The Brexit storm  has given us the surprising opportunity of a second go at Independence.

Timing is everything.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

We’re not having to do much at the moment…  all the ‘heavy lifting’ is being done for us by the ‘other’ side… great!

You can’t wave a mandate in front of anyones face until the conditions contained within it are actually met… we are not out of EU… yet… the material change has not happened.. yet…

The people we have to persuade are not ourselves remember…

If, as some would have had the Scot Gov do, we had applied for a S30 at the “now is not the time” time, it would have played right into the hands of those opposed to Indy… it would have been a distraction away from the Brexit clusterfuck we are now witnessing… the MSM and Tories would have had a field day…

Too much smoke on the battlefield… wait til’ it clears… get a better look and then decide the time to ‘pile_in’… in the meantime… let’s dance!

This more than likely will be our ‘last chance for a generation’… bare that in mind when listening to all the back seat drivers [the making moves for the future makers? ;o] who are  shouting directions and giving it the “when are we gonna get there? of bored bairns the world over, close to the end of long  journeys…

“Every battle is won or lost before it is even fought” and the current debacle is doing us no harm.

Everyone that bought a ticket for this journey knew the conditions of sale after the last  forced ‘refreshment break’ and although we’ve been waiting on the platform for a while most of us are comfortably seated with drinks, snacks and toilet facilities.

We’re just waiting on a few more disaffected passengers, fed up with the horrendous travelling conditions on the other line, to hop onboard, we’ll  get the ‘official’ flag and the whistle and this #independencetrain will be off and running again.

Aye… I can almost taste it… ;o{