoliticsScot might have to get back to campaigning for this new ‘twitterlaw’ to get ‘justice’.

the law where asking him questions re the ‘mocking Julie group’ or any other shenanagins that he or the PoliticsScotPosse have got up to in the past/present or future would be a criminal offence. laughing/ sniggering & having a joke at his expense would also fall under the new statute.

this is the question that @PoliticsScot will not answer and was the start of his selfbuilt clusterfuck
“My wife has had no Twitter violations” *snigger* “aye right davee.. as you were” *sniggers again* ;o))))